Teresa Scalia: Slip Sliding Away

by obo

Tags: Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Fiction, Spanking, Cat-Fighting,

Desc: Humor Story: The suburban soccer moms, by accident, get involved in an oil wrestling show. They suffer wardrobe loss and are chastised.

For the past couple of years, Roxanne Starr had diligently worked to become accepted as a legitimate businesswoman in the community. Being the owner of a somewhat notorious bar and strip club did not ingratiate her with the other business owners. However, when Roxanne opened the lingerie shop in the main street retail district, the other merchants could not ignore her presence. Roxanne became active in the Junior Chamber of Commerce and participated in their activities.

The Jaycees hosted an annual Fun Days event to raise money for the various local charities. The event had a history of success, but in recent years attendance had been lacking and the amount of donations had correspondingly decreased. The Jaycees were meeting to plan this year’s event. Roxanne attended the meeting and listened carefully to the discussion. She soon determined that this year’s event would not include anything that had not been done in the past. And she also took note of the members bemoaning the fact that their event was not generating the interest it once had. Roxanne had an idea and decided to present it to the members.

“I’ve got an idea. Now before any of you make up your minds, hear me out. Fun Days has been lagging and the numbers are there to prove it. We need something to put new life into the event. The data also shows that we have an untapped demographic that does not attend this event. Namely, the male of the species.”

“Roxanne, surely you’re not proposing we have some of your “dancers” perform at Fun Days?” asked a bemused fellow Jaycee.

“I think we could do something very PG rated. What I have in mind is an oil wrestling venue. No violence, no serious competition, just the girls sliding around in a pool of salad oil. The girls will all know each other and will have everything planned out prior to the matches. We already have a liquor license so we can sell beer at the venue. What do you think?” Roxanne asked.

There was a long silence while the membership pondered Roxanne’s proposal. Then one member spoke up.

“You know, this could work. Of course, it will turn off some of the female population, but as Roxanne pointed out to us, they haven’t been supporting this event in the last few years. If we want this to continue we need to truly think outside the box and attract a different audience.”

A lengthy discussion followed with some dissension and some agreement in the membership. A consensus was finally reached and Roxanne was given the go-ahead to put on the oil wrestling show.

“Thank you, I’m sure this will be a great addition to our fundraising effort,” said Roxanne.

Roxanne went to work planning the event with great hopes that it would be a success.

Fast forward several weeks and the Fun Days event is taking place. The location is the Central Park of the town. The oil wrestling show is scheduled to go on in the early evening. Portable light towers have been brought in to illuminate the ring. Bleachers were set up on three sides of the inflatable 12 ft. by 12 ft. ring. The brightly colored vinyl ring had an inflated 2 ft. curb to contain the oil and the contestants. The front row of the bleachers was quite close to the ring. In fact, there was just enough room to walk between the ring curb in the first row of seats.

It was time for the show to begin and Roxanne gave some final instructions to her contestants. All of which were recruited from either the Gentleman’s Club or Roxanne’s lingerie shop.

“All right ladies we all know what to do. I’ll keep track of time for the matches and you all know the order. Right? Maria and Jenna will be the third and final match. Remember now, no wardrobe malfunctions, no dirty fighting just slip and slide around and have fun. Okay?” Roxanne asked.

The two ladies in the final match were two of Roxanne’s most trusted employees. Maria Ramirez and Jenna Myers. Maria has had a long history of dealings with both Teresa Scalia and Barbara Anderson while Jenna, not too long ago, had a most satisfying encounter with Barbara.

The girls all nodded in agreement and were giggling in anticipation. Roxanne gave the ring announcer a card with the girl’s names and the pairings. As she looked around the venue she was pleased to see that the bleachers were filling up with the exact demographic she had hoped to attract. Roxanne was also surprised to see several women and couples in the audience.

The ring announcer introduced the first match and Roxanne took her seat in the center of the front row so she could monitor the action, hand out towels for oil soaked eyes, and keep time of the rounds.

Dominick and Teresa Scalia arrived shortly after the first match had started. Teresa was dressed in floral print A line dress. Predominately blue, the sleeveless dress featured a snuggly fitted bodice and V-shaped neckline that revealed just a hint of Teresa’s ample cleavage. Gathered at the waist, the skirt flared from the hips to a length just above the knee. On her feet were pair of wedge sandals. Teresa’s brown hair was worn loosely just below the shoulders. The couple slipped onto a bench of one of the side bleachers. Taking in the action in the ring, Teresa was somewhat skeptical.

“Well the Jaycees have certainly come up with something new for this year” Dominic said to Teresa.

“I’d like to know who came up with the idea. I think it’s demeaning that this town will turn out for an event featuring women rolling around in oil,” Teresa replied. Dominic gave Teresa a skeptical look as he recalled some of the public exhibitions his dear wife had participated in.

Despite Teresa’s opinion, the wrestling matches were very well received. The audience enjoyed watching the girls slip around on the oil covered vinyl. Their clumsy grappling moves and comic falls were a hit.

At the other side of the bleacher section Mark and Barbara Anderson had found seats. For this summer evening’s entertainment, Barbara chose to wear a very snug pair of hip hugging, white Capri pants. Her outfit was completed by an equally snug short-sleeved black knit top with a scoop back and neck that featured a full-length front zipper. Barbara chose a pair of simple black flats for her footwear. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Mark was watching the action intently and laughing at the antics. Barbara was more reserved. Her opinion of the entertainment was much the same as Teresa’s.

“I’m glad you’re thoroughly enjoying this,” Barbara said to Mark somewhat sarcastically.

“Yes I am. Is there a reason I shouldn’t? “ questioned Mark.

“I just think it’s not very dignified to have an exhibition of women rolling around in oil. That’s all,” replied Barbara.

“You, of all people, don’t think it’s dignified? Please Barbara give me a break.”

In due course the first two matches finished up and it was time for the main event. The ring announcer took a position in front of the audience and began his announcements.

“And now ladies and gentlemen, introducing the contestants for our final match of the evening. Entering the ring first, please welcome Maria Ramirez.”

Dominic looked at Teresa and smirked “Aren’t you acquainted with this young lady Teresa?”

Teresa thought for a moment as memories of her past encounters with Maria came flooding back. Their scrap at the boxing ring with Teresa ending up over Maria’s lap having her bare bottom punished, their meeting in the private suite at the garden show, and finally Teresa getting the best of Maria and returning the spanking at the Hoedown.

“Yes Dominic, you don’t have to remind me about Ms. Ramirez” Teresa replied curtly.

Cheers and applause greeted Maria as she stepped from behind the bleachers to the ring curb. Covered in a dark red satin ring robe, Maria acknowledged the accolades and slowly slipped off the robe. Underneath she was wearing dark red boy shorts and matching sports bra. While not particularly revealing Maria’s outfit did nothing to hide her abundant curves. Maria did a pirouette with her arms raised and then stepped over the curb into the ring.

“Maria’s opponent for the evening will be Jenna Myers”.

Barbara audibly gasped and her mouth fell open when she saw Jenna. She too had memories that came flooding back. Namely the encounter on the beach with Kathy Benson and Jenna. Other than the three principal ladies, no one else had knowledge of what went on that day. Although Teresa and Michelle Smithson arrived late on the scene they may have deduced that something risqué had taken place that day.

“What is it” Mark asked reacting to Barbara’s apparent shock?

Coming back to reality, Barbara composed herself. “Oh, it’s nothing I just got a little chill.”

“That’s funny I didn’t feel anything, but it seems you did.” Mark observed “You’ve got goose bumps on your arms and, don’t look now my dear, I think your high beams are on.”

“High beams?” Barbara said looking at Mark. Mark grinned and nodded a response. Then looked down at Barbara’s chest. Barbara followed Mark’s gaze and discovered to her embarrassment that her nipples were straining against the fabric of her blouse. “Oh, oh!” Barbara exclaimed as she quickly covered up with her arms. Of course, it was the intense memories Barbara had of her time with Jenna on the beach that stirred the response.

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