Shall We Dance

by Jack Spratt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Story intro: Don becomes involved with two young teen dance Students, who are selling chocolate bars to raise money for their Dance Academy. After the meeting he is so uptight, he goes out looking for relief from a 'lady of the night' and meets Brianna and Aliyah.

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It’s a beautiful wintery day. This past week will not be one that will go down as very productive. The number of assignments that have not been completed is a company record; it’s the largest weekly carryover the company has ever had. That means Monday will be a horror. All the incomplete assignments from this past week, as well as any new inquiries that have come in during the weekend, will be facing the crew Monday morning. Fortunately, I have nothing planned for the weekend, so I’ll rest up for the upcoming week of terror.

I’m Don Parsons, a widower, 51, and I live alone; my wife died of cancer over twelve years ago. I work for a tech company that specializes in computer viruses and some programming. My specialty is viruses. I have a reputation of being able to locate and destroy without losing data. I wish it was always the case, but some of the little devils really can make a mess out of our client’s databases.

Keeping on top of the latest idea’s and techniques requires reading many articles and numerous emails every week. Today seems like a perfect day to get caught up on this task. After sorting the piles of mail in the order of importance, the reading starts.

The task is going well when the doorbell disturbs my concentration. My first thought is some religious group is on the prowl, out to save my soul, an impossible task. Not happy with someone ruining my train of thought, I open the door, ready to do battle. To my shock and astonishment, standing before me is a young fourteen or fifteen-year-old girl dressed in a fluffy pink dance costume. To my embarrassment, I feel tingling in my lower extremity of my body. This young teen has been made-up to look very sexually appealing. Her cheeks show evidence of a soft blush, her eyebrows have been professional accented, but what really has me tweaked is the effect of the lip-gloss. Her shining blond hair is pulled back into a tight bun. Her lips look so kissable, even though I realize is young. She has smallish breasts, but her engorged nipples are pushing against the tight fitting dance costume.

“Sir, would you like to buy a chocolate bar to support my dancing academy? All your neighbors have bought some.”

What a sales pitch from someone so young. The youthful girl gives me a plastic covered confirmation, stating that she is a member of the Lorraine School of Dance, and is authorized by the school and the candy company to offer the bars for sale on their behalf. She is smiling, stimulating the feelings I shouldn’t be harboring about this delightful example of eye candy. Taking time, I study the rest of her petite body. Her short skirt ends at just below her hips. Her body fitting stretch tights are pulled tight into her crotch. There is an interesting span between her thighs for such a young girl. My mind envisions her interesting pussy, outlined in the material. Her legs are well developed from her dancing. I’m looking at a perfect example of a young Lolita.

“Certainly I will be happy to support your dance academy. How many bars do you have left?”


“I’ll buy them all. Won’t you come in while I get my wallet? What is your name?”

“Avery. I can’t come in unless my sister comes, too. My parents told me to be careful.”

“By all means ask your sister to come in as well. I will be back shortly.”

My wallet is in my night table beside my bed with my keys and all the items I carry with me during my working day. I’m a creature of habit, thus saving me the headaches of worrying where things are. When I return to the doorway, I’m sure I’m seeing double. Standing beside Avery is her double; mind you, she is older, but in a matching costume. This young lady has also has small breasts and very noticeable nipples pushing against the material. Her long red hair is a ponytail, swaying as she moves. She seems intent on viewing my vast entertainment and computer equipment. Like her sister, her legs are well developed; making me wonder how developed the beauty between them. Then they both hear me approach and look up.

“This is my sister, Jayden. She is a dancer, too.”

“Hello, Jayden. Are you selling chocolate bars as well?”

Like her sister, her makeup is perfect. Her lips are full and inviting. Her green eyes are sparkling with a mischievous glow. As I move closer to both of them, their scent hits me. John Thomas reacts immediately. Jayden appears to have noticed my plight and a knowing smile appears on her face, much to my embarrassment.

“Yes, I’m but we are selling Avery’s first them we will start on my boxes.”

As sick as it sounds I think I would love to start on her box. Her skirt is as short, or maybe shorter, than her sister’s. When I look between her legs I am positive I can see her luv lips protruding. How I would love to enjoy her young body. Avery is beautiful but her sister is a real knockout.

“How many are in a box?”

The way she looks at me leads me to believe she took it the wrong way. Her eyes have a way of making me feel foolish. Jayden licks her lips before she answers me, all the time looking me right in the eyes.

“There are twelve to a box and Avery and I have to sell five boxes.”

“How many do you have left? How much is each bar?”

“We have two boxes left, plus Avery’s seven. They are three dollars each.”

Roughly calculating that is thirty-one bars or ninety-three dollars. Money is not a problem. The bars will end up at work where they will disappear before lunch on Monday.

“Tell you what; I will buy all you have left.”

“You will? Thank you, I never expected anything like this. We’ve been out since nine this morning and the most we have sold at one time is three.”

“No thanks are needed. I’ll take them to work. I am sure my co-workers will make short work of them. Can I offer you girls a drink, something warm?”

“Why thank you Mr.?”

“Parsons, but please call me Don.”

That is Jayden. I keep sneaking looks at her body and she keeps catching me, each time giving me that knowing smile. My kitchen has a large picture window overlooking my back yard. Over the years, I have added a pool that is seldom used. The balance of the yard is well landscaped and has many flowers and shrubs in season, all taken care of by a neighbor, five doors down. He approached me several years ago. He had just retired and loved working with plants. I had the worst looking yard in the complex, and he took it as a challenge to make it beautiful. He will not take payment for his labor of love, so each year at Christmas; I purchase a major gift for them. Last Christmas it was two tickets to Vancouver to see their son and his new family. The girls seem impressed.

“Wow, you have a pool. I wish we had one.”

“It doesn’t get much use. I never seem to have time.”

“It it was ours, we would use it every day.”

“If it was summer, you both could use it any time you would like. Just have your parents call me giving their permission.”

“Do you mean that? We only live two doors down from you.”

Now that is hard to believe. I’ve lived here for years and never noticed these two beauties. I really must be getting old, as well as going blind. During our hot chocolates, I learn Jayden is fifteen and Avery is fourteen. Jayden sits across from me giving me a wonderful view. She keeps her legs spread confirming that her luv lips are thick and puffy. There appears to be a damp spot in the centre, but that could be just in my imagination. I wonder how lovely they will be when she is older. Hell, I wonder what they look like now. She keeps moving her legs slightly giving me cause to keep looking between them. For some reason, I’m sure she is doing it on purpose.

“How long have you girls been dancing?”

“Avery has been for two years, me for six years. I really like it.”

When I look at Jayden she again licks her lips while we are eye to eye. Avery is aware of the interplay. Looking her direction, I notice her legs are now spread as well. Her luv lips aren’t as pronounced as Jayden’s, but they are very noticeable. I’m ashamed at the interest I’m experiencing. For some reason, these young teens have awakened something I’ve never considered before. My love life has been very sparse since my wife’s passing. I’ve noticed young girls in the malls, but have never thought of them in such a sexual manner. These two girls, in their revealing dance costumes, change that. Hell, I can’t keep my eyes from Jayden’s pussy area. Now I wonder how she would taste. Eating my wife was one of my greatest pleasures.

After we finish drinks, the girls get up to leave. Both thank me for the purchasing all their chocolate bars, and tell me they will have their parents call and to confirm they can use my pool in the summer. I provide them with my business card with my home number written on the back. As we reach the door, Jayden turns.

“We are having our Valentine dance recital Saturday. Tickets are only five dollars.”

Once a salesperson always a salesperson, they both leave with another five dollars of mine in their purse. Watching their bottoms swing down the walkway gives my fading hardon a boost. I haven’t felt this horny for a long time. My imagination has Jayden in my bed undressing, giving me a view of her sparsely covered pussy, beckoning me to come and partake of its juices.

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