A Boy and His Alien

by Tasty Little Pop Tart

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt, NonConsensual, Gay, Humor, Aliens, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Henry was adopted by a alien invader at age 14. He is now 15, and only aware of the adoption in his sleep. The alien is no bigger than a breadbox, but sufficiently sized to fulfill its invader title.

Note to the reader: My name is Angie, and I am the author of this story This short story features an alternate-universe version of Henry Calder from Star Light, Star Bright. It actually is short, a mere 23k, compared to 124k for Star Light, Star Bright. In this version, Henry plays host to an alien invader, with comical consequences.

As with all my boy stories, this one will receive mediocre scores and engender wrath from some homophobic readers. I’m resigned to that. Just keep in mind this story was written tongue-in-cheek, and should be read as such.

Henry was 15 years old. He first sat on a dildo last year, his Mom’s, of course, a slender phallus 6” long. It had a startling likeness to a real cock. Not that he’d knew what a real erection looked like. Until his 14th birthday, Mom and Dad had his Internet activity tightly under control, which meant there was only his dad’s flaccid member to go by. He’d never seen Dad erect. Still, he knew exactly what a boy might do with a 6” dildo.

The dildo up his ass now was big brother to Mom’s old number. It was the 3rd model he’d had up his ass in the last year, by far the biggest, and the most enjoyable. It was 9” long overall, with a 7-3/4” long shaft. Incredibly, he handled it easily. Henry had an abnormally deep rectum, at 9”, more than 2” longer than normal boys. He was fully aware of this abnormality, and reveled in it. The opposite side of the coin was not so cool.

He sighed, his pitiful 4-1/2” snugged into his favorite asshole. He lay comfortably, if rather awkwardly, atop his Dad’s rear entry vagina and anus combo, a soft rubber rear end and pussy. He’d discovered it boxed on the top shelf of Mom’s closet, not that she’d use such a thing. Bad enough his dad would.

Like father, like son, he thought wryly.

What he wanted was to fill his deep ass. He’d been online the last two nights, looking for super-size cocks. His best bet was the Rambone, a 14” long monster with a 12” shaft. That would fill him up good, he imagined, lodge that fat head into his recto-sigmoid junction. He yearned for that, to bottom out like a normal boy. Only problem was the width of the thing; he already had trouble with Mom’s Super Ballsy Cock. Which Mom had no business owning or using anyway.

It was early Saturday morning, and he was alone. Mom was doing an overnight shift at the ER, and Dad was out of town until Wednesday. He’d watched Mom drive away in her Audi at 11:00 p.m., and was naked five minutes later. Another 10 minutes and Mom’s huge cock was up his ass, and his minuscule member up Dad’s tighty. The clock read 12:19 a.m. He was blissfully happy. A few minutes later, he was blissfully asleep.

Affected by the unconscious contractions of Henry’s rectum, the dildo slowly dislodged from his decidedly girlish bottom, sliding upward and back, evacuating. 2” protruded, and then 4”, until gravity took command and bent the shaft far enough down to slow, and then stop evacuation via friction. Henry slept, unaware of the struggle between rectum, and gravitational pull.

Henry stood 5’2” tall on his bare feet. He weighed a startling 102 pounds, the least of any 10th grader at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School. He wasn’t a practicing queer, though he looked like one, with unruly blonde hair, braces, and a girl’s soft features. Add in his miniature penis, which every boy in gym class had seen and snickered about, and well, he might as well be queer. He’d be appalled at how many of his classmates would let him suck their cocks. The same applied to the upper class-men. Let’s just count every boy in school, then. Everyone would let Henry suck his or her cock.

Henry stirred uncomfortably. The thick polypropylene shaft up his rectum changed. Converting slowly, working outward from the core, it took on the characteristics of flesh and blood, arteries and veins pulsing from an unheard heartbeat, warmth exuded, rather than absorbed from tissue. Pre-cum seeped though a hole in the tip that hadn’t existed moments ago. This was a dream, but it didn’t keep the dildo’s sculpted bottom from becoming a scrotal sack containing testicles of truly huge dimension, larger than those of any boy in school, or any male teacher or staff member. No male in the state of Maryland had a bigger set of balls than Henry’s Elmer. And it continued to grow, adding additional inches to the length, adding thickness to finally reach the width of a beer can, truly testing Henry’s throbbing anus. Soon, the head snubbed neatly into his recto-sigmoid junction. He had the cock of his dreams up his ass.

“Fuck me,” he moaned, sleeping soundly. Elmer did. Slowly, taking a full minute to extract all but the slenderest arc of head, and then push fully back into Henry’s depths, leaving 3” of shaft protruding from his almost invisibly stretched asshole. Elmer’s gigantic balls, now bigger than those of any human on the planet, and continuing to grow, rested on his soft bottom.

Henry moaned, writhing, unconsciously lifting, and canting his hips, trying to alleviate the discomfort threatening to awaken him. No boy in Maryland had ever taken so long or so thick a cock up his ass. Elmer’s shaft was now 14” long, and 3-1/2” wide. Poor Henry was incapable of taking anything thicker, without irreparable damage. “Oh, God,” he moaned in agonized wonder.

Elmer held still. There was no desire to injure Henry, only fill him to bursting, and enjoy his warm rectum. He felt empathy for Henry’s overwrought anus; he’d like to go bigger, try Henry at 4”, but that was beyond the ability of his 15-year-old. Henry was, in fact, 15 years old and 2 months.

Henry shifted, repositioned his rear, and then repositioned it again. 9” of cock occupied his ass, 5” protruded, followed by those humongous balls, comfortably settled atop his feminine bottom. When they let go, these testicles would flood Henry with sperm, the amount pumped into his rectum enough to overfill a quart jar. The actual amount would be 38.7 ounces.

Henry, in contrast, would not overflow, his insides welcoming and containing the sperm, absorbing it gradually during the night, to the tune of 114.5 billion sperm cells. No male human in the United States had ever had 114.5 billion sperm cells unleashed into his rectum. Neither had any human girl, although 2 who underwent anal gangbangs came close, taking more than 200 guys, each.

Like all erections, Elmer leaked. Each unintended squeeze loosed between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of semen into Henry’s behind, setting free 493 million, to 1.479 billion tiny squigglers. A normal boy might deposit a teaspoon and a half inside Henry with a phenomenal splooge, loosing 740 million squigglers. Most often it would be a teaspoon, or less. Since Elmer ejaculated only male-version sperm (what Training-Bra-Gay-in-waiting 15-year-old wants female sperm in his behind?), Henry played host to a phenomenal amount of boy sperm.

Henry moaned and shifted, shifted, and shifted again, unable to find comfort. He remained unconscious, lost in REM sleep, embroiled in a sexual encounter with an alien invader. The invader, was in fact, lodged in his rectum, enjoying the grip of his anus, the stricture of his rectal walls, his heartbeat and the thump of blood against its engirded shaft. The cock up Henry’s ass was most decidedly human, yet not human.

“Mmmmm,” Henry complained. Elmer flexed down its length, and Henry moaned harder. His tiny penis, buried in a soft rubber rectum, stiffened into wakefulness. Maybe it sensed Henry’s progressing rape, and found itself aroused. It wouldn’t be the first traitorous penis to stiffen ultra hard while its next door neighbor got boned by a stiff cock. Little Elmer, as Henry called it, began to leak semen into the soft rubber rectum.

No dildo lay hidden away in Mom’s closet. Mom owned no sex toys of any kind, and never had. Neither did his dad. The rear entry vagina and anus combo atop which he lay, and into which his nicely erect penis penetrated, was a fabrication, designed only for Henry’s use. The invader knew it pleased his young boy toy. It saw Henry as that: a delicious boy toy. It loved Henry’s tight ass.

The invader flexed again, releasing a splooge of seminal fluid from the tip. The sperm cells were human, manufactured by its humongous human balls. Should it choose, the invader could be a horse, a dog, a camel, a bull, a bear, a giraffe ... whatever it chose. It entertained the idea of all, especially a dog or horse, because humans copulated more often with dogs and horses than any other species. Almost never with sheep, despite popular belief. It simply liked filling Henry’s bottom with boy sperm.

It was thousands of years old, and from another solar system. Arriving on Earth in 980 BC, in Ancient Greece near the city-state of Athens, the invader raped its first victim within a week, a shepherd boy not watching his flock. The boy was barely 14 years old, his homosexual friend 15, which proved to be the beast’s natural preference. It occasionally chose victims younger than 14, but never beyond the age of the older boy. It raped Henry the first time on his 14th birthday.

Henry moaned, raised his behind and wagged it around, cocked it up and down. Elmer gave him another splooge of sperm and Henry moaned again.

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