Monogamy Modified

by Tony Tiger

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Beautiful woman has an interesting variation on fidelity

Alicyn was beautiful, the most attractive woman I had ever met. She made lots of money as a model. I didn’t know if that was done clothed or not. Either one would work for her. Blond, trim, tall, smallish tits, tight ass.

We’d been going to the same church for a year before I asked her to lunch after service. I’d joined every activity she was in so we did have some chance to get acquainted. I’d not been dating anyone for a while and didn’t see any evidence of a boyfriend either.

She accepted! Wow! I could hardly speak as I tried to make arrangements. Clumsy like a schoolboy. She seemed mildly amused at my discomfort and took my hand in reassurance. That didn’t help. Then I had a hard-on to deal with too.

Over the next several months our dates escalated in frequency and quality, ranging from hikes to formal theatre attendance. We had a lot in common and enjoyed each other’s company. Dates always ended at her doorstep with a goodnight kiss.

After two and a half months, at the end of a date I heard the words I’d been waiting for from Alicyn, “Would you like to come in?”

She offered me my his favorite bourbon and soon returned in a sheer peignoir. “When I invite a man ‘in’ I am hoping he will spend the night. Are you interested?”

Amazed, I nodded dumbly. She knelt down and began removing my clothes. I recovered enough to assist her until I was more naked than she. Bending down she explored my erection gently with hands and mouth. I fought for control. I hadn’t been laid for a year. She sensed my arousal and kept me from spurting too soon.

In her candlelit bed I explored her exquisite body, taking my time to explore every beautiful bit. From the sounds she made, Alicyn was enjoying it too.

Four strokes after she invited me inside, my cock erupted with its long overdue release. Wrapping her arms and legs around me she whispered, “Just stay in and we’ll do it again.” I did and we did to our mutual satisfaction. We each initiated another coupling during the night.

At breakfast we had a serious discussion about “us”. She started, “I know that you do not have a girlfriend. As of a week ago I don’t have a boyfriend. In my work I do date a few men but it is not intimate. I don’t have casual sex and only have one boyfriend at a time. There is, however, someone special in my life that must be accepted if we are to continue. Do you want me to tell you about that or should we stop right now?”

I spoke up, “I’ve never been married so have dated and bedded a variety of women in my thirty years. Some casual, some serious, even some married. I’m incredibly attracted to you so I’m willing to listen and accept whatever I can.”

Alicyn reached for both my hands and looked me straight in the eye as she explained, “My very first lover, more than ten years ago, was a man about the age I am now. I babysat for him and he was wonderful. As a result, I appreciate and enjoy sex very much, as you have just experienced. We have remained lovers through my failed one-year marriage, and his second one which continues. We spend every Thursday night together and go on a week-long vacation each year. His wife accepts this and my boyfriend must also.

I looked directly back as I replied, “I have bedded married women and women who I knew were dating others. Never noticed that the quality of their loving was affected. I appreciate your honesty and need to tell you that my erection has returned. Can we go back to bed to celebrate our agreement?”

Our next date was Friday, three days from then. She served dinner in, and herself for dessert. Nothing was said about her previous night but the ardor was strong in both of us.

Her modeling schedule determined when we could be together. It was very irregular, mostly local but with a few out of town shoots. She would show me some still and video proofs of her recent work. I expressed my admiration for her nudes, which she assured me did not include sex even though some were definitely soft porn.

After a couple of months of our bonding more and more, I took a Friday off and knew she would be home. I requested having breakfast with her that morning, something rather different. My fascination with her long-time lover had been simmering and I wanted to reclaim her asap.

She rather read my mind and asked if she should shower first. My cock swelled as I texted “NO!!!”

We didn’t eat until later in the morning. I sank my shaft into semen less than an hour old and she squealed at my vigorous thrusts. That wet silky feeling I hadn’t felt for so many years was wonderful. When she sensed my imminent ejaculation she said lustily, “YES! I love to feel you sliding in his juice. Put your sperm in with his. They’re all over your cock right now you know...” That set me off and I shot rope after rope deep inside her. She howled.

We were both sweaty and tired. I didn’t ever want to pull out but we needed cleaning and food.

At breakfast my love was even more loving than usual. She looked at me constantly and touched me whenever she could. When the food was gone she took my hand and asked, “Please love me again.” Wow, the “love” word!

Just before the next Thursday it was Alicyn’s turn to make a request, “I’ve talked with my lover about last week and he was intrigued. Could you come over at 6pm before he arrives and fill me so he can have seconds like you did?”

“Only if I can have breakfast again the next morning.”

My girlfriend squealed, “I hoped you’d say that!”

Alicyn was positively glowing when I responded to her early Friday text and slipped into her well mussed bed. I could smell the sex as she mounted me and a few globs of fresh cum dripped on my cock before it was engulfed.

“I’ve never felt so sexy,” she purred as she rose and fell on me. Her kisses were as fervent as her hip movements as she sought to milk me for more semen. “My lover had never felt me so slick before and he was sooo hard. We hardly slept so I want to get you off in me and sleep with you for a while.” That we did.

A few weeks later we’d not repeated the serial screwing, mostly to keep it a special occasion when it could be arranged. It became obvious to me that our relationship was changing when Alicyn wanted another of those serious, naked-in-bed talks.

“My lover’s name,” she opened, “is Thomas. It will be better to refer to him by name from now on, as you will see. Thomas is always fully aware of my current boyfriend although the reverse, as you have seen, is less open. The two have rarely met in person, and then only briefly at social functions. You are quite different than my boyfriends of the past and I would like you both to meet and possibly develop a friendship. After all, you have all of me in common.”

I held her close and replied, “I’ve had similar thoughts, especially after our recent indirect interactions. Anyone so important to you must be the kind of person I would also like. When do you want this to happen?”

It was a Tuesday might and it was agreed I would also be present at her regular Thursday assignation with Thomas. We made especially tender love that night and in the morning.

Of course I arrived on time with roses and wine. Clad only in her peignoir, showing off her beauty, she led me to her living room and introduced me to the mysterious lover Thomas. We shook hands and settled near each other with our favorite libation. Our hostess busied herself with snacks and finishing dinner, giving us tantalizing glimpses of her body as she went to and fro.

We found common topics to make small talk about until our hostess gave us robes to change into for the repast, saying we needed to be casual like her. Each of us glimpsed the other’s body as we stripped. Thomas was a trim forty-year-old, starting to get some grey hair around the edges. He had my height by just a few inches but I was more muscled. Of course flaccid male appendages don’t reveal much about true capability, but my girlfriend had reassured me that we were similar overall, him longer but me thicker.

Dinner was accompanied by plenty of wine. Our hostess poured champagne afterwards and she sat us next to each other on the couch. Standing a few feet away, her orders were, “Open your robes and spread your legs slightly. I want to see my audience’s reaction.”

She began to dance seductively, swirling in her sheer garment and becoming more and more suggestive. She dropped the garment to her waist for a bit then altogether. Nude, she approached each of us alternately, offering her breasts, ass, and crotch as focal points for our vision. I felt my “meter” rising and was too entranced to look at Thomas’s. The dancer seemed pleased since her nipples were hard and her labia quite pink.

When to music ended, she dropped to her knees in front of me and took my cock head into her mouth, licking it as she gazed into my eyes. After a moment she moved to Thomas and I saw his erection clearly for the first time. Close enough. I couldn’t get envious.

After equal time, Alicyn stood up and announced, “Now it’s my turn to play. Follow me without your robes. Please.”

Lying in the classic missionary position with her head propped up on a pillow so she could see better, the lady took charge, issuing specific orders to guide the action. This was new to all of us so no one minded.

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