The Meeting

by aaaFantasy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Public Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A trip to an adult video store turns into a fun evening.

My wife left me five years ago after sixteen years of marriage. She fell in love with her aerobics instructor. I can’t be mad; her instructor was a very sexy young lady. I’ve tried dating a few times but I work sixty hours a week and damn too tired to even try.

What I did discover though is an adult store just five blocks from my apartment - the ex got the house - which rents out adult movies. An hour in just my boxers in front of the tv, jacking off to amateurly acted porn is easier than weeks working on a new relationship this late in my life.

I handed my returns to the twenty-something college dropout behind the counter, then I started browsing the Chicks Gone Crazy! section of movies. I was the only customer in the store so I was taking my time looking at the backs of the movie boxes for a few of the girls I’ve especially enjoyed in other movies before.

I didn’t hear the bell over the door that indicated the other customer coming in but when I turned to the next display - Oral Pleasures movies - I noticed there was another person looking through the Secret Meetings movies section. The other customer was unexpectedly a she.

Her back was to me so all I saw of her was her back but she was attractive based on what I could see. Her legs were long and a perfect golden tan. Her claves were strong, like a dancer’s or runner’s; I guessed stripper. Her legs ended in the frayed cuffs of a pair of too short denim shorts. The bottom curves of her tight, full ass just peeked out around the hanging blue strings. She was wearing some type of top that covered the front but was just a string tied across her back and another tied at the nape of her neck. Her back was just as tanned as her legs and had no tan lines. Her hair was what most people call dirty-blonde - sandy-blonde in my day - tied in pony tails on each side of her hair. I couldn’t even begin to guess how old she was from what I could see. I would bet she was less than half my 45 years.

I was too busy admiring her legs and ass that I forgot the movie in my hand; Betty Blowjob IV. My cock was already half hard in anticipation of the movie I was eventually going to rent but was now at full mast with the live view she offered.

Without looking back, or any other sign she knew I was looking at her, she asked; “Like the suck-off movies, huh?” My jaw dropped; she pointed up. There was a damn concave security mirror hanging there, giving her a good view of me watching her. She continued; “I personally like the strangers having sex ones.”

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