Second Honeymoon Without Husband

by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Indian Female, Indian Erotica, .

Desc: Sex Story: Couple planned for second honeymoon but unfortunately husband couldn't make for trip, so wife decided to go without him. With series of fucking in the way and in the entire trip

This isn’t my story but submitted to me by one of my reader, she mailed me the whole story and I’m submitting it on behalf of her, you can mail me on rehmaan or contact her directly at her mail address So his story goes in his word...

Myself Jyoti Papani married to Sumit Papani, works as General Manager in a Textile Company, I’m 34 and married for 10 years by now. I haven’t lost my figure as I was at the time of marriage but gained extra weight for sure but it always complemented on me as per my husband. I had a perfect figure of 34 by 34 by 36 and tugged in sari, I looked ravishingly beautiful and no one could resist to fuck me. I am a little whitish by complexion but still have nice face cut, beautiful and luscious lips, big eyes and long hairs which reached till my bums. I usually wore sari all the time. But most of the time I hate to wear panty inside. My boobs are not used to man hand since 10 years but still it’s not wobbly at all. It’s little spongy and yet tight and firm.We are basically from Coimbatore but we now live in Chennai and as per my husband job we don’t travel frequently. So after 10 years of marriage my husband called for a break. He asked me whether I and he could go for another honeymoon trip, a second honeymoon. I was spellbound and agreed immediately. We decided to leave in August end and return back in 3 days, that was 12 hours of traveling one sided and three days and two nights stay. We booked AC’s tickets, but due to less availability of tickets we got the third AC only. He booked a three star hotel for our comfortable stay. A day before I went to parlour and got removed my entire hairs from my body, then I had a skin tone treatment and facial treatments.After getting back to home I shaved my pussy and removed hairs from my assholes. I went to doctor and she gave me a special injection that could stop pregnancy for 5 days, even I get fucked for several times without precaution, I won’t get pregnant.This was because I hated condoms and eating pills daily wasn’t good precaution for me. I was ready for the trip but my husband was still on job, he was supposed to get leave on 7 PM and was supposed to reach by 8 PM to me. His office was an hour long distance from house, same distance was from our home to railway station. At 7 he called me that he would be late and I should move directly to railway station. I left for railway station around 8 in the evening and reached there by 9. The train was at 10 pm, he called around 9:45 pm saying that there was important work to finish at office and we need to cancel the trip. I was so annoyed and we had a quick fight.

I said I needed a break and as tickets are with me I can leave without him also. He liked the idea and suggested to go on. He said that I should go and have outing over there. The tickets are booked and the hotel too. He will transfer few amount to my account and I could stay in touch if any problem. I eased a little and liked the idea, but what an odd honeymoon without husband. Still I thought it would be good to have a little outing. I could go shopping and all knows it is all women favourite outdoor activity. So as train arrived I got in third AC compartment. This was a special train and third AC had compartment too, wooden blocks with sliding door. The train started to move and just then the Ticket Checker showed up. He saw the tickets and asked about my husband. I told him that he wasn’t coming. So he assigned the seat to some else. So a new guy showed up in 15 minutes. Rest seat was already filled up, the top two berth was occupied by some medical representatives around 25. I don’t know whether they were medical representative or something else but they were dressed like that. Among two middle berth one was been occupied by some rowdy looking guy, he was like a hunk, a body builder but had thick moustaches, pointed and twisted upwards like Bihari’s and Rajput’s. Another seat was been occupied by a guy dressed in office suit. He must be around 30 I think.The guy who was allotted the bottom berth was of 35 may be, casually dressed and was very talkative. As soon as he entered the cabin he got introduced with everyone including me. As he was a jolly fellow I was enjoying talking with him. But soon the guy in the office suit objected. So we reduced our volume and were still talking. Rest of the guys went to sleep leaving us to talk. We bended towards each other and kept on talking. I told him much about my family and my plans with my husband. I told him that I was going for second honeymoon with my husband but he couldn’t make it, so I was going alone. He laughed that honeymoon without husband but I said nothing just smiled.

He went to washroom and returned after 10 minutes. Everyone were lying on their seats so I also reclined on my seat. He came back, dress changed, a t-shirt and a lungi, and instead on sitting on his seat, he sat on mine. Just beside my midriff, but I didn’t show any discomfort and we started to talk. But as everyone was gone sleep and as we talked so much, slowly he started to become bolder. He started to flirt a little and as long as it was healthy I didn’t minded it at all. He asked that I must have prepared so much for honeymoon like shaving and waxing and toning. I said nothing just smiled back, so he said that your husband is missing all those preparations. He asked which part of my body my husband likes the most. I looked at my breasts and smiled at him. He looked confused and said after 10 years of marriage still he carves for them. I said cause it special, he did the boldest thing I have never dreamt off. He just placed his both hands on my breasts and started to squeeze them lightly. I was dumb shocked and my mind was off the world now. He said “Hmm, they are still very firm.” My brains got back to normal. I grabbed his both hands which was still squeezing my both breasts. I whispered what the hell he was doing and he should leave me. He shoe me saying that I must relax and shouldn’t make heavy sound as I may attract some more attentions. This was the first man touch on my body other than my husband. I had never been in extra marital affairs and I was just shivering in shame and guilt. I was trying to remove his hands when he asked what else preparation I had made for the honeymoon. Before I could understand, he inserted his hand just inside my petticoat from downside. His hand rubbed my legs and reached thighs. He started to feel my thighs and said, “Hmm, very smooth, then you must have shaved well too.” As soon as he said that he just reached my pussy. I was dead shock, lips sealed and no voice was coming out. I couldn’t dream that he could go so far. He played with my pussy and soon the walls startedsoaking. He said, “It feels good but mind if I see them.”

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