Adventures in Horticulture

by Sailbad

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control, Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction, non-anthro, Bestiality, Masturbation, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Girl meets plant for cross-pollination(?). Emily house-sits for her botanist neighbor and gets seduced by an enormous flowering plant in the professor's greenhouse.

It was not too much to ask, a simple chore, really. Her neighbor, Prof. Masterson, a kind elderly woman who had always been a good friend, asked Emily to tend to her house while she was away at a botanical exposition. The professor had fallen all over Emily with praise but there really was no reason. Emily was happy to do it and the chores involved were quite trivial. She was asked to collect the mail and water the plants inside the house and the adjoining arboretum. It could hardly take more than 20 minutes and Emily had always been fond of the old lady, she was more than happy to oblige when she was asked.

The instructions were to water the plants only and to not dwell in the greenhouse too long. She had even reemphasized that last point just before she left for the airport. “Just water the plants in the arboretum and leave as quickly as possible, dear,” the professor had told her. “I’ll explain it all to you some day, but for now, remaining too long in there might prove ... disruptive to your constitution.”

Emily had no idea exactly what that implied but she was sure it was only some precaution about allergies or skin rashes and paid no more mind to it. She saw it as a mere detour from her daily routine, something she could polish off quickly when she got home from work.

Emily was a single, professional woman in her late 30s. Physically fit with an attractive figure, she was a brunette, more attractive than most, but she kept her looks concealed behind thick glasses and a toned-down wardrobe. She had no qualms about men in her life and in fact had always enjoyed a vigorous sex life. But, being a bit of a bookworm, she simply enjoyed being alone and had consequently devoted her life more to her career than to romantic pursuits.

The people in the cul-de-sac enjoyed her as a respectable and dependable neighbor who kept her property neat and attractive and caused no disturbances or detractions. She was the perfect go-to person for house-sitting or monitoring and she was called upon often for this kind of favor. It made her proud to be so respected.

It was Saturday afternoon and in spite of Prof. Masterson’s concise warnings, Emily had her heart set on curling up with a good book in the warm sunlight of that arboretum. She had noticed a chaise lounge-chair right by the door into the house so she surmised it could not be dangerous in there. She would finish up the chores, roll the lounge chair into the sunlight and enjoy her book all afternoon.

As she unlocked the front door and entered her neighbor’s house she could hardly wait to finish up the work and settle down for her relaxing read. She set down the book she was reading, a thoroughly smutty romance novel, on the kitchen counter and then filled the water can at the sink. She attacked all the plants upstairs first and then worked her way through the ground floor. There were a wide variety of exotic plants which Emily figured was probably typical for a plant biology professor. She tried to remember all the specific instructions she was given for each plant and was careful not to make a mess but she was anxious to get this out of the way and get into her book. She finished faster than usual and returned the can to the sink.

That taken care of, Emily collected her book from the counter and made her way through the study to tend to the plants in the greenhouse. Opening the sliding door she stepped into the humid warmth and felt it close around her before she shut the door into the house. She shut her eyes and tilted back her head to enjoy the sun on her face. She inhaled the fresh earthy scents of the ferns, vines and trees about her and knew this would be the perfect place to curl up with a good book and heal her senses with full effects of nature.

First, she had to tend to her chores. She set her book on the lounge chair and picked up the water can from where she left it by the door. Emily put the water can under the spigot and turned it on while her eyes scanned the enclosed garden and took note of the circuit she needed to take to finish this job. She was anxious to finish and filled the can to the top so she could get all the watering done in one trip. The can was heavy so she applied it to the big trees first to get the bulk of the load emptied fast. Next came the vines around the edges and last but not least, the big, odd-looking plant in the sunny corner of the room. She got close to the center stalk and dumped the can to flow around the plant’s base the way the professor had shown her. She emptied the can and then stood back to look at the thing in its whole.

She figured it had to be some kind of tropical plant because of its lush foliage; some deep jungle because she had never seen anything like it. It had big, broad leaves in a thick clump around its base. Arrayed within this clump were five 6-inch long buds with purple petals closed tight around them. The most dominating feature of the plant was a long pinkish-purple stalk that grew up out of its center that was about 3 to 4 inches thick and rose to about 8 feet tall. At the top of the stalk was a huge pink bulb about the size of a large melon with thick, shiny, pink petals.

Emily imagined the thing to be absolutely beautiful when in bloom and made a mental note to ask Dr. Masterson to show her the blossom when it was time. She knelt down to look more closely at the five tightly wrapped buds around the base. Examining them, they appeared to be wrapped too tightly to be anywhere near blossoming. She was about to stand up when she heard a slight crackle and pop. She heard more and then she noticed the leaves opening up around the stamens. She thought it must be the afternoon sunlight and she watched all five of them spread apart to reveal bright, deep-purple flowers with 6-inch, dark yellow, cone-shaped anthers sticking out of the centers. It was a stunning display and she stood up to take in the entire scene. She inhaled deeply and it was then that she notices the enticingly sweet aroma of the blossoms.

She looked up to see if the big bloom was opening, but no, it seemed to be waiting for some other event. She stroked the stalk and found it sturdy and strong. She lightly touched the big bulb and felt its softness. The petals encompassing the bud were voluptuous and full with a kind of tough, leathery feel. Emily wondered what intricately beautiful and large blossom such a bud concealed. Her hand played down the stalk and stroked its length to test its sturdiness and texture. She would have to ask Dr. Masterson about the nature of this odd plant and its unique configuration.

At last, her job was done, time to relax and get into her book. Returning the water can to its place by the spigot, she scooped up the book and dragged the lush lounge chair over to the sunny spot beside the big, pretty plant, plopped down, kicked off her sandals, and started to read. It felt cozy enough to take a nap on and she thought she just might but she was eager to continue into her story where she had left off.

She quickly lost herself in the imaginative distraction. As the story evolved Emily relaxed in the warm rays of the sun. She felt a weariness she did not know she had slowly melting from her. This being one of her usual tawdry romance novels, it was not too long before Emily tripped upon an elaborate love scene. She relished these lurid trips into explicit lust, specifically crafted to tease a woman’s libido into her conscious mind. As she read along, this one promised to be exquisitely sensuous and, subconsciously unaware, she raised her hand to her mouth and began tracing the outlines of her lips.

Further she read and her mind sank into the lavishly detailed encounter of the two characters in her book. Her fingers strayed, lightly stroking her cheek and then caressing the lobe of her ear. It fueled her intense passion, her flesh hungered for stimulation to match that being fed her mind. The wanton fingers slowly drug across her neck and lightly lingered on her throat before plunging downward to the opened collar of her blouse; threatening and teasing her cleavage. Her flame burned hotter and with no overt awareness on her part, Emily’s finger tips began following the laced edge of her bra. Up and down they surreptitiously crept. Her pulse climbed precipitously and her chest heaved with each breath. Her fingers boldly crept lower until finding the nipple of her breast. The nipple was hard beneath the fabric of her brazier and tip of her middle finger began circling it round and round.

Emily stopped her reading and lifted her head from her book. Her trashy romance novels always got her worked up but this time she was feeling especially horny. She bit her lip and looked anxiously out through the glass walls of the greenhouse; suddenly nervous that someone might have witnessed her fondling herself. About her, Dr. Masterson’s garden was peaceful and serene. None of the surrounding houses were tall enough to look down into the greenhouse and the high hedge protruding above the cedar fence encircling the yard was far too dense to see through. Emily could not be seen in here. She took a deep breath, sniffing in that wonderful smell of the big purple flowers, and stretched in the warm sunlight. It began to feel stuffy to her and she was getting a little overheated. She was feeling just so wicked and erotically charged.

She decided to take off her blouse, the notion just popped into her head. She stood up and swayed from the dizzying rush in her head. She looked about the garden again and then started unbuttoning her blouse. It felt odd to expose herself to the raw sunlight and even more so to be doing it in somebody else’s home but the notion just seemed to fit in with her erotic mood. After she tossed her blouse on the chair she continued to strip off her bra. She arched back and lifted her nude breasts to the sun and felt the delicious warmth on her skin. She cupped her fair-sized boobies in her hands and gently squeezed them. The sensation only drove her sensuous mood higher and she knew her pants would have to come off too.

She was feeling carefree and dangerously depraved but nothing would stop her now. She unhitched her pants and dug her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and pushed both garments down her legs in one swift motion. She stepped out of them, took a wide stance in the bright sunlight and let her hands wander over her body like an impassioned lover.

This behavior was so unlike her and she was a little shocked at her own actions but it all felt so delicious and delightful. She stretched again, shook her short brown hair loose and then settled back down in the lounge chair to get back into that book. She sat cross-legged on the chair with the book on her lap. The action continued hot and heavy as she read. Her hands began to roam once again over her skin. One hand cupped her tit and she lightly brushed her thumb back and forth over her nipple. The other hand crept to her pubic area.

Quite subconsciously, her fingers encroached on the dense hair at the border of her pussy. Teasingly, her hand approached her moist slit, looking for the little button that drove her wild. Her finger had parted the wet folds and was lightly stroking her lubricating juices up over her clit. Round and round Emily worked her little bud and her nipple as she read. She was climbing close to orgasm when she caught herself well in to her self-pleasuring and realized it was not even an especially erotic story compared to some. She was too close to interrupt herself now, though. She pushed the book off her lap, laid back in the chair and went to work in an all out dash for orgasm. As one hand continued to busily twitch her clitoris from side to side, two fingers of her other hand sank deep into her cunt and began churning her hungry depths.

Emily could not believe how worked up she was getting and could tell that the quick pace of her passion was leading her to an epic climax. She doubled her speed and intensity as both of her hands began stroking and plunging on her pussy in a frantic race for relief. She dug her heals into the chair cushion and began to rock her hips in an opposing rhythm to her busy hands. She worked as if she were under the body of an impassioned lover driving to fuck her brains out. She grunted and moaned wantonly, letting herself go to the moment, she felt wild and free. Her nipples were hardened to dense nubs that sent thrills throughout her body as they jiggled on her heaving chest. A chill titillated her flesh and she was covered goose bumps and at the same time a heavy blush of sweat. She wanted this so much and it was coming so big and so fast. In an all out fury to lapse her joy she heaved her hips violently into the air as her finger dug and pinched against her inflamed pussy.

She drew in a big breath and then it hit her. She screamed in triumph as an enormous orgasm seized her. The wave of ecstatic delight and release burst through her like a bolt of lightning. Every muscle in her tender body clenched as pleasure touched upon her in a magnitude she had seldom known. She shook and twitched in the throes of joy that she thought would nearly drive her insane. She rode it well and tried to make it endure. The onslaught slowly passed and she released her straining muscles, threw her arms to her sides and let her body drop limply onto the lounge chair.

Devastated by the bliss, she lay stunned and let her blood spread slowly back out to her exhausted limbs. As her mind started to recover, she tried to piece together what had provoked that sudden and incredibly out-of-proportion lust-frenzy. She lazily turned her head to the side, toward the odd plant, and inhaled deeply to enjoy its sweet aroma.

Almost instantly, a wave of intense pleasure surged through her. To her absolute dismay, Emily was cumming again. As quickly and every bit as intense as the climax she just had, her body was lost in the effects of an entirely new jolt of physical joy. Her muscles clenched and she drew herself into a ball as the orgasm ripped through her. Her vision went dark and she rolled onto her side. She let herself go again and was soon giggling from the rewarding delight.

As this second climax finished its course, Emily slid over the side of the chair and onto her hands and knees on the tile floor. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Emily was none-the-less enough of a pragmatist to wonder how two of the most intense orgasms of her life had struck her so suddenly, and the second one with no stimulation to prompt it at all. She shook her head to clear away some of the fog.

As the last of her tremors subsided and she gradually regained full control of her body she pieced together in her mind how this masturbatory session was different than all her others. It was neither her book nor her mood, it had to be her environment and in particular something in it that had changed just recently. She lifted her head and saw before her the wide open blossoms around the base of that big, odd, tropical plant and her inquisitive mind reasoned it had to be some narcotic effect of those big yellow anthers protruding up so daring from the center of those blossoms. She had to test her theory. She took off her glasses and laid them on the chair and then crawled from the hard tiles up on to the lush moss bed that surrounded the tantalizing plant.

Her inviting round hips swayed and her ample breasts swung beneath her as her soft form approached the curious plant. She could feel the effects her two mighty orgasms had on her; her inner thighs were wet with the slick dew weeping from her overcharged cunt; her skin was on fire with amplified awareness; her nipples ached with the hardness of arousal. When she had crawled up to the thick foliage at the base of the plant she sank to her elbows and in a very unscientific manner, tested her assumption with a much too forward approach and inhaled the heady fragrance of the blooms at point-blank range.

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