Mistaken: the Play

by Dread Mervin Roberts

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Fiction, School, Cheating, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, First, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Public Sex, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Two boys, two girls, and a clever way to have sex *during* the school play - but did they think about what can happen when you can't see your partner? Happy mix-ups ensue when the play's the thing.

Tony and I both enjoyed the production of plays but had no ability to act. Our drama teacher, Mrs. Kirtchwin, drafted us both right away to handle the mechanics of backstage. Props, any set changes between scenes, that sort of thing. Last year, when we did Peter Pan, that meant a lot of work changing sets. She didn’t trust a couple of sophomores with Misty’s life, so she had the gym teacher, Mr. Farley, do the rope work.

This year, we were doing some noir murder piece, which mostly was either in the street, an apartment, or an office. With the backdrops already painted by some of the art kids, mostly the set changes we easy in comparison - desk, table, streetlamp. With one exception: the bus scene.

Mrs. Kirtchwin got the shop class to make this lightweight rig that looked like a bus but had curtains of black underneath. This rig, Tony and I, would carry onto the stage and two of the main female suspects would get “hit”. We’d stop over them, and they would play dead while the police team did this lengthy scene where they interrogate the driver, also a suspect.

The lovely ladies we would be running over for a week, plus the rehearsals were our girlfriends. Tony had been dating Karen for over a year now, and I had finally worked up the courage to talk to Nora a couple months ago during some party out in the woods.

Sometimes Tony would give me grief that Nora and I haven’t done anything more than make out yet. I keep arguing that we can’t do anything at our houses and, with no car in my near future, I didn’t know how we’d ever manage. I didn’t believe him when he tried to sell me on some crazy stories about him and Karen having sex at school, hidden in closets, or other places equally implausible. The bus scene changed that.

The first day we got the rig, Mrs. Kirtchwin had us practice “running over” the girls for an hour, which was hell on my upper arms. Tony took the front of the rig, steering us, while I had the heavier back section. We had to be careful not to step on their legs, and it did take some practice to stop on our marks. This gave Nora and Karen a chance to practice their death scene, wearing long skirts like they would in the play.

The next day, during Thursday rehearsal after school, we were all set to work through the rest of the scene. This involves a very lengthy interrogation by the ‘detectives’ of the bus driver, who was one of the main suspects. It was full of big emotions and reveals, so it was key to have it perfect. Tony kept tickling Karen’s legs, who was supposed to be still and silent, not squirming and giggling. Mrs. Kirtchwin scolded her and Karen gave Tony quite a bit of grief after.

Friday, we worked mostly on other scenes, but those went smoothly enough that we went back to the bus scene. Inside the bus, we got our part right, and the girls were all set as well, so the four of us mostly were sitting about while the detectives and suspect worked over their delivery for next week’s opening night on Wednesday.

Tony gestured at one point to get my attention and quietly mimed tickling Karen again. Not wanting her in a bad mood for the Friday post-rehearsal date, I shook my head vigorously “no, do NOT”. He grinned a big grin and instead pulled her skirt slowly up. I could make out her pale hands in the gloomy interior, flapping at him, but clearly trying not to move her arms. I was surprised when Tony kept going, pulling the skirt up to her waist and Karen’s bare ass was revealed, showing she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

He slid his hand between her legs, along her inner thigh. Astonishingly, she opened her legs wider! Tony began stroking her pussy and gave me a big thumbs up. I just shook my head slowly in bewilderment. He mouthed “watch this” and began quietly undoing his pants. There was no way.

He quietly slid his pants down, a huge grin on his face, and knelt between her legs, carefully bracing himself against the frame inside the bus wall. He reached down and slowly sunk, sliding inside the pinned girl. I was torn between not wanting to watch and being unable to turn away. My cock got incredibly hard in my pants as I watched him slowly taking his girlfriend right on stage, in the middle of rehearsal. I tried not to stroke myself while I thought about what she must look like from the seats, how she was fighting to keep still. Tony pushed deep then, and clearly was coming inside her then.

I couldn’t believe he did that. As he quietly put his pants back on, I tried not to imagine being him for that moment and failed. I looked down at Nora’s legs and wished I knew how she would react if I tried anything like that.

My wonderings were interrupted as the rehearsal came to an end. Mrs. Kirtchwin gathered us around as she congratulated everyone on their hard work, and told us to rest up over the long weekend. I half-heard her outline the run of next week, but mostly I was watching Karen on the other side of the circle. Karen didn’t show any sign that anything was amiss or even shoot Tony looks. She seemed happy if anything.

A sharp clap brought me back to the present. Mrs. Kirtchwin was shooing us all out. Our little group of four broke off, piling into Tony’s brother’s car to get dropped off at a milkshake café near our houses. The slender girls squeezed into the bench seat up front together, chattering about hair plans for the short ride.

When we squeezed into the usual corner booth, Karen was draping over Tony like she was melting. I couldn’t help but ask, “aren’t you mad at him like yesterday?”

“No way. The tickling was annoying. Today made up for it,” she replied smugly, then planted a kiss on Tony’s cheek.

“What are you talking about?” Nora wondered the only one who didn’t know.

Karen giggled and leaned over the table whispering to her friend. Nora’s eyes got huge and looked at Tony, then glanced at me, blushing. She changed the subject to weekend plans quickly, and our friends let her relax and went with it. Tony was going out of town, so I was mostly going to be trapped doing housework and yard work. Nora and Karen were due to spend a night together, practicing their hair styling for the play. The rest of the evening flowed easily, as though things hadn’t happened.

The weekend was almost as uneventful as expected. I helped with chores all day Saturday. Sunday, however, while I was out raking leaves, Karen stopped by. She didn’t usually spend much time with just me, despite living two houses over, so this was odd.

“Hey,” I greeted her, puzzled.

“Hey. I wanted to talk to you because Nora is too shy to.”


“She really likes you and wants to go further with you.” I just stared at her, dumbfounded. “Like, all the way. She got on birth control a couple months ago to get ready.”

“Yeah but how? I won’t have a car for ages.”

Karen laughed. “That’s the part she’s too shy to talk to you about. She got hot, like way hot, by what Tony and I did on Friday.” I could feel my cock jump thinking about that. “But she’s not sure she can hold still for it or is brave enough to go through with it. So, on Tuesday, if she’s not wearing panties, she wants you to finger her during the scene. I’ll hold her hand to help her stay still. Think you can do that?”

I nodded slowly. Karen glanced down and laughed. “I can tell by both your heads you’re into it. Have fun!” And with that, she scampered off. I retreated to the bathroom to release a pounding need.

Monday, a holiday, crawled by. I spent most of the day reading up on the net about how women’s bodies worked, and how to get a girl off with only your hands. I had to take frequent breaks to jerk off. Tuesday during the school day, was almost as unbearably slow. What made the day slightly more fun was how red Nora kept turning every time she saw me between classes.

Dress rehearsal involved having everything working as if the audience was watching, so Tony and I were crazy busy preparing all the props and sets for the production, and the school TV studio could practice following the action. I mostly was able to think about that, rather than what could happen later.

Before I really was ready, the play had moved right along and we were heading into the bus scene. When we were in position, Tony didn’t wait a second before shucking his pants and starting to fuck Karen again. I looked down at Nora’s legs and gently rested my hand on her ankle. I could feel her tense, but not move, then relax. I peeled her skirt up slowly and gazed in wonder at her naked ass for the first time. I couldn’t make out between her legs in the darkness, and I was sad I couldn’t see her. I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, and she spread her legs a little wider.

I could feel the heat pouring off of her, and my hand bumped into her lips. She was so wet, I began to be worried for her skirt. Being a props team guy, I kept a few cloths tucked into my belt, in case I had to fix or clean something last minute. I carefully eased one under her hips, which she propped up slightly for me to reach under.

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