The New Elizabeth

by Marduk

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Revenge, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An old flame reappears and makes it clear that she is willing to return to her previous self as one co-operative. Rick is delighted but deep down does suspect that she will eventually return to her moral self so takes her and enjoys her and then suggests to a friend that she may accommodate a gang bang. She is fucked to exhaustion but totally forgets. read on

“Well Mate it is getting on I better be moving if I want to get back by five”. Rick said to his mate Frank. Frank finished his beer and picked up the bit of rubbish that was left over from their lunch. “I was thinking”, he said. “Remember last night, after we had lunch at the hotel you commented on the waitress and said that it was as though she got out of a concentration camp because she was so skinny. I found her attractive, what do you expect in a woman Rick, what would be your ‘perfect woman?’

He was silent for a few moments. “I doubt I would ever meet the perfect woman”, he began. “The closest would have been that woman I was having a relationship with nearly a year ago. You know I showed you a photo of her in the nude. I took it one afternoon after we had an enjoyable encounter, her name was Elizabeth. However, after she visited her family overseas our ‘relationship’ came to a halt and from then on it was all downhill. I broke it up, as I said nearly a year ago. I haven’t had contact with her since. I don’t even know if she is still in the country. She wasn’t much in physical appearance, she wasn’t a model or was she ugly. She had reasonable tits, a nice bum and a forest between her thighs and she could use erotic language which I found a real turn on and off course she fucked and sucked my cock and loved to squeeze my balls; she would have been close to ‘my perfect woman’. Frank just gave a nod and the conversation ended.

Rick left for Frank would be staying on. ‘I have things to do’ he said. Something Rick knew would never happen, that is be completed for Frank could never finish a project for there was always something that would interfere and the desire would evaporate. As he drove he thought of Elizabeth since the subject had been raised. ‘Wonder what she is doing’, he muttered. ‘Maybe met a bloke with a foot long cock, maybe one of the blacks that the refugee department that she worked for always was running around. It is a pity about the break, for in the times before her trip she was very willing to ‘spread ‘em’ and when she sucked my teeth rattled’. He smiled at the thought and then stored it into the filing cabinet of memories.

For a number of years he had been engaged with ‘adult educational classes’ and it was through them that he had met Elizabeth nearly three years before. He had been asked to pick her up as she had expressed interest in joining the adult sessions. From that initial request had developed a relationship that was ‘very worthwhile’ that was until her overseas trip. He wasn’t even thinking of her that afternoon, for it was over a week since leaving Franks and he was just checking his notes for the morning class when his mobile rang. Elizabeth’s name hadn’t been deleted for there was always a hope that maybe she could again be the obliging companion so when her name came up; it was a surprise. “Good Morning Elizabeth”, he said. “This is indeed a surprise, but it is great to hear from you, how are you?” His question was answered by a request. “I was wondering if I could come to class with you today.” That took seconds to digest for he didn’t know if she was still a member of the ‘educational club’ he tutored for but that wasn’t going to defer his answer. “I would be delighted to Elizabeth, but as it is some time since we communicated are you at the same address?” Her reply was in the positive mode so he told her he would pick her up at the old time of 8.45.

In the past he would have had to knock a couple of times, however, the door opened immediately on his first knock. She was dressed in a nice skirt and a blouse but the wobble of her tits made it plain she was braless which was a surprise but his biggest shock came from her, she grasp him so suddenly that for a second he lost balance, but he wasn’t going to reprimand her, for he was delighted but that incident paled when she stroked his thigh and then without any suggestion from him gripped his groin and for the trip into the underground parking area, continually to squeeze his balls which made general conversation of a secondary nature although they did chat but the pleasure from her grip made what was said ‘rather forgettable’.

They parked in shadow because lighting was in short supply and despite suggestions it hadn’t been improved. He smiled and then, as he unbuckled his belt, said. “You have made me fucking hard, now you can suck me off, put your mouth around my cock Elizabeth and drain my balls”. She didn’t balk as he pulled her head towards his throbbing cock and then as she sucked he slipped under her blouse and massaged and worked her nipples till they were hard and erect. He emptied his load into her mouth, an action he did with every woman that sucked and he had a few that did just that. “Fuck that was nice”, he said as he gave her a tissue to wipe the cum and saliva from her lips. Her reaction was just a giggle. As for himself he wondered if this was a new Elizabeth or was it just a one off, maybe a thank you for picking her up, he hoped it was his first thought. “We best move”, he said. “Nothing has changed in the months you have been away, we still have the same attendance although they may have forgotten you so I will reintroduce you”, he said as they left the car park, but again she clung to him which certainly was a thrill.

They were the first; he set the alarm and turned on the lights. “If you could get the cups out I will get the other items from the cupboard, the cups are in the same cupboard as they were when you were coming”, he said. She attended to that and whether from memory or just a chance the numbers were the same she put out fifteen cups. “Well Greg and Norma should be here now, they are a bit late”, he said as he made a coffee. “Maybe Norma is giving Greg a suck job like you did for me that is why they are late”. Elizabeth nearly dropped her cup she laughed so much. Rick cupped her tits and gave them a nice feel at the same time lifted her dress and gave her groin a massage and she just uttered moans of pleasure and was about to reach for his groin when the front door opened; they broke contact and were stirring their coffee when Greg and Norma walked in. “Apologize for being late”, Greg said. “The vehicle was not being co-operative”. He put his case on the table. Rick whispered to Elizabeth ‘Maybe his cock got caught down her throat’; Elizabeth almost double up in a fit of giggles.

Re-introductions were done and the session started. She didn’t contribute much but did chat with the others during morning tea. The session ended with the usual arrangement for coffee over at the shopping complex. “I have to set the alarm”, he told her as he turned the light out. They were the only ones left. “Come here you randy cunt, let’s fuck”. In the small room, labelled ‘reading’, he pushed her over a table, dragged her panties down, lifted her blouse, freeing her attractive tits and rammed his cock up to his balls in that well haired cunt. He had time, so it was a slow and deserving fuck. Every thrust resulted in her gasps or groans as he ravished her. He was rough with her tits but she made no objection even though they were noticeable red after he emptied his load and she redressed. “That was the nicest fuck I have had in ages Elizabeth”, he said as he set the alarm. “I have associated with a number of women over this year, just to fuck and enjoy sexual encounters with. What about yourself, I gather you haven’t missed out?”

She was silent as they walked but she didn’t abandon her tight grip, it was as though she was afraid he would disappear. He didn’t question this for he didn’t believe it would last, after all he had experienced her activities, especially after her return from overseas that resulted in her being ‘hot’ one minute and ‘cold’ the next; it was that situation that led him breaking off with her. Over the coffee she did become involved in the general discussions and was enjoying herself, time did fly and it was a reluctant group that broke for another week. “Will you be joining us next week”, asked George, a chap that had certainly included her in the coffee discussions, something that Rick noticed and smiled at, but didn’t mention it, just thought. ‘He was sure George had noticed her braless state and because he knew him he reckoned that his thoughts would have been sexual. I wonder if she would accommodate the both of us if the situation was generated’. It was a thought that Rick put into the filing cabinet of memories.

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