A Love Timeless
Chapter 1

“ ... And the final role in ‘My Baby Blue’ famed director Uri Korrentan’s latest project has been filled by a relative unknown, thirteen year old Corinne DeLoie. Deloie has not acted in anything up to this point, and apparently was discovered at an open casting call in Chicago. She is from Saint Paul, Minnesota...”

“ ... For the best supporting actress in a dramatic role, Halle Berry for The Fisherman’s Wife, Meryl Streep for ... and a surprise, Corinne DeLoie. DeLoie is only fourteen years old, and was thirteen when she was chosen from an open casting call in Chicago for the role of Sasha in ‘My Baby Blue’. Critics fell in love with the young lady, comparing her to both Jennifer Lawrence and...”

“And the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Supporting Role goes to ... how do you open this ... ahhh, there it is ... Corinne DeLoie for her portrayal of Ed Harris’s daughter Sasha in ‘My Baby Blue’!”

“The whole country is in love with Corinne DeLoie right now! She has had two more dramatic roles that have gotten her noticed by the entire world, first as a homeless girl on the streets of Dallas, Texas, in ‘Long Way Home’, and later as a young girl forced into the sex trade in ‘Not In The Light’.”

“I agree. She has shown incredible dramatic and emotional range, almost like she is the reincarnation of some of the greats from Hollywood’s past. Everything that has been said about her on set has indicated that she is a complete joy to work with, and that right now she has her pick of roles and directors.”

“I can’t wait to see what she will be doing next...”

“Corinne DeLoie has filed for and been granted Emancipated Minor status in the eyes of the law at the tender age of just sixteen years old. Apparently the rumors of her fighting with her mother over money on the set of ‘Long Way Home’ were not exaggerations as was originally portrayed by the studio. Her lawyer has been asked by Ms. DeLoie and the courts to act as business manager and agent and for the young and talented actress until she is older, two roles that had been handled by her mother, Adelaide Cottrell.

“Some of the court transcripts were leaked to the Inquirer, which caused the judge to threaten jail time and disbarment to anyone caught providing information to the press. In the leaked documents, the lawyer for Ms. DeLoie presented evidence that Adelaide Cottrell had been living high off the hog at her daughter’s expense. I don’t know about you, but I certainly would object to the second Bentley my mother bought before I was even old enough to drive...”

“And the Academy Award for best actress goes to...” (rip, tear) “ ... Corinne DeLoie for her portrayal of a young woman dying of of a rare heart defect in ‘Under The Silver Moon’!”

“This is seventeen year old Corinne DeLoie’s third Academy Award nomination and first win for Ms. DeLoie, a young and rising star in Hollywood. With several prestigious awards on the shelf, she is definitely one of the most sought-after actors in her generation...”

“And this week’s DeLoie Watch news update: Corinne has been seen with another new boyfriend as of late. She seems to go through them rather expeditiously, not staying with any of them for more than a few weeks’ time.”

“Yeah, she seems to be working her way through most of the eligible bachelors under twenty-five lately.”

“I have to wonder if it’s because she’s a bad lay, or won’t swallow, or something else. Maybe she won’t give up the butt or something important like that.” (laugher)

“Well, whatever it is, she needs to get with the program. Guys these days aren’t going to waste their time on someone who doesn’t know how to get it right in bed. Or the kitchen, back of the limo, in the hotel room, the hotel elevator, the back room of the strip club...” (more laughter)

“You got that right. Anyways, more on who is shanking Corinne DeLoie after this...”

“Man, I’d totally do her.”


“Corinne DeLoie, dude! She is totally hot! What it she, like five foot three or something? All that hotness stuffed into that amazing little package!”

“Yes, I totally agree. Since she is eighteen now, I expect that we can plan to see her naked titties and that fine little ass on screen at some point. From what I heard, she is giving it up to almost every guy she ever costars with.”

“I know! Some sites have her as the best costar to work with in terms of getting horizontal in the trailer, if you catch me.”

“Strange news out of Hollywood right now, as some are reporting that Academy Award winner and two-time Golden Globe winner Corinne DeLoie has been fired from her latest role for, in the words of the director, ‘being unreasonably difficult and demanding on set’ during the filming of her latest project, ‘Sunny Days and Sleepless Nights, ‘ by Ray Nesta.”

“Yes, that is strange, but time is marching on for Ms DeLoie. She is now nineteen years old, and one wonders if she will have the same success as an adult that she had as a teen. Casting agents, producers, and directors can be unforgiving as child actors transition to more adult roles. We’ll have to see how she does in the future. If she is developing an attitude problem, that could spell the end of her work on the screen, at least as an A-lister.

“Still, she has shown that she is on par with Anna Paquin when she won her Oscar, and several other child stars that have truly been exceptional. In the meantime, the role of Celeste has reportedly been offered to...”

“You knew that her contract had a no nudity clause in it, and you still chose to try to get her to disrobe on camera. You are in breach of contract. Offering her role to another actress is your choice, of course, but you will still be paying her the seven million that was agreed upon. You personally signed the contract, since you are both producing and directing this film, Mister Nesta.”

“I don’t give a fuck what I signed! That little bitch should have just done what I told her to do! She will never work in this town again if she doesn’t get that shit through that pretty little head of hers! Goddammit! She cost me two months of filming and hundreds of thousands of dollars just because she doesn’t want the world to see her fuckin’ ass. Who cares?” Nesta pushed his lawyer’s warning hand away and continued. “I have made actresses in this town. So she doesn’t want to flash the boobs. Too bad. That’s just the way life is in Hollywood. Welcome to the Major Leagues, you little bitch. I hope they find you in a ditch on the side of the road!”

Corinne looked as if she were about to speak, but then shook her head. Her lawyer looked over at her, and saw that she still had herself under control. Indeed, a small smile seemed to be playing about the edge of her mouth. Then she turned back to the oozing pustule across the table in front of her.

“Mister Nesta, you really need to pay attention to your lawyers once in a while. You may do whatever you like at this point, but you will have no impact on Ms. DeLoie’s career. Her next four films are already under contract, and filming is underway on the first. She will be just fine. With her current record in comparison to your growing record,” she paused just long enough to see the annoying director across from her squirm slightly as the shot went on target about his latest run-in with the law concerning an underage actress and a certain white powder that she knew was not as medicinal as he claimed in the news, “she will have no problems continuing to have the success that she so greatly deserves through hard work and dedication to her craft.

“Now, unless there is anything else, I have here a restraining order barring you from initiating any contact with my client, barring you from speaking about this incident with anyone including anyone member of any person or member of any union in or peripherally connected to the entertainment industry, and barring you from engaging in any sort of behavior that might be construed as attempting to harm in any way, my client, her career, or any member of her organization or in her employ, including her family. Do you understand?”

Nesta didn’t seem to get it. “Fuck you, you stupid whore. Go back to wherever you came from and fuck yourself to death. I don’t have to listen to anything you are saying—What the fuck do you want?!?”

Ray turned on his lawyer, but the man grabbed Ray’s arm and squeezed as hard as he could as he pulled his client close and whispered in his ear. The argument that ensued seemed to bounce back and forth for a few minutes in whispers and glares, but at the end of it Ray picked up his sunglasses, put them on, and turned up his nose before turning to look out the window of the conference room in which they were currently meeting.

“My client understands. Good day, Ma’am. Ms. DeLoie.” He wasn’t exactly cordial, but his dismissal was clear and somewhat appropriate, given the circumstances.

“Word has leaked out that Corinne DeLoie was fired from ‘Sunny Days and Sleepless Nights’ because she refused to do nudity. Apparently Ms. DeLoie’s contract clearly states she will not be taking her clothes off, but Ray Nesta tried to force the issue anyways. Since he was also the producer, he must have known about the contract clause.”

“Yeah, Ray Nesta has troubles of his own now. He has been unable to get the charges related to the underage drug and sex party he hosted and was busted at last summer, and it will be going to trial soon. So his credibility right now may be less than stellar.”

“Man, it’s so wrong that DeLoie is sleeping with half of Hollywood under 25 and she won’t even flash a nip on screen. She is so fucking hot! Did you see her in that bikini on Instagram last week?”

“No, whose Instagram account was it? She doesn’t have one of her own; I’ve looked and hoped and dreamed forever since she turned 18 that she would go all Vanessa Hudgens on the bit.”

“It wasn’t Miley Cyrus, that’s for sure.” (Laughter)

“Oh my God, that’s funny, Paul. Miley hates her, for stealing Chris Helmsworth from her.”

“It’s Liam Hemsworth, not Chris Helmsworth, you idiot.”

“Whatever. Corinne was seen with Hemsworth leaving Ficka Soule, that place in Hollywood that everyone says is the greatest thing ever.”

“Yeah, with Liam and about twenty other people. Who cares. They came out the door together, and she ducked behind him when the paparazzi started shooting. He pushed some moron with a camera out of her face, and you think she stole him from Miley? And what is it with you knowing every hot, trendy restaurant in LA? You some kind of celeb stalker or...”

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