After Church

by Jack Spratt

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Fiction, Niece, .

Desc: Erotica Story: Story intro: Jayden has a plan to entice her Uncle Don be her first sex partner. It is a success. Jayden's best friend Aliyah shows interest in Don as well could she be next?

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For this late in October the weather is very co-operative. The temperatures have been above seasonal. The leaves are slowly changing displaying a panorama of colors. Abbotsville is a typical northeastern city. It’s Sunday morning and many of the faithful are returning from church. I’m no different. All morning long I’ve been fidgeting. My thoughts are of my fingers playing with my swollen clitoris last night, not on the sermon. My uncle Don is the pinnacle of my desires. He is my mom’s older brother, tall, grey hair, deep blue eyes and a great body. Uncle Don is the oldest child in his family, mom is thirty-seven. Don is fifty-one. He prides himself in keeping in his body in good shape by walking and mild exercise. He lives alone on a big house two blocks from my parents’ home. He lost his wife three years ago to cancer. Since then he has not dated. He has never smoked and I’ve only seen him drink once. That was at my cousins wedding two weeks ago. He had a glass of wine, which he nursed for three hours. He sat beside me as my escort.

My name is Jayden. I’m fourteen. My long flowing blond hair is my biggest attraction. Uncle Don said I look like a movie star with the way it was styled for the wedding. He stayed by my side during the wedding and the reception. For someone so handsome I always wondered why he didn’t have a girlfriend. I even asked him. His pat answer is he was waiting for me to grow up.

At the wedding we danced every dance. Don’s an accomplished dancer and he taught me many steps. I love the feeling of being held close against him. He always smells so good. Every time we danced I pushed my small breasts against him hoping he would realize how I’m developing. If he noticed he didn’t let on. The day was wonderful, not because of the wedding but because I was the center of my uncle Don’s attention. He made sure I enjoyed the day. He even drove me home after the wedding. My parents helped to pack the gifts for the newlyweds. At the door Uncle Don shook my hand. I told him I thought at the least I deserved a kiss. When our lips touched I stuck my tongue in his mouth, he tongued my tongue. When we broke he had a startled look on his face. I hope he was looking at me as a woman. I’ve relived that kiss many times since then. But I want more.

My body has finally started to develop; I now have hips and a shapely bum. Many of the boys at school commented on my surprise growth spurt of my breasts. It seemed that one day I was a flat as a pancake and the next I had perky cones topped with extra-long nipples. Mom complains because my continuous breast improvements required new bras three times in the last six months. I’m proud of my growth. All my girlfriends are envious. Considering I’d been the brunt of many flat chest jokes for years, I relish their discomfort. At fourteen I’m a 34C. Even some of the older girl’s breasts are a lot smaller than mine. Many of the older boys, many in the senior grades, have noticed. I always make a big fuss how disgusted I am about their attention but secretly I love it.

But the only one I want to notice my changing body is my Uncle Don. All dreams are full of sexual adventures starring Don as my lover. I’m an avid fan of romance novels. The hero is always Don and I’m his damsel in distress. We make love every night in my dreams. I want to experience all those wonderful adventures in real life. I’m still a virgin. That is a situation I want my Uncle Don to remedy. With all my reading I know it hurts a bit the first time but more we do it the better it gets, and my plan is to do it often.

These are the thoughts going through my mind during the sermon. When the service ends, my parents and others are going to a Sunday Brunch. I beg off. I want to visit Uncle Don. Mom can call me when they are at home.

I’ve purposely wore a dress that hugs my body accenting my breasts. Dad bought me a lacypush up bra and matching thong panties that mom doesn’t know about. Hopefully Uncle Don will notice me as sexual being. My shoulder length blond hair shines in the sunlight. My make-up is flawless. Perfume is dabbed on all my intimate places, my neck, under my breasts and my inner thigh’s. It’s a haunting scent that Uncle Don remarked on at the wedding. I purposely wore a garter belt and my sheer white stockings. My three-inch heels accent my long shapely legs. If this doesn’t make an impression on Uncle Don nothing will.

Leaving the church area, many people are walking home because of the beautiful weather. One of my school friends, Aliyah caught up with me.

“Where are you headed Jayden?”

“Mom and dad are going to a Sunday Brunch. I’m going to visit my Uncle.”

“Was that your Uncle at the Wedding?”

“Yes. That is the one.”

“He’s a cool hunk of man. Has done anything to you?”

“Of course not, he’s my Uncle.”

“Well. I wish he was my Uncle. He could do anything he wanted to me.”

Aliyah is a beautiful American Chinese girl. She usually is the center of attraction where ever she goes. Her small, perfectly proportioned body is matched by her beautiful looks. We’ve been friends for five years.

“Aliyah you shouldn’t say that when you don’t mean it.”

“Oh. I mean every word of it. He could have my cherry today. Maybe I can come with you.”

“Forget it. I don’t need the competition.”

“Competition for what? I don’t think you’re telling me everything Jayden.”

We continue this banter until we reach the driveway to my Uncles home.

“Here’s where we go our separate ways Aliyah. I’ll call you tonight.”

“Well. I hope you have a good time. You really look good in that dress. Is that new makeup?”

“Good bye Aliyah. Talk to you tonight.”

Aliyah continues down the street. The sarcastic smile on her face denotes she doesn’t believe me about the relationship with my Uncle Don. I really wish her thoughts were the truth. Maybe it will happen today. I can dream. My body is tingling as I push doorbell. The door opens.

“Come in Jayden. What do I owe this pleasure? Come to the kitchen. Would you like a cup of coffee? It’s fresh.”

Following Uncle Don to the kitchen he’s wearing a pair of shorts and loafers. His hair is still damp from a recent shower.

“Mom and dad are gone to a Sunday Brunch. I’d sooner visit you. Yes I would like a cup of coffee, cream only.”

Don’s kitchen overlooks the back yard. A small alcove jutted out from the house where two comfortable chairs face each other. Don places my coffee on the small table and sits across from me. He’s studying me.

“Jayden, you look very intriguing today. If you weren’t my niece I’d be chasing you.”

It’s now or never. I decide to test his resolve. I spread my legs slightly hoping he can see my pussy juice drenched thong.

“Don’t let the fact that I am your niece stop you. You know how much I love you. I think it would be great being chased by such a handsome man.”

“Don’t wish for something you are not willing to fulfill. Wishes have been known to come true.”

That tells me he is interested. Finally I have something concrete. If he only knew how much I want him. I spread my legs a little wider. My dress moves up my thighs. I follow Uncle Don’s eyes. He is looking at my thong. I can feel it against my puffy pussy lips. He can see how wet I am. I look at his crotch there is a noticeable protrusion. That makes me happy.

His manly cologne makes my head start spinning. How I want to be in his arms. How long will this cat and mouse games continue? How can I get him to make a move on me? We look into each other’s eyes.

“Are you sure you know what you are doing Jayden? What you are implying is wrong. You do know that?”

“I know what I am doing.”

I spread my legs as wide as I can. There is no pretence now. My dress rides up on my thighs. My pussy juice is flowing. My sexual essence is apparent to me and hopefully to Uncle Don. He nervously squirms in his chair. His hardon is really apparent now. Will he make a move? I plead silently. I want to feel his large hands all over me. Just like in the novels I read my protector and my lover.

Uncle Don drops to his knees moving towards me.

“Jayden. Once something like this starts it is hard to stop. Are you sure you want this?”

“Oh Yes Uncle Don. I have been fantasying about this for years. Now I am a woman at least my body is. I have wanted you to be my lover since I learned about the birds and the bees. Please Uncle Don.”

He hugs me tight. His hands are on my hair stroking. He has always admired my blond mane. He lowers his face and kisses me, a real kiss not an uncle niece type of kiss. I feel his hands on my legs moving up towards my pussy.

“When are you supposed to be home?”

“Mom will call when they are done their brunch.”

“Good. Let’s go to the bedroom. This is too open. I don’t think the yard critters want to see me ravish my niece.”

“Oh Uncle Don. Ravish me.”

Don takes my hand and we climb the stairs to his bedroom. I have been in his bedroom many times as his niece, today hopefully today I leave as his lover! He has babysat me many times. The last time was a couple months ago. Even then I wished instead of tucking in, he would come to bed with me. It is my dream; today I am to be his lover. Is my favorite dream is coming true.

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