Incident at Cafe Orlin (a Hartstein Story)

by Paris Waterman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, Public Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Paul and Carol visit the Café Orlin and she tells him a tale about Terry the bartender he is infatuated with. This involves voyeurism, masturbation, exhibitionism and fucking.

The next few days flew by as far as Paul was concerned. On the one hand, he wanted to arrange another get together with Nadine, but was stuck on just who to bring into their little game playing.

On the other hand, that morning Carol had called to tell him that Regal Publishing was ready to market his novel--that he would be expected to appear on the Today Show that Friday and Oprah on Tuesday and that he needed to come in to Regal’s offices that afternoon to cram for both shows--meaning the do’s and don’ts required of him when appearing on a national television show as well as different slants to take with each when discussing his novel and personal life.

Paul showered, shaved and wore his best suit, and only suit to the publishing house where he met with Carol and other members of the staff. They discussed the ramifications of appearing on television to him; Paul took it all in stride for he had been interviewed before albeit on a smaller scale. All in all, he spent five hours with the group and was tired and groggy when they finished with him.

Carol offered to drop him off and he gladly accepted. But she drove them to her apartment, not his and after they both showered, they jumped into bed and fucked like rabbits into the evening hours.

Around eight they agreed that a celebration of sorts was in order and ventured out to a small cozy french restaurant on 12th and afterward walked over to Café Orlin on St. Mark’s Place ostensibly for drinks, but finding themselves the only customers sitting at the bar with the mysterious--at least to Paul--bartender named Terry--a good-looking brunette with extra large sized breasts who proudly displayed them for the benefit of her clientele and the generous tips that came her way as a result.

Carol laughed delightedly at his inability to take his eyes off Terry’s tits, and chided him about it, saying, “Aren’t I enough woman for you, Daddy?”

That brought him back to the moment and he smiled at her and slowly slid his hand up and under the short skirt she wore and groped her cunt lips, which were quite wet already. “Size isn’t everything,” he told her, “although I can see some advantages,” he said before taking a sip from his martini.

“Yes, Daddy,” Carol replied, shaking her shoulders she uttered the word, Daddy. “You know, women have this thing for big things too.” That drew a smile from the busty bartender who overheard their conversation, and was already wondering about the ‘Daddy’ reference.

Paul nodded at the bartender, essentially to enjoy a longer look at her breasts, but also to see if he might get something going with her through Carol. “You may have heard us,” he paused and nodded at Carol, “I kid her a lot because although she’s twenty-six she can pass for fifteen or sixteen easily enough. She usually counters by calling me Daddy.”

“Yes,” Terry said carefully, “I know how old she is, I carded the both of you, remember?”

The truth was that she found them an interesting couple. But Terry was careful about who she wanted to play with and remained firmly in her role as bartender, but continued providing a dazzling view of her twins to the point that both areolas were almost visible to him as she deliberately leaned further than necessary while pouring another martini into his glass.

Carol was giggling from the effect of her third martini when Paul’s fingers scratched through the newly grown stubble between her legs and half pulled, half pushed her off the barstool and hustled her toward the nearest bathroom, which happened to be the men’s, with Terry watching them with ever widening, hungry eyes.

To Carol’s surprise he didn’t touch her, but held a finger to his lips signaling her to be quiet, and then he moved to the door and opened it and looked out. Two customers had just walked into the bar and Terry was busy serving them.

“She’s busy with some new customers, now tell me all about her, and I mean all.”

“Okay, okay ... rumor has it that she either owns the café or has a big stake in it. She’s somewhat of a mystery, you know? Unattainability is how she appears to most. But I’ve heard stories about her...”

“Don’t fuck with me, Carol. If you’ve heard stories then tell them to me!”

“So you want to fuck her, huh?”

“What I want is none of your business. I fuck you and I fuck you good. If I fuck someone else, so fucking what?”

Visibly chastised, Carol let out a sob, but forced herself to continue.

“I want her too, Paul. Everybody wants Terry, but she doesn’t give, she takes.” Carol sighed then said, “I heard a story just this week. There’s this girl...”

Carol leaned forward a little, conspiratorially, giving him a delightful view down the inside of her generously unbuttoned blouse, “The girl was here with her lover one afternoon and as I heard it, being scrutinized by Terry as they entered into a form of foreplay that include allowing the bartender to watch as it progressed from simple touches to more intimate caresses. Moreover, the girl was trying in her own way to add Terry to her list of seductions.

“And you know this how?” Paul inquired gently.

“I told you I heard the story. I wasn’t present at the time, Paul.”

“Sorry, please go on.”

“I don’t know what caused what followed, but Terry approached their table and left an envelope with the gentleman then turned away and returned to the bar. It contained a room number to a nearby apartment and a key. The couple looked over at the bar but Terry was no longer there. The implication was clear. The offer was for right away. Hesitate, and the opportunity may be missed.”

“What happened next?” Paul asked.

“From what I understand, Terry took no active part in what went on in the apartment.”

“You say she took no active part. Then what did she do?”

“Well, what I heard was that prior to leaving the café, the girl made it clear to her lover that Terry was off limits to him. If Terry wanted her, well that was a horse of a different color, Carol replied, shifting a little in her seat. “I have a few details, but not all.”

“Mind sharing how you came by these ... details?”

“Mmmm, girls tend to talk about matters sexual, Paul. But you must know that.”

“But can girls keep a juicy sexual secret?” He said as a rejoinder.

“Let’s see, shall we?” Carol said taking a sip of her appletini, before returning to the story.

“Terry was waiting when they arrived, now wearing a simple white blouse, just long enough to cover the delightful curve of her bottom as she faced away from them, looking out of the window, puffing patiently on a cigarette. Otherwise, she was naked.”

“She didn’t greet them as they came in?” he asked, already imagining the scene while trying to look casual, though the story was already beginning to excite him.

“That I don’t know, but I can imagine that she might have.”

“But you told me how she was scantily attired. If you knew that than...”

“Damn it Paul, I have to embellish here and there, otherwise I’ll wind up boring you!”

“Sorry, please go on, Carol.”

“She told them to make themselves a drink from the bar, then told them in no uncertain terms that they were not to touch her. She repeated her words then added, no matter what you may see me do. You may look at me, if you wish, but you may not touch me. I wish simply to watch you, to observe. Please, disrobe and make yourselves comfortable on the bed. I will simply sit in a chair here by the window, and watch you.”

The couple finished their drinks and taking her words to heart, disrobed and lay on the bed together while Terry pulled a chair from the dressing table, and sat facing them.”

“The young lady on the bed had never been watched before, never even considered it--furthermore, she was later somewhat reticent about what exactly transpired between her and her lover and, for that matter, Terry.

“I think it reasonable to say that, once naked and on the bed together, the young lady and gentleman lover proceeded as one might would expect, fucking each other deliciously on the bed, initially almost forgetting that Terry was present.”

“Ah, but then something happened--am I right?” Paul asked genially.

“You men!” Carol laughed. “Yes, something happened all right. At first she merely looked on as they went from foreplay to fucking. She of course, was nude except for the almost sheer blouse, and sat there legs crossed, showing no obvious signs of arousal, merely taking in the view quietly, watching the couple move sensually together. Ten minutes into their lovemaking, Terry interrupted them. Perhaps the gentleman was unimaginative as a lover, I don’t know exactly, but Terry suggested that the young lady straddle him facing away from her. She was only too happy to oblige, already finding herself --well bored isn’t the right choice of words, but wanting more from him than he was providing and this ‘suggestion’ seemed to improve matters immediately.

Then too, for the first time the young lady considered how sexually exciting it would be to see Terry become highly aroused, perhaps as much as she hoped to become--wouldn’t’ that be something to talk about at her hairdresser’s the following week?

Now Paul knew Carol was telling him the truth, or at least a secondhand version of it, and he relaxed even more, allowing himself to imagine himself in that room watching Terry watching the young lady and her lover.

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