Special Services

by Lance C

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Tit-Fucking, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A wounded Marine gets a surprise visit and offer from a beautiful woman.

Tim Purdy balanced on his right (and only) leg and fished a pair of crutches out of the back seat of the Veteran’s Administration transport van. The sun was scorching on this late July morning just outside Atlanta. “Thanks for the ride, Mike,” he called.

“No problem, Tim. Same time tomorrow, right?”

“I’ll be ready.”

Tim slid the van’s door closed and checked the area. Since coming back from Afghanistan, he was much more aware of his physical surroundings than the ordinary American. He knew the hyper-awareness was unnecessary, but it was a part of the moderate PTSD he was learning to deal with. Tim almost never spotted anything worth his attention, but this time he noticed a young woman sitting behind the wheel of a car, idling across the street from his house. Not only was she watching him, she was talking on a cell phone and to his somewhat paranoid eye it sure looked as if she was talking about him. Tim kept an eye on her as he hobbled up the walk to his front door.

Once inside, Tim immediately made his way to a small wall safe. He punched a combination into the digital lock and the door swung open. Tim reached in and pulled out a compact 9mm pistol. He checked to be sure it was loaded and tucked it into the waistband of his sweat pants. When he peeked out a front window, he saw that the woman was no longer in the car. Just then his doorbell rang. Through the peephole, Tim could see the woman from the car. She was small, maybe 5’ 3” and was wearing a flower-print sundress. She was holding a leather binder and had a purse slung over her shoulder. Tim covered the gun with his shirt tail, opened the door a foot and looked out. “Can I help you?”

“Corporal Purdy?”

“That’s me.”

“I’m Ivy, from Special Services. Could I come in and talk to you?” Now that Tim had a chance to get a better look, he could see that this was a very attractive woman. She had a vaguely Hawaiian or possibly Japanese look, with long black hair and a slim body. If he had to guess, he’d say she was in her middle to late twenties.

“Are you from the VA?”

“No, I’m not from any government agency and I’m not here to sell you anything. I represent a private agency that provides certain services to wounded veterans.”

Tim was suspicious. “What kind of services?”

“Could I explain inside? It’s awfully hot out here.”

Tim didn’t detect any threat from ... what was her name? Ivy? He didn’t have any real plans for the rest of the day, other than watching some TV and taking a nap. Talking to a pretty girl would at least give him something to do. “Sure, come on in.”

Ivy stood in the entryway for a moment, letting her eyes adjust to the dim light. “Have a seat in the living room,” Tim said politely. “I’ll be right with you.” As Ivy walked away, Tim noticed that there was no telltale line across her back where a bra strap would show. Tim smiled. Maybe hyper-awareness has its place, he thought. He stowed his pistol in the drawer of a table just inside the front door and followed Ivy, using his crutches.

Tim sat on his sofa across from Ivy, who had seated herself in a chair on the opposite side of the coffee table. The binder and her purse were on the table in front of her. “Let me explain the services we provide,” she said. “First, we only service male veterans who have been seriously injured, usually amputees like you or men with certain kinds of traumatic brain injuries. Second we only service those men who aren’t married or in a serious relationship.”

Tim raised an eyebrow, looking confused. “You lost me. Totally.”

Ivy smiled. “Sorry, let me finish and I’m sure you’ll understand. We know that many wounded vets have problems dealing with mainstream society when they return from combat. In addition to their wounds and the issues they face recovering, they often feel cut off from society. Specifically, they feel they aren’t up to dating, much less pursuing a romantic, sexual relationship. They are sexually frustrated and that hinders their recovery. The goal of the organization I represent is to provide a sexual outlet for these men by making a variety of attractive women available.” Ivy tapped the binder in front of her. “There are currently 42 women in the program here in the Atlanta area. We are available for two visits per week to veterans who wish to avail themselves of our services.”

Tim’s jaw dropped. “You mean prostitutes? Seriously?”

Ivy frowned. “That’s a word we don’t much care for. Some of us used to be escorts or call girls, but most of us lost loved ones in Iraq or Afghanistan. We all do it out of respect and gratitude for the service and sacrifice made by our wounded vets. We do get paid, but that’s not the reason we do this.”

Tim leaned back. “You keep saying ‘we’. Are you one of the women who ‘service’ veterans?”

Ivy nodded and smiled. “Yes, I am. Part of the reason for my visit today is to find out whether you want to accept our services and, if you do, to show you exactly what we offer. In other words, I’m here to have sex with you, if you want me.”

Tim didn’t know what to say. He considered several responses and rejected them all.

Ivy laughed. “That’s a typical reaction.” She began unbuttoning her dress, starting with the top button. While doing initial interviews like this one, Ivy had discovered an unexpected exhibitionist streak in herself. Showing her body to a soldier she’d just met excited her. She quickly worked her way down to the last button. “Maybe if you see what I’m offering, it’ll help you decide.” Ivy opened her dress. She was nude underneath. The look on Tim’s face thrilled her. Ivy shrugged out of her dress and sat facing Tim with her thighs partly open. As Tim’s eyes traveled over her exposed body, her excitement grew. She had small, round breasts with prominent, dark, puffy nipples, a tiny waist and a hairless vagina. Tim gulped and felt his penis stir. Ivy’s voice took on a husky tone. “The services we provide include conventional and oral sex. ‘Conventional’ is open to pretty broad interpretation, but it doesn’t include bondage or S&M activities. Anal is available, but not from every woman.” Ivy grinned. “In plain language, I’ll suck your cock and you can fuck me, but you can’t fuck my ass.” She kicked off her shoes and moved around the coffee table to sit next to Tim. “A few other rules; services will be completely non-romantic. No kissing. No asking any of the women about any aspect of their personal lives or personal histories. We aren’t here to be your lovers, just your sex partners. We must be treated with respect. If any of us feel that we’re being treated like whores, that’s the end of the visits.” Tim had a raging erection and Ivy stroked him through his sweat pants. “I’ll be here for the next hour or so if you want me.” She untied the drawstring of Tim’s sweats and reached inside. She grasped his cock. “Would you like me to blow you now?”

“Oh, shit yes!” Tim hurriedly pushed his sweats down and Ivy pulled them off. She got on her knees and stroked Tim’s erection with both hands.

“For your information,” she said, “we all have monthly lab tests done to insure that we haven’t picked up any diseases in our private lives.” Ivy licked the head of Tim’s cock. “I know you don’t have any STDs. We have access to your medical records.” She slid her lips over Tim’s cock and down his shaft.

“I should warn you,” Tim rasped in a horse voice, “I haven’t had sex in over a year. I probably won’t last too long.”

Ivy raised her head. “That’s fine. Do you want to cum in my mouth or would you rather cum on my face or my tits or my body?” Ivy lowered her head and felt Tim’s cock head enter her throat.

“Your mouth,” Tim gasped. “In your mouth. Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum! Ahhh, fuck!”

Ivy clamped her lips on Tim’s cock and sucked hard as his orgasm roared through him. She pumped his shaft and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, exulting in the force of Tim’s semen spurting over her tongue. Ivy loved blowing these young vets on a first visit. They always came very quickly and their pleasure was so profound! Their hard cocks throbbed and jerked in her mouth and their cum poured out. Ivy always swallowed, just as she had for her fiancée, killed by a roadside bomb two years earlier.

The intensity of Tim’s orgasm took him by surprise. He had told Ivy that he hadn’t had sex in over a year and that was true. In fact, he had never had sex at all. He’d graduated from high school the week of his 18th birthday and had immediately enlisted in the Marines. During his training and deployment, there hadn’t been a chance to do any dating and Tim didn’t want to lose his virginity to a hooker. He was a month short of his 21st birthday and still a virgin.

Ivy cupped Tim’s balls and bobbed her head slowly. As she had expected, Tim had lost none of his erection. She looked up at him. “Do you want to fuck me now? I’m ready for you and you’re definitely ready for me!” She pulled Tim’s shirt over his head, laid his crutches on the floor and reclined on the sofa with her legs open. “Come into me, Tim. Fuck me!”

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