The Perfect Woman

by Marduk

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Two old friends enjoying each others company and one asks his companion what he would consider the perfect woman - read on

The two mates were just sitting on the back veranda; the sun was setting when one of the men turned to his companion and asked. “Tell me Rich have you ever encountered the ‘perfect woman’ and if you did what would she be like?” Rick was silent for several seconds as he let his mind travel back over the decades for he, like his companion was now an old man.

“The perfect woman Frank”, he said. “I will really have to go back down memory lane, at least fifty odd years and just let my mind wander to a time when I was thirty or so.” Again he was silent in that break Frank got up and returned with another coffee. “That is to reinforce your memory”, Frank said. Rick smiled and after drinking the coffee began. “It was around the late sixties”, he began. “I had drawn up plan to build but as you know they built houses in those days to last. They were not thrown up in a matter of days, it took six months for my place to be completed; therefore I needed a place to stay and it was then that I met Marion and she would be what I would consider now my perfect woman”.

“How did that come about?” Frank asked. Rick settled back and reopened the files of his memory and began. “I had just finished going over the plans in the builder’s office and after suggesting alterations which he was happy to apply I left the office for I had an appointment with an individual I was going to rent a room off. I arrived at the home, it was old as most of the houses in that period were, but it was neat; I rang the doorbell. “Mrs. Hays”, I said. “I’m Rick Edwards I rang a day or so ago about renting the vacant room that you said was on the market”.

“Of course Mr. Edwards, please come in. I have given it a good clean for it is at the back of the house and has been vacant for some time, but as you expressed an interest I have made it as welcoming as possible”, she concluded with a grin.

“It is idea Mrs. Hays. As I mentioned I would require it till my own place is built and that could possibly take up to six months. You also mentioned a spare bathroom which is one of the reasons I thought your offer was the best that I have examined”.

“Yes! Yes!” she said. “Please come and look I also gave it a thorough going over”. He let his mind drift for a minute as the layout of that bathroom and his room were galvanized again in his mind. “It was actually the bathroom where I really got to know Marion, but that comes a bit later” he said. “There was no doubt Mrs. Hay had gone to a lot of trouble for I could find nothing that one would turn their noses up with what she offered. I had my meals with her and her daughter although I did have the occasional meal at the one and only café the town had, that we would now call a restaurant”, he continued. “Marion came into the picture the day I moved in which was a few days after I had been given a tour. She was sitting on the veranda, I remember giving her a smile; something I always did with women, one never knew if that smile would result in them dropping their panties, for you know Frank I will fuck any woman. I was beginning to unpack and was hanging up a few items when she gave a giggle. I turned, she was standing in the doorway but when I said ‘hello’ she gave another giggle and disappeared. It was then that I began to question whether she was the full quid. Now days of course we would say a ‘mental condition’. I continued unpacking when again she appeared and this time didn’t turn and run when I asked if she was Marion, again she giggled but gave a nod.

“As I mentioned I always take an interest in women and I now had the opportunity to give this woman a better examination. She was just over five feet in height, she was a little plump, had short but dark hair, her tits were large and hung almost to her navel and there was no doubt she was braless and her backside was large and quite round. I guess it had to be of equal weight to counter her tits; otherwise she would have fallen onto her face. I will admit I wondered what she would be like nude, but on the whole I found in her, at least clothed a woman that I would like to get to know, naturally for sex. That initial contact I was to find was the path that led me fucking her and believe me Frank, once initiated she was one great fuck”.

Frank began to move. “It is getting a bit chilly. Say we move in and I’ll order a take-away”, he said. “I sometimes get the local pizza shop to deliver and their pizzas are very nice.”

“That is fine with me Frank”, Rick replied as he picked up the used coffee cup and the plate that the biscuits were on. The pizza arrived and as Frank said they were very nice and now with the meal finished and beer on offer Rick continued his story. “I found Marion, that was when I was there, was always on my heel. I will admit it was a bit of a thrill even sometimes a bit embarrassing but I began to notice that she would use a four letter word now and again. ‘Fuck’ was said and I do wonder if she knew what it meant or it was a word that she had heard if something was not right or was done wrong, but I didn’t get the chance for a couple of weeks to put her to the test and that came about without any planning. As you know I still cycle, well I did in those days and had returned after a decent ride and was rather sweaty and decided to have a shower, remember I had the spare shower which was almost opposite my room at the back of the house. I hadn’t taken my bath robe in with me and just had a towel when I stepped out of the shower and there was Marion, sucking on a lolly. I had no idea if her mother was home or not because Mrs. Hay did have association with a ‘women’s organization’, but with Marion just standing there with her big tits wobbling it was just too much, the opportunity had to be grabbed. I dropped the towel and of course I had a hard on. She gave a gulp, dropped the lolly and seemed rooted to the floor, she didn’t panic and run. “Give it a feel Marion” I remember saying. “Maybe you can drop your panties as well so I can introduce my cock to your cunt. She didn’t respond immediately, but did giggle. I don’t know Frank if she had ever come across a hard erection but finally she did give it a stroke. I tell you something mate it did feel good. I let her stroke it, pull it then lifted her dress and rubbed her groin, whether it had a pleasant feeling or whether it was a surprise but again she didn’t pull away, just continued to work on my cock. I pulled her panties down, pushed her against the wall, got her into a reasonable fuck position and rammed by cock home. She bucked, fuck did she buck. However, she was no virgin, somewhere somebody had been up her before and whether the memory of that encounter surfaced I have no idea but she rode my cock like any other woman I have done. I emptied my load and she was sweating and panting. ‘That Marion was a fuck and if you like to come into my room we can do it again’. The nice thing about it Frank she followed and we fucked again and this time she was nude”.

Frank got up “I have a cheese cake I bought awhile ago, it has been in the freezer, how about it for a dessert for I’m want to hear more about your perfect woman for so far what you have told me is you met an obliging woman, cripes Rick you have met many of those, where does the perfect woman come in?”

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