Opportunist Pervert Landlord

by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Blackmail, Slavery, Cuckold, Wife Watching, MaleDom, Humiliation, Rough, Gang Bang, Polygamy/Polyamory, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Indian Erotica, Prostitution, .

Desc: Sex Story: A couple too shelter from a person who rented his apartment for them. Later Landlord went pervert and forced the girl in a strange type of compromise with him. He took liberty over her body and fulfilled all kinky fantasy he had.

This isn’t my story but submitted to me by one of my reader, he mailed me the whole story and I’m submitting it on behalf of him, you can mail me on rehmaan .1994@gmail.com or contact him directly at his mail address vikas.david92@gmail.com. So his story goes in his word...

This is Vikas David, age 24, I’m married to a beautiful girl named Aradhana Singh David, she’s 20 of age, bit tan of complexion, average height, beautiful face with sharp feature, pointed nose, puffy lips, bright skin tone, 32 sized firm and pointed boobs, 28 waist, with 34 sized bums, thick thighs, thick calves. She has pity bit long hairs, usually covers her bums when left open. Over all she’s a beauty queen and everyone desires to sleep with her. I was in MA final when I first saw her. She was in second year BA. Everyone was crazy for her, usually tries to see her when she was in the campus, I was a silent spectator too but never got the chance to talk to her ever. She was week in studies so someone suggested her to get notes from me. I passed her as she asked and we started to talk. She wanted help in studies too so I offered her tuitions. She agreed immediately and I started to visit her house for tuitions. We started to talk on odd topics, first she objected later she started to like too. Accidently our hands touched or body crushed with each, she always felt uncomfortable but slowly she started to like it. Once I accidently crushed on her and she was sandwiched between me and the wall. I tried to get up but she pulled me back. Without prior notice she just kept her lips on mine. I was shocked but took the advantage, kissed her back. I crushed her boobs and bums too which she didn’t object at all. But it was her home, her family was very conservative. Love affair was prohibited and if any girl eloped in affair, people of the family usually find them and then cut them in pieces. This type of psychology is called Honour Killing. Aradhana was in love with me and so was I. But neither she neither me had the dare to ask family. We slept with each other at a friend empty home, I took her virginity and she took mine but still we didn’t had that dare to get married. Her family sensed something and they started to plan her marriage. She told me and finding no suitable option; we took cash and luggage from home and eloped from the city. We rushed to a big city and married each other. The church helped up, she became Christian, and we married each other. We tried to board the hotel but in the run we forgot to bring out documents. No hotel allowed us to stay. We were sitting on a road side and the road was isolated. I pulled my purse and was trying to search anything good and helpful for us. Just then a guy rushed to me, snatched my purse and run away. Before I could react, he vanished. Aradhana was shocked too; she looked at me with a sorrow face. How will we eat, how will we survive was her eyes asking. We sat on the bench and were thinking about it, she was weeping and tears were rolling from my eyes too.

Suddenly from nowhere a guy in late thirties or early forties appeared from nowhere. He introduced himself as Prakash Chand Shethy. His family was rich and had major business of farming. But he was settled here in the city to live alone. Due to his personal reasons he was not interested in marriage. So to skip from family pressure he skipped the city. We told him our problem and he asked us to come along with him. We accompanied him and reached to a house. The house was double story and he was occupied in the ground floor. He told us to occupy the top floor. We told him that we didn’t have money. He asked for our house address and so we told him the issue that we had love marriage and we ran away from home. He assured us that he won’t inform our families and was just interested in checking details as it was very risky to keep strangers in house. We hesitatingly gave him the address. He said that his friends live in our city and he will get is checked in 2 hours. He showed way to the kitchen and ask Aradhana to cook something for all of them meanwhile. Aradhana cooked food and we all ate heartily in these two hours. Then a call came which confirmed our identity, his friend also told that he had talked with my family and collected all my original documents including certificate. He said that he’ll send them to Prakash Chand next day. After the dinner and the call Prakash Chand made us sit with an offer. He said that he don’t need room rent now, he will give me time for 6 months, till then I can search a good job and pay him in bulk later on, after 6 months. He passed me 20,000 bugs for food and other expense for six month. He said that the floor was well equipped with furniture and we do not need to purchase anything. He rent he declared was also reasonable but we were curious that why he was helping us so much. He said that he don’t stay here all the time, we will be staying here then he’ll get company as he stays all alone, and we would be guarding the house in his absence. We didn’t find his justifications accurate but he didn’t look harmful even. Addition to this we didn’t had anywhere to go. I and Aradhana talked alone for a while and she agreed to stay. So we accepted his proposal and went upstairs to check the room. The rooms were fine for us so we shifted immediately. A gas stove was been passed by him to us for cooking and he requested to cook for him too. Aradhana was comfortable with that so we agreed. He passed his part of raw food to us and we started to cook for him too. We had all three meals together in our floor. Just when he got any visitors he would eat on his floor.

I started to search for a next day itself but my no experience, temporary accommodation and failing of presenting permanent address proof was making it hard for me to get a job, good job was out of the question. Prakash Chand presented me a rent agreement with all the clauses he mentioned earlier. I didn’t want to sign it but his generous help forced me to sign it. Five and a half months and Prakash Chand started a new business and started to collect stock of few electrical items; it was costly items and seems that he started some supply work. Prakash Chand appointed two guards who started to stay out of the house all the time. As six months closed he reminded me my promise and the rent deed. I assured him that I’ll get a job soon. But he and I both were aware of the facts that it was false commitment. Six months crossed and we entered in seventh month but Prakash Chand didn’t ask anything. When the eighth month started he summons both of us. He asked us to meet him around 10 pm at his floor. We went on the specified time and found the door to be opened. Still we knocked the gate and Prakash Chand shouted to come in. Prakash Chand was sitting on a sofa and was having drinks; we had never seen him drinking. But he was drinking that time, even he was smoking. Whiskey bottle, few snacks, cigarette packet and water bottle was on the table. Hesitated we sat on the side sofa opposite to each other. Prakash Chand was sitting in the large sofa, in middle. We sat and the first question was on our face, when I will get my money. Immediately I started to explain everything but he started to abuse me with all hard words, telling us that we were misusing his soft nature and generous help. He tried to explain but he wasn’t listening at all. Ultimately he uttered himself that he can settle our bills by other means too. He skipped near Aradhana and placed his hand over her naked thigh. She was wearing a short pants and a t-shirt. We weren’t expecting this situation and so were dressed casual. He said that Aradhana was very beautiful and he was thinking about other means also. Aradhana started to cry immediately, I also objected about it. He skipped far immediately, and started to tell the options, jail, court cases, or even he could call our family to settle his bills. That was a shiver to us, he rings the bell and both guards came inside. He instructed them not to let us leave the house until our parents arrive. They nodded their head and went away. Aradhana repulsed, she said that she was a married women and cannot do anything like this other than her husband. Prakash Chand said immediately that he understands. This was like a hope to us but it vanished immediately. He said that he can marry her, I objected that how is that possible.

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