After Leahs Wedding

by Mick2016

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, InLaws, Swinging, Indian Female, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Oral Sex, Tit-Fucking, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This addendum to Nick Scipio's "Summer Camp" is fan fiction and not canon. Since the Summer Camp series is Paul's story, many side stories never get told and always left open questions for me. This story is one I needed to hear told. Big Ed Magnusson's series is following Chris Coulter. This is my version of what happened after Leah's wedding and is published with the permission of Big Ed and Nick.

This addendum to Nick Scipio’s “Summer Camp” is fan fiction and not canon. Since the Summer Camp series is Paul’s story, many side stories never get told and always left open questions for me. This story is one I needed to hear told.

Big Ed Magnusson’s series is following Chris Coulter. This is my version of what happened after Leah’s wedding and is published with the permission of Big Ed and Nick.

The wedding rehearsal had gone off without a hitch and the wedding itself even more so. At the reception in the Coulters back yard, there was much drinking and dancing, but no nudity or sex since there were so many “civilians” attending the event from Marks side of the family. Without the sex to occupy him, Chris had gotten very drunk and when he and Elizabeth went to bed they were both to out of it for sex.

Apparently the same applied to all of the Coulter women and their husbands. Even Leah and Mark seemed to be too pooped to pop as they retired to the guest house, while Kara and Victor slept in Leah’s room and Gina and her husband slept in her old room and the house was eerily quiet as it quickly darkened after the last guests had left.

The following morning everyone seemed to be up and moving around at a reasonable hour. Coffee was being made and breakfast was coming together by ad hoc committee. Surprisingly the last to stir out of their bedroom had been Chris and Elizabeth. During an early trip to the bathroom, Kara had heard the sounds of a quiet, yet slightly heated discussion coming from her parents’ bedroom. The eldest Coulter daughter listened quietly, but could only make out the emotion of the exchange but not its content.

No one had taken the time to dress and the girls and their spouses were sitting on towels around the kitchen table chatting softly trying to ease the pain of their collective hangovers. When her parents came to the kitchen, Kara eyed them with concern. Elizabeth caught her eldest daughters’ eye and made a slight smile.

After all had eaten breakfast, and consumed an amount of coffee that had chased most of the tiredness and some of the hangovers away, Elizabeth asked everyone outside into the beautiful Spring morning air. Chris removed the cover from the new huge hot tub and he and Elizabeth sat down in the soothing water and asked the kids to join them.

Mark and Leah walked arm in arm to the tub. They acted like they had just shared their first night together. Kara and Victor moved in behind the youngest couple, hugging their coffee cups like an old married couple. Gina reached to her husband, took hold of his morning wood and led him to the tub. He allowed himself to be lead with feigned reluctance. When all four couples were comfortably nestled into their places, each sitting next to their spouse, Elizabeth spoke.

“Well here we all are!” She paused to take a sip of her tea. “Over the years we have always marked our special occasions with some sort of get together and shared the joy, and each other, with our closest friends.”

Chris piped in, “We also made rules, and made changes to them, so that as the girls got older and more grown up, they could join in if they so choose. Sometimes it led to problems, as some of you remember from a few years back when Elizabeth and I were having a rough patch.”

Kara looked at Elizabeth with her concerned daughter face being undetected by the other family members. Elizabeth looked Kara straight in the eye and said “The night that I broke the rules with Kara, I did so because I felt that since she was married, she could handle the situation. Your father did not like it, mostly because he and I had not spoken together about changing the rules beforehand.”

Chris softly added, “In the news gathering business, I have seen too many children come out of sexual situations with their families and be damaged for life. The last thing I wanted to do was to hurt my girls. I love you all more than life itself and I was not about to do anything that might hurt any of you. I also feel that you needed a father more than you needed another lover.”

“Over the years”, Elizabeth continued, “we allowed Kara and Victor to join us in our get-togethers as equal adults. We did the same after Gina and you,” (she looked at Gina’s husband as she gave him an elbow), “got married, although Chris mostly remained separate as an observer where you girls were concerned.”

“But there was that time when Daddy was fucking Beth from behind while she was going down on me and after he had pulled out of Beth he came on my tits” Gina explained.

Chris explained, “That was after your Mom and I had agreed that some activity was allowed from the waist up but if you remember I still did not touch you”

Elizabeth continued with her presentation, “Many of the early knock-down, drag out fights between Leah and I were based around her being left out of our get togethers, especially back when Paul was not around”

“That and your insistence that she become a doctor” Chris chimed in shortly before Elizabeth elbowed him for butting in.

“Noisy old goat!” Elizabeth seemed serious, until a smile broke her stern face; she continued, “Where was I? Oh, yes, our get togethers. Chris and I spoke last night before the reception and the weekend just did not seem right without all of us getting together to mark this special occasion. Since so many of last night’s guests are not involved in the lifestyle, Chris and I would like to share this occasion just inside the family and this morning seemed to be the best time to do it.”

“So without any further ado, I propose that all of the Coulter women give their men a good time, especially since I am now the only woman in the family still named Coulter!”

Without another word Elizabeth sat up on the tiled edge of the hot tub and pulled Chris’s head between her legs. As Chris eagerly began to lick and suck his favorite pussy, Elizabeth urged the other women to do the same. Kara, Gina, and Leah looked at each other quizzically and finally complied, mimicking their mothers’ actions.

The husbands all took to their duties in an orderly fashion taking the time to add their own special little touches, learned over the years of ministering to the Coulter women’s pussies. Chris knew that Elizabeth loved to have her clit suckled; while Kara liked to have hers nibbled. Gina enjoyed it when her husband used his tongue to run around between her outer and her inner lips pausing to wiggle his tongue at her clit.

Mark just liked eating Leah. He loved smearing his face all over her dark and beautiful pussy. He loved the taste and the color and the smell and the shape and had learned that Leah loved that he did not just use the act as foreplay but enjoyed the fact that he could just make love to her pussy for hours.

At different times each couple switched places and the women each gave their man an equal amount of oral love. Elizabeth used her decades of experience to drive Chris right to the edge but she stopped just before he could finish. Kara had learned to take Victor all the way down her throat and she used the muscles in the back of her neck to massage the head of Victors organ.

Gina could still not take her favorite dick into her throat because of its thickness but she made love to it better than any other woman ever had and her husband would always show his love by shooting huge loads into her welcoming mouth.

Leah enjoyed making love to Mark’s throbbing cock as much as she enjoyed the love he made to her pussy. She enjoyed the feeling of rubbing his member around her face and cuddling it against her cheek while it was still slick from her mouth.

As if by plan all of the men started to groan and breathe hard and, as if being lead by an orchestra leader, all, except Chris, came within seconds of the each other shooting their loads into the appreciative throats of the Coulter women.

After a short period of recovery for the men, each of the women stood, turned and bent over the edge of the hot tub, spreading their legs and opening up their inviting pussies for their men. One of the common traits of a Coulter-loving man, other than the love of coming in their wives mouths, was that they all remained hard after their initial orgasm. Chris placed the head of his cock at Elizabeth’s inviting opening and pressed into the mother of three. Her pussy nearly as tight as it had been when he placed the seed that would be Kara in her womb when she was a nineteen year old school girl in England.

He moved in and out of her delicious sex with the same love and passion that he had the first time all those years ago. He cherished the feeling as her wonderful wet inner walls caressed his cock with each movement. He relished the feeling of his balls slapping her clit and the warmth of her skin as he pressed his hips against the wonderful soft brown skin of her ass as he probed to her depths. Kara and Victor were just as deeply in touch with each other and Gina, as always, just loved the feeling of having her husband’s organ split her and make her feel filled again and again, with not just lust, but with a long felt love. Leah and Mark had been having sex for the fewest number of years, only since their junior year in high school, and were really still trying to figure out just how deep their physical love could be. It seemed that each time they made love their souls touched in a deeper and more intimate fashion that before.

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