Really Being the Boss

by uksnowy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Teenagers, Coercion, Fiction, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Wimp Husband, Incest, Niece, InLaws, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Anal Sex, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Sex Story: A white domineering CEO visits his weak brothers family and has sex with the black wife and daughter

(By Charlie the Drifter, edited and abridged in 2005 and abridged again to be within the SOL rules)

I still don’t know why Carl married his wife, the lovely but simple Mabel. We were from a comfortable conservative county town yet he decided to marry the house cleaner. She was good at it and she turned us both on when she bustled round the place in her tight short skirt and low cut blouses, which our Mother hated, but our Dad secretly enjoyed. Carl married the cute black trash Mabel seven years ago, and they had a daughter, Blossom, now fourteen years old. She was the spitting image of Mabel, thick black hair, huge pink rubbery lips that never seem to mask a huge white smile and skin as black as coal, except she was small, slender and graceful, aimed to be a dancer.

God knows how that genes thing worked because we are of pure English stock but seeing Mabel’s family at the wedding, I wasn’t surprised that Blossom turned out black, because every damn one of them was black as the ace of spades.

I hadn’t visited them for close to three months having been abroad on a major construction project. I did pay them annual visits, business and other stuff got in the way too. They had moved to a desirable property part of town since his part of our business empire was so successful and I, who lived two hundred miles away just happened to be travelling through the area and decided to stop to visit them. I was the CEO of the group and in theory, Carl worked for me, in fact I had funded his setup, but after he got it going I didn’t interfere. Being family, I did not think it warranted any call to inform them, we had always just dropped in on each other in the old days. Besides it would be a surprise. When I pulled up to their charming house, it was about nine in the evening. It was getting dark in the late summer. There were a couple of lights on in the house, but when I rang the door bell, there was no answer.

I could see a dim light down the path to the rear of the house past the double garage which would house their two cars, Carl being the type that garaged his expensive motors every night, unlike most of the other folk who lived round here, so I decided to check the back door, which is what we usually did at each of the family residences. Walking round noting the six foot high board fence I guessed it would be as private as all of the family homes. This one had quite a few specimen shrubs and trees, following Carl’s business as the owner of a chain of garden centres. Like most of the other houses in this quite decent area there was a swimming pool in the back garden and I could see the surrounding lights were still on, but I could not hear the noises of swimmers. I knew the layout from when he bought the place from a bankrupt contractor for a good price. He had proudly sent pictures of it round the family. The closest neighbours were about fifty leafy yards away, such was the spacious aspect of the quality houses befitting residents with a bit of cash. I reached the side gate, carelessly left unlocked and opened it and went in. My trainer-clad footsteps were muffled on the paved walkway.

As I reached the corner of the building I could see figures on the vast lawn, fairly near the conservatory door. That was not unusual, it was a hot evening, but instead of sitting around eating and drinking, Carl and Mabel were on blankets spread out on the lawn. I stopped dead in my tracks at the scene. They hadn’t heard me and had continued with what they had been doing. I stood there without moving, or making sound, transfixed on their activities. My brother was laying on the blanket stark naked. Mabel was kneeling beside him also naked and her glossy sumptuous nigger rump was towards me. On the other side of him, was their little daughter, fourteen year old Blossom and fucking hell!! She was naked too. What really shocked me was that Mabel was holding his cock and Blossom was also holding it looking quizzically at her smiling and nodding Daddy. “Just do what I do darling,” murmured Mabel in low and husky tones.

With that she dipped her head and started licking his cock head. That was fucking hot to watch. Blossom stared intently as her Mum expertly gobbled his knob, occasionally dipping her head lower and taking most of his cock in. Now and then she spoke. “Just do what I do and suck daddy’s thingie like it’s a lollipop.”

Shocked to immobility, I watched as Blossom slipped her open mouth down on Carl’s cock head taking it into her sloppy lipped mouth. I could see without hearing, that Mabel was telling her how to slide her Daddy’s cock in and out of her mouth. Blossom dutifully did as her mother told her. It wouldn’t be difficult for a fourteen year old. Carl and I were not blessed with big dicks, but we knew how to use them. Then I noticed my brother’s arm was moving behind his child and with a giggle she lurched, not letting go of his hard cock and I guessed he might be rubbing Blossom’s cunt. I sucked air as I found myself tensing my groin and inducing a hardening cock as I suddenly thought of how nice that would be to have the pleasure of feeling a little girl’s twat. But where had that thought come from?

Playing with a minor had never entered my head before, although I did lust after the tenth year school girls, in my own area in their short skirts, long legs and budding breasts beneath pristine white shirts. Child sex wasn’t on my agenda, but was it far away from teen sex with fifteen year olds that I lusted after but never had achieved?

The gentle scene being played out in front of my still prying eyes conjured up all sorts of scenarios and I wondered if this was a first for them, sort of initiating the kid or was he fucking her already and this was early foreplay? Studying them and the way that Mabel was watching and instructing Blossom, and he was fingering her youthful cunt, I believed that as of yet little Blossom was still a virgin, but what did I know. I turned my attention to the naked body of Mabel. In the kneeling position her huge hanging tits swayed near touching the blanket, which must be titillating her stiff swollen nipples. I couldn’t see her crotch in that dim light but I could guess that her cunt would be glistening with her own wetness. How many times had I tried to peep up her skirt or down her front when she cleaned our house, all with very little success.

OK I saw ample cleavage and shapely blue black thighs and that terrific contrast of orange pink colouring of the soles of her feet and hands. Now I was seeing her naked and it looked good. Judging by her expression, she was turned on watching their little daughter suck her Daddy’s cock and play with it. I thought about the situation, my current hidden snooping and how I had lusted after the black cheap woman, my rich brother had chosen for a wife. Yes trailer trash maybe, but one hell of a fucking hot woman, but one who was meek and mild, compliant and had never flaunted herself and was totally under Carl’s thumb in terms of family life. Meeting her family at the wedding was an eye opener and I had managed to have a shag against the toilet wall with her younger sister during the reception party. Being in awe of black women and I had plenty over the years I travelled as an unattached wealthy male, I had always harboured a desire to fuck Mabel and I wondered if tonight might just be the opportunity.

How could they stop me after what I was watching? I knew that my brother would try to bluster his way out of it and try to reason with me, but I knew that it was not going to work. I was not going to be intimidated and I knew that he would back down, because he was at heart a coward and always had been. As kids I had fought many battles for him. He would start it and I would have to wind up protecting him, because he wouldn’t fight back. Equally I bullied him at home and at school. Secondly I had a lever over him. It was my money that helped set up his business and I had left the door open for when he paid me back. I was loaded and didn’t even charge him interest, but it was a considerable sum and he was in no doubt that I wanted it back. Thirdly, Mum and Dad didn’t know I had funded him, believing Carl has secured pukka business loans. They didn’t agree that we should spoon feed each other.

I wondered what Mabel would be like as a fuck and watching the enthusiasm that Blossom was now putting into her fellatio I wondered what she would be like to fuck. Shit Ray, where did that come from. You can’t fuck a fourteen year old, I chastised myself for such wrong thoughts, but they kept nagging at me as I continued my peeping. I don’t fuck about on decisions and decided that I could find out these worrying things on this visit and I could return at my will.

Before I left, Carl and Mabel would both know that whenever I visited from then on I would be fucking both his wife and his daughter, filling their cunts with my cum many, many times because I wasn’t going to use any protection, I hated those damned rubbers and never used them. Little Blossom was sucking her Daddy’s cock in and out of her mouth for a full couple of minutes. Mabel spoke.

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