Canadian Vacation

by Mystic47

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Fiction, Brother, Sister, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A fifteen year old girl learns several lessons about alcohol, sex and her brothers while on a family vacation in Northern Canada.

We are a family of three, two boys and me, the younger sister.

We were on vacation with our parents to some far away, solitary resort in Canada. Our mom and dad were hiking and biking nuts and thought that being close to nature was the best thing in the world. Of course they thought we kids would be as enthusiastic as they but I hated it. My brothers hated it, we all agreed that being 80 miles from a cell tower sucked, that our parents were medieval oppressors for sticking us in the vast reaches of nowhere with no hope of contact with our friends or the internet. Sure, the camp had a phone, but it was a land line and not for casual public use. Not only were we a zillion miles from a normal existence, my brothers were assholes and me being in the vicious grip of puberty hated even the sight of them. To say any of us three was having fun would be a lie that would send us all straight to Hell.

The third morning dawned bright, clear and blue so my parents bounded out of bed, fixed breakfast then grabbed their mountain bikes and left, bubbling cheerfully about the coming ride. Slowly my brothers and I slipped into the day with a lot less optimism. We snarled and scowled at each other for a couple of hours then Sam made a discovery. He was rummaging around in a pantry at the back of the little cabin and found a fifth of Canadian Crown Royal whiskey. I immediately claimed the purple velvet bag the bottle came in while Clark fretted about the whiskey. He wanted to taste it. He and Sam fondled the crown shaped bottle while arguing whether or not they should sample the goods. We knew our parents hadn’t brought the bottle so we were sure they didn’t know about it and wouldn’t miss it if we drank some. Being almost a real adult, Clark decided he could try the whiskey but me and Sam couldn’t, we were ‘too young’. Because he found it Sam got pissed and tried to take the bottle back from Clark so in about two seconds they were beating on each other, something I was used to watching because those two fought a lot. Clark was bigger and stronger but Sam had him in a wrestlers hold and was punching him on the back of the head when I grabbed the bottle and ran outside with it. Sam yelled at me to stop, Clark threw a ‘fucking little cunt’ my way but I had the prize and I was going to keep it. My brothers were too slow to get up so by the time they got outside I was gone. The Crown Royal was mine.

I hid my bounty under a rotten mossy log in what must have been an old badger hole then crept through the bushes to the lake shore where my brothers found me. When they saw I didn’t have the whiskey they threatened me with violence, promised me rewards and begged my understanding. Nothing worked. I kept my secret and wouldn’t tell them what I would trade for it because I didn’t know yet. I knew I had something they wanted so it was worth keeping until I got an offer I liked. We spent the rest of the day at a high level of sibling hostility.

The next day our parents took off again but they planned on tenting in the mountains. The resort manager agreed to keep an eye on the three of us so mom and dad left for a three day and two night trek. We kids were ecstatic! As we watched our parents bicycle away Sam commented “Three days. That old fart over there can’t watch us 24/7, this is going to be fun!” But, over breakfast we decided that being without adult chaperones for three days wouldn’t be any different than with them. There was still nothing to do except swim, canoe, fish or hike. We were three restless teenagers bonded by isolation and boredom.

It was just after noon and we were sitting by the lake throwing rocks at little fish when Clark asked me for the whiskey. “If you get it, I’ll let you and Sam try it too” he conceded.

That may have been the best offer I would ever get for the bottle so I answered “Okay, I’ll be right back.”

“No, I’ll go with you.”

His reply made me suspicious “Why, you want to steal it?”

“No you little dummy, if you bring it here the old man might see us with it.” Sam spoke up “I’m coming too.”

I led my brotherly entourage to the rotted log, retrieved the whiskey then handed it to Clark. He and Sam examined it carefully for a few seconds then Clark made a big deal out of breaking the seal with his thumbnail then twisted off the cap. He put the open bottle to his nose and inhaled deeply; his eyes watered and he almost sneezed when the overload of alcohol fumes assailed his nostrils. Sam and I were watching intently and both of us tittered nervously when Clark recoiled.

My older brother carefully lifted the neck of the bottle to his lips and sipped a taste of the rich golden fluid. He eyes watered again and his mouth gaped open as he took a deep breath. His reaction to the first taste piqued my curiosity “What’s it like?”

He looked at me “Like something on fire.” He handed the bottle to Sam who didn’t hesitate to take a deep swallow. Immediately he put his free hand on his throat and started coughing. He too was tearing up and wheezing when he passed the bottle to me. The way my brothers reacted to their first taste of the drink made me cautious. I wanted to try it but didn’t want to hurt myself so I put the tip of my tongue in the hole of the neck and tilted the bottle until the fluid splashed on my tongue. My tongue tingled and my mouth watered but it wasn’t as harsh as I was expecting. That first taste caused me to shiver but once that was done I pulled a sip from the bottle. The whiskey sloshed into my mouth then I swallowed. I handed the Crown Royal back to Clark as I tried to breathe cool air to cool my throat. As my brothers and I paused to catch our breath Sam asked “Awesome, do you think that is enough to get us drunk?”

Clark lifted the bottle to the sky and gauged the level of the liquid which really hadn’t gone down at all “I think so, mom and dad get happy on a lot less than this at home.” He took another pull off the bottle with more confidence, more determination. Sam hit it next then handed it to me and I took another shot. This time it wasn’t near as rough and the taste lingered pleasantly. In the next few minutes Clark, Sam and I took two more sips of whiskey. Just as I realized my head was losing gravity we heard the camp owner calling. Sam capped the bottle and shoved it back into the badger hole and we went to reveal ourselves to old guy so he wouldn’t come looking for us.

After the lodge owner was satisfied we were safe and nearby he started working on a boat motor. I felt kind of happy for the next hour or so, I wasn’t as edgy as normal, my brothers were almost fun to hang with. We decided to go swimming so we scampered back to our cabin to change to swim suits then ran full tilt to the lake. I jumped off the bank into deep water and as I plunged to the lake bed the top of my two piece ripped off and ended up around my neck, my tits were on full display when I popped up for air. I floundered as I struggled to pull my top down because I was trying to stay afloat and pull the halter into place at the same time. Clark and Sam were standing on the bank watching and as soon as they saw my breasts they both started to cheer and hoot. It was Clark who said “Hey little sister, you don’t look so little any more!” It took me maybe 10 seconds to decide to hell with it and paddle out of deep water with my breasts bobbing in plain view. When I could stand I pulled my top back into place and gave my grinning brothers the finger.

I was in the painful throes of puberty, my boobs were not real big but were still growing, I could tell by the constant ache and bigger bras every few months. I was 5’6”, my hips were rounding, my ass reforming from little girl to young woman. My vagina used to be a flat little fissure but had transformed, the outer lips were puffy and soft, I could see the inner labia that protected the hole in me. I had grown a garden of soft golden pubic hair. I liked looking at myself in the mirror trying to figure out which part of me boys liked better, I was getting used to being hit on at school, I liked the attention, it was fun, it was scary, it was secretly thrilling. Not only were the thoughts thrilling, I learned quickly that my own hands could provide a few thrills too, the inner lips of my cunt couldn’t protect me from my own fingers. The only thing I didn’t like about my body were some scars across my stomach from an accident years earlier.

As I waded out of the water Sam was looking at my covered tits like he’d never seen them before. He tore his eyes from my breasts to my eyes “Your tits look a whole lot better than your face.”

“Fuck you” I fired back; jibes and insults traded, my brothers and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the water.

After a picnic dinner with Albert the old babysitter we retreated from the mosquitoes to the cabin. On the way Sam grabbed our treasure from under the log then we settled down for the evening. Since we didn’t have internet or TV we had to come up with something to do so we pulled out a Yahtzee game. As we tossed the dice and added numbers, the bottle of Crown Royal was being passed from player to player. It wasn’t more than a half hour or so when we were all yakking, arguing, teasing and demanding another sip from the bottle. The game was quickly reduced to a comedy skit as we stared at the jumpy black dots and tried to add them up.

Sam got up and announced boldly “I gotta piss, I’ll be right back” and headed for the door.

Clark joined him with “Me too,” he cautioned me “don’t cheat, I know what the scores are.”

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