The Allotment

by lucyB

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cuckold, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, First, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Hubby persuades his wife to fuck another man while at the allotment.

“I went to the allotment today, dear,” Sarah revealed as her husband sat at the small dinner table.

Sarah sat opposite and started to eat her dinner with her husband Allen.

“Have the rabbits got to the vegetables yet?”

“No not yet the small fence you put up has kept them at bay for the time being. They’ve devastated several other plots thought,” Sarah went on as she ate, “I had a go at weeding that plot we’re resting when Derrick made some very suggestive remarks to me.”

“What did he say?” Allen asked curiously. He’d seen Derrick eyeing up Sarah on several occasions while they worked the allotment.

“Well, he’s been chatting me up for the past six weeks or more. Today, though he came on really strong and invited me into his shed where he wants to show me his special tool!”

Allen chuckled. “You sure he’s not just playing around with you, I mean ‘special tool’ it’s a bit corny.”

Sarah smiled too, “Yeah I know. It’s just that he came on really strong and wouldn’t let it rest. He just kept coming back over to me on any pretext and asked over and over again.”

“If he’s pestering you I’ll speak to him if you want?”

“No, I don’t want to make a scene.”

Allen continued to eat his meal and pondered on what his wife had said. For some time, Allen had harboured the fantasy of his wife going with another man, which he’d shared with Sarah. He’d never thought it might be an older man that could achieve his dream. Derrick was an old codger who worked his plot to give himself something to do in his retirement. When Allen and Sarah got the plot next to Derrick’s the old boy must have thought his luck had changed with a young good-looking woman next door.

“What are you going to do the next time he approaches you?” Dick asked as he finished his meal.

“Don’t know, laugh it off like I’ve done up till now,” Sarah said also finishing her meal, “It’s obvious what sort of tool he wants to show me.”

“Is it?” Allen asked with wry smile.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, he’s got an above average cock.”

Sarah looked shocked, “How on earth do you know that?”

“The other week I noticed Derrick was taking a piss beside his hut and saw it. It definitely was above average.”

“And that’s where it’s going to stay - in his trousers. I’m thirty-one years old; he must be going on seventy.”


“Look I know we’ve discussed this scenario with another man but I was expecting to be doing it with someone closer to our ages, not someone old enough to be my Granddad.”

“Okay, as I’ve said we won’t do anything until you’re comfortable with it and not before.”

“I’m flattered that he finds me attractive enough to flirt with me but that’s as far as it’s going to go.”

Eight weeks later Allen came home from work early for a change and parked his car behind Sarah’s car. On entering the house, he found Sarah sitting at the kitchen table drinking a coffee.

“Hi sweetie how’ve you been?” he asked as he put his case down and removed his jacket, “You been to the allotment today?”

“I’m fine, it’s been a lovely day,” she replied, got up and made Allen a coffee, “I went to the allotment this morning.”

“I’ll get changed and we can go back and do some more, what do you say?”

“Yes, if you want, Derrick’s back!”

“Is he now?”

“Huh huh,” Sarah placed Allen’s coffee on the table and sat.

“I asked him where he’d been, he said he’d been in hospital for an operation on his back and he’s okay now.”

“Blimey is he ok to work on his allotment?” Allen asked concerned.

“Apparently, but he was more interested in knowing if I’d made up my mind to see his special tool.”

“I see, what did you say?”

“Nothing really, I just said don’t be silly and laughed it off telling him that I have my own special tool.”

“That was nice what did he say to that?”

“Nothing, all the time I was there though he wouldn’t leave me alone. He was becoming very persistent so I came home.”

“Look, I don’t mind having a few words with him if he’s becoming a pest,” Allen suggested seriously.

“No, it’ll be okay I’m sure he’ll get the message one day.”

“Hmm, maybe you should call his bluff?”

“What go along with his suggestion?” She was clearly shocked at her husband’s remark.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to learn if you agreed to see his special tool he’d run the other way. Men are sometimes like that all mouth and no back bone.”

“But what if he doesn’t – it’s a bit of a risk isn’t it?”

“Maybe, if it starts to get out of hand then just walk away.”

“That could be easier said than done,” Sarah said concerned.

“Look it’s probably a load of banter or flirtation so don’t worry too much about it.”

Sarah wasn’t so sure; she gave her husband a weak smile and finished her coffee.

The day had been warm and Sarah was wearing shorts and a loose-fitting top with no bra. She didn’t have to wear a bra, as her tits were small and very firm.

As they arrived at the allotment, Allen noticed Derrick was putting his tools away and preparing to go home. As soon as he spotted Sarah he came out of his little shed with a spade in his hand.

As they passed the old man to get to their plot the lecher didn’t take his eyes off Sarah. Allen could see his eyes moving from her tits to her crotch and back again as he couldn’t decide what to look at first her jiggling tits or the tightness of her shorts.

“How you doing, Derrick you better now?” Allen asked as he came up to him.

“Yeah, quite good really,” Derrick replied.

“I expect the rest you got in Hospital made a lot of difference?”

“Did me the world of good, Allen I’m raring to go now, girding up me loins as they say.”

Allen laughed, “So you’re raring to go are you; real horny like?”

“Sure am, Allen I’m hornier now than I’ve ever been.”

“You need to find yourself a woman to satisfy that horniness?”

Derrick gave wry smile, “Well I’m working on that at the moment,” he said as he unashamedly looked at Sarah.

Allen watched him and realised that he really was after his wife. He could see the lust in his eyes as he watched Sarah’s arse while she bent over putting some tools on the ground.

“Well I suppose I’d better get on,” Allen said bringing Derrick’s mind back to reality.

“You’ve got a fine woman there, Allen.”

“Thanks, Derrick I think she’s a real stunner.”

“That’s for sure,” Derrick agreed still watching Sarah.

“So, who’s this woman you’re working on then?” Derrick asked.

“Oh, she’s a stunner as well, but she’s so far refused to play.”

“Why’s that then Derrick; a strapping mature man like yourself shouldn’t have difficulties in getting a good woman.”

Yeah right,” he replied flippantly, “Woman of my age are only after someone to sit and watch TV with and reminisce. The young ones only want you for your money and the ones in-between don’t even look at you; they’re either too busy looking after the kids or are so neurotic about keeping up with the fashion that they don’t even have the inclination to even look at an old codger like me.”

“There’s plenty of fish out there, Derrick you just haven’t found it yet.”

“Hmm,” he replied as he looked at Allen then back at Sarah. She was still sorting out the tools we’d bought with us.

“Well I’ve got work to do, see you later.”

Derrick grunted.

Allen joined Sarah and they set about the tasks in hand. Allen kept his eye on Derrick as time ticked away and he was doing very little with the spade in his hand. He could see the old man was openly staring at Sarah and when she bent that bit further to pull out a stubborn weed, her top fell forward revealing a lot of tit. Derrick’s eyes would nearly pop out of his head.

Allen then glanced over at Derrick’s tomatoes and called to him, “Hey Derrick, your tom’s look a bit droopy don’t they need a drink?”

The old man looked at his plants and called back, “You’re right, Allen I’d better go down to the standpipe and get some water.”

Without further ado, he picked up two watering cans and headed for the standpipe at the southern end of the allotment.

“Sarah how about I leave you alone to see what happens?” Allen suggested.

“I don’t know, Allen I’m not sure I want to do it.”

Allen ignored her hesitancy, “How about I leave, drive up the road a bit and then walk back and come in from the other entrance Derrick won’t see me I’ll be shielded by the huts over there. I’ll be able to sneak back and keep an eye on things.”

“Honestly, I don’t know, Allen. I wasn’t expecting it to happen like this.”

“Come on we have to be quick he’ll be back soon!”

Sarah looked at her husband anxiety written all over her face. Allen kept looking down the allotment for Derrick and then back at Sarah. They were silent as he allowed his wife a few moments to think it over.

“He’s coming,” said Allen looking at his wife.

Sarah just nodded her head and went back to weeding.

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