Around the World in 80 Spanks
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Humiliation, Spanking, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Petting, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The idea for the World Tour of Spanking first entered Becky's fertile mind whilst bent over on stage participating in a local spanking exhibition that incorporated local talent in the presentation. She was focused on giving the audience their greatest thrill of the evening because she allowed the "Master of Ceremonies" to go beyond the spanking routine to show how to properly address a female exhibitionist from behind.

Becky Broadbeam was one of those females that absolutely could not take no for an answer. Once she got an idea into her pretty little head, it was impossible to change her mind, come Hell or high water.

She first got the germ of her new project from the ludicrous tour of fetish-minded perverts that were more turned on by their own exhibitionism than by the pure essence of good old-fashioned spanking. Becky had attended their event at the modestly appointed meeting hall in Bath that featured an assortment of ordinary looking females and a few strange looking men with either moustaches or goatees that most certainly didn’t improve their lack of physical appeal to any degree whatsoever.

The still-youngish schoolteacher was sitting in the first row because she had an intense desire to see the “whites of their eyes” so to speak when they got their noisy corrections. She still was not much interested in the males receiving of corrections because she only had an interest in that when she was the dispenser of harsh punishments. It was far more interesting to watch the nervous housewives with their reading glasses getting all fogged up and their pretty pink tongues falling out of their mouths when the action got hot and heavy. Some of the younger, student-type females were obvious decoys wearing their daughter’s clothing or something borrowed from a much younger person. The fact that they did everything on a raised platform in front of a darkened audience convinced her that it was mainly for the purpose of “exhibitionism” and not the pure ideals of “spanking” obsessions. Still, it was exciting to a certain degree and she felt a twinge down deep inside that prompted her to raise her hand when they asked for “volunteers” from the audience.

Her entrance on the stage was unusual only to the extent that she was the only female volunteer with exceptionally high heels of the six-inch variety. The girl in front of her made a shambles of getting her knickers down and she looked more like some prudish librarian than an oversexed stay at home mom with a need to show her bare ass to the world.

The woman was nicely shaped in the posterior area and the older woman delivering her spanking seemed more than enthusiastic in the delivery. The outline of her washer-woman hands were clearly indented on the woman’s white bottom just like the lines of her too-tight knickers.

Becky wanted to get her indignities over with but she stood on the edge of the spotlights playing senselessly with her center of gravity and hoping that she would not shame herself by losing her determination to take whatever they dished out to her in front of the audience of mostly horny males playing with their peckers in the muted lights. The older woman was resting momentarily with her hand right on the crack of the housewife’s bottom. She thought she saw one of the fingers stray down inside the crack in an expedition not covered in the show’s brochure.

The bespectacled woman stretched across her bare legs looked up at her with a questioning look and Becky was not certain if she was indignant or inviting because the lights were right in her eyes.

Suddenly, it was her turn and she had forgotten to pull her knickers down before she started to fall to her knees for mounting the woman’s legs. A pair of strong arms pulled her back up and the unseen man yanked her knickers down to her ankles without a single word to the delight of the audience that clapped at the sight of her perfect heart-shaped buttocks. She was stretched out across a seated man with a blindfold on his eyes. She had no idea who he was but she was certain he was not one of the exhibitionists she had seen on the stage earlier.

Her cheeks were getting goosebumps from the cool air in the theater and she knew that only the spanking would warm them up enough to drive away the damp.

The man underneath her was wearing gloves but he removed them before he started and she knew he meant business because he ran his fingers all over her bare skin and soft flesh before he began. By the time he smacked her sharply with his first blow, she was wet with anticipation and Becky hoped her shameful desires did not reveal her perverted need to be punished for being a bad girl.

Becky was just catching her breath after a flurry of hard spanks on both cheeks. She was certain her backside was a dark shade of red now after the unknown man had his way with her bottom all the way down to the back of her slender thighs. She spread her legs slightly knowing it would expose her womanhood to those in the audience. At that point she was so much in need of some hard spanks on the insides of her legs that she didn’t care what they could see because she knew they were too far away to see the shame of her dripping wet landing strip primed for incoming landings of any size or shape imaginable.

The spanker knew exactly what she wanted and he gave it to her in spades.

Soon, the insides of her legs were just as red as her bottom and she knew his fingers had strayed more than once right up into her femininity testing the wetness of her response. She was already fully ashamed at what he found and hoped he wouldn’t think she was an outright slut just looking for a good time. That stopped her for a moment because in the final analysis that is exactly what she was. She was a bona fide slut looking to get her backside hot enough to make it all a matter of when and not if when the long anticipated salami started to spread her willing lips with determined strokes. It didn’t matter how old the guy was or how handsome he was. All that mattered was that it was at least six inches long and of a sufficient girth to make her have a nice orgasm right up in front of an entire audience of complete strangers.

She had a stab of guilty conscience and whispered to the spanking master,

“I changed my mind, sir; please stop now and I will get off the stage.”

She was totally disconcerted to hear his laughter and was incensed when he shoved his big, but, fortunately, well- manicured thumb straight up her bum hole and told her,

“Keep your pie-hole down, Dolly, and we will be finished in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. In fact, you might be the lamb, dear.”

Then, she heard the announcer cause the audience to clap when he warned them,

“Watch closely, boys and girls, Little Miss Muffat is about to get her ashes hauled and from my angle it looks like it will be her “back yard” can that gets packed nice and tight by the Maestro, the one and only, El Commandante!”

She ventured a look back over her shoulder and saw the immense tool her tormentor was holding with both hands and her thought was he might need a crane, it looked that heavy and thick. Becky was sweating now, more from fear rather than the heat from the spotlights. Fortunately, he started to navigate her female entryway and she breathed a sigh of relief for his kindness in sparing her tiny opening.

The reaction from the audience was extremely soothing to her shattered nerves because they obviously felt her appealing heart-shaped naked offering was well matched to the spanker’s huge tool. She had never quite felt that stretched before and she stood resolutely taking it all in because she was grateful for his compassion in giving respite to her quivering pucker. Her cheeks were still smarting from the spirited spanking and she winced each time his bulk slammed into her shifting hindquarters. The audience seemed to love it and she was encouraged to continue the performance even though she felt like she was on the verge of falling down flat on her face on the hard wooden slats of the stage floor.

Somehow, she got through it without further embarrassing herself and managed to hobble off the stage holding her vaginal lips together to keep the spanker’s spunk contained. She replaced her flimsy knickers and her sturdier control panty top before smoothing her normal housewife dress back into place hiding her slender model shaped legs and her heart-shaped triangles of desire.

She left the theater with the wisp of a fast-forming thought about a tour of the Continental countries that would incorporate the excitement of an audience participation spanking exhibition with some local customs of “from behind” love-making that were unique to that particular area. She started lining up in her mind the possible endorsers of the tour to help with the financing like personal lubrication brands and condom manufacturers that would love to have their wares displayed prominently on the stage throughout the performance. It seemed like the opportunities were endless with the Scandinavian countries love for risk-taking entertainment and the German and Dutch risqué stage show formats. She fully expected Paris to be the show-stopper on the schedule with their decadent need to display the cutting-edge of promiscuous sexual interactions and Fetish-inspired performances.

Of course, spanking would be the core of their show and the other nuances would be the icing on the cake because the actors and actresses would be unpaid “normal” people having their fifteen minutes of fame with their panties at their ankles and their facial expressions shown in slow motion by a mountain of recording devices in color and black & white.

She might even hired a few professionals to round out the presentation making sure that the audience was not disappointed by too many plump cheeks turning red too quickly due to lack of attention with heavy hand or leather belt. Becky full intended to insert her own performance into each stop on the circuit and hoped that at the end of the tour she would have a nice portfolio of candid shots showing her rear-facing contortions. She had always felt that was the greatest asset of her feminine charms and the thought that it would be on full display in a feature presentation was extremely self-satisfying.

Becky’s husband Max was waiting patiently at home for her late arrival.

He showed her his belt in his hand and she knew it was time to pay for her tardy return.

She slowly climbed the stairs with Max behind her. He constantly reminded her of her naughty attitude about being late for everything and slapped her happy cheeks all the way up the stairs and over to the bed with the cover already pulled down.

Becky paused and bent over like she knew he liked it and felt his strong hands push up her dress in the back all the way to her waistline and expose her undies. She looked in the side mirror and saw just how wanton she looked in that position and she waited for Max to insert his fingers under her panty line and yank down her panties to bare her cheeks for his attentions. She was glad that she had time to make repairs in the ladies room before returning home on the off chance that her husband was ready for a little fun and games. Her caution had paid off big time and now she would get what she deserved for her nasty behavior on the stage with a stranger with a huge cock and the hard lesson she needed to forestall her need for unwanted masturbation in the privacy of her own bathroom. She hoped that Max never found out about her spanking fetish with strangers that had developed into bouts of exhibitionism and slutty behavior.

He started to dish out her standard fare of fifty with the strap and she counted carefully but her mind was on the idea of the world-wide spanking tour and the possibilities of discovering new techniques.

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