MId-Life Crisis

by Peter Duncan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Cousins, Analingus, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Squirting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Pete's mid life crisis comes when he is making him most important installation in Texas. His long absence is a problem at home. His project is troubled, he wonders if his wife is having an affair in his absence. Never having cheated he goes to a bar and meets a woman who invites him to her house. She invites him back where he meets her sexy daughter. And he finds out that his client wants to hire him. His client is the father of the woman with whom he is having an affair.

When the phone rang it was as if a fire alarm went off. Bolting upright he remembered where he was and why he had slept only such a short time. Ordinarily getting up at 5:30 every morning Pete didn’t ask for wake-up calls. But when he got back to his room after three in the morning he left the message at the front desk. “Jesus,” he said, “what a fucking night.” He didn’t have to pinch himself to see if it were really true; his throbbing balls and chafed penis were doing an adequate job of verifying his activities. Fucking was an appropriate description of the evening.

Like so many men who spent so much time away from home all kinds of fantasies usually went through his mind: fantasies with the big haired, pretty young women who populated so many offices in Texas. There were also fantasies of the older, attractive married ones, even fantasies of some of those plainer women who were easy prey for traveling men such as him. During his twenty two years of happy marriage though, he had resisted the urge by frolicking exclusively with his five fingered friend. All along though he admitted that he wouldn’t be able to resist a siren that came knocking on his hotel room door in the middle of the night. No man could have resisted that kind of temptation. Because of his untarnished track record he became convinced that it would never happen. He knew he was safe. In past circumstances when he was in a bar and the rubber met the road, instead of hitting the gas he backed off of what seemed “cornered prey” and slinked to his room for another assignation with his hand. Last night was different.

The frustration of his job coupled with being away from his wife for a full month had ramped up his need for sexual relief more than any time in his married life. Dealing with an incredibly troublesome installation with a contentious client had his tensions on a razor sharp edge. There had never had a project in his business life as frustrating as Texas Affiliates and the stakes were high. He knew if he pulled it off successfully his climb toward the top of his company would be assured. On the other hand if he blew it he could easily be on the way out the door. Then there were the numerous touchy telephone conversations with his wife about her own needs.

Finally succumbing to all of the pressures he went to the Texas Two Step Saloon, a local “meat market” intent upon hustling a woman and bringing her back to his room. There was no way he could have imagined that he would hit a grand slam homerun. Shortly after catching the eye of the sexy “older” Dottie McCord and her even foxier daughter Silk, he found himself caught in the perfect storm. It was two days after his forty-fifth birthday; he was already stuck in the quicksand of his mid-life crisis. He was the “Foul Owl on the Prowl” (the song from the 1967 movie In the Heat of the Night performed by Boomer and Travis). But it was Dottie who took him home with her, laid waste to his sexual parts and sent him home in the middle of the night. Now he was getting ready to go back to her house for dinner.

Standing in the shower he mulled his choice of Dottie as opposed to her sexy daughter. As it turned out the gorgeous young blonde was spoken for, curiously enough, by her middle aged high school biology teacher. He remembered thinking strange stuff goes on down here. But his instincts had locked on Dottie in the first place; she was closer to his age. Besides she was the driving force that put the evening together, the kind of mature woman he had lusted for so many times in the past but had never acted on when he had had the opportunity.

The evening with her turned out to be more exciting than he had imagined. It was more than just the sex though. Dottie gave him every indication that she was extremely comfortable with him. Given that she was the only sex partner he had had in the last twenty-some years he was amazed at how comfortable he was with her.

He woke up in bed with her at 2:30 in the morning and knew he had to get back to the hotel. Like a macho stud he had gone “commando” to the Texas Two Step and couldn’t conceive of going through the next day with his sensitive parts being rubbed raw by the rough denim fabric of the Levis he was wearing. Giggling, Dottie offered a pair of her husband’s tighty-whities but Pete wanted to face the day wearing his own things. There was enough irritation in the workplace he was in and he didn’t want to complicate it with a burning groin.

Thinking about the improbable night with Dottie he stayed longer in the shower than he intended. She was one of the most sexually compatible women he’d have ever known, one of those women who’d been blessed with an orgasmic hair trigger, she got wet at just the thought. He tried to remember how many times she had come recalling how she squirted when she got too hot, an experience that was entirely new to him.

Getting hard with thoughts of Dottie and what could happen this night Pete wanted to rest his aching parts for a while longer. Knowing that when he got into action with her again tonight he probably wouldn’t even notice the irritation but he still had to dab himself dry and as the hardness of his “owie” was going down. Based on the comments Dottie made he was pleased. As he looked into the mirror he assessed how trim and fit his body looked. Or does she tell that to all the men she has sex with? He hoped so. She’s too hot a woman to be having sex with slobs.

Having never had a one night stand before, he didn’t really expected that he would spend most of the night with her. If he did he thought it would be awkward. When he realized that it was actually a “go” he figured it would be just that—a one night stand. But Dottie made sex with him so comfortable that it felt natural. He was looking forward to tonight and hoped it would happen again before the job was finished and he would go back home.

When she had gotten into the car with him to leave the Texas Two Step Pete hoped for a blow job along the way ... maybe to screw her a couple of times before she kicked him out that night. He wasn’t expecting a night that would go on until his cock would rise again, feeling like some someone had kicked him in the balls. Even with that she begged him to stay. What a horny woman she is. Not only was she beautiful Dottie brought out a dominant part of his nature that he never realized existed. On top of that, before he left, she invited him to dinner on Friday night.

“We just have to get together with Clay and Silk, Pete” she said. Silk was her daughter. Clay was her biology teacher/honey. “You’ve got no idea how much fun they are to be with Pete.”

Since he had “no idea” what could make them so much “fun” his mind went places it had never gone before. But having gotten an idea of how much fun Dottie was to be with his mind went to what he perceived Silk’s naked body to be like. He wondered if she, like so many younger girls, was shaved, or if she had a patch of the same colored, soft, blond hair that was on her head. He remembered how deliciously wet and sweet Dottie’s pussy tasted and wondered what it would be like to tongue Silk’s as well.

He thought about how eager Dottie monopolized his time last night and wondered if Silk would be part of the program tonight. Then Clay popped into his mind. I wonder if that old guy, even in as good shape as he appears, can really satisfy a hot young number like Silk McCord. Will they just go into one of the other bedrooms? Or will there be more? Whether Silk was part of his program or not he was eager to get back into bed Dottie. She is more woman than I ever thought I would find here ... or anywhere else for that matter.

The day at work had gone remarkably well. Maybe it was because of the sex last night. I only got a couple hours sleep but feel like a million dollars. But the replacement hard drive had come in ahead of schedule which meant they might be able to finish the job on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. At this point saving a day was huge. And even Thornton Brockmeyer was friendly to him today. Since he had arrived at the Rio Branca plant it seemed that Brockmeyer was set on making the project fail. But at lunch it was announced that Brockmeyer had been elevated to Vice President of Operations. All in all everything went so well at work that Pete decided to knock off a little early and go back to his hotel at 4:00. While he wasn’t exhausted he knew a nap would fortify him for tonight.

The front desk woke him at 5:15. Dottie was expecting him at 6:00. While the hour of sleep refreshed him he was troubled by the dream he had. In it he had come home from his trip, had taken his wife out to dinner and came back home and made wild love. When he cried out “I love you Dottie,” his wife asked, “Who is Dottie?” She accused him of having an affair ... they were fighting when the wake-up call came. During the sex last night and afterward he hadn’t wasted any time on guilt; a wiser man than he used to say, “A stiff dick has no conscience.” None the less the dream troubled him. Before he dropped off to sleep he even considered calling Dottie in the morning and telling her he couldn’t come.

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