She Came, She Saw, She Conquered

by jamaica

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Petting, Big Breasts, Leg Fetish, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Gorgeous little Abi steals her big sister's hubby just because she can.

Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

We are all of us sinners my son. Even on a Monday morning.

Thank you Father.

So tell me my son. First confession of the week, so I do hope it’s a good one.

It’s good and bad.

Allow me to be the judge of that.

Of course Father. Well it’s my sister-in-law.

Your brother’s wife?

My wife’s sister.

What precisely is the problem?

She is. Abi is the problem.

How so?

She’s so unbelievably fucking sexy. Sorry Father, language.

You speak as you feel comfortable my son. The Lord is not a prude.

Thank you Father. And thank fuck that he isn’t.

So why is this a problem?

That Abi is such a babe?


Because I’m married to Miriam.

Is she not attractive too?

My wife is ok looking but she is not in little sister’s league. Abi is something else. What a honey. The girl is so pretty she makes your head spin. Oh yeah and she’s only 25.

Certainly sounds nice.

She’s more than nice Father. People are always saying she’s a ringer for Jessica Alba and people are not wrong.

Jessica Alba? Isn’t she many a man’s idea of the hottest actress on the planet?

That’s the one. Abi looks like her.

Are you gilding the lily just a teeny bit perhaps?

I wish I was Father.

Wow. Quite a head-turner then.


But I am still not seeing the problem my son.

There wasn’t one until recently. Abi has been living abroad so the fact that I fancied the tits off her just like any red-blooded male would was not an issue. She was thousands of miles away.

So what changed?

She came back. Got bored with the far east and decided to return here for a while. To the town where we live.

I see.

She took a lease on a place close to us. Instead of being on the other side of the world she is now just around the corner.

She wanted to be near her sister?

That is what she said. Miriam was pleased as punch about it.

But not you?

The million dollar question. The answer is yes and no.

Care to elaborate my son?

So suddenly I was seeing a good deal of my sister-in-law. Which was great because she is drop-dead gorgeous. But on the other hand it was torture. Thing is, Father, my marriage is fine but after 15 years there is not much spice in it. The sex had gotten stale and boring. Once a week at most, missionary position, all over in no time. Usual story. We’d stopped altogether by the time I’m describing to you here.

You haven’t tried to rev it up a little?

Well yeah we talked about that. My wife was particularly keen that we rekindle the flame and I was up for making the effort. But then Abi appeared on the scene and my focus shifted.

To the hot little sister?

Just could not help it. She was visiting us a lot on evenings and weekends, even staying over occasionally. You can imagine the effect on a sexually frustrated guy who is not fucking his wife anymore. I was like the hungry dog being tantalized with a juicy bone. Jeez, Father, you should see some of the outfits this girl wears!

Could we not blaspheme? Effing and blinding is one thing. Taking the Lord’s name in vain is quite another.

Sorry Father. Should I continue?

Oh yes. Please tell me about these outfits. I’m interested and so is the Lord.

Oh god, so we’re talking...

Son, have I not just warned you?

Oh je ... oh fuck yeah, so so sorry. Will not happen again, Father, I promise.

Fine. So these outfits. Short skirts, skimpy tops, open-toe heeled sandals, that sort of thing?

Yeah, and the rest. Clingy dresses, tight jeans, crop tops, sexy little shorts sometimes, you get the picture.

Any photos?

Sorry Father. I do have some great ones but my phone is in the car.

Never mind. I will make do with my imagination.

Thank you Father. Just think Jessica Alba in something risqué and more than flattering and you will not be far off.

Ok I have that. So this Abi, your sister-in-law, she does not dress like a nun.

Not unless your typical nun is a woman with a dynamite bod who likes the world and his wife to know it.

Sadly not.

Because that is Abi to a tee. Every time she came to visit she was wearing something that made my tongue hang out. It was fucking unbearable!

Poor you.

Too right. And if she slept over, shit Father I cannot tell you how bad that could be for my mental equilibrium. Some of the vistas of little sister in bed-or-bath-mode that I got treated to during late nights and following mornings were just too much. Bottom line is that I was in a more or less constant state of arousal whenever Abi was around. Obviously I had to hide this, which was not easy, and so things were rather strained and awkward.

I do see how that might be a difficult situation.

Thank you Father. My problem is the guilt. I feel guilty. I feel that I am a bad man.

Not sure that you have done anything to be guilty about.

I have.


The secret longing. The furtive drooling over Abi when she was at our place. The constant fantasizing about her when she wasn’t. At first neither sister realized but then one of them cottoned on.

Oh dear. So the wife knows you are into her baby sister?

Nope. Miriam was oblivious. Still is. I’m talking about baby sister. Despite my best efforts, Abi soon knew the score. Guess she’s used to men wanting her and can pick up signs even if you try to be ultra subtle about it.

And she was annoyed?

On the contrary. She was pleased and amused. Abi is the sort who likes having infatuated men panting over her. She revels in it.

Even her big sister’s husband?

That made it all the more of a giggle for her.

Naughty girl.

She’s a bitch.

Now now.

Sorry Father, but she is.

So she realized you were lusting after her.

At which point things got worse for me.

I thought you said she was amused rather than angry.

She was amused. That was the point. The scenario tickled little Abi no end and she started exploiting it.

Like how?

She began deliberately teasing me when she visited. Father how she teased me! Had herself a whale of a time driving me absolutely fucking crazy.

Did your wife realize what her sister was doing?

Abi was sly. When it was the three of us, which was most of the time, she would behave herself. Different story when it was just me and her. Soon as Miriam went off to another room she became a massive fucking pricktease.

How did she tease you my son?

Her legs featured a lot. She weaponized those spectacular pins of hers. She would lounge opposite in a mini-skirt and give me a show, flaunting her lovely bare thighs under my nose, crossing and uncrossing them, playing with her hem, lazily stroking up under her skirt with her finger. Oh Father I so wanted to be that finger!

I feel your pain my son. Trust me I do.

Thank you Father. She used her tits too. She would toy around with whatever scanty little top she had on, slip the straps over her shoulders, let the whole affair slide down a little, torture me with lingering glimpses of her magnificent breasts. Sometimes she went further. She would flash the whole heavenly package at me.

She exposed her boobs to you? Nipples and all?

Yes Father. Many times.

Oh my son.

She loved it Father. She loved tormenting me. There was no pretence that she didn’t. She would stare across and smirk and giggle at my reactions. She’d wink at me and lick her lips, stick her tongue out, relishing my predicament, openly mocking and taunting me. Bitch was driving me insane and enjoying every minute of it.

What about when she stayed the night?

Ha. That only gave her greater opportunity to work her mischief as I am sure you can imagine.

And yet your wife never suspected?

Abi was always careful when Miriam was around. She never got caught.

That’s a relief anyway.

I guess so. But my sister-in-law’s little visits were becoming a real ordeal. I had a boner non-stop and could do damn all about it.

Why not give your wife the benefit in bed? Sure she would have appreciated it.

That is a most Christian idea.

What I’m here for.

She would of, Father, yes. Definitely she would. She was getting terribly frustrated about never getting laid.

Well then.

I couldn’t. I was frustrated too and I had said to Miriam that I would try but it was no good. It had got to the stage where I desired only Abi. I was obsessed. The sight of my wife’s body, so ordinary and inferior compared to her sister’s, did nothing for me. After one too many false starts and rejections Miriam had given up and I was relieved. All I thought about was Abi. It was like a fever.

Ok. But I do not see how all this is making you a bad man. It is hardly your fault that you fell in thrall to Abi. From what you say she would have that effect on most men. Especially being such a tease with it. What is a poor boy to do?

It is more what I did not do. I didn’t stop Abi from doing what she was doing. I could have done but I didn’t.

Why not?

Because I wanted her so fucking badly, Father, and I reckoned that I might have a chance. So I played along. I let her lead me by the nose to wherever she wanted this little game to go.

Hoping you would get to make love to her?



I finally did. Yesterday.

On the Sabbath?

I’m afraid so Father.

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