THE Harem Tales 5: Inkie

by Omachuck

Tags: ft/ft, Science Fiction, Aliens, Space,

Desc: Science Fiction Story: Again situated in Thinking Horndog's Swarm Cycle, Inkie and Helva are given some missions. Interesting missions. For a while, this fifth story will be the last of THE harem Tales. I have some ideas, and you folks are welcome to send more, but I need to play in someone else's playground and give my ideas a chance to ferment. No graphic sex, just some situations...

Author’s Note: This is the fifth story in THE Harem Tales. My editors and I highly recommend that you read the previous stories at for needed background. As always, I am in debt to the members of the Swarm Cycle authors’ collective for ideas and editing. Thank You!

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ft/ft / Science Fiction / Aliens / Space /