My Niece and I

by Rebo

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Incest, Uncle, Niece, Squirting, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: It took a while but my niece finally gave in and we made passionate love to each other...

We are related as family but never lovers but this is about to change.the age difference between us is only 18 years, earlier in our lives that was a big difference but now not so much, you are 35 and I am 53 ... we both are and have been sexually attracted to each other and there has been a mutual feeling, unsaid, yet one that has been building for a long time between and among us, we have never really spoken about it, we have both felt it in our hearts it has weighed heavily on my mind and I know it has on yours also, I could tell and so could you by the way that we look at each other when we are together and in each others company ... and that is ... the fantasy and the anticipation of making love WITH you and not TO you, you know I am right, you can’t dent it can you, no you can’t ... yes has been a fantasy on my mind and I am sure yours ... and now the time has come for us to make it really happen ... we are both nervous afraid and scared, nervous of what is about to happen, afraid of releasing our emotions and scared of the outcome and in a good way ... and no we don’t know what it will bring in the end ... will we be sorry, I don’t think so will there be regrets, maybe, but not many, not on my part and I am sure the same for you ... like I have said we both have had thoughts and fantasies now they are to become realities ... well anticipated I am sure. It has taken a lot for us to finally get together. I come to your house, it is out of the way, off the beaten path and we can be assured to be all alone for a whole day and night. Neither of our spouses are in town as they had to go together on business for the family. I am nervous and scared and so are you as I knock on the front door and you answer.

You are standing there just wearing a robe, slightly open which reveals you in panties and a bra ... I can see.your nipples erect ... the bra is shear and revealing, very revealing ... I am awed by your body as I just gaze at you. You are as I expected, I can smell your body, the feminine smells that it is emitting and we haven’t we even started to touch each other ... I am getting wet, my pre cum is slowly oozing from my penis ... you can smell it just like I can ... your vagina is also getting wet, you are cumming too, you can’t stop it from happening. I gently touch your breasts and nipples and your body trembles you tense up, and start to shake ... I whisper easy easy relax ... you are nervous I know it I can tell and so am I ... I slowly as I start to touch your nipples and your breasts at the same time I can feel you as you are melting around me ... slowly I can feel your body temperature rising I can feel your body trembling more and more ... you softly whisper that no one has ever made feel like this before ... as I continue to excite your inside feelings as well you mine ... my cock is now rock hard ... and you can feel it between your legs up against your body ... as we hold each other so tightly afraid to let go ... your body is trembling and so is mine ... your vagina is so wet and all I have done is touch and play with your nipples ... as we stand there close to each other you slowly put your hands between us, on my chest slowly pushing me away, as if you are afraid and scared of what is next ... you tell me that it has been a long time since you have made love with someone other than your husband and you are scared ... I reassure that I will be gentle very gentle and easy ... I also assure you that if you don’t want to continue I will leave and nothing will have been lost. You then slowly take your hand and open your robe exposing your beautiful body and all of its parts, I didn’t expect to see what I see ... you slowly drop your panties and I see that you are completely shaved, that turns me on instantly ... then you remove your bra to expose your subtle beautiful breasts ... so perfectly shaped all bronze from the sun ... you have no tan lines at all. I just stand there and look at your beautiful naked body, your shyness is showing as you slowly close your robe ... and I gently open it ... to again gaze at you in your beautifulness. I slowly slide my hand down to your crotch and start to gently touch your vagina on the outside and play with you as I suck on your nipples ... I can feel you getting wetter and so can you ... you are now shaking almost uncontrollable as I hold you closer to me ... almost as if we are one ... you put your hand down between us, slowly pulling my shorts down in the front only not all the way off and you grab hold of my penis ... you slowly start to play with it gently stroking it back and forth slowly moving It ... you slowly and gently push the foreskin back and forth which make me feel amazing ... then you realize that I am not circumcised ... you then confess that you have never made love to a man that wasn’t circumcised ... and had no idea what it would feel like ... you ask ... what does it feel like going in, what does it feel like inside of your body ... I could not tell you what the feeling would be you would just have to wait and see ... is there a difference you want to know ... I can’t answer you ... all I can say is wait to see and then you tell me how different it feels.

You are getting warmer and warmer your body temperature is rising you and I can both feel it ... mine is right behind yours as we are both experiencing the need and want for each others bodies ... but not just yet I am not ready to put my cock inside of you I want to make you feel like a woman to experience the sensations inside of your body that you need to feel. You want me to play with you rub your body all over ... and I do just that as we stand there you can see my hard cock protruding as you play with it ... you walk me to your bedroom and lay me down on the bed ... pulling me close to you holding me tightly ... you spread your legs ... as you take my head and push it gently down between your legs you want to be eaten and licked you want to feel my tongue inside of you licking your pussy ... I oblige with no problem ... oh how it feels to lick that pussy of yours all around the outside not yet sticking my tongue inside ... I am in a position so that you can gently play with my cock rubbing it so slowly and gently so as not to make me cum ... neither of us want that yet, especially me ... your pussy is getting so wet the juices of your body are flowing as I lick you and play with you with my fingers gently putting two of them onto your pussy ... my other hand is playing with your nipples one at a time, they are hard and erect ... you can feel it and your body responds with more cum ... you are so hot ... your nipples are so tight I stop licking your pussy and now start to lick and suck on your nipples while I continue to play with you ... oh how you are cumming slowly more and more ... you are cumming slowly your body is getting hotter and hotter, your feminine feelings are escalating to a plateau where they haven’t been for quite a while ... and you admit it to me. We enjoy this but we don’t make love yet as much as I want to be in you I hold back ... the foreplay is amazing and you are enjoying it so much why stop...

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