Keeping Count

by Tasty Little Pop Tart

Caution: This Funny Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt, Coercion, Consensual, Reluctant, Gay, BiSexual, Humor, Incest, Brother, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Funny Sex Story: Peter is a teen with a problem. He likes to suck other boys. This is a tongue-in-cheek retelling of his last two years with many different boys. Told over a 2 day period with flashbacks. Not for homophobic readers despite satirical nature.

Note to the reader: My name is Angie. I’m the author of this tale. I have two favorite types of stories now. Both revolve around effeminate young boys, either falling victim to other boys, generally slightly older but also sometimes younger, always utilizing their mouths. The second type finds an effeminate young boy unexpectedly alone in his parent’s condo for the weekend, having only mom’s underwear and her dildo(s) and pot stash for entertainment. This story is one of the former.

This story is not for everyone. Male readers are especially hateful toward stories like this, and inevitability give it a score of 1. They’d rate it a minus 10 if the system allowed, which luckily it doesn’t. Other readers enjoy the tongue in cheek narrative and rate these stories 5 or above, but just as often leave no score at all. Leaving, you know, the haters to dominate. (As everyone knows, haters always win.) If you just don’t like the story, that’s okay. Then a low number is justified.

Note 2: This story is a flight of fancy and is in no way to be taken seriously. It does not reflect the reality of a teenage boy and his ability to give head to other boys in the timeframe noted. I did track the numbers via spreadsheet, and the totals shown are accurate per my spreadsheet. However, no teenage boy could suck the number of boys, or as often as is depicted in this story; I was just having fun.

Note 3: This story takes place over two days in April, 2016. The back-story is mostly told in flashbacks that may become confusing. I apologize for that. Anyway, may I introduce Peter Magee.

It was Wednesday, April 13, 2016, 4:05 p.m. Peter was in Nick’s bedroom, naked, on his knees, between Nick’s widespread thighs. At 17, Nick was the oldest schoolmate that Peter had ever sucked. Kenneth and his three friends were older, of course, Kenneth in his 2nd year of college now.

“How many times have you swallowed altogether?” Nick asked curiously. He knew Peter’s dubious penchant for counting things, especially sexual events.

Peter freed his mouth. “You mean you, or with everyone?”

Peter lived to suck. He was 16 years old, and had sucked the first time at 14. He kept exacting count, but the count total was undoubtedly a hair off. A pubic hair, slightly thicker, and so more forgiving. A perfect count over the course of two years was downright impossible.

Nick laughed. “Me, first.”

He’d sucked 12 individual boys, three-quarters of a cock for each of his 16 years. His brother was first, a day-late birthday present, Kenneth mockingly called it. In reality, extortion. Kenneth caught him by hidden webcam trying to suck his own cock as a birthday present the day before. His first taste of cock fell on Martin Luther King’s birthday.

Peter shrugged. “I can’t tell you, not here. It’s on my laptop at home.”

“Yeah, sure,” Nick scoffed. “Of course it is.”

“It is!” Peter protested. “I know how many times I sucked you in total, though. That I looked at last night.”

Nick cocked his head. “Just happened to have out the old spreadsheet, huh?”

Peter blinked in surprise. He’d never divulged the spreadsheet to anyone.

Nick rolled his eyes. “How else would you keep track? Elementary, dum-dum.”

Peter scowled.

At 5’2” tall and 106 lbs, he was the smallest boy in his class. Only a handful of freshman boys were smaller. He wore black-rimmed glasses, and orthodonture on his small teeth. Everything on Peter was small, particularly, his peter. He hated gym.

Nick tousled his hair. “You were updating yesterday?” he reminded.

“I update every day,” Peter said defensively.

“How many did you put me down for?” Nick asked.

“The two I sucked you for.”

Nick raised his eyebrows. Peter began to blush. Nick grinned. “Total count?” he prodded.

“265,” Peter mumbled. Nick was genuinely shocked.

“No way! You’re serious?”

“I update every day. Every day something happens, anyway. Spreadsheets don’t lie.”

“They can be confused,” Nick said from experience. “Do the sum function wrong, and everything is shit.”

Peter glowered, offended. “I do not screw up my spreadsheets, Nick.”

“Garbage in, garbage out,” Nick teased. He turned serious. “You know how many times I’ve cum? For real?”

Red-faced, Peter shrugged. Pride in logging the times he sucked cock was demeaning enough; pride in logging how often he swallowed a mouthful from a boy he’d sucked was downright degrading. He should hate the idea, not track the occasions religiously.

“You can’t be embarrassed by that! You swallow me all the time, doofus.”

Peter explained his reasoning. “Anyway, I don’t actually track how many times you cum. Only the times you came in my mouth, and I swallowed.” He blushed even harder. “It doesn’t track how often somebody...” He cleared his throat, thoroughly mortified.

“Gives you a facial or cums somewhere other than your mouth?”

Peter murmured something assent-like.

Nick said, “265 times, wow. That’s not a record though, is it?”

Kenneth held that honor. Peter had sucked him 481 times in the 2 years that Kenneth had solicited his mouth. The last time had occurred January 23rd, a Saturday morning. He’d sworn off in disgust, vowing never to bare his cock for Peter ever again--like that was a bad thing. The next closest was Nick, with his 265 times.

What he longed to tell Nick, but couldn’t because he seldom reviewed those totals on the spreadsheet’s second page, was that he’d cum in his mouth 172 times--again, second only to Kenneth. He was intent on Nick (or anyone else) never finding out how many times with Kenneth it was.

Nick changed the subject. “So, you like swallowing your own?”

Peter grimaced. “I don’t like talking about that.”

Nick shook his head. This was something he could safely press. “Tell me, dude! I want to know,” he insisted, grinning.

Peter was brick red. “It’s not like swallowing you or the guys,” he muttered. “It’s actually pretty gross. I’ve done it with...” He shut his mouth with a snap. Jesus, Peter ... What are you doing?

Nick frowned. “Ryan,” he finished for his friend. It wasn’t a question.

Chagrined, Peter muttered, “Yeah.”

Nick was perturbed. He had no idea that Peter had swallowed himself for another guy, or that he did it at all. The subject had never come up.

“Wanna tell me about it?”

Peter winced at Nick’s disgruntled tone. Perversely, he was getting a sizable boner at the thought of his interludes with the cause of that tone. “You’re gonna think I’m sick,” he muttered.

“I think you’re sick now,” Nick countered, snorting. To show he was half-kidding, he laughed and popped Peter on his bare shoulder. “Tell me. I want to know, man.”

“A man wouldn’t be sucking your dick,” Peter mumbled. Or anyone else’s, he thought.

His second cock was Wayne Burrows, the best friend and cohort of his brother. On Wednesday, February 12th, 2014, Kenneth bushwhacked him after school, showing up in his bedroom at 3:35 pm. Peter hadn’t even removed his coat.

“I told Wayne about your mouth,” Kenneth told him with a smirk. “Says he wants to try it out himself.”

At this point Peter had sucked Kenneth 24 times, and had swallowed him 12. He had no issue with Kenneth at all; basically seeing his fantasy come true--with his own brother. He’d never get his own small cock in his mouth, no matter how he contorted himself, so Kenneth was a godsend. Wayne, not so much. And his two buddies, even less.

“Don’t beat yourself up,” Nick said. “You are what you are, and nowadays, being what you are is no big deal. Gays legally get married now. Kids come out in school, and people support them like crazy. Remember Jimmy Roache?”

Peter knew that Jimmy saw more grief for his unfortunate last name, than he did for his sexual orientation. But Jimmy was a popular junior before he came out, a star athlete. Peter was only popular with Nick, and a few close friends.

“You like putting it in your mouth. I like putting it in your mouth,” Nick went on, “and I don’t consider myself queer. I don’t consider you any less a guy because you are.” He grinned. “I know that didn’t make sense. You know what I mean, though right?”

Peter eyed him sourly. Then sighed. “I’d be happy never sucking anyone but you, ever again.” He surprised Nick--and himself--by leaning forward and bestowing a loving kiss to the tip of Nick’s cock. Unlike his own pitiful erection, Nick’s had not withered a bit. Nick was hard as blued steel.

Laughing, Nick shivered and exclaimed. “Jesus, Peter! Do that again.”

Peter’s 3rd and 4th cocks belonged to David Norris and Jack Koesel. David was the oldest, and Jack the youngest of the four. David had the biggest cock, Jack the smallest, though none of the four could be considered small.

Wayne introduced David to Peter’s mouth on Thursday, February 17th, and Jack the following afternoon. Between the two boys, Peter inserted their cocks for sucking 28 times. He swallowed the pair 19 times in total, saying goodbye to both the final day of school for seniors, Friday, May 30th. It was also the last day Wayne Burrows got to fuck his mouth.

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