My Best Buddies Fucked Mom
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Rape, Heterosexual, True Story, Mother, Son, Group Sex, Indian Erotica,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My best buddies fucked mom in his brothers marriage

Hello friends this is Chetan Deshmane from Pune. I love this site and I also told about it to my other friends. I have 2 best friends. We three always roaming together, going in same school.We three just passed 12th class in this year.

My friends name is Sachin and Vishal.We used to sit together and read sex stories many times and we three likes only aunties sex stories.After reading Stories we look hungry to nearby aunties, And we talk about them.But I did not know that due to these stories my mother too will be fucked and she will be fucked by my best buddies Vishal and Sachin.

This story is true event about my mother and my this two friends.My mother name is jayashree deshmane and she is the professor of one college and is virtuous wife, oh sorry she was.My mom is a little fat, wide hips and mom wears Bra 36 d.

Both my friends and I always used to be together and today also.We keep visiting each other’s house and our parents know us well.But our parents never met each other .4 Months before today my friend Vishal’s elder brother had wedding.He also invited me and Sachin also.Marriage was in another city which was not far away.When our 12th std exam was finished, my father allowed me to go. But Vishal told my mom, Papa that they too also have to attend then my father said that he can not come then vishal said okay but Jayshree aunty can come.Sachin’s mother, father, is also coming in marriage.By listening to this I also insisted on mother to come because we had to come on the second day of the evening only so then Dad told the mom to go and mom refused to accept it first but then agreed.

Then there was two buses to go to the wedding day of marriage.When we reached Vishal’s house, Vishal welcome us and introduced my mom to their family members.I do not see Sachin’s parents there, so I asked him then he told me that they not come.Then we all sat in the bus. My two friends just sat by my mother and I sat on a nearby seat and both started talking to my mom.I felt strange but I did not feel bad.Then after 2 hours we reached to the city where wedding was to be held.Our stay was in a guest house.Vishal arranged for my mother and Sachin in the same room.It was a little late in the program to start, so we all started to relax.After a while mom asked both of us to be ready and we got ready and went out.

After the departure of both of us, mom started becoming ready. When mom come outside in blue color sari, she was looking very beautiful.Movement was a matching chundi, vermilion and jewelery on the forehead I looked very beautiful. Matching chundi in hand, Vermilion on the forehead, and in jewelery looked very beautiful.Sachin was just kept watching my mother.As soon as he came to the mom, he told the mom that she is very beautiful, Mother called him a thank you.Then vishal came near to man he also starting just to look mom only and he also praise moms beautiness.Then he took us with him to met his parents.Mom stopped with his family members and we three of us left from there. And started doing some work of marriage, then I went out with Uncle for 30 minutes.

Later when I came from outside, Vishal and Sachin were sitting near Mom and were talking.Mom was also laughing a lot.When I reached nearer, both of them were saying to mom that jayashree aunty you are looking very beautiful today.Saari is looking very good on you aunty.Mom was shy to hear this and said how many times you kids will tell the same? Now I am beginning to feel ashamed.Then vishal said jayashree aunty by seeing your beautiness we cannot keep quiet

Sachin looked at me and said come Chetan.This made vishal silent and turned to see me.Then I also joined them.After a while we all went to the bride’s house.And there reception was happening.There also Vishal and Sachin stayed around my mom by chatting with her or by bringing something for her.All guests were gone by 11 pm.Now only the people of the family were left.The marraige ceremony were at 4am, so mom said that she want to go to the guest house and have a rest, So i said to mom i will leave you and come.So Sachin said that he also want to come He also has to change and come back freshly.We met to vishal and went from there.

When We had just reached the guest house, Vishals father called me and asked to come soon.I told mom so mom told me to go.When i went there, Uncle told me that Vishal had to go for other job and It will take time for him to come so called you for this and then asked me to stay with him. After 20 minutes, viahals mom told me that some things of worship have been kept in the guest house, so you bring it to me.And they both called a man to send with me So I said that there is Sachin, I will get the goods with him.Aunty said ok.And I walked to the guest house.I reached the guest house and went to my room.When I thought of calling Sachin, I started to hear the sound of music.Before the door of the room there is a window.That window was open.So when I look from that window, my steps stop.Mom had still wore the same sari.And Vishal was dancing with a mom.Mom never dance but by seeing her dancing I lost in thinking and watched her dance.Then the mom said to Vishal that when you insist son I wear sari and even danced on your saying.Now your wish has been fulfilled.Now go if Tanamay came here, what would he think?. And anyway you should be there in marriage hall.But then the light stopped and I heard the voice of my mom.

Mom was saying to vishal what are you doing these.And then came the noise of falling on the bed and then burned the night lamp.what I saw I cannot believe on my eyes.My mom was under Vishal on bed and saying to him what are you doing, leave me otherwise I will shout.But vishal not moved from top of the mom and said to mom, jayashree aunty I love you.You are very beautiful.Please let me love you, please.And then he started to kiss mom.Sachin was also there watching.Mom said to sachin, please sachin stop him, why he is doing this.Sachin came near and sat by my mom and grabbed her boobs and said, ‘Please give us love.’By seeing you today we feels love for you.Vishal was still kissing my mom.I was surprised to see all this.My speech stopped.Even if, I did not go for my moms help.Momr tried very hard to get rid of them.She was shaking her hand and legs. Because of which the sound of mother’s bangles started to resound in the room.Then Sachin caught the moms hand. And Vishal started opening the moms blouse button And open all the buttons. And now moms bra was in front.Vishal removed bra also.And the mom’s white thick fat boobs came out.And on her boobs the dark brown nipple was looking great.Mom was just trying to get up.But on another, Sachin was holding mom’s hand And vishal was sitting above the mom.Then Vishal lowered on mom and pulled off saree and removed it.Mother just stayed in Pettikot now.Vishal smells sari and by showing to mom he threw saree away.Mother started crying and saying no no, please let me go.But it did not make any difference to them.Rather seeing mom crying they get more excited.Then vishal said, jayashree aunty please give to do both of us for one time.Nobody will know anything.You think that today is your honeymoon day.You got a new marriage.Mom quote i am your mother’s age, let me go.I will not be able to show my face to my family.But they both don’t let mom to go.And then Sachin, who was holding hands till now, left his hand and started pressing the mom’s boobs.Mom started hiding her boobs from her hands which is full of bangles.And Vishal also removed the mom’s petticoat.Now mom was lying on the bed naked in front of my both friends.Mom was trying to hide her bare body.Mom twisted her legs so that her pussy was hidden and hide her boobs with her own hands.But Vishal and Sachin in lust had gone mad.Both of them removed their clothes and shatter on mom.Vishal swept on mom’s pussy and widening of the mom’s feet to reach on pussy And started licking the mummy’s pussy.Sachin blazed on the mummy’s boobs and began to press heavily and started sucking.Only then mummy scream because Sachin bite on her boobs.Mummy did not finish her resistance.Mummy was still just trying to stop them But she could not do anything.Continued for 5 minutes like this.Now mummy was tired and by both of them sucking boobs and licking pussy so due to this reason mummy started moaning and filling it.Vishal was licking mummy’s pussy.Mummys pussy was now wet and Water started coming from it.It was a sign that mummy was getting excited now. Vishal spoke, look jayashree aunty, now you too got ready and Water is coming out from your pussy and you are also filling it.Vishal told Sachin that first I will fuck jayshree aunty afterwards you fuck aunty.Sachin assumed and sat down on the side.Vishal now fits into the middle of mummys pussy and puts his lund in the mummy’s pussy, which was a 6-inch normal lund and give one stroke.Lund easily went into mummy pussy.From mummys mouth, just a light breeze came out.By seeing this Vishal told mom, jayashree aunty does uncle still fucks you.Mummy did not answer, she just lay down.Vishal slowly slowly started giving stroke to mummy pussy and also pressing and sucking mummy boobs.Mummy also get excited and filling it.In a while, mummy kept her legs on Vishal’s waist and tied it.Mummys thick thick thighs caught Vishal.Mummy is now moaning heavily and taking hold of Vishal tightly.Because of every stroke from Vishals dick, mummy big tits moving.So by seeing this Vishal got excited and powerfuly he started stroking mummy pussy fast.And after few minutes he increases his speed.After 10-15 strokes vishal comes in mummys pussy and fall and lay on top of mummy and at the same time mummy also reach to her climax.

Mummy and Vishal both were sweaty and breathe rapidly.Now Vishal moves and Sachin comes.He saw in mummy pussy.He sees Vishal sperms and water coming from mummys pussy.He lifted moms saree and cleans it and insert finger in mummys pussy and doing inside outside.After few minutes doing inside out his finger from pussy, he started licking mummys pussy and mummys pussy become wet again. After working in this manner from Sachin, mummy got again excited and started moaning.Mummy grabbed Sachins head and hold on pussy.Mukesh asked Sachin to hurry because it was too late.Sachin gets up and and comes in middle of mom and position his dick in mom pussy.His dick was above 7 inch and was fat.I got jealous of Sachin.He slowly first enters his dick in mummys pussy and after fully inside, he started banging mummy pussy.Mummy was screaming and moaning loudly by his every strokes.I can hear it cleary from outside window.For more than 15 minuted he banged mummy hard.Mummy was in great pain but still feels excitement on mom face.Sachin increases his speed.Mummy already got climac but sachin not yet. He felt on mom.He and mummy was breathing rapidly.Sachin moved from mummy and from mummys sari he cleans his and mummy sweatness and moved from bed. Mother took up the bedsheet lying on the bed and covered her body and started crying.Sachin and Vishal comes to mummy and began to silence her.Vishal was saying, jayashree aunty we are so sorry, we just want to know about sex, but we loves you very much and today you in this saree looks very beautiful and looking sexy so we cant control ourself.Both of them gave Mom a another dress and told Mom to wear.Mummy with bedsheet wrapped got up from the bed and gone to the bathroom and came with dressed.Till then Vishal and Sachin also wear their dress.Mummy came out and stood up in a corner.When Sachin and Vishal went to mummy, mummy started crying and quote now am now able to show my face to anybody. Why did you both do this only with me.Now how i will show my face to my husband and son. Sachin said jayashree aunty we both are sorry and as vishal said we loves you.We were desperate for sex experience.So by seeing you as sexy and beautiful woman ever, we wanted you.We cant control ourself so we make sex relationship with you.Then Vishal said, Jayashree aunty, do not you worry, we will not tell anyone about what happened here today.And anyway there is nobody at the guest house, nobody will know. When mummy heard this, her cry decreased.Vishal cleans her tears.And asked her to come with them.But mom refused.Vishal said jayashree aunty, we will not leave you alone.We love you very much and will continue to do it.Please jayashree aunty keeps us as your sex partners.By hearing this mummy with love hand round on vishals head.Vishal hugs mummy then sachin also hugs mummy from backwards ... They hugged thightly and saying aunty we love you I called Vishal from my phone and went away from there and said to Vishal that I am coming there.And after 2 minutes I reached guest house. By then the condition of the room had been correct.The bed which was busy due to fuck was right now.And mummy too became normal. And by seeing her it did not look like that just now the two young boys have sex with her.Vishal has done his honeymoon in his brother marriage.Then when we reached the place of marriage, almost all the work was finished.And the things which vishal mom asked us given to her.Aunty asked Vishal where were he so long so Vishal said he was here only just busy in some work.And smiled at seeing the mummy.Mummy stole his sight with shame and gave a slight smile

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