How I Got My Mom
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Cuckold, Incest, Mother, Son, Cream Pie, Oral Sex,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Story of getting my love

November 11th 1997 3:44am

My family and I had just spent the last two years going thru major drama. You see I had just gotten out of military school and was about to move back home. When my dad Micah Sr decided to move all to the country in the northern part of our state. So the summer before the beginning of my Junior year I end up in Northrop High School. Any way the January after we moved my Dad was at work and torn his Achilles tendon and had to be out of work then he suffered a depression and tried to commit suicide. Like I said drama anyway back to this night I had just gotten home from my job at the barbeque place when the phone rang I looked at the clock and it was 12:45 a.m. on a Thursday night so I quickly answered the phone “ Hello Carter residence how can I help you this is Micah Jr.?” I asked. “ Yes may I speak with Mrs Carter this Trooper Sullivan” I am thinking to myself why are the cops calling I was wondering if there was another shooting my Dad work for the Postal Service. I replied “This is her son she is sleeping sir what is this about?” The trooper in turn told me my father was involved in an accident and was in the hospital. So I went and work her and my sister up and we went to the hospital. My father had gone to put up the locking gate to the trailer when the driver in the next stall backed up wrong and hit my dad in the back pinning him in place they put him in traction and a full body cast.

November 27 1997 Thanksgiving

My mom Beth out did herself as always but she was a little down we had gone and seen my dad and, to say he was an Asshole was an understatement. Anyway after dinner mom asked my sister Gina and I to sit down. She wanted to let us know that dad was coming home but there would be changes to rooms. Dad because of his need for a special bed was moving into my room. I was going to be sleeping in my moms room OK no problem. Wrong I had been lusting after her since I got a hard on 5’1” 135lbs 44d -26-36 I loved my mom’s body.

Anyway that is what happened and for a year and a half I shared a bed with her and went from lust to love.

May 3rd 1999 State College

I had just end my American History class when I overheard my moms name being mentioned. By an Asshole named Troy. “ Man have you seen Carter’s mom Beth what a fucking MILF man?” All the rest of his group were hooting and hollering and say what they wanted to do to her. Then Troy goes” To bad she is such a stuck bitch maybe we should grab her and each take a turn and show her place”. I was already on edge to my feels for her I got mad when I heard them talking about her, however I got royal mad and attacked them I hurt each of them badly. When the campus cops arrived they had to hit me with a animal type dart to stop me. Well I was a arrested and I spent the night in jail I never called my mom. I was brought before the judge and he asked my court appointed lawyer said guilty. There was a commotion at the doors and it was my mom. The judge wanted to know why I hurt five boys the way I did. So I said “ Your Honor they were talking about kidnapping my mom and raping her gangbang style I couldn’t let happen”. The judge then said he understood so he was going to give me a choice I could go with him and enlisted or because I said I was guilty I could serve 25 years in the state prison. So my mom, the judge, D.A., My lawyer and yours truly went to the Army recruiters office. I was enlisted told my leave date and was released to my mom. When we got home we were alone and I could tell she was pissed. She wanted to know why I went to the extreme I did.So I got quiet and blew out my breath and said “ Mom I am in love with you and want to have sex with you and when I heard what they said it wasn’t happening”. She was shocked and then she left the room and she avoid me for three days and on the start of the fourth day my dad was at the doctor.My mom came to me and she told “ Baby I have thought about what you said and while I would like to tell you no and I would never cheat on your dad.” She paused before she continued and then look me in the eyes and said “ With you leaving for the Army I have decided you should have me after all you defended me”. She took me to her room and told me to get under dressed and then she was taking off her clothes. Then we checked each other out and my mom told me I was bigger than my dad. She then gave me the most incredible blow job of my life she took in the back of her throat. I couldn’t hold out anymore so I screamed out “ Jesus Christ Mom I’m Cummmmming!” and blasted seven jets down her throat and she took it all. I kissed her even though I could taste my cum I kissed her anyway and had her get on the bed. I got between her legs and started to eat her pussy I was only just starting when she whispered she was cumming. That was one I ate her to three more cums before I was ready. I the asked my mom if she was ready “ Baby just fuck momma now!” So I got her all the way on the bed and got between her legs when she reached down and guided me in. Oh my god the feeling of slipping into my mom that first time was like going to heaven. We were fucking hard and fast and really enjoying the hell out of when out of nowhere my mom screams “ Oh Baby Oh Baby God Damn Motherfucker I am Cummmmmming!”

At that moment I could feel the pressure in my sack I knew I was going to cum. I had to ask my mom. “ I am going to cum mom where do you want me to cum?” Without a pause she screams at me “ Cum inside me baby let me feel your cum “ so I blasted off inside her and passed out.

August 12th 1999 Greyhound Bus Terminal

“Atlanta Georgia bus will leave in five minutes” the clerk said over the speaker and P.A system. I stood up a grabbed my bag and me and my family walked to the doors. My sister hugged me and told me to be safe while crying. Then my dad hugged me and told me to do the family proud. Mom and I stepped away and she kissed me a lovers kiss and hugged me and told me “ Baby I love more now than ever now you come home safe “ I grabbed her and held her telling “ I love you mom and if I can I will be home before we know it “ I then loaded up on the bus and headed off to the next part of my life.

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