The Train - a Summer Camp Story

by Mick2016

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Orgy, Swinging, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Tit-Fucking, Big Breasts, Public Sex, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This addendum to "Summer Camp" is fan fiction and not canon. Some of the words are taken directly from Nick Scipios Summer Camp Book Four, Chapter Nine. Since the Summer Camp series is Paul's story, many side stories never get told and always left open questions for me. This story is one I needed to hear told. Since it seemed to me to be the point at which Paul and Kendall's story ended I wanted to figure out what she had done to put the last straw on the camel.

“Summer Camp and the Summer Camp characters are Copyright © 2017 by Nick Scipio. All rights reserved. Used with permission.”

Paul and Kendall had arrived to the wedding rehearsal at the last minute and were rushed into place before getting to meet everyone. Paul was scanning the rest of the people at the rehearsal wondering about the weekend. That could be taken care of after the rehearsal was completed.

On cue, Susan stood gracefully, as the de facto mother of the bride, the congregation would rise when she stood in her place, so the organist began the wedding march, and Stacy emerged on Gunny’s arm. Gunny’s lady friend, Lenore, was standing off to the side looking proud of her Marine.

Stacy was as pretty as ever. Her fiancé, Jason, was tall and soft-looking, not quite pudgy, but close. When the rehearsal was over, Stacy finally had a chance to greet Paul and Kendall and make proper introductions. One of the bridesmaids was Sydney, a small breasted, petite brunette with big brown eyes and a wry smile. The best man was a tall, regular-looking guy named Woody, Sydney’s fiancé.

“Sydney’s my best friend,” Stacy said “and Woody’s an accountant, so he and Jason have a lot in common.”

“This is Steve, one of the groomsmen,” Stacy said, “and his girlfriend, Charlene.” Paul faked a smile and shook the couples hands.

Paul thought that Steve seemed a little disrespectful of the occasion since Steve had been cracking gay jokes about the wedding coordinator during the rehearsal. His girlfriend, Charlene, had short blonde hair and a lush figure, with full Kendall-like breasts and curvy hips, all squeezed into a tight blouse and painted-on Jordache jeans.

“Dave is one of the ushers. He and Jason are both car nuts,” Stacy said. “Dave and Steve were fraternity brothers at SC and race at Concord every weekend.” Dave was a handsome guy with a smile like Elvis.

“And this is Dave’s girlfriend, Maddy, she’s part Catawba Indian. Isn’t she beautiful?” Stacy said, introducing a dark-haired girl with striking, almost exotic features.

Everyone left the church and went to the rehearsal dinner and after a couple of beers, The Frat Boys, (as Paul referred to Steve and Dave with disdain), started telling stories from their frat days at South Carolina. Paul thought Kendall would snub them immediately, but she laughed as much as Charlene and Maddy.

The Frat Boys quickly got on Paul’s nerves, so he started a conversation with Sydney and Woody. Their expressions towards each other, held an easy loving, familiarity. Paul wondered if he and Kendall still shared the same look. Hell, he thought with a mental snort, we’re not even talking to each other at the moment.

When dinner wound down, Jason’s family and the others who lived in town went home. Susan, Gunny, and his girlfriend Lenore headed back to their homes at camp.

Stacy finally grinned to the remaining couples, “Are we ready?”

“Whoo-hoo, yeah” Steve whooped, louder than anyone else, and everyone started packing into their cars.

Back at camp, Steve and Woody unloaded two coolers of beer from Steve’s trunk, as well as a boom box from Dave’s. Once they set up in the clubhouse, everyone thought things would get going pretty quickly, instead everyone stood around drinking and talking about the next day’s wedding for nearly thirty minutes. © Finally, Dave fired up the boom box he had brought and everyone began grooving to the tunes.

Charlene was the first to act. She drained her beer and began dancing to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Gimme Three Steps.” She backed away from the group, her hips swaying to the beat as she began making big a show of unbuttoning her blouse. The Frat Boys were whooping and sharing high fives and cheering on Charlene as she pulled open her blouse with the flair of a stripper.

Charlene was wearing a white lace bra, which barely held in the breasts which were only slightly smaller than Kendall’s. They were impressive enough to cause Paul to focus on them instead of the Frat Boys for awhile. She shucked her skintight jeans and kicked them aside. Her firm round ass was nicely framed by her matching white, lace thong.

Charlene continued to sway to the music and the Frat Boys hooted even louder. Without warning, Kendall chugged her beer and handed Paul the empty can. She leapt in front of the Frat Boys and towards Charlene, seemingly forgetting her visceral hate of Greeks. The Frat Boys went wild, and even Jason and Woody cheered as Kendall got down to her matching black bra and panties.

Sydney had removed her clothes and moved close to Paul, brushing her breasts against his arm and hinting at her intentions for him. Maddy watched Dave revert to a drunk frat boy and just shook her head. Jason and Stacy held each other as the party in honor of tomorrows wedding began to wind up.

Kendall danced around to the music, her wonderful breasts jiggling deliciously sitting atop the black bras demi-cups. Charlene leaned over and motor boated Kendall’s tits. Kendall returned the favor and the two slightly tipsy women giggled like little girls. Kendall reached around Charlene and unfastened her bra, allowing Paul his first view of Charlene’s impressive breasts. They were slightly tanned with areoles that were the same color as the rest of her breast. Her large, jiggling, mounds were tipped by nipples that were only slightly erect.

Charlene turned around behind the taller girl and slowly removed Kendall’s bra and gave the Frat Boys their first view of Kendall’s larger tits and slightly erect nipples. Kendall lifted her arms over her head and continued dancing to the music. Her breasts were firmer than Charlene’s but still managed to bounce and sway hypnotically to the music.

The sight of the four large, recently freed, tits flying around the dance floor brought Jason and Woody to their feet as they joined the Frat Boys in loud cheers. A new tune came on the boom box and they all began drunkenly singing Steve Miller Band’s “Jungle Love” as Charlene and Kendall began rubbing their breasts together to the music and with Charlene playing with Kendall’s waist chain. The Frat Boys and Woody and Jason cheered them on, of course, and began to remove their own clothes.

Paul had a sudden feeling that he was in the crowd that was cheering and applauding after Wes had fucked Kendall on Big Mistake Night. His dislike for the Frat Boys grew and he was about to step in to block the Frat Boys and dance with Kendall when Sydney leaned close to talk over the music and cheers.

“Aren’t you having fun?”

Paul shrugged. “Yeah, I guess.”

Sydney’s eyes flashed and she pulled Paul onto the improvised dance floor to dance next to a smiling, and slightly buzzed, Kendall and her equally bouncy partner. Her breasts were much smaller than Kendall and Charlene, but they were firm and round and bounced with equal enthusiasm. Her pubic triangle was neatly and closely trimmed.

Sydney grabbed Paul’s attention with a laugh and a slight press on his groin. “I thought you’ve done this before.” “I have,” Paul said tersely.

The Frat Boys continued to leer at the two buxom women as Paul fell deeper into his imagined Big Mistake Night vision funk. Paul’s concern over the Frat Boys actions in front of Kendall and the scene unfolding in front of him were shifted by Sydney’s efforts to grab a handful of his hardening cock through his pants.

Paul felt nervous as Sydney continued to grope him as Woody watched, but with a nod towards Paul he ok’d her moves as she danced into Paul’s arms rubbing and pressing her slender body against him.

“Woody and I have a very open relationship. Woody is satisfied with having sex a couple of times a week. He understands that I need it a couple of times a day! So he has no problem with me fulfilling my needs on my own or at our parties.” Sydney pirouetted to the music and pressed her ass against Paul’s increasingly hardening penis.

Paul placed his hands on Sydney’s nude hips and ground his now firm dick against her ass, matching her musical rhythms with his own. Sydney responded by pulling Paul’s hands around her to fondle her firm but hand sized breasts as the music continued to pulse.

Suddenly there was a tap on Sydney’s shoulder. It was Stacy.

“Hey Syd, I need Paul more than you right now.”

Sydney fondled his crotch again, flashed him an amused grin and headed for Jason, who was near the couch where Woody had sat again to massage Maddy’s shoulders instead of dancing. Maddy’s eyes were closed in pleasure as she swayed against Woody’s now naked body.

Stacy and Paul danced for a few minutes, but he stopped when the Frat Boys whooped as Kendall and Charlene stripped off their panties and Kendall proudly revealed her shaved pussy.

“What’s the matter?” Stacy said, but then she followed my glance.

Big Mistake Night kept echoing through Paul’s mind as he heard The Frat Boys loud noise.

“Oh, don’t worry about them. When they have a few beers in them they can revert to their fraternity days, but they’re good guys. Besides, Kendall’s a grown woman and she can handle herself.”

I had my doubts, especially with the Frat Boys to encourage her. Kendall looked at me and flashed THAT look. She was having a good time and had that look on her face that I had seen before; the same face that she had when we got together with Felicia. I was suddenly grateful that we were safe in camp.

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