Once in a Lifetime

by Jack Spratt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Interracial, Anal Sex, Lactation, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It's an adventure as Paige and four of her friends volunteer to go to Zambia to assist at a coastal hospital for the summer. The different attitude about sex had the girls living like the natives and enjoying every moment.

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2017 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing.

I couldn’t believe we were actually in the air on our way to Zambia. My four girlfriends and I had worked hard to help raise the necessary funds to finance our trip and to pay for medications and other items we would need helping at a rural hospital near the coast. My mom and dad did a similar thing when they were young and thought the experience would do my friends and me a world of good. Mom helped us with everything. We couldn’t believe all the shots we were subjected too to protect us against nearly everything that we would never be exposed to at home.

Home was Abbotsville, a beautiful city in the mid-west with an exciting view of the Everett Mountain chain. Nothing of note ever happened there so when it was suggested we could go to Zambia and actually help some of the people we jumped at the chance. Our church was very helpful with the planning and fund raising. We five girls met often to review everything we needed, as many of the things we took for granted were not available where we were going. The list seemed to grow after each meeting. One of the problems would be packing. There was a weight limit to what we could bring without paying additional. My dad said he would send us additional supplies in two weeks once we found out what we forgot and needed.

I’m Paige Forbes, fifteen, this would be my first big adventure and the first time I had ever been away from home by myself. My friends were the same age and we all attended the same school and church. We had been working hard to raise a minimum of three thousand dollars each to pay for the airfares and for extras we needed for the trip. Our goal was to raise another twenty five hundred dollars for purchases we would need once there. Our parents, the community and our church members were very active in support both monetary and volunteer work. Several bake sales and rummage sales helped. There was an article in the local paper about our goals and surprisingly many people we didn’t know sent donations to the church for our project. After seven weeks we were assured the trip was possible. We girls were ecstatic.

From the first meeting and decision we would try and raise the money till now as we sat in the plane ready to take off took seven months. Thinking back at all the meetings and the lists of items it seemed like yesterday. Mom was a super help for all of us girls as she had made the trip many years ago but had her diary of her trip and came up with all kinds of suggestions. What really surprised me was she had my doctor prescribe birth control pills for me. The other girls mentioned they had them also.

It was the first time for all of us to be on such a large plane. We had one stop and then we landed in Zambia. The trip was long and uneventful. I was sitting with Kristy Dryburge my best friend. We held hands most of the trip. In the night I felt her hand between my legs lowering my zipper. I shifted my body so she could get to her target my moist pussy. Her finger massaged my wet clitoris it took my mind off the long boring trip. I was in love with Kristy. We had been a couple for nearly two years. Halfway through the night we changed seats we cuddled under a blanket and I enjoyed fingering her till dawn. Usually we sixty-nined but I didn’t think the rest of the passengers would have appreciated it. When we finally adjusted our position so we could arrange our clothing, I noticed my finger was wrinkled from being in her pussy so long. Looking her in eye I put it to my nose then licked her juice.

“I hope we’re somewhere tonight where you can taste me. I really miss you between my legs Paige.”

“Not as much as I miss tasting you Kristy.”

Landing in Zambia was a real experience. We had a preconceived idea that it would be similar to the airports in our country. Wrong. There were armed soldiers everywhere and most looked like kids with guns. Looking around we saw a black man carrying a sign with all of our names printed on it. Moving through the throng of people we reached him.

“Hello I am Paige Forbes and this is the rest of our group.”

We were greeted with a large smile and a mouth full of bright white teeth.

“I am Simon. Please follow me. We have to obtain your luggage as soon as possible. There’re many ways it can disappear.”

The last thing we would need was to have any luggage disappear after the time we spent making sure we had everything. After nearly an hour we had located every box, every piece of luggage, made our way through Customs and loaded everything into a large old beat up Ford Van. The heat of the day was revolting, we were wet from perspiration, and Simon looked as fresh as a daisy. All the windows were open, providing no relief at all, just the smells of the new country. We travelled for what felt like days but we learned it was actually two hours travel and nearly fifty miles to the coastal town where we were to spend our summer. We veered off the main road into very dense bush then it opened up to a small settlement. We saw the hospital and a number of out buildings. Many people were moving about but all stop when they heard the van. They waved and a cheer went up. It was our welcoming party.

The administrator welcomed us and told a young native girl to show us our accommodations and then instructed three men to make sure our luggage was put into each of our rooms. Kristy and I managed to get one small cottage. It wasn’t much by our standards but I learned later it was considered very elaborate in Zambia. Kayla Stiller and Jessica Butcher got the one next to us. Lauren Conley shared a cottage with a new arrival from Britain. I had always thought Kayla and Jessica were a couple but they had managed to keep their relationship to themselves. Lauren was the social butterfly of the group; she was already in deep conversation with her new roommate. What I desired now was a bath to rid myself of all the dust and sweat that was coating my body. It turned out we had two choices, one, a homemade shower that might or might not have enough water to complete a shower or we could go to a stream and bathe in fresh but cool water. There was a sort of enclosure of thick bushes in an area to the right of the stream for some privacy. Kristy and I took the stream. The last thing I needed at this time was to run out of water in the makeshift shower.

We took our time bathing, helping each other. It was so hard for me not enjoying her breasts and pussy. It was all I thought of during the trip in the van. We didn’t do anything too obvious, as we had no idea who could be watching. Drying each other, we headed back to unpack. I couldn’t believe the amount of hand soap my mom managed to put in my luggage. My count was thirty-nine bars. Kristy had piled the same amount on her bed.

“I don’t know what Mom was thinking she never mentioned we would need all this soap. Did your mom mention anything?”

“No. I will ask her when I call.”

One of the girls working for the hospital knocked and advised us there would be a meeting for all the new arrivals at five. This apparently was when we were assigned to different parts of the hospital as staff. The meeting room was sort of a classroom with a big chalkboard in the middle of one wall. All our names were listed and mine appeared beside women’s ward, Kristy was below mine and had the same designation. Kayla and Jessica had been assigned to the men’s ward. We were to report to our respective areas tomorrow morning reporting to the nurse in charge to be assigned duties. They advised us dinner was served in twenty minutes in the dining hall.

All five of us had chosen to wear white shorts and sleeveless blouses as uniforms. Each of us had four duplicate sets along with panties and bras. Kristy and I were the same size so in a pinch we could borrow from each other.

The meals were very plain fare, based on fish and poultry. There was plenty of fruit, some we had never seen before. That night we had another wash in the stream and got ready for bed. The problem was we had to leave the windows partially uncovered to let the cool breeze from the ocean. Kristy and I moved the beds so it was difficult to see what we were doing. Fresh from our baths we were soon naked and in each other’s arms. Our first night in Zambia was going to be a satisfying one. As soon as we hit the bed we were in a sixty-nine position. Kristy’s pussy never tasted so good. Her sexual odor had me so horny but her tongue quickly took me to my first climax. Every time I tasted her I appreciated our lasting friendship.

The morning came on fast. We could feel the heat of the day. Breakfast consisted of tea and biscuits with a type of spread I had never seen before. We were at the ward at five minutes to seven and reported to the nurse in charge. She explained that we would be on the day shift for the balance of this week and nights next week. We alternated with two other girls. Our main tasks would be housekeeping and making sure all the women and girls were bathed. We were to assist when needed and found out many did not have our appreciation of hygiene. Modesty was not prevalent; when the patients saw us with a basin they stripped off the sheets and robes and presented themselves naked to us.

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