A Fine Substitute

by RejectReality

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, Safe Sex, Sex Toys, Teacher/Student, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When his friend with benefits Natalie makes a booty call, Vincent hurries straight over. As rotten luck would have it, she gets called in to work just as things are heating up. Then, someone surprising offers to sub in.

I had just stepped out of the shower after work when I heard my phone announce a message. I grabbed a towel, dried off one arm, and tapped the screen. What I saw brought a wide smile to my face.

“Bored and horny. Come over?” the message read.

Natalie and I had been friends with benefits for a couple of years. The sex was great, and it was easier than trying to play the dating game or find someone to hook up with all the time. We both had hectic schedules between college and part-time jobs, so it worked perfectly for both of us.

“On my way,” I answered, and then hurried to dry off and dress. A few minutes later, I jumped in the car and headed to her house.

There were two cars in the driveway when I parked in front of the house, and one of them belonged to Nat’s mom. At any other girl’s house, it would have been either a disaster or an inconvenience. But at Natalie’s place, it only made me smile again as I climbed out of the car.

That grin widened when her mom opened the door in response to me ringing the bell. Nat’s mom was smoking hot, and every guy’s favorite substitute teacher at the high school. Seeing her at home was even better.

She was wearing her red hair down, spilling over her shoulders instead of up in a bun. Those shoulders were mostly bare, obstructed only by the thin straps of the white dress she was wearing, and dotted with freckles. The hem of the dress only reached halfway to her knee, showing off a great pair of legs as well.

Her tits were the real showstoppers. They were huge, and the dress looked like it could barely contain them.

“Come on in,” she said, and squeezed my bicep as I passed. “Did you just get back from the gym?”

I chuckled and said, “No, I haven’t been in a couple of days.” The flirtatious banter between us was something that had developed in the last couple of months. “Nice dress, Ms. White.”

“Why, thank you.”

That was when Natalie called out from her room down the hall. “Hey, when you’re done perving on my mom, bring me a bottle of water from the fridge.”

Ms. White folded her arms in front of her, which lifted her tits and made them look even more incredible. “Are you perving on me?”

“Would I do that?”

“I don’t know,” she said, and then grinned. She nodded toward the kitchen before strutting over to the couch.

My eyes dropped straight to her ass swaying back and forth. The dress wasn’t tight enough to see much, but it was still a fine show.

“Hello?” Nat called out.

“Water. Got it,” I answered on my way to the kitchen.

On the way back through the living room, I saw Ms. White putting on her noise-cancelling headphones. It wasn’t my first visit to the house, after all, and she knew exactly what was going on. Thankfully, she wasn’t a prude.

Natalie was lying on the bed in nothing but a red bra and panties when I walked in. She smiled at me as I closed the door, and then beckoned me with a waving finger.

I whipped off my shirt as I walked toward the bed, and sat the water bottle on her dresser along the way. Meanwhile, Nat sat up over her knees and popped the clasp on her bra. Our clothing fell to the floor in a rush. I was there to fuck, and she’d called me to get fucked, so there wasn’t any need to talk about it or play games.

She had a head start, so by the time I was pulling down my pants, she was already naked and playing with herself. Fingers slippery with her juices wrapped around my cock as soon as it sprang free. Trying to wriggle and stomp my way out of the denim while she jerked me off wasn’t easy, but I’d had plenty of practice.

As soon as my legs were free, I pushed her down onto the bed. She squealed in mock alarm, but it only took her a second to find my erection again when I crawled over top of her. They weren’t as big as her mom’s, but Nat had awesome tits, and they were calling to me.

Her hand squeezed around me and she gasped when I sucked her left nipple hard.

It was all raw sexual need as we writhed on the bed. She stroked me. I sucked her tits. She ground her pussy against my leg. There was no mistaking how wet and horny she was when she did that. As nice as her tits were, I was ready to head south. I let her nipple go and planted a kiss on her stomach.

Her phone sounded off the alert for an incoming message, but she ignored it to push on the top of my head. She was just as eager for me to get between her legs and eat her out as I was. Natalie was the first girl I ever went down on, and in all the years since, I’d never found a sweeter pussy than hers.

“Fuck yes. Lick my pussy,” she barked at me as I dived in.

I heard the text alert tone go off again - though it was muffled by her thighs against my ears. Her yelp when I flicked her clit was much louder. She dug her fingers into the back of my head as she pushed me away from the sensitive bud. There was a half grin on my face as I resisted and tickled her hood with the tip of my tongue.

Then the phone rang, playing Moves Like Jagger.

Nat said, “Damn it,” and let go of my head.

I assumed she was reaching for the phone to turn it off when she shifted on the mattress. I was too busy licking her to look.

Then she gasped and said, “Oh, shit.”

The next thing I know, she’s pushing on my head and trying to wriggle away. I held on tight and tongued her clit again, but that earned me a bop on top of the head. It was hardly what I expected.

“Stop,” she told me, and I knew from the tone of her voice she was serious.

Frustrated, I pulled my head from between her legs. She immediately sat up and grabbed her phone. Before she answered it, she said, “Be quiet.”

“Who is it?” I asked.

“Shh,” she admonished, bringing a finger to her lips. There was a hint of an apology in her voice when she said, “Just a second.”

I pushed up onto my hands, and then my knees while she tapped to answer the call and brought the phone to her ear.

“Hey,” she answered the phone, and then said, “Yes, I’ll take it for you.”

I leaned back on my elbow, making sure she had a good view of my dick bouncing. She noticed, but turned to look away as soon as she did.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t matter. A deal’s a deal. Let me know how it goes. Okay. Bye.”

“So what’s up?” I asked, and stretched out a leg to tickle her with my toes.

“You’re going to hate me,” she said. “I have to go into work.”

“Now?” I said, and then fell back flat on the bed.

She sighed and said, “Yes. Damn it. Jean took one of my shifts so I could go to that concert with you last month. I promised that I’d take a shift for her if she needed me to. She’s got a date with this guy she’s been flirting with for like ever, so today’s the day.”

“Great,” I mumbled.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she swung her legs out of the bed. Her eyes homed in on my hardon and she added, “So sorry. I want you so bad, but...”

“I get it,” I told her, trying not to sound as irritated as I actually was. I had a good thing going with her, and didn’t want to mess it up.

“Maybe there’s somebody else you can hook up with?” she asked as she grabbed some moist wipes from a drawer next to the bed.

I shook my head and said, “Probably just head home.” Then I slid out of the bed to grab my underwear. We weren’t technically exclusive, but neither of us had been with anyone else in almost a year.

Natalie finished cleaning up while I pulled on my pants. I tried not to watch, knowing it was only going to leave me even more frustrated, but it’s hard to ignore a hot, naked girl wiping her pussy a couple of feet away. After putting on my shirt, I sat down on the bed to put on my shoes and socks.

“Oh, shoot,” she said in the midst of digging underwear out of her dresser. “Could you do me a huge favor and go get my work smock from the laundry room?”

“Yeah, I got it,” I answered. She was still naked, so leaving the room was the only way I was going to get rid of my raging hardon. Once I had my shoes on, I opened the door just wide enough to slip out and headed for the laundry room.

Ms. White glanced my way when I walked into the front room. She did a double-take, and her expression left no doubt she was surprised to see me. I was surprised she was seeing me, too. The smock was easy enough to find, so I grabbed it and made my way back to Natalie’s room.

“I take it I’m not going to need these?” Ms. White said when I walked into the front room again. She held up her headphones, and then sat them down on the coffee table.

I let out a rueful chuckle and said, “Probably not.”

She shrugged and said, “Sorry.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Nat was wriggling into her jeans when I walked back in, so I left the door open.

“Thanks,” she said as she buttoned her pants.

I laid her smock on the bed and said, “No problem.”

“I only have to work four hours. Maybe you could come back over after?” she suggested.

“Have to see if I’m awake enough to make the drive. It’s been a long day.”

You would think an invitation for a booty call would be an automatic yes, but it was going to be an early morning. The thought of the round trip that late gave me visions of walking around like a zombie the whole next day.

She threw another idea against the wall while she pulled on her blouse. “Maybe I could come over to your place when I get off?”

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