A Voyeurs Dream

by uksnowy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Voyeur doing his thing, not very carefully and invited to actually watch and video a couple

I was mesmerised. She sat opposite me in the café in the huge new shopping mall. Her crotch which was exposed to me in all it’s bare-naked glory had dissipated the drained pissed off mood I was in and had turned it into elation at the sighting. Frustrated at the lack of upskirt opportunities in this admittedly early day in the year, but it was a spring sunshiny day at last I had reasoned with myself before embarking on a test day with my new camera, I had retreated to the café for a blast of caffeine.

I wanted to try its technical gadgetry before going out on the serious missions later in the year and not too far ahead, to capture the delights of what the modern lass, woman and girlie was wearing or not under her skirt. Only once in the one year previous where I had been hooked on upskirting - had I captured a no panties sequence and in my ignorance with the then old second hand camcorder linked to my VCR I had wiped it. Today they were all wearing tights, but I anticipated that when I started. Maybe, just maybe there would be stockings, hold-ups or suspended, but those would allow sights of their knickers and thongs and maybe nothing. I hoped for the sight of a hairy beaver winking down at my lens as my target fidgeted at the checkout or on the escalator. Playing the tape back in the safety and security of a cubicle of a toilet, there was nothing but nylon coated undies and no nice undies too. All seemed to be buttock swathing big white cottons, not a bikini panty or thong in sight. Hence my pissed off mood and the coffee stop.

Now opposite me and she knew what she was doing, was a fortyish well turned out woman, wearing hold-ups, fleshy thighs and a bare pussy completely exposed every time she shifted in her chair. This was with exaggerated movements, clearly meant to show her crotch to me. She was smiling fuck it!

At me.

I thought when her male companion returned, his strained limping walk causing him some distress, with a tray of drinks and sandwiches, that she would cease her flashing and concentrate on his groomed sophisticated persona. He looked younger than she did. She was bleached blonde, but carefully groomed, busty, but not plump and when he arrived, she slung her light jacket away from her shoulders letting it drape carelessly over the back of her chair.

But no - she made a great fussy play of gathering it up and smoothing out the collar and pulling the belt ends off the floor and all the time, I was treated to glorious vistas up wide open legs as she shifted and wriggled. Shit! She was only about fifteen feet away. I could see dark hair round her slit and above it and her funolips were clearly visible. Her stockings were natural coloured. Her flesh was pale contrasting with the dense black of her flared skirt and highly polished, four-inch, stiletto heeled shoes. I thought about getting my cam out and capturing the performance, but there were people about and it would have been too obvious so I relaxed happily watching, in fact staring as she glanced almost continuously at me whilst sipping her drink.

An involved conversation between them was carried on with little whispers, gestures and intimacies such as close mouth to ear contact, gentle touches of hands, smoothing of each other’s hair and nudging of knees and never did the man look my way. He must have known because she kept glancing at me and smiling, flashing her cunt, with which I was becoming quite intimately knowledgeable, such was the duration of her flashing. No man, especially one so good looking, groomed and probably well educated - yes I was guessing, would ignore attitudes, but he knew. He just did. I took time out to glance around behind me to see if other chapss were enjoying the naughty views. Two mums with pushchairs had their backs turned. An old couple were watching what would be their grandchildren playing in the kid’s area. Two business guys were deep in conversation immediately behind me peering intently at lsptops and side on and would not have seen the views from their position. That was the extent of the table area, there were no others behind.

It was for me and as if to prove it having seen me checking, she turned full on grinning widely and cocked her right leg up onto a knee as if to examine her stockings for a snag or ladder near the ankle. Her right knee splayed wide, her left knee fell away and her pussy pouch posed provocatively. It was plump and the gash looked slightly red. Had he given her a good fucking that day before they ventured out? My mind whirled.

The woman leaned back and stretched luxuriously and I got the full extent of not only her crotch but also the bounteous curves of her upper torso, straining against the lace blouse. I was guessing her bra and cup size when suddenly he looked sharply at me. Full on, stern, eyebrows lowered, glaring then a smile crept slowly over his handsome features. I looked away and gathered my bag. Time to leave old chum. He had finally clocked me. I couldn’t resist a last glance and the pair of them were jiggling with laughter.

Their heads were rocking, their laughter was loud and not forced and they both focussed their mirth on me as I got up rather shamefully and moved my chair to make a shuffling ridiculed exit. One or two people near them glanced at the mirthful pair, wanting to be in on the joke but to my amazement they were both beckoning me. A temptingly crooked finger from her and a friendly wave from him joined forces to stop me in my tracks and again check behind to see if they were sharing a joke with an accomplice.

The two chaps had gone, the old couple were stuffing burgers into the kid s mouths and the two mums just kept jawing. I pointed disbelievingly at myself and they nodded and giggled at my hesitant gesture. Were they plain-clothes security having a joke before apprehending me having watched me aim my cam up females skirts earlier? Fuck - these new malls had so much CCTV and staff. Had I been careless because I had gone against my golden rule of only uppying in outdoors markets and other gatherings? The escalators in this new place had been well documented in the press as very long and very crowded and I’d only ever got one good escalator shot all last year. Thus the temptation.

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