Sub/Dom at the Theater
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Slavery, Gay, BiSexual, True Story, DomSub, Light Bond, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Oral Sex, Safe Sex, Porn Theatre,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A true story of my submission to a Master at an Adult theater.

This is a true story and happened in July of 2016. There will be following chapters ... also very true!

I’m a happily married man and at the age where life has taken its toll and we just don’t have sex much anymore. Not an uncommon issue I’ve found over the years but it has opened the door of exploration and I’ve discovered men are a whole lot of fun to be with sexually.

I started exploring this fabulous invention of the internet and found some fun people and over the years have connected with a few and those meetings have been nothing short of spectacular. I’ve had a great time so far and for the most part it’s been very gratifying though scary at times because of the health issues but I’ve been careful and tested frequently.

My last adventure involved a man that had a strong Dom side which is exactly what I was looking for. We conversed for a short period and got to know each other and specifically my desires with the baggage of limits that I felt necessary for our meetings. The scenario I was looking for was to be dominated in a public place and made to serve other men/women BUT I needed the assurance of safety for any sexual practice to which he agreed. So a first meeting was set up and you can’t believe how hard I was until we finally met. Because I’m playing safe I also wanted to make sure I had some protection in place in case this meeting didn’t go as planned. I ‘cased’ the place before hand and had found a place to hide some extra clothes in case he decided to take my submission further than I was willing to go.

We were to meet at Pleasures on Colfax and King St. and on the day of the meeting I spent some extra time making sure my ass was clean shaven and my cock and balls were trimmed so they would be nice and fuckable and suckable. As I had planned I arrived earlier than our planned meeting and began to prepare for my adventure. I changed into a pair of very baggy running shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops. I grabbed my little ‘life bag’ and nervous as could be I entered and went straight to my special hiding place and carefully hid my extra pair of shorts and t-shirt just in case I was left naked with no way out. I then went to the bi theater as planned and as instructed went to the front row and stripped completely naked and waited for my Master to arrive. Right on time he came in and told me I was doing well so far but he would test my ability to serve him today and that would dictate whether or not he intended to meet me again. I was going to have to work today to earn my collar that displayed his ownership of me and if I received one he would be in complete control of my body for anything he desired from then on and asked if I understood what that meant. I replied Yes Master and I was ready to be his slut for his complete control and to use as he desired.

He had me stand and face the seats and told me start rubbing my cock. As I followed his orders he stood behind me and placed a hood over my head and now I was a little scared. He then put a belt around my waist and cinched it tightly buckling it behind me. Still standing and rubbing my cock with my hood on I could hear people gathering close by but couldn’t see any of them. My Master then took one hand from my cock and placed a cuff on my wrist and fastened it to the side of the belt with a metal clip and then he did the same to my other hand. Now I was scared, naked standing in front of a bi porno theater, a hood covering my eyes completely and now my hands are secured to my waist with no way to get loose. He then told me to open my mouth and he carefully inserted a device that went over my teeth in front but locked my mouth open wide enough that you could put a cock in or anything else for that matter without me having in control.

I was hard as a rock and knew that at that moment in time I was doing exactly what I was intended to do and that was to be a cock and cum slut for my Master and to serve anyone that he wanted to use my mouth or ass for their pleasure!

I was then led towards the seats and he told me to put one knee on a seat cushion and then he helped me put my other knee on the next seat and he carefully leaned me forward so my chest was supported off the seat backs. So picturing in my mind my position, my naked cleaned out ass up and my hooded head was facing forward at cock height with a device to keep my mouth open for anything to be put in there, in a porno theater with a bunch of horny guys looking to fuck anything that would let them and I knew I was that outlet for them now. It began, the first cock slid into my mouth gently at first and slowly rocked in and out while hands began to fondle my ass and dangling balls. The feeling was incredible and hands began to explore the opening of my ass probing with their fingers and the cock in my mouth was rocking faster and deeper now. I felt the cool liquid lube being dribbled on my ass crack and rubbed in and fingers began to be inserted into my ass. First one, then two and a third finger was eventually inserted and pumped in and out. It was getting intense and I was feeling like I was not in my body but looking on as the cock in my mouth stopped and tensed a few times and began shooting a long thick rope of cum into my mouth as far as he could get it in there. At the very moment I felt the fingers being removed and a cock head was at my opening and at that moment for the first time as a cock slut sub serving my Master I was being entered as his property to be fucked however they wanted.

A shear moment of panic, the cock in my mouth was still so deep I couldn’t speak, I was being held in place by many hands so I couldn’t lean up or out of the way of the cock that was now beginning to enter me and I had no idea how big or thick it was and most importantly if it was covered with a condom! I was terrified and tried in vain to move or get away and I guess it appeared that I was in ecstasy because they held tighter and he went in balls deep smoothly and firmly. Fuck it hurt even though I was loosened up and there felt like plenty of lube but I felt like someone had just stuck a baseball bat up into me. The soft cock left my mouth and as I began to utter something about protection another cock just slid into my mouth and began probing as deep as he could. I was gagging and coughing and he was kind enough to let me finish before he did it again and we repeated that for a few times before he was finally able to get his cock into my throat.

I’m not sure what or how it happened but I just lost all track of time and guys that were using me before my Master had me stand up and relax some. I could feel the cum on my face and dripping out of my mouth and my ass was really sore but strangely feeling vacant and wanting filled again. My Master was speaking to me at that moment in gibberish but I could feel his praise and he was actually telling me I had done GREAT and that he was very pleased but that we weren’t done quite yet and he had some unfinished tests he needed to complete.

He let me stretch a little and then began to lead me down the aisle towards the door. Because of the device I could speak and was resisting some to which he told me it was safe and that he would protect me. For some strange reason I relaxed and knew again that I was doing as I was meant to do and that was to be a cock whore for my Master and from then on I would do anything he required.

Now you’d think a walk like that in a theater, hooded, bound, totally naked and led through a door into a public hall would scare you to death but for some strange reason I could only think of my bare feet walking in that theater and feeling old cold wet cum on the floor. I laughed some inside and once again knew I was a true cock whore and cum slut sub that was made to serve a Master.

He led me into another theater and had me kneel near the door. I could feel guys come in and as they walked by a few would rub my nipples and ass and put a finger or two into my bound open mouth. Then you could hear a zipper and then a cock would be inserted into my mouth with no warning and they would face fuck me until they came. This happened three times before my Master had me stand once again and led me into out of the theater down the hall. I had no idea where I was now and I thought I was pretty good with this place but I just had no idea at this point. My Master would stop me and a I could feel a guy rub my cock or feel my ass or put a finger in my ass and then we would separate and begin walking again.

My Master led me down various halls and we had numerous guys feeling me up and then we went through a door that had a bright light on the other side and I heard a man tell my Master that I couldn’t be naked like that in public and that he had to take me back inside. I knew then that my Master had led me into the showroom of the Pleasures naked and bound.

My Master took me back into the maze of booths and theaters and once again guys were feeling me up and pinching my nipples and the brave ones would insert a finger in my ass or mouth. Master led me back to the theaters and had me kneel. He took the mouth device out and for the first time was able to swallow my saliva and my jaw instantly relaxed from its stretched position. He then undid the wrist cuffs and waist belt. He told me hang on to the arm rests and NOT to let go for any reason. RED FLAG. that scared me but at this point I wasn’t about to fail my Master and I got a grip and held on for dear life. He said it was time for him to enjoy his sub and he bent me forward over a seat and without any warning or new lube he got behind me and rubbed his cock head along my ass and placed the head of his cock there for a moment and just about the time I was going to ask him to put on a condom he just entered me. He went balls deep and stayed there. I groaned in pain and flinched forward BUT did not let go of the arm rests as ordered. I could feel his satisfaction and he just stayed motionless for a few minutes. I could feel his cock twitch and throb and then I could actually feel the heat of his cock in my ass and I began to relax and settle back down a little towards his cock and that’s when he began to fuck me like a piece of meat. He hammered into me over and over again but I still held on like my life depended on it.

Master slowed and began long deep thrusts and then he rammed forward all the way in and I could feel Master’s cock throb a little and then Master began to moan and pump short deep pumps into me and it was then that I felt my Masters cum start to dribble out of my hole and down my leg. Master then slowly pumped into me and then pulled out and we heard the plop sound as Masters limp cock slid out of my ass. I kept my hands on the arm rests as told and Master said to stay there until he was gone. Master sat in the seat next to me and told me I had done well and that another session would be required for his collar to be placed on his property. He said he would give me my next set of instruction and that he was very pleased and said I had one of the tightest asses he’s ever owned and would enjoy the challenge of making it much looser for him. Master placed my clothes by my arms and stood up and I heard my Master walk down the aisle.

I felt more com dribble down my leg and I just can’t describe the feeling of that moment. Totally naked, cum all over my face, bent over a seat in a porno theater with my Masters cum dribbling down my leg from my freshly fucked ass. I don’t think I ever felt that good before.

I knew I was where I was supposed to be, totally naked with a freshly fucked ass by my Master and his cum dribbling out of my hole, cum on my face and the taste of fresh cum in my mouth and the knowledge of serving my Master, worshipping his cock and his cum inside me.

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