The Victors Return

by Tony Tiger

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Polygamy/Polyamory, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Historical Sex Story: Horny WWII flyboys come back to their women. And how!

Sandra was surprised as her husband burst in the door. She had no clue that he’d be there except that the war was over. Having their own airplanes helped the Army Air Corps men get home faster than the others.

Once the planes were parked the crews got leave. Most hitched rides on other Corps planes or pulled priority on trains and buses. The war had been brutal for the Eighth Air Force, losing more men over Europe than the Marines lost in both theatres.

None of that mattered now. Kissing furiously, Sandra was so glad to feel Tom’s hand cupping her breast. God, how she had missed even that, let alone what was sure to follow. There was a shadow in the doorway which cause Tom to break their clutching and introduce Wayne, his main wingman over Europe. Sandra shook his hand politely, a bit irritated that they could not be alone.

Wayne said he was glad Tom had invited him along because he had nowhere else to go and celebrate. He’d look around the neighborhood and town for a while. Sandra thanked him.

Clothes came off fast and they got reacquainted with bodies they hadn’t touched for three years. They managed two furious rounds before they heard the front door open.

Sandra sent the vets to the store for supplies as she started a dinner for three. Her crotch tingled nicely and she sang as she worked. Tom hadn’t seemed to notice anything different about her as they rutted. She’d worried a little that he could tell his was now not the only penis that had been inside her. That had been the case when he left but there had been a couple of slips in her fidelity when the hornies had gotten too intense. How about him, off in England? She daren’t ask.

The three of them talked long into the night, working their way through a bottle of bourbon that was nearly impossible to get overseas. When they gave it up to sleep she hugged Wayne tightly, a bit surprised at feeling his erection through the light cotton nightie that was her only garment.

She feigned reluctance as Tom spooned behind her and worked his cock into her still moist pussy. After they quietly climaxed, she got up to go to the bathroom. Tom was already sound asleep.

Passing through the living room to the toilet, she saw Wayne lying on the couch with his eyes open, watching her. After draining her bladder and vagina, she walked over to him and sat in a little space near his belly. His hard shaft poked her bun as she almost sat on it, perhaps what he was hoping for.

Whispering, she said, “You’re not married? [head shake] Or have a girlfriend waiting? [another head shake] You must be lonely? [head nod] Let me see if I can make you feel better.”

She reached around under the sheet and he was wearing only boxers. Getting up, she turned around and knelt by the couch. Tom had always liked this so maybe he would too. Bending over, she took the swollen mushroom pointing at her in her mouth and rubbed the shaft lightly with her fingers. It was very soon when his organ pulsed and she swallowed some rather strongly flavored cream, thinking it must have been a long time since he had release.

Leaving him, she went to the bathroom again and brushed her teeth. She stopped by the couch to give him a relatively chaste kiss. “Sleep well!’ He nodded, smiling.

Her pussy was filled again with Tom’s eager organ in the early morning and she was much less concerned with being quiet. After breakfast Wayne said he was going to the library and the spouses screwed vigorously once more.

As they lay together, temporarily sated, Tom told of the several times Wayne had saved his ass in combat and declared that he’d not be here right now if it weren’t for him.

Deciding that her husband’s savior needed more than a blow job for thanks, she thought of a plan. She kissed her husband and said she had an important question to ask him. It was not for any other reason than to know the truth. She started with, “The girls at work talked about sex a lot more than you men realize. And especially since were getting so little. There were stories that English girls would get horizontal for nylons and chocolate and other such luxuries that you flyboys would smuggle over there. Did you ever do anything like that?”

Tom looked sheepish and said softly, “A few times.” Then more boldly, “And how about you?”

Also looking a bit embarrassed, Sandra admitted she hadn’t been perfectly celibate either, but nearly so. No details from either one. With that temporarily settled, her plan went into action.

“I also want you to know that last night, after you fell asleep I felt sorry for Wayne and gave him some oral pleasure. I know he appreciated it and I was happy to do it.” She felt Tom’s erection returning against her leg. “Since we owe him so much I was thinking about giving him the best gift a girl can bestow.”

Tom was fully hard now, “You mean sleep with him? You’d do that?”

Sandra laughed, “I hope we wouldn’t sleep! Yes, I mean to fuck him!”

She got a pussy full of cock again as her response and when they calmed down Tom said, “I’ll go to the pub after dinner for a couple of hours. Will that be enough?”

Squeezing his cock with her pussy, Sandra chuckled, “I’d hope so or I’d be too worn out to take care of you too.”

Concerned, Tom asked, “Will it be OK? I mean to take his seed in there?” Sandra reassured him that her monthly was only a couple of days away.

As she was preparing dinner the men were out on the porch having a beer. They didn’t realize that the kitchen window was open and she could hear every word. Wayne said he’d called his mom to tell her he was back in the Stares. She had a message for him. He elaborated, “Do you remember that little brunette WAC from my home town that we took turns with the night in Bayfield?”

Tom chuckled, “How could I forget. She was cute and hot.”

Wayne continued, “She’s back home and found my mom and wants to get together with me when I go home.”

Tom replied, “Tell her hello from me ‘cause I know you will want to see her again.”

After dinner Tom made his departure, not letting Wayne go with him because Sandra “needed company” and he was going to catch up with folks Wayne didn’t know.

Only ten minutes after Tom left and Wayne was reading the newspaper on the couch, Sandra appeared in the sheer nightie from their wedding night. It took an “ahem” to get Wayne’s attention but he dropped the paper when he looked up.

Sandra sashayed over to him the sexiest way she could imagine. “Last night was just an appetizer. Here is the best gift Tom and I can give you. Follow me.” She took his hand and led him to the bedroom swinging her hips the way Tom liked.

Wayne was sputtering, “But ... but ... are you sure this is alright?” A hot kiss and hands pulled to her tits silenced those protests. She disrobed the nearly paralyzed man and gave his erection a quick sucking kiss. It was certainly responding appropriately. Kissing him again when he was naked, she explained, “This is why Tom left tonight as we planned. He and I have come to terms with lots of things. Just enjoy me as much as that girl in Bayfield. Yes, I overheard you earlier and I’m going to try and make some memories at least as good. So what are you waiting for, my tits need some attention. They haven’t been fondled for HOURS!”

She poured all her feelings of thankfulness and caring and lust into the next hour. Wayne’s cockhead only saw daylight when they changed positions. He wasn’t permitted to pull out while he recovered. His lover laughed, cried, moaned, and even bit him in her passion.

Tom returned to find them still in bed, his wife’s limbs wrapped around his best friend whose ass was thrusting gently. Seeing him, Sandra exclaimed, “Oh, goody! The next shift has arrived!” He retreated and got a beer on his way to the front porch. A little later, Sandra, wrapped in a thin robe, found him and sat close by.

Without looking at her, Tom said softly, “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

How wife put her arm around him and replied, matter-of-factly, “You didn’t. It was our third time.”

Tom asked, “Did you enjoy it?”

Sandra pulled his head to face her and looked into his eyes. In an indignant tone of voice, she asked, “Didn’t you want me to? With your best friend? My body was made to enjoy almost any man so of course I did! A lot too! Feeling his hardness moving inside and his hot seed gushing out was almost as good as when you do it. Sharing his joy was an equally good part. I hope you like me all juicy with his stuff because I think it’s going to be that way a lot until he leaves. It feels good and right to have his sperm swimming alongside yours. Now I would enjoy you putting some more of yours there.”

Wayne was next to them on the double bed as she welcomed her very aroused husband into her penis-hungry maw. As they thrust their hips she took Wayne’s hand and put it on the nearest breast which he began kneading and stroking. Then she pulled his head to hers and gave him a long tongue kiss right in front of Tom who was struggling to hold back his ejaculation. That did it. He roared as his buns and thighs clenched, delivering his seed once again into his wife.

Sandra already had several orgasms and wasn’t sure if any more were possible. It didn’t matter. The pleasures of all the stimulations was enough to keep her very receptive.

Wayne was ready to mount her again so she rolled on her stomach and put a pillow under her belly. It was kind of like an anonymous copulation. She sucked and licked all the juices off Tom’s wilted tool as she was reamed from behind.

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