The Training of Kathy
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slavery, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, BDSM, DomSub, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - this is a true account of meeting Kathy. How I taught her how to be a slave to serve me and others. She had always been submissive in her life, Kathy didn't understand why she let men use her for their pleasure until she meet me.

The editor that has helped me suggested that I write a story explaining on how I met Kathy. I was taking night classes at the local college for accounting. I met Kathy the first day of class. When I walked into the room I noticed that most of the students were young in their early 20s.

I spotted a women which I knew by her look was closer to my age. This women was wearing a nice fitted skirt, high heels, and the rest of her outfit gave me the impression she worked in an office. When looking at her she was average height and weight. Average looking women with an average looking body nothing that stood out. I noticed the desk in front of her was open.

I walked over, asked “is anyone using this desk” and she said no. I asked if she minded if I did, no go ahead she said.

I sat down in front of her. I introduced myself to her and she told me her name was Kathy. We had a little chat about why we were both taking the class. I did mention to Kathy that I liked the skirt she was wearing it showed off her nicely shaped legs. Kathy smiled saying thank you.

The following week I was at class before Kathy and sat in the same desk and when she came in to class. Kathy was dressed basically the same way. She came over to the same desk and asked me if anyone was using the desk? I said that I had saved it just for her she smiled and I noticed Kathy even blushed a little. We made small chat about the weather how nice the day was.

I asked Kathy if she’d like to go out to Chi Chi’s restaurant for some appetizers and drinks after class. Kathy said she had a little time after class and would love to go.

After class we got into our respective cars and Kathy followed me over to the restaurant. Being the gentleman I held the door for her as she went through and I checked out her ass as she went by in her dress and it was a nice ass.

We sat down at the table, ordered some drinks and appetizers. We proceeded to talk. I found out she had two sons both teenagers. That she was going through a divorce. Kathy was an office manager for a local doctors group specializing in heart surgery.

We drank, ate, chatted, and casually flirted with each other innocently. Kathy wanting to know why a man like me was still single. I told her because I was waiting for a woman like her to come along. I stated that the dress she was wearing looked very pretty on her. Kathy blushed and said that she wore this particular dress just for me. I said it was a perfect one to wear it because it showed off her beautiful legs.

I reached over and patted her thigh briefly. I could tell by her reaction my touching her made her feel uneasy, not in a way that she didn’t like. I could see that it crossed a line of casual friendship. I think Kathy now new that I liked her and our friendship could move to a new level. It was all flirting before and my actions made it very real.

She said she needed to leave for her sons that were waiting. We walked out to the parking lot together. We chatted briefly exchanging phone numbers. Kathy kept talking; I could tell she was stalling waiting for something to happen. Probably waiting for a kiss goodbye. I decided not do anything. I made a last comment about creating a study group to work together to pass the class, Kathy agreed. I will see you next week in class, I said as I leaned in and gave a hug goodbye. By her reaction Kathy was one of frustration not knowing what to do or what expect from me.

We went out after class a couple of more times. Kathy invited me over to her home to study and to cook dinner for us. I accepted the invitation, on Saturday I showed up at her home she opened the door very excited and nervous to see me. She leaned in to give me a hug and I met her with a light kiss on the lips. Kathy was caught off guard by my action. Kathy stumbled a little physically as well as verbally as she tried to talk. I changed her mind direction by commenting on the skirt she was wearing. It was little above the knee in length but not high enough to be a mini skirt. Kathy said that since I like her in skirts she was trying to wear skirts she thought I would like. I could seeing very subtle signs of the sub in her, trying hard to please me.

We did have to wait for dinner; Kathy wanted to show me her talents in the kitchen. We engaged in small talk as she was preparing dinner. I sat at the dinner table in the chair that was closest to Kathy. I was asking her questions from the assignment from the last class.

I was watching her very closely. Kathy was watching me as well, she caught me several times checking out her shapely legs while she was cooking. Kathy asked if I was enjoying looking at her legs. I commented on how nicely shaped they were. Kathy stated that in high school she was with the water ballet team four years. That was why her legs were so toned because of all the swimming.

Kathy brought over dinner which was pasta with cooked broccoli, cheese, and chicken. Anyway I digress, as we ate we talked about school, her two sons, and what her job was like. After dinner we worked on our homework.

We were watching TV as we were talking on the sofa, I leaned in to kiss Kathy turned her head and waited for me to meet her, we kissed deeply and long which we repeated this several times.

I reached over to touch her breast through her blouse as we kissed. Kathy willing moved her arm to allow better access to it. I kneaded her breast through her blouse and bra looking for the nipple. When I found it I leaned in to place my mouth on her breast gently biting through all the fabric. She put her hands on my head to hold me to her breast. I reached in with my hands. Began to unbuttoned her blouse and opened it. I moved her bra to free her breast and began to suckle at her nipple.

Kathy asked if I wanted to go to her bedroom to be more comfortable. We walked into her room and stopped next to her bed I removed her blouse and bra. After I had done that she dropped to her knees and began to feel my hard cock through my pants. She undid my belt and pulled my pants down to my shoes, she removed my shoes and socks and my pants.

She was drawing her hand over my cock. Then she placed her mouth on my cock and was mouthing my cock and rubbing it all over. She then pulled my underwear down and off and smiled as she looked at my cock. Now my cock will never be famous or in any porn movies, it’s an average sized cock. She opened her mouth and started to give me head getting my cock all wet and then rubbing it on her checks and all over her face. She was doing this over and over. I asked her why she did that, “I like the feel of your cock on my face, it feels so good.” after a few minutes of this I was having a hard time keeping my cum in my cock.

I reached down grabbed her head, and held it for a second with my cock out of her mouth. I said to her to milk my cock. Kathy grabbed my cock tightly and stroked it slowly forcing my pre cum to the tip of my cock. I said look up at me she shifted her eyes up to me. I asked Kathy if she liked sucking my cock Kathy said yes I said “good, now take the pre cum on the tip of your tongue don’t swallow it. Bring yourself up here. Without hesitation Kathy licked with the tip of my cock picking up my pre cum with her tongue. She then stood up with her face close to mine her mouth open and my pre cum on the tip of her tongue, I told her to “kiss me.” Kathy moved her head in and we kissed sharing my cum between us in a very deep kiss.

As we kissed I reached down to her skirt, found the zipper on the side, and pulled it down. I could feel her skirt become loose around her hips and I let it fall to her feet, I reached down to her pussy and found her wearing g-string underwear and I began to rub her pussy through it. I could feel how hard her clit was and how much it was sticking out. I could feel the wetness of her pussy leaking out through her lips. I said to her “you are very turned on by all of this aren’t you?” Kathy answered, “Yes you are turning me on so much let’s get into bed now”

I said hold on a moment and I knelt down, and pulled her underwear off which brought her pussy into view, it was hairy as a normal pussy is. I reached in with my tongue and licked away at Kathy’s juices flowing from her pussy and rubbing my tongue on her clit. Kathy responded to the touch. I had to grab hold of her hips to hold her up. I could tell it has been a while since Kathy had been satisfied. I had to pull a few of her hairs from my mouth, she apologized for them. I told Kathy don’t worry with me in your life you are going to learn to shave the hair away from your lips so your pussy will be in full view for me. Kathy said yes I will take care of that tomorrow. You will need to tell me or show me how you want it done.

(All of these subtle little things were done to see how Kathy reacted. How well did she embrace subtle orders? So far everything was going well. I had to wait and see what would happen the next time. How Kathy would handle the directions given to her? We all say things and do things in the heat of passion.)

I licked Kathy’s pussy I could see she was getting really turned on. I told her to get in bed, she lay down on the bed I started to get in, but I brought my head toward her pussy and forcing my hips toward her head. We were in a side 69 position. I wanted to see how long it would take her to adjust herself in the way she was laying so she would be able to suck my cock as I ate her out. I began to eat her pussy and she was so wet. I asked Kathy if she had ever tasted herself she answered no. I brought my face up to hers and told her to lick her juices off of my face. she eagerly licked any at my face.

I then moved my face back down to her pussy and she then leaned over and grabbed my cock and moved her over to it and took my into her mouth and was giving me some unbelievable head. We did this for awhile, I would lick her clit and slide my tongue into her pussy, and this was really turning her on. I pulled her body over the top into the 69 position. When Kathy was getting close to cuming I would slow down or stop. “Not until I am ready for you to cum do you understand?” Kathy replied, “Yes when you tell me I can cum.”I told her I am going to take you to the edge bring you back from it more than you think you can handle. Kathy replied, “do whatever you want to me”. I got her to the point of actually begging me to stop or she was going to cum several times. Listening to her “please Keith stop I am going to cum, please stop I can’t hold back anymore” I would say Kathy you can’t cum till I say you can. Kathy replied, “I know I know please stop”

Kathy couldn’t keep my cock in her mouth anymore she was so close to cuming. Kathy was moaning and breathing so fast. A couple more times to the edge, I gave into letting her cum go ahead cum. “yes” Kathy said. I licked her clit faster and slid my tongue deep into her hole. Kathy’s hips were bucking and her face was lying on my cock. Kathy’s hips bucked and bucked and she pushed her hips toward my face trying to get me to lick her pussy more as Kathy came. Kathy just kept on bucking and saying “oh my god” over and over. She lay still for a few minutes as she caught her breath. Kathy kept saying “oh my god” I asked her are you alright? Kathy just laughed a little. Has anyone ever done anything like that to you? She said “no never.”

Kathy’s legs were slightly spread. I put my left knee between her legs, Kathy spread open her legs for me. I crawled between hers legs. Bringing my cock up to her clit and entrance to her pussy. I rubbed my cock against her clit slowly turning her on and every so often I would allow it to slide down toward the opening to her pussy. Kathy’s hips started to rise to meet my cock. I would not allow my cock to enter her pussy very deep. I asked her did you enjoy yourself. Kathy answered, “oh my god yes I have never felt anything close to that. Well I said, “I can’t do that every time you cum but we can get close to it, we both laughed a little.” I continued to rub my cock on her pussy and clit. i told take my cock and make sure to rub it against your clit. Kathy did exactly as I asked.

Kathy did you enjoy when I teased you not to cum. she smiled a little and said yes. I like it when you take control it turns me on.

Then I said to her I like being a master to a slave, would you like to be my slave. You can say no I said, all this will stop and we won’t do this anymore. She immediately answered,”I will be your slave” are you sure you want to do this? I said. Yes was Kathy’s reply.

I started to rub my cock faster against her clit. I could see she was getting turned on by what we were doing and what we were saying. All of a sudden i stopped stroking her clit with my cock. I lowered it toward her pussy so I was ready to slide my cock inside her pussy.

I said to her say it to me. I will be your slave she said. No I said that’s not right. Sliding my cock a little way in between her pussy lips. I could see in her eyes Kathy now realized how serious I was. Again I said say it right, ask me. She now understood, looking deep into my eyes asking, “Will you be my master? I will be your slave.

As those words were coming out of her mouth I was sliding my cock into her pussy. I could see the ecstasy in her face and she felt my cock slide into her pussy to the point I couldn’t go in any farther. I was teaching her the pleasure of submission. I pulled my cock out slowly and forced it back in as deep as it would go. I replied yes I will be your master and you will be my slave. Kathy said yes I will, as I slide my cock back deep into her pussy. We stared into each other’s eyes as we spoke. Kathy’s legs spread more, her knees pulled up to give me easier access to drive my cock deeper into her pussy. I started to pick up the tempo with each thrust. Kathy started to moan louder and louder and grabbing her legs at the knees pulling her legs apart. Kathy kept saying deeper put it in deeper and harder, harder.

When you are getting close to cuming tell me I said. I am getting there Kathy said. I said to her “what am I to you.” “You are my master, I am your slave” Kathy replied. Take your hand and rub your clit I told her. She put her hand down between us and began to rub her clit. I could feel her fingers on my cock as I slid it into her pussy. In a few moments she said I am getting close to cuming. Good I said I am going to fill your pussy with my cum would you like that. Kathy replied yes master your slave would like cum in her pussy. I continued to pump my cock into her pussy. Kathy said I am cuming master. Good I want you to say I am your slave over and over as long as you are cuming.

Kathy answered yes master, in a moment she started saying, “I am your slave, I am your slave, I am your slave. Kathy was cuming, saying this over and over with little screams of the words as Kathy came. Then I started to cum and she said yes fill my pussy with your cum, I am your slave, I am your slave she kept saying over and over slowing down and out of breath. I kept slowly stroking my cock in and out of her pussy, i could still feel her hand rubbing ever last bit of orgasms from her clit. How did you like that I asked, “that was amazing I never came that hard and that long before Kathy said.” I smiled at her she smiled at me and leaned up to kiss me deeply on my mouth. After we broke our embrace I asked if she truly was ok with what happened. Kathy’s reply to me was yes master I am your slave, you must teach what I must do for you. I will teach you all you need to know. Kathy and I cuddle up together and fell asleep.

In the morning I was making breakfast for us eggs and toast while she was in the shower. I hadn’t gotten too far along in cooking when she called me to come help her in the shower. I walked into the bathroom she was standing in the shower reaching down with her razor trying to trim her pussy.

Would you help me she asked I can’t seem to get it from here. I said ok come out her and sit on the counter with your legs open. She did as instructed. I filled the sink with warm water, I wet her pussy hair down and took a scissors and trimmed the length of the hair down to a nice short curl. i then put some cream on her pussy and started to slowly shave the hair around her pussy explaining to Kathy on how to do it and even had her pull her lips to the side so I could get to the hairs. I would stop and make her pull her lips apart so I could rub her clit. Between the warm water my touching, the razor, and the feeling of being clean shaven it was getting Kathy turned on.

Kathy finished the shaving as I watched. Leaving a little triangle patch of hair above her pussy which pointed toward her clit. Asking how does that feel. Kathy put a hand on her now freshly shaved pussy. Kathy said it’s all smooth, clean, and soft now. You need to keep it clean like that I told her.

You may get horny walking around as your clit rubs your pussy lips. She noticed that as she walked around the house. We fucked again just like we did last night making her do the exact same thing as she came.

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