Avery's Awakening

by Jack Spratt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, Mother, Daughter, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Squirting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Avery is a beautiful teen, who to this point in her existence has lived an asexual life. Sex was never discussed at her home. Avery was aware that her parents spent very little time during the act. Her mom, she later surmised, had never been sexually fulfilled in her married life. When Avery awakens from her asexual life, she vows to help her mom find fulfillment as well.

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As a result of my dad’s recent promotion, my family has moved to Abbotsville, where the head office of Daddy’s employer is located. So far it has been a very exciting year for me. The summer holidays have been prodigious.

Abbotsville is a beautiful city, my parents purchased a new home, and we now have an in ground swimming pool, for me that is been a great addition. The view from our pool deck and patio is fantastic. Overlooking Abbotsville is the Everett Mountain Range.

My passion is ‘volleyball’. I was considered one of the better players at my last school and am looking forward to hopefully playing competitively at my new school. This will be my first year in high school. I did some research on ‘Eastdale High’ and was overjoyed to learn they have a very competitive volleyball team. Last season they won the state finals, a great accomplishment in a very competitive league. Another thing I found out is the school has a dress code consisting of school uniforms; skirts, blouses, jackets, hell even the gym clothing have to be uniform. That is different from my last school which had no such restrictions.

But I’m bubbling over with excitement, hoping I will qualify for the volleyball team. The school calendar states that tryouts are in the second week of September, I can’t wait.

A little about myself, my name is Avery Crown, now fourteen, my birthday was three weeks ago. To this point in my life, it has been school and volleyball. My parents are very conservative, and have pounded those values into my head for years. I have yet to be involved with boys, mainly because of my parents, especially my dad; any of my potential suitors just didn’t want to face him. Dad is a very imposing figure; nearly six foot four; two hundred and thirty three pounds, very well built. The couple of boys, who were brave enough to ask me out, got their marching orders from Daddy. He told them what he expected of them; they were to act like gentlemen escorting his only daughter! Most didn’t want to live with the pressure of his guidelines, thus I’ve never had a real boyfriend or any second dates.

I have been told I am very attractive. I have long red hair which I usually wear in a ponytail and emerald green eyes that set off my complexion. At five foot seven, I have to admit I have a very well adorned body. I take after my mom; many people have asked if we are sisters. My bra is very full 34b. As a result of my physical activities, my body is very well toned, I have long shapely legs and a very perky bottom. Often, I’ve noticed many males, both boys and men, giving me the once over.

I am an only child. Mom had problems giving me birth, thus no additional children.

With the fact I haven’t had a boyfriend, my sex life is consists of my fingers and some instructive sites on the internet. At the early age of eight, I discovered rubbing my little bud made me feel really good. At that age I didn’t climax, mainly because I didn’t know about it. Without a best friend, I had no one to confide in, thus I remained ignorant about my sexual potential until I was ten. The major factor for my learning curve was my parents gave me a note book computer at that time and provided a high-speed internet coection; theoretically it was to assist me researching for my homework and school projects.

And boy did it help, I learned my bud was my clitoris and how good it would make me feel if massaged correctly. It wasn’t long after that, I realized just how wonderful a string of climaxes could make me feel. Before falling asleep each night, I gave myself the prolonged gift of at least two climaxes. They did help me sleep! Fortunately at that age I never squirted like I do now. Thinking back, how would I have explained the mess to Mom?

Being in a new neighborhood and not knowing a soul, I often rode my bike for exercise and looking for other girls that lived in the subdivision. There had to be more girls then me living in the area. After researching Abbotsville city site map online, I located a large park four blocks from our house. Perhaps that will help me in my goal to meet new friends.

The park is massive. Riding the perimeter, I located two ball diamonds, two soccer/football fields, four volleyball courts, five tennis courts and a large park like area, with trees and walkways lined with benches and a couple picnic tables. The volleyball courts got my interest. There were a number of girls close to my age having a pickup game. Now in the bleachers, I watched. Some of the players were very good, others, not so much, but they were enjoying it. One of the girls had long blond hair, she had it tied in a ponytail, she glanced at me but continued playing, and I heard someone call for a break. The blonde looked at me, smiled and walked over to me.

“Hi, are you new to the area?”

“Yes, my dad just got transferred here a couple months ago.”

“Welcome to Abbotsville, I hope you and your family enjoy it. I am Jayden.”

“Hi, Jayden, I’m Avery.”

We touched hands.

“You play volleyball?”

“A bit, it’s good exercise.”

One thing I have never done is comment about my perceived talent. That will come out at the tryouts. But I would love to play with the girls today; it’s a good way to meet new friends.

“You will find the girls here are very competitive even in a pickup game. I have never heard anyone say they play volleyball for the exercise. I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, we, meaning our girls school volleyball team at Eastdale won the state championship last season.”

“Wow, you guys must be good!”

“Want to give it a go?”

“I’d like that, would the girls mind?”

“Hey, if they can beat you, they’ll love you.”

Jayden had a big grin on her face. And I followed her back to the court.

“Hey guys, this is Avery, she is new to Abbotsville, and she plays volleyball.”

There were numerous hellos, some girls giving their names but I didn’t grasp them all. For the twenty minutes, I played like I had two left feet, not the best showing in the world. But it was fun, and I was with a group of my peers that enjoyed volleyball. One of the girls, Tiffany was on the opposing side of the net; she made a point of spiking the ball at my head numerous times, three times bouncing it off my shoulder. I don’t think I am going to like her. Someone called for a time out. Jayden and I sat on the same bench.

“Don’t let them get to you, that is one way be won our competitions by keeping the other teams off their game, intimidation. Once you get to know Tiffany, you will find she is great girl.”

There was a general chatter of the girls, and then I heard someone make a challenge.

“Let’s have a little competition, put a few bucks on the line, winning team takes all. Tiffany and Jayden will be the captains.”

As it turns out, Jayden and Tiffany have been rivals for top dog on the volleyball team for years. From what I was able to glean, it was a tossup between them which girl is the best. The rest of the group was all for it.

One of the girls passed the hat around, and the bills started to pile up, apparently this wasn’t the first time they had a competition. As expected, I was the last one chosen, Jayden had no choice.

“Don’t worry Avery; I will do my best to cover you. These games can get kind of hairy. It’s Tiffany’s idea to play like we did in the Championship game, hard and forceful. She will be laying the ball at you, with all kinds of speed and spins because she feels you’re our weak link. Are you weak Avery?”

All I did is smile at her. Let the game begin. I lost my two left feet and returned the ball directly at Tiffany’s head four times. Then I heard Jayden whisper behind me.

“Me thinks, you may have mislead the group regarding your ability.”

“Who me?”

We were playing two fifteen minute periods. The first one was a tie. During the break, Tiffany looked at me.

“You’re not bad, actually you are very good. How long have you been playing?”

“Six years, just in school, nothing completive.”

“You are trying out for the school team?”

“Yes, if they will allow me.”

The result of the second game had Jayden’s team winning with the final shot off the top of Tiffany’s head, delivered by me. All the girls high fived me, I felt good. For my troubles, we all shared the pot. I had six extra dollars.

When the group broke up, it was announced that there would be another pickup game tomorrow. Tiffany made a point of telling all the girls to bring money as she wanted to win all of today’s prize money back tomorrow. There were the usual jeers and cat calls. I grabbed my bike and was planning to return home, when I heard.

“Avery, wait up.”

To my surprise it was Tiffany. Let me describe her, brunet, long well-toned legs, her shorts, didn’t hide any of her attributes; she has to be a boy magnet. Beautiful mouth comprising of thick heavy lips, her eyes just sparkle. Her breasts are a bit larger than mine, and her nipples are much larger, pushing against her very tight t-shirt.

“I think you live in the same area as I do. I saw what I think was your moving van a couple of months ago.”

“I live on Bayview Crescent.”

“I live on the next block. We are neighbors.”

“Great, I was so happy to see you girls in the park today.”

“They are a great bunch.”

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