All Over Alice

by Deviant Daddy John

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: I hadn't seen her for years but suddenly Alice had caught my attention. She was young and so sexy.

I heard the doorbell and got up to answer it. My daughter wasn’t supposed to be here till 4:00 and she had a key. I sighed in annoyance. I had work to catch up on from home, but when I opened the door my annoyance quickly changed. There was a gorgeous young redhead at my door. I am 49 years old and this girl was maybe 16 and even though I knew it was wrong my cock stirred in my pants.

“Well hello there.”

“Mr. Stevens! Its me Alice,”she said with a little smile.

Alice? Oh wow. She couldn’t mean my daughter’s friend Alice. Alice had moved away with her mom when she was about 10 She had been inseparable with my daughter Jade. She had been tall already but incredibly awkward. Now she had changed immeasurably. She was about 5’9 and had long beautiful reddish gold hair. She high small high breasts and a narrow waist. She was slim and had amazingly long legs showed to perfection by her shorts. Her blue eyes were wide and she had fair skin and a beautiful smile. I stared a bit too long and she became nervous.

“Do you remember me at all?”

“I am so sorry Alice. Of course I remember you. You have grown up so much. Forgive my manners and come on inside. Jade will be here soon.”

“Oh thanks. I am staying with my dad for the summer and had hoped to spend some time with Jade.”

I smiled and made a mental note that this gorgeous girl would be around a lot this summer.

“You have grown up so much Alice. You are 16 now?”

“Not yet. Turned 15 in February”.

“Jade will be so pleased. Why don’t you enjoy the pool till she gets here. It will be a nice surprise for her.”

“I don’t have a suit.”

“We keep extras around. There is bound to be one that fits.”

I went to the gazebo and found a handful of suits and gave them to her.

“You can change in there,” I gestured to our bathroom. Then went to my favorite chair to sit and wait.

She disappeared in the bathroom and came out a little later with a turquoise blue bikini on. My cock instantly started to rise. She was fucking perfect. The little triangles just covered those perky firm tits and her long flat smooth belly flared into nicely proportionate hips. My eyes strayed to the fabric covering her pussy and then down the long long legs. I wanted to untie the little ties at her hips and see her pussy so bad. My eyes finally made it back up to her face and she had a teasing look.

“Looks ok then?”

“Um. Yes. Looks nice on you.”

She laughed the confident laugh of a girl who knows she has a guy lusting for her. She walked past me slowly and I caught a whiff of her perfume. Without thinking I reached out and grabbed her and pulled her into my lap. She gasped in shock and tried to pull away. Her ass wriggled against my hardening cock.

“Mr. Stevens! This is inappropriate!” she said as she tried to pull away. I untied the string around her neck and exposed her perfect teen tits. My big hands covered them completely and as she felt my hands on her nipples she stopped struggling and leaned back against me. I nuzzled her neck and bit her shoulder as my hand pinched one of her perfect pink nipples. I squeezed her firm tits and rubbed my thumb over her hardening nipples she half turned in my lap.

“What about Jade,” she whispered

“She wont be home till 4:00,” I muttered as I kissed down towards her tits. I took a nipple in my mouth as my other hand slid over her smooth stomach to rub her pussy through the bikini bottom. Her body began to move rhythmically against my hand. Her ass ground against my rock hard Dick.

“You are so hard already.”

I stood up. We left the bikini top on the floor and I led her to my bedroom. She came willingly. I undressed and watch her eyes widen as my cock came into view. I am not hugely long but it is very thick. I pushed her back on the bed and untied the strings at her hips.

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