Cum Couple
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, True Story, Cuckold, Slut Wife, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wife turns her role of submissive slut into one where she manipulates her husband into recognizing his desire to be a pussy cleaning cuckold.

Over the last several years my husband Ken and I have explored and expanded on a very erotic variation to our sexual life. From Ken’s standpoint he has made a very sexy, sleazy and submissive slut of his wife. Although I don’t deny that I enjoy the role Ken has laid out for me, there is much more to it than that. It started when Ken and I discussed the possibility of adding another person to our lovemaking (preferably another man). This possibility seemed to fuel very deep passions within both Ken and myself. Ken expressed to me that seeing other men not only attracted to me but also using me, made his desires for me even greater. Well, what better esteem booster can a woman have than to have many men crave your body. And so for this reason, and a few others, I agreed.

As we embarked on this adventure Ken helped in my transformation into a slut. He directed me to discard all of my bras and panties as I would never be wearing them again. At first I objected, however I decided if we were really going to explore this variation we were going to have to commit to it and trust each other completely. He then helped me choose the type of clothes I was to wear in the future and directed me on how I was expected to act in my new role. From then on I was no more than a sexual object for the use of any man who desired me. Had I not completely trusted Ken I don’t think I would have been comfortable. However, knowing he would never let any harm come to me I let myself become this sleazy and submissive slut.

Our first few encounters were with a close friend of ours. Ken directed me to seduce him, which I did. After he had used me and fucked me several times I was to let him know of my position in life and that I was available to him at any time. Our friend Ed was a little uncomfortable at first as he didn’t want to jeopardize the friendship he had with Ken. However, once he discovered Ken had participated in the transformation to my new role there was no stopping him as he repeatedly took advantage of my availability. This went on for the better part of a year and although he continues to use me to this day the frequency has slowed down.

Life in my new role was great. I was getting, not only a lot of sex, but a variety of sex as Ed used me in many different ways and places. In addition, sex with my husband Ken kept getting better and better. He would ravage me after my encounters as I would describe to him in detail what I had done.

After about a year Ken wanted to push our game a little further. He knew that there was a work associate of mine that had expressed a desire for me. Ken directed me to reveal to him my role in life and to proceed to service him in any way he desired. This was a very risky position for me as I did not want to do any thing which might jeopardize my career. I ended up doing as Ken suggested and offered myself to Bob. It worked out well and Bob began to use me as much as Ed was. There was hardly a day that went by that I wasn’t either sucking or being fucked at the office by Bob or at some social event by Ed. And of course after each session I would go home and re-live my encounter in detail with Ken as he satisfied me orally. This was especially satisfying on days when both Bob and Ed used me as Ken seemed to pay extra attention to licking and sucking my swollen pussy.

At about the same time, however, I began to realize a change in Ken’s attitude as we made love. Although Ken wished for me to be completely submissive to other men I began to realize I definitely had a certain control over him, especially when my pussy was full of another man’s come. I decided to use this to my advantage.

One afternoon Bob told me he wanted me to attend a party where I would be required to service not only him, but two of his clients with whom he was trying to land a deal. I told my husband about Bob’s request and he decided I should do as Bob wanted. I agreed but decided to use Ken’s extremely aroused state as an opportunity to get him to fulfill one of my biggest fantasies. I told him that if I came home with the cream of three men in my cunt he would have to do much more for me than use his tongue to clean the juices they had deposited. He would have to fulfill my biggest fantasy which was to have my clit suck at the same time a large cock was stuffed in my pussy. At first he balked, but finally agreed as I stroked his cock and told him to imagine how wet his slut would be from servicing three men. It was at this point that I knew I was now in total control.

His love and desire to feast on my freshly fucked pussy would get me just about anything I wanted. From then on all I would have to do is threaten to withhold this treat from him and he would submit to my every desire. When the day came for me to go to Bob’s party my husband helped me prepare for the evening. He bathed me, oiled my skin, trimmed my bush and lapped at my pussy, bringing me to the edge of orgasm before helping me dress. All day long I played with and stroked his cock but never made him cum. As I left I gave him one reminder of his promise to fulfill my fantasy and added that he was not to cum until I returned that evening.

At Bob’s it didn’t take long for the men to remove the little clothing I had on. For about three hours I fucked and sucked for all I was worth. Other than one time when one of Bob’s clients shot off in my mouthI was able to manipulate things so that when the men climaxed the did so either in my cunt or my ass. I wanted to be sure I brought home as much of their love juice as possible. By the end of the night each of them had cum at least three times and my body was sore. As I left and drove home I was actually looking forward to the tender cleaning my husband was about to provide with his tongue very shortly.

When I did get home Ken was laying in bed with his cock standing up like a flag pole. The head was very, very large and purple in color. It was obvious he had been stroking himself yet hadn’t cum. The tip of his cock was wet with precum. I bent over, licked the tip and then sucked the head into my mouth for a short moment. Then I stood up and as I undressed I told him he wouldn’t have to wait much longer to cum. A soon as he was finished thoroughly cleaning me I would allow him his pleasure. Once I was naked I climbed onto the bed, straddled his head and lowered my cunt near his mouth yet not close enough to allow him to lick me. For the time being he had to settle with licking the slimy insides of my thighs. As I began to describe what Bob and his friends had done to me I reached back with my left hand and grabbed his cock. At the same time my right hand reached down and spread my swollen cunt lips. The combined juices from my efforts that night began to slowly fall from my pussy in long thick strings. The sight was incredible as Ken opened his mouth, stuck his tongue out and strained to catch these creamy steams as they fell from my pussy. As the flow slowed down I lowered myself enough to let Ken finally probe my cunt with his tongue. His mouth felt so good on my well used pussy. I rolled off of him onto my back, lifted my legs and told him to complete the job he had started. He was eager to comply. Ken must have spent an hour lapping up the semen from my thighs, pussy and ass. The entire time I switched between telling him what had happened that night and what I expected when he fulfilled my fantasy. Finally, when I felt he had thoroughly cleaned me I told him I was tired and wanted to go to sleep. I told him I was too sore to allow him to fuck me, however I would allow him to rub his cock up and down between the cheeks of my ass. So I rolled onto my stomach, reached back and spread my ass cheeks. Ken rubbed a little oil in the crevice, placed his engorged cock there and within less than a dozen strokes began spewing his load along the crack of my ass. My last words to him were to clean up his mess. I fell asleep that night with Ken’s face and tongue lapping at the crack of my ass.

For the next several weeks Ken and I discussed his obligation to his commitment. He said he wouldn’t back down, but let me know he was uncomfortable with having a cock so close to his mouth. I assured him it would be well worth it considering how stimulated it would make me. Between our constant conversations and my continual teasing of him he finally settled into comfort level. We agreed to ask Ed to help us with this fantasy as he was the only one at the time that had actually participated in three way love making with us. Ed agreed and we set a date. I made sure that for the preceding week I did as much prick teasing as possible with both Ken and Ed, hoping that a highly aroused state for the both of them would make it easier accomplish my goal. I was correct.

When the night finally arrived both men would have done anything to release their sexual energy. We began with some general foreplay as both men undressed me, kissed and caressed me. Knowing Ed had a very high libido, I had no problem when he said he couldn’t wait and climbed on top of me. He put my legs over his shoulder and entered me with one quick stroke. It felt great and I had no problem accepting his huge cock as I was extremely wet with anticipation of what was to happen later. As we had done at other times when Ed joined in our lovemaking, Ken moved up near my head and offer me his cock. I licked the head which was wet with precum before taking all of him into my mouth. No matter what, I knew I was not about to let Ken cum before he completed his commitment. In less than five minutes Ed deposited his first load deep into my waiting cunt. It was perfect because I knew that having Ken clean Ed’s load from my pussy would only heighten his arousal and make it easier for him to fulfill my fantasy. I held my legs up and apart to keep Ed’s cream as deep in me as possible as Ken moved between my legs to begin his task of cleaning my cunt. I made sure to let him know he was going to have to dig deep with his tongue if he intended on doing a good job. His cock must have been aching by this time. In the mean time Ed moved around to my head and laid his semi-hard cock in my mouth for me to revive. At the same time he took my legs and spread them even wider apart making it easier for Ken to get deep into my cunt and allowing him to lap up any juices which may have begun to run down the crack of my ass. As soon as I had sucked Ed to a rock hard state again I told Ken it was time. I rolled onto my side next to Ed and lifted one leg. He worked his cock into me from behind. Once we were fully coupled we jointly rolled onto our backs with me on top of Ed. I spread my legs and reached down to spread my swollen pussy lips so that I could offer my clit to Ken. As Ed slowly stroked in and out of me he also massaged my breasts and rolled my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. I had my eyes closed and was enjoying the sensations when all of a sudden I felt Ken’s tongue on my clit. At first he was just lightly licking it, but as I began to moan with pleasure and grind harder onto Ed’s cock Ken attached his lips to my clit and began sucking. Almost immediately I began to buck wildly and shudder with my first orgasm of the night. Ken did a great job of staying attached to my clit. As my orgasm subsided Ed’s passion began to heat up and he began to really slam his cock into me. I was so full of his cock that the remainder of his previously deposited load was being forced out the sides of my cunt. Knowing Ken was in the highest state of arousal I told him he had failed to clean me thoroughly and need to complete the job now. I was kind of surprised when he didn’t object but went right to work licking the juices from the lips of my cunt as Ed continued to pound his meat into me. I knew Ken’s mouth and tongue had to be in contact with Ed’s dick but it didn’t seem to matter to my husband at this point. This was enough to send me over the edge again. As I let out a scream, Ed shoved his cock all the way into me, holding it there as he began jerking with his own orgasm. All the while I could feel Ken frantically licking and sucking at my cunt.

Ken continued licking the frothy cream which was leaking from all around my cunt as Ed and I laid there recovering from our orgasms. When Ed finally went soft and fell from my cunt Ken immediately placed his mouth over my hole and sucked. I could feel the juices flow from my cunt and I could hear Ken swallowing. I finally rolled off of Ed and brought Ken up to me to hug and kiss him. His face was wet and sticky with the combined mixture of Ed’s and mine lovemaking and I thanked him and told him how much I loved him. I reach down and as soon as I touched his cock he began shooting all over my hand and my leg. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him climax so violently and in such a large quantity. He must have enjoyed this fantasy as much as I did.

Ken and I laid holding each other as Ed cleaned up and got dressed and ready to leave. As he was leaving he told us anytime we wanted to explore fantasies which required another participant he would gladly offer his services as he enjoyed this as much as we did. Ken and I eventually did accept his offer as we continued to expand on this variation of our love making.

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