My Girlfriend Is My Boyfriend
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Ma/mt, Mult, Blackmail, Consensual, Reluctant, Gay, BiSexual, Shemale, TransGender, True Story, Cheating, Cuckold, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Father, Uncle, Nephew, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Swinging, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, White Couple, Analingus, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, Hairy, Size, Small Breasts,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A son catch's his mom fucking her brother, and she winds up fucking him and others so he won't tell.

Let me tell you about my mom, she’s 60 years old, ugly, wrinkled, toothless and damn near blind but she has a steady stream of admirers. All of my male classmates, the neighborhood men and most of the older black men in our town, love to be around her. I didn’t realize just how slutty she was until a couple of years ago when I got in a fight for defending her. A preacher’s son that I went to school with, named William, was blabbing all over our school that my whoring mom had split his mom and dad up and divided the whole church. He was saying that she had fucked all of the church elder’s including his dad and that his parents were getting a divorce because of it. When I found out, I kicked his ass and got suspended for two weeks.

My mom’s still got a pretty good figure with big boobs and a slim waist but the real eye catcher is her nice, big, round bubble butt. She wears thin, almost see through sun dresses that reveal her huge dark nipples, her overly hairy pubic area and both big globes of her nice ass. Because of her bad eyesight, she doesn’t even realize how much is showing. I understand the attraction, with no teeth, her cheeks look sunken and her mouth closes way to much, and it just looks slutty. But on the other hand her very thick, old style granny glasses make her look “oh so innocent”. She has medium length brown hair that she gets done at the beauty shop twice a month and wears lots of cheap jewelry. You wouldn’t guess that she’s the town whore.

My dad owns and runs a hardware store in our little town six days a week, only closing it on Sunday. He goes to church every Sunday morning and although he is pretty “straight laced”, his only employee is a 20 year old transvestite named Erica instead of Eric. She went to my school until she graduated 3 years ago and that’s when my dad hired her. He says “she may look like a girl but she knows hardware like a boy”. I always thought she was kind of cute with pink, black and green hair that is shaved on one side, a lip ring and several earrings on each ear. She’s slim and very feminine, with nice boobs and a perfect round ass. Every time I go to the store, she calls me Michael and flirts with me, but I think its because she just likes to see me squirm. My dad works very hard for us and I know he is still head over heals in love with my mom, and she knows it too.

My name is Mike, not Michael, and I’m 17 now and have to drive my mom whenever she wants to go somewhere. She can’t drive anymore because of her bad eyesight. When my friends come over, they follow her around like puppy dogs and she uses them like servants. My mom has a brother named Fred who is 55 years old and he’s the only family she has left. I call him uncle Fred, and he taught me how to drive, so I could take my mom places. My dad hates him and he’s not allowed at our house even though, he still comes over when dads not home. I love him because he’s family but also because he treats me like an adult and lets me drink and look at porn. He lets me make extra money, working around his house and I think he might be gay because he also has a lot of gay porn. He runs around his own house naked and says he’s a nudist.

I’m a junior in high school, 5 ft .8 in. tall, and weigh 150 lbs., with long hair and a slim build. In comparison with the other guys in gym, I guess I’m hung, with an 8 inch fat cock and big balls that pump out lots of hot cum several times a day. I live with my mom and I try to hide it but she makes me as horny as hell. Sometimes I get hard just looking at her, so I rub myself right in front of her, she’s so blind, that she doesn’t even know I’m doing it. Because my uncle Fred is always naked when I go over there, I know that he’s a very hairy man with a round beer belly and a very big, fat, cock and balls. I’ve seen his big cock hard and it’s at least 9 1/2 inches long and very thick. At full hard, it strains upward with it’s fat, long, dark head almost touching his big hairy belly. It has thick, dark veins supplying lots of hot blood to make it that big and that hard.

Like I said earlier, I got suspended from school for fighting and that was at about 10 o’clock in the morning. I walked home and saw my uncles truck in the drive but didn’t think anything of it. I tried to be quiet, hopeing to postpone the bitching I was going to hear. Once in the living room, I heard “oh God Fredddddyyy, I’m cummingggggg babyyy, fuckkkkkk meeeeee Freddyyyyyyyyyyy OOOOOHHHHh Goddddd, ooooohhhhhh Goddddddddd, thatsssssss goodddddd Fredddyyyyyy oohhhhh yeahhh”, so I peeked into the kitchen and saw my mom, naked and bent over the sink with my naked uncle, holding her by the hair as he pumped his huge cummy cock in and out of her sloppy, old, stretched out pussy. Her thick pubic hair was full of their thick white cum as he pulled her inner pussy lips out with each withdrawal. When my uncle began grunting and slamming into her mercilessly, I stepped into the kitchen and yelled “I’m tellin dad, what your doin”. My uncle looked at me lustily, but kept pumping her as he grunted, “oohhhhhh Goddddd sis, hereee itttt cummmmssssss, ohhhh Godddd, ohhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, ohhhh yeahhhhhhh, takeeee thattttt cummmmm sissss, oooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkk thattt wasss goooddddddddd, Damnnnnnn thattt wass goooddddd”.

Mom just stood there, with her nice, round ass pushed back at him, as he drained the last of his hot cum into her. When uncle Fred pulled his huge, still hard cock loose from my moms sucking old pussy, it dropped like a horse’s cock, slinging thick, milky white, cum in all directions. When I looked at my mom’s old stretched out pussy, it looked raw and wide open with a slow, steady stream of their cum running out and down her inner thighs. My uncle looked ashamed as he said “I’m sorry you saw that Mikey, but I do love your mom very much”, and then he left. I wasn’t going to let my mom off that easy and besides, I loved seeing her naked and cummy and caught. I went over to the kitchen table and turned a chair around, facing her and sat down. My mind was trying to turn this into a sexual benefit for me.

My mom looked up at me but it wasn’t a look of shame or remorse, it was the lusty smile of a woman who knew just how to get what she wanted out of any man. She walked over to me and said “that’s why your dad doesn’t like your uncle” as she turned her still naked back to me. She again leaned over the counter top and pushed her sexy, cum covered round butt back at me. Her hairy, old, wonderful, messy pussy was just inch’s from my face. She looked around and shook her ass at me and asked “is there anything, you want to do with it”. My mind was swirling around and I didn’t know what to say and then she whispered “lick it, lick it good for mommy”. I knew right then, why all the other men just followed her around. I made one lick from her pussy, all the way up her beautiful ass crack and tasted cum for my first time. Mom spread her legs and whispered “get down under me and lick mommies nasty pussy clean, baby”. I just dropped to the floor on my knees and licked her ass and pussy totally clean of any evidence. Mom had two orgasms and then said “that’s enough for now baby, if your good then mommy will let you do it again”.

As she was leaving with her dress in her hand, she stopped and summoned me over to her with her finger. Since I was on my knees, I started to stand up, but she whispered “just crawl baby, it’s only a couple of feet”. When I got to her, she pointed to all of the cum my uncles big cock had slung onto the floor and said “be a dear, baby and lick up all of your uncle’s messy old cum for mommy”. I thought about it until she said “hurry baby, mommies got to go”. I just started licking it up and she stood and watched until it was all gone, and then she asked “was it good baby, be honest”. I thought for a second and said “yeah, I guess it was”. She said “I’m glad you liked it because there’s gonna be a lot more”, and then she went upstairs. My uncle called me two days later and apologized again but I told him that, we were good. He asked if I wanted to work for him the next day and I said I would.

During dinner that night with my dad sitting right next to her, my mom started rubbing my cock with her foot, under the table. When I looked up at her, she had a slutty, evil grin on her face. The next morning, I went to my uncle’s house and as usual, he answered the door naked. It seemed like his big cock was kind of hard and that I thought, was unusual. I sat down and he asked “can we talk” and I said “yeah sure”. Then as he stood there, he said “when your mom and I were growing up in Tennessee, our family was different. Your mom’s older than me and when I hit puberty I started noticing how she was with my dad. He was very strict with me but let her do anything she wanted. One day, I heard her moaning and thought she was hurt. When I opened her door, I saw our dad shoving his huge, hard cock in and out of her poor over stretched pussy. Long story short, her whole body was jerking so I asked her if he was hurting her. She started shaking her head no, as my dad said “she’s cumming on my cock, that’s what women do when they like it”. He then told me to go tell my mom it was time for me to learn about sex too. When I hesitated he yelled “well, go on boy, tell your momma what I said”.

My uncle said he found his mom in their bedroom and when he told her what his dad had said, she just told him “take your cloths off and lay down on the bed”. He said his mom stripped at the same time and when he laid down on the bed, she started sucking his cock. He said that he shot his first load of cum in his moms mouth but she kept sucking him until it was hard again and then they traded places and she showed him how to fuck her. He said that him and my mom, started fucking each other, shortly after that. He said that he loved my mom but its illegal for brothers and sisters to have sex so they had to hide it. I noticed that his big fat cock was rock hard and pointing at the ceiling. There was thick, clear cum oozing from the tip and running down the underside and collecting on his big, brown, hairy balls. As I watched his cock jerk, I was thinking about how good the cum I had licked up had tasted. He noticed that I was looking at his big cock and asked, “did you like watching it fuck your mamma’s hairy old pussy”. I was mesmerized by it, so I just shook my head yes, and he stepped closer. He said, “go ahead and touch it, your mom loves to touch it and then she stroke’s it before she sucks it”.

He was standing so close with his big, hot cock nearly touching my face. I had loved licking my moms old cummy pussy so the next best thing was the big cock that had fucked it. I got my courage up and without warning, I engulfed over half of his big cummy cock with my mouth. He moaned loudly and his big, hard, sweaty cock erupted huge amounts of his salty, acidic, hot cum into my willing mouth and down my throat. He grunted and pumped his hot cum for what seemed like an eternity until his softening cock became to sensitive and he pulled my sucking mouth away from it. I thought we were done but he told me to take my cloths off. As I stripped, he squirted something into his hand and rubbed it onto my hard cock. When he turned his round hairy ass to me, I knew what to do. I grabbed his hips and I pushed as he moaned, until my hard, fat, 8 inch cock was buried to the balls in his tight, hot ass. He continued to moan and groan as I fucked him, so I reached around and rubbed his big, hairy man boobs for a while and then my hands began stroking his big rejuvenated cock.

I was getting close to cumming and so was he. We were banging into each other like animals when I felt his cock begin to jerk in my hand. I slid my hand to the head of his cock, just as he started grunting and spraying his hot cum everywhere including two or three ounces into the palm of my hand. That took me over the edge so I buried my hard cock in my uncles ass as he pushed back and took my young, hot load deep in his stretched out butt. As my big balls emptied themselves, I licked his delicious cum from my hands. When it was over, my uncle showed me movies of my mom fucking white men, black men, groups of men, other women and even a couple of big dogs. I called my mom and asked if I could spend the night, and she said “I guess you like my brothers big cock and hot cum just as much as I do” and then she laughed.

When I got home the next day, my mom asked “do you remember dropping me off at that bar on the south side a few months ago”. When I said I did, she said, “I need for you to take me back over there”. The bar she was talking about, was in a bad part of town and a predominantly black neighborhood. By the time I got a shower and we left, it was four o’clock in the afternoon. When we got there, mom said “they all know I’m blind as a bat, so instead of saying your my son, I’m gonna tell them your my care giver”, I said “alright” and we went in. There were maybe 10 men in the bar, all black and most in their 50’s. Everybody in there, seemed to know my mom and several hugged her and copped a feel, one even ran his hand up her dress and said “Damn! no panties and it’s already wet”. Mom laughed and said “I didn’t want to send any mixed signals” and then the men all laughed. Mom said “this is Mikey, he’s my care giver and he’s very open minded so, be nice to him and I’ll be nice to all of you”.

We sat at the bar and the men swarmed her, they took turns sitting next to her, and rubbing on her, and even exposing their cocks for her to stroke. Finally, the bartender said “you guys can’t be doin that shit in here, your gonna have to take her upstairs” so the whole party moved up stairs. We were in a big room with chairs and couch’s lining the walls and in the middle of the room was a simple, dirty box spring and mattress. Two older men came in with a fifth of whiskey and a big box filled with cold quarts of beer. One of the men, a big, older, dark black man asked me “whats your name boy” and I said “it’s Mike”, and he said “hi Mike, I’m Ben”, and then he asked “you want a cold beer Mike”. I looked at my mom and she was already naked and so were most of the other men. I told Ben “yeah thanks” and took a quart of beer. Like all the other men, Ben started taking his cloths off. When he was naked, he said “you gotta shuck them cloths boy, if you wanta stay in here”. I was embarrassed but I stripped anyway and sat down on one of the couch’s. Ben had the fifth of whiskey and was walking around giving drinks out of the bottle to anybody that wanted it.

After he had made the rounds, he walked up and stood in front of me as he took a big drink from the bottle. I had noticed his big swinging cock as he walked around the room but now, looking at it up close, I thought it looked more like an elephants trunk hanging down under his big round belly. His big hairy balls hung like 2 grapefruits in their dark black sack. He offered me the bottle and said “take a hit off of this Mike, it’ll make your dick good and hard, I put 10 hits of Viagra in it”. I took a big drink and Ben left again. When I looked at the bed, there was a big man laying on his back with my mom straddling his head as she sucked his big black cock. She was on all fours with another big black man fucking his huge cock into her doggy style. When Ben came back, his big cock was feeling the Viagra. It was about a 11 inch’s long and fatter than a soda can, with a long, thick, helmet like head that was dripping clear cum like a leaking faucet. Again, he stopped in front of me and stroked it with both hands as he asked me “it’s really big ain’t it, look at them big balls swingin around, you like lookin at em, don’t’cha Mike”?

I was amazed by his big cock and balls and wanted to lick and suck on them but I was too scared to do it in front of my mom and all of these men. Ben insisted I take another hit of the whiskey and then he was gone again. As he left, I noticed his nice, big, round, black, feminine ass. I guess it was the Viagra but I enjoyed watching him as much as I did seeing my mom servicing all of these horny black men. I wondered what my dad would say if he saw her doing it. From my daydream I heard my mom calling me, so I walked over to where she was laying by herself on the bed. Several men were standing around with hard-on’s and I wondered why they weren’t fucking her. Mom looked at my hard cock and smiled her slutty old toothless smile and said “I’m a cummy mess baby, can you clean momma up a little, as she laid back and spread her legs wide for me. Her whole lower belly was coated with a thick, shiny layer of fresh cum that saturated her curly pubic hair and dripped down the crack of her raw looking ass. As I leaned in, I could see that both her ass and pussy were gaped wide open and oozing cum. Mom saw her opportunity and used both hands to pull my head and face into her sloppy old cunt.

I expected all of that cum to be cold and smelly but her pussy was as hot as a volcano and the cum was thick and delicious. It was so good, I licked her ass and pussy until she came and then her belly and tits and finally, as I laid between her legs I licked her cummy face. My mom pulled my mouth to hers and we kissed, not a motherly kiss but a nasty, no teeth, tongue twisting kiss where I licked my old slutty mom’s bare gums. I needed her as badly as all the other men in the room and then I felt her hand, guiding my rock hard cock into her old, slutty, used fuck hole. I impaled her with it and fucked her like a sadist, banging my big balls into her hot pelvis until we both became, a tightly bound bundle of jerking, grunting mother and son, flooding each other with our hot, sticky, family cum. I heard my mom moan “thank you baby, mommie needed that”. Suddenly the men were talking about me being her son so I kissed her and slid back and cleaned the latest deposit from my own sweet mom’s loving hot pussy.

Before I could even leave, my mom had a big black cock in her mouth and another one getting ready to fill her needy old pussy. I sat back down on the couch and noticed three big older men standing around me, stroking their big cocks. All three were aimed at me and as I looked at each face, I saw the same needy look. The biggest guy walked up to me and said “you want some hot cum straight from the tap” as he stroked his thick, 8 inch, uncut cock near my face. I thought about it and said “hell yeah I do” as I opened my mouth and swallowed almost all of it. I kept choking on it until he said, “slow down and breath, when I pull out”. After that, we got a rhythm going and soon, his big cock was sliding down my throat. After a few minutes he moaned “I’m gonna cum, just get ready and hold your breath and let it go down, ooohhhh Godd heree ittt cummssss, gettt readyyyy, ohhhhhh, ahhhhhh, ohhh yeahhhhhhh, aahhhhhhhhh” and he buried his nice big hard cock down my throat and nearly drowned me with his scalding hot, thick, tasty cum.

As soon as he pulled my mouth from his cock, another man, pulled it to his and shot two huge squirts on my face before we both got it in my mouth. I guess my hot mouth and throat, triggered something because his huge cock was jerking in my throat and I could feel his hot cum filling it, and then sliding slowly into my stomach. The third man was in his forties and held my head back with one hand while his other hand, furiously jerked his big curved cock. I was looking up at him as he started grunting and shooting huge strands of hot cum, all over me. I was able to catch most of it in my mouth and as it was winding down, he pushed it down my throat and let go with a couple more big spurts and then left. Standing behind him was Ben, bent over and getting fucked by another man. Ben’s humongous cock was hard and sticking straight out as he jacked it off with both hands making his big balls swing wildly around.

I crawled over to him and began licking his pre-cum from the big flared head while pulling on his hot balls. His cock head was so fat, I couldn’t get it all in my mouth. He had both hands brutally banging his own crotch so I knew, he needed to cum. I reached around and pulled him by the butt cheeks until I forced my small mouth onto his big, fat cock head, immediately causing his huge balls to erupt into my eager mouth. My mouth was so tightly connected to his huge cock and his ejaculations were so big and strong that each time he came, my cheeks would blow up like a balloon. I had to swallow it all in one gulp and get ready for the next big one. He came for at least two minutes until my belly felt overly full and happy. Because of the Viagra, it was like being hung up with a dog, I had to wait for his big hard-on to go down to get my stretched mouth loose. I finally got loose and found two more needy cocks waiting for me.

Those two well endowed men got their wonderful big cocks worshiped by me and I got two nice big loads of the thick, salty, bodily fluids I had developed a taste for. After that, I drank some beer and watched old Ben get fucked by two more guys. He was on all fours getting fucked doggy style and I could see his big stiff cock leaking cum all over the floor under him. I laid down on my back and slid my head under his belly and began sucking the fresh cum from the tip of his swollen cock. As his cock was getting fully hard again, I heard my mom call me. I slid out and went to her. Again, she was covered in cum and none of the men wanted to deal with that. Just as I dropped to clean her up, Ben said “let me fuck her first, she’ll need all that cum for lubrication”. Mom was already on her back with her legs spread so Ben just dropped down between her legs and rubbed his big cock head up and down her hairy, old, wet slit. Mom had a scared look on her face when she saw the size of his cock but like the trooper she was, she just took his cock and guided him in.

When Ben slowly stretched my mom’s poor old pussy out enough to accommodate his massive cock, he began to pump it in and out slowly. Mom would grunt loudly when he pushed in and moan sadly when he pulled out. Soon they were fucking like animals but mom sounded like she was being beaten and in a way, I guess she was. She motioned me over and said “kiss me baby” so we instantly started our nasty kissing once again but this time she was grunting as I explored her empty mouth that tasted like men’s cum. Ben was fucking her violently now and I knew he was about to cum. Mom was just trying to hold on and not get split wide open so I whispered to her “maybe I can help” as I moved behind Ben. I pushed my cock up to meet Ben’s retreating ass and buried it balls deep on the first attempt. Ben’s head reared back as his mighty balls began jerking next to mine and I could feel his ass tighten every time he flooded my mom’s pussy with his thick hot cum. Mom was moaning loudly and then I felt her pussy start jerking on both mine and Bens hard cocks as she went in to her own orgasm. All of this hot, jerking movement took me over the edge so I started pumping huge spurts of my own cum deep into Ben’s horny ass.

After that we rested and people started leaving. Ben and I exchanged numbers and mom said “his number and mine are the same” as she kissed Ben lovingly on the mouth, while I reached around and rubbed his big cock, one last time. Me and Ben had to almost carry my mom to the car and she had me lick her clean one more time, right there in the parking lot. Dad wasn’t home yet so my mom made up a story about us going to the gym and her hurting her back on one of the machines. I gave her a sponge bath just in case my licking had missed some evidence. Mom was laid up for five days because she could barely walk and was to sore to fuck, so I figured we were both as horny as hell. On Sunday morning while dad was at church, my uncle came over and said “lets go over to “freaky park”. I asked what “freaky park” was and mom said “just wait, you’ll see” and we left. When we got there, it was nothing more than a dirt road in the woods with smaller dirt roads branching off of it. My uncle pulled the truck into one of the smaller side roads until we were alone in the woods.

Mom got a blanket from behind the seat and my uncle opened the tailgate. They spread the blanket out in the truck bed and started stripping so I did too. When I was naked, my uncle said “keep your cloths with you in case you have to put em back on”. My mom got down on her knee’s and started taking turns, sucking our cocks. I saw an older, naked man walking toward us and then another one coming from a different direction. My uncle said “its alright, as long as their naked, their looking for the same thing we are”. The first man walked right up beside me and my mom began sucking his semi-hard cock too. As my mom sucked him, I felt his warm hand rubbing my ass. By now, there were five naked strangers standing around us. Mom laid back on the blanket with her legs wide open and said “why don’t you boys go see what you can get into while I take care of these hard cocks”. I was confused but my uncle pulled me away saying “we’ll check back in on her later but for now were on our own, just walk around and see what you like, everybody’s open minded out here”. As he headed off, I just started slowly walking in a different direction. When I looked back toward my mom, she was busy fucking but the guy who had been rubbing my ass, waved at me. Without thinking, I waved back and kept walking.

A minute later, the same older man caught up with me. He said, “its your first time here isn’t it” and I nodded yes. He said “just relax, if you want to touch somebody, just make eye contact and they’ll let you know by moving closer or walking away. If your interested in being touched, just present yourself to them, its that simple”. He said “you’ve got a nice ass” so I thought about it and turned it toward him. He smiled and said “your a fast learner” as his warm hands cupped my butt cheeks. He turned me back around and put his warm hand around my hard cock as he asked “what do you like”? I looked down at his big but only semi hard cock, so he took my hand and placed it on his warm cock. I looked at him as I wrapped my fingers around it and felt it instantly start growing. He had to be 60 years old with a hairy, chubby belly, thin gray hair, and a mustache. I felt wetness on my hand as he pulled me to him and kissed me right on the mouth. His tongue pushed on my lips so I let it in. This was weird but I liked it and his now hard cock had doubled in size. I had never kiss another man so I had to think about it. Finally, I decided I liked it and began kissing him back.

He was moaning loudly as we kissed and I could feel him humping his now hard cock against mine. When I looked down, his big hard cock was throbbing up and down as it steadily dripped clear cum from the tip. He said “God your so handsome, guys your age usually don’t give me the time of day”. He was shaking and looked so lonely and sad as he said “if you touch me again, I’ll probably cum all over you”, so I dropped to my knees and engulfed the big head oh his cock with my mouth and sure enough, he started cumming buckets. I couldn’t swallow it as fast as his big balls pumped it out, so I just swallowed his whole cock and let him finish pumping it straight into my belly. When it was over, he kissed me on the mouth as he put something in my hand. When we broke the kiss, he said “thank you, I’m glad I ran into you”, and he hurried off. When I looked in my hand, there was a $20 dollar bill.

Before I could stand up, a chubby, younger, nerdy, black guy with glasses stepped up to me and slid his shorts down to his ankles releasing his big 8 inch fat cock that had a huge downward curve in the middle. When I took it in my mouth he said “damn! your mouth is hot” as he grabbed my head like it was a football and started literally raping my face. He grunted out lots of nasty things as I choked on his fat cock while his big balls banged into my chin. I remember hearing him say “suck that black cock, faggot, you know your a black cock whore now don’tcha faggot, I bet you’d love to see your old white momma suckin it too, wouldn’t you boy”. His last comment, sent his cock and balls into a strong lifting motion as his scalding hot cum spewed out into my willing mouth and throat. His massive cum load was very thick and sticky as it clung to my tongue and throat. I was still trying to swallow it long after he left. When I looked up, I saw a beautiful, tall naked woman getting fucked from behind as she stood, leaning against a tree while pushing her nice, round ass back at an older man’s long thin cock.

I scooted behind a big tree to hide myself as I watched them fuck. They were fucking like animals and soon, the older man pushed his cock as deep in her as it would go and began jerking and grunting as his big balls unloaded inside her. As they unhooked from each other, the older man turned in my direction and I instantly recognized him, it was my own dad. As he started putting his cloths back on, I knew for sure it was him. She still had her back to me when he kissed her and left. I was dumbfounded wondering who my dad was cheating with. She was still naked as she bent over and picked her cloths up and headed my way. She was young and beautiful and her breasts were beautiful too, with big, dark areolas and nice long nipple’s. I couldn’t see her pussy because she was holding her cloths in front of her as she walked. I was panicking because, well, I was hiding and she was going to know that I had been spying on them. As she got closer, she stopped and said “you can come out now Michael, your dads gone”.

I knew by her voice, it was Erica from my dads hardware store but she looked different. I was embarrassed as I stepped out, because I’d been caught, but mostly because I was still buck naked. Erica looked down at my hard cock and said “I can tell your happy to see me”. I was babbling something about how I didn’t recognize her, so she cut me off and said “it’s alright Michael, your dad likes for me to wear a wig when he fucks me, he says it reminds him of your mom when she was younger”. She asked, “which do you like better”. God I felt like an idiot and she was loving it. I said “I like you better, the other way” so she just pulled the wig off and shook her real hair out. I was thinking about how sexy she was so I asked “have you got a thing for my dad”? She giggled and said “no silly, I’ve got a thing for you, I’ve had a crush on you ever since high school. You were always nice to me so I got my job, just to be around you, think about it”. I said “God your beautiful, I feel so stupid”. She looked into my eyes and said “this is the real test”, as she turned around and put her cloths on the ground. When she turned back around, this beautiful, sexy, feminine girl had an 8 inch, very hard, beautiful, cut cock with a delicate pink head that was already drooling cum from its tip. Her body was hairless except for the thick bush on her cock and balls.

She held her arms out and spun around, then asked “do you still like me” and I quickly answered “more than ever”. She said “well, I didn’t tell your dad that you were here, so I think you owe me”. I said “alright, what do you want”. She said “I want three things”, She looked down at her very hard cock and said “First, I want the same thing you gave the black guy, Second, I want you to do to me, what your dad did to me, and Third, I want to be your girlfriend”. We smiled at each other as I dropped to my knees, and then she held my head as she fed me her tasty cock. She smelled very good down there, as she pumped that hard cock in and out of my hungry mouth and it wasn’t long until her small hairy balls, started filling my sucking mouth with more hot, salty cum than most big balled men could. We rested for a minute and then she turned her nice big round ass to me and wriggled it. My cock slid right in her tight, little, cummy ass and I fucked her hard until her own cock started spurting hot cum all over the ground. When that happened, I dropped and began tonguing her hot ass until she turned and fed me the last of her tasty cum. After I licked her clean, I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately. When the kiss ended, she said “Damn! I didn’t even think you would actually kiss me” and I said “I’d kiss you anytime and in front of anybody”.

As we walked back to my uncles truck, I asked “is it all right if I still fuck my mom sometimes” and she said “hell yeah, as long as I can still fuck her sometimes too”. I said “so you’ve fucked my mom too” and she said “Michael, Michael, Michael, your the only one in your family that doesn’t know whats really going on. Your mom knows about me and your dad, and your dad knows about your uncle and all of the other men she fucks, and I’ve fucked with all of them” ... My mom was fucking my uncle when we got there so we just sat down and made out until they were done. I told Erica that I knew an old black man that could really stretch her pretty little ass out for her and she just said “oh please, Michael, I’ve actually shoved a quart wine bottle up my own ass and I can still pick up a pencil with my butt cheeks, but if you wanna see me fuck him, then I’ll do it for you honey”...”but then you’ll owe me big time”, and we both laughed.

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