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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: What happens when you find yourself naked at school

Those MOTHER FUCKING BASTARDS!!! I’m going to kill all of them. Although this was a pretty damn good one. They even took my towel. Okay, I can see how this was going to be funny. I just hoped they at least left the keys to my car so if I could get back to it, I could drive home and not have to try calling someone to come get my naked ass. I could only imagine asking someone to borrow their phone while buck ass naked.

I looked around the locker room for anything I could use to cover myself up but it was a no go. The plastic bags were even taken out of the trash cans. Running my fingers through my wet hair I sighed, there was nothing to do but go for it.

I opened the door slightly and peered out through the crack. Thankfully school had been out for about two hours so there should be very little traffic. I had to navigate my way through the halls and out into the parking lot without anyone seeing me. This should be good. I would also have to give respect to my boys as the Pranksters had finally pranked their leader. I was halfway down the hall trying to cup myself just in case someone saw me. I thought I heard a noise behind me and ducked into the alcove that held the door to the chemistry lab. I came to a sudden stop as a blond haired form barreled into my chest. I instinctively reached out to grab her and looked into the blue eyes of Miss Drake, our chemistry teacher. Our really hot chemistry teacher.

She looked up at me and it looked like her pretty blue eyes had been crying, then she looked down and saw that I was bare ass naked. Her face turned a quick shade of red and she pulled me into the chemistry room.

“Robert Morse, what the hell is going on?” she almost yelled at me.

I was trying to cover my genitals and form a coherent thought at the same time. Not easy, especially when you run into your really hot teacher dressed in street clothes instead of the school teacher wardrobe she normally wore.

“Would you believe I was celebrating International Nude Day?” I tried weakly. “My family are naturists and it is almost considered a religious holiday for us.”

“No I would not believe that and can you put that thing away? Let me get you a lab coat or something.” she said as I noticed she was trying to look anywhere but my crotch.

It didn’t help that Little Robbie had decided to wake up and see what was going on. Now I was trying to cover myself while pushing down an erection. Could this day get any more embarrassing?

She came out of the supply closet with a lab coat and tossed it to me. Again instinct took over and I reached out to grab it. I noticed she was red faced but definitely checking out my package. I was quickly regaining my mental and emotional equilibrium so I decided to put on a little show by not turning around to put on the lab coat. I was on the swim team so I had a decent body and I knew that my seven inches wasn’t the biggest in the school, but it was nothing to be ashamed of. Especially now that I was at full mast.

I shrugged myself into the lab coat and buttoned it up. It came down to mid-thigh and pretty much covered everything, I was just going to have to watch how I sat down.

“Thanks so much Miss Drake, you’re a lifesaver. Now I hope that the guys left the keys to my car under the tire. If they didn’t we are going to have a problem.” I said.

“So I assume this has something to do with your little Prankster group?” she asked archly.

“Heh, yeah probably. I finished the year up on Alex and took the title. This one is after we declared a winner so I let my guard down. I have to hand it to them. They got me pretty good.” I chuckled.

“Don’t you guys take anything seriously?” she almost shouted at me.

“Whoa Miss D, back it up a little. This was just a prank that got a little out of hand, you seem to have something else on your mind so why don’t you sit down and tell me about it.” I said calmly.

“I am not talking about my personal life with a student.” she said with exasperation.

“Well technically I’ve already passed my classes and only have to receive my diploma Friday. So I’m not really a student. Besides you’ve been crying and you need a friend to talk to. I owe you one, so why don’t you spill?” I said.

“Fine, my fucking fiancé broke our second date in a row to go hang out with his ex-girlfriend. He swears there is nothing going on but something doesn’t feel right. I found out they have had reservation for Club Afterlife for the last three weeks. He isn’t going behind my back but why does he have to keep hanging out with her? I am trying to be the good little girlfriend and not get pissed off but it is tough.” she sobbed.

This sucked. Miss Drake was not only the hottest teacher in school but she was also the nicest. This guy sounded like a fool.

“What a douche nugget.” I replied. “Is this guy deaf, dumb or blind to not want to be hanging out with the coolest chick I know?”

She smiled and actually gave a little snort.

“You’re laying it on a little bit thick aren’t you? Although I do appreciate your assessment of him right now. I know nothing is probably going on but it just seems weird for him to be spending so much time with her.”

Something definitely felt out of place with this guy but I didn’t want to tell her that right now. I suddenly had an idea.

“What if you could see what he was doing at the club? Would that dispel your fears?” I asked

“How would I get to do that? Club Afterlife is booked weeks in advance. They are going out on Saturday.” she replied.

“Great! Friday is graduation. Saturday I want you to dress up for a dinner at Antonio’s and dancing at Club Afterlife and we will see what is going on. I will not be a student at that point and will just be a guy returning a favor for a friend.” I said as charmingly as possible.

“How are you going to get reservations to the swankiest restaurant and club in town?” she asked almost mockingly.

“Do you have a cell phone? Can I make a quick call?” I responded.

She fished out her cell phone from her purse and handed it to me. I dialed a number and waited for a response.

“Antonio this is Rob Morse, how you doing? ... I’m great! I get my diploma Friday and I want to take a special lady out to dinner and dancing on Saturday. Is there a chance I could sneak in a reservation to Antonio’s and Afterlife this Saturday? ... You’re the best, boss. Thank you so much! ... She’s doing well. She’s almost done with her last class and she will have her Bachelor’s degree in Radiography ... Yeah she is stoked ... I’ll put in a good word for you boss. She has been lonely long enough ... Can you do me one more quick favor? My lady friend thinks I am pranking her, can you just say hi to her and put her mind at ease? ... Thanks, here she is.”

I handed the phone to her. She put it to her ear and started nodding.

“Hello ... Yes he is ... Thank you so much! ... I look forward to meeting you also ... Thanks for your time ... You’re welcome ... Bye.” she hung up and looked at me incredulously.

“How the hell do you know Tony DeMarco?” she asked.

“It is a long story and I will be glad to tell you over dinner on Saturday. I assume it is a go?” I asked with a smile.

“This I have to see. Besides I need to know what is going on with Jake.” I assumed Jake was her fiancé.

“Okay then, I will pick you up at 7:00 and we will head to dinner then go see what there is to see at the club.” I said brightly.

As I went to get up the snaps on the lab coat opened up and once again little Robbie made his presence known. She looked down and blushed then looked at my face and extended her hand. As I shook it she laughed and gave me peck on the cheek.

“You can keep the coat.”

The keys were behind the rear tire and my clothes were folded up in the front seat. My friends were at least honorable pranksters.

The next couple days went by quick. I used some of my early graduation money and went to a men’s clothing store to buy a suit. After telling them the occasion I came out 400 bucks poorer but with a nice suit and a few different accessories so I could turn it into a couple of nice outfits.

Friday was graduation where I saw most of my classmates for what was probably the last time. We joked and laughed when they told the story of stealing my clothes while I was taking a shower at the school. I had been helping with last minute decorations for the Honor’s society dinner and had gotten sweaty and disgusting. I decided to take a quick shower and change into my workout clothes for the ride home when the Pranksters pulled their final stunt. I gave them all the credit in front of the class and everyone had a great laugh at my expense. I left out the part about Miss Drake. To them it sounded like I walked through the school naked until I got to my car.

Saturday evening came quickly and I was at Miss Drake’s door at 6:55. I knocked and heard her yell that it was open. I came in and waited for about 5 minutes until she came around the corner. I almost dropped the flowers I was holding.

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