Mistletoe and Holly

by Mystic47

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Fiction, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: When Holly, his estranged twin sister needed an emergency date for a Christmas Party, she asked him.

Our parents separated when Holly and I were five. Mom and dad fought over us viciously until some son-of-a-bitch divorce judge split me and my twin sister, I went to dad, she to mom. We were property, like furniture or cars. Dad got the Harley and boy; mom got the Ford and girl. We grew up apart, only occasionally getting the opportunity to be together during summer breaks, or maybe on one of the big holidays. Even though we were twins I really didn’t know her; what she was like, how she thought, what she did. When one of us kids went to visit the other we were almost strangers. We had a ‘take it or leave it’ relationship. I could hang with her or not, it’s not like I missed her most of the time. I really didn’t remember Holly when she was my sister.

We were 2 months past our 18th birthday when I was sent to spend Christmas with mom and Holly. Dad and his most recent trophy were off screwing at some beach resort so he was glad to dump me on the female side of my family. Since I hadn’t seen them for almost two years Mom was excited to have me near but my sister treated me like an irritant in her busy life. I didn’t know her friends, I didn’t have a part in her world and the only thing she and I had in common was our birthday. To say I was bored would be a total ‘No Duh’.

The third day I was there I overheard Holly screaming into her phone. “What the fuck do you mean you’re not taking me?! Do you know how long we’ve been planning this? Everybody knows we are going together, I can’t go without you, what would our friends think? Don’t you fucking dare back out of this!”

She paused her tirade for a moment, “You did what!? With who!? You’re seeing that slut!? Are you dumping me!? I gave you everything you sonofabitch! I gave it up to you and now you’re telling me to fuck off!?” Holly’s yelling at her boyfriend attracted mom’s attention; she and I went to the front room to watch. Just as she came into view, my sister drew back her arm and threw the phone against the bricks of the fireplace. Plastic parts flew in all directions from the epicenter of the phone explosion, her friends would never call her on that one again.

Holly spun in a circle, eyes wild, hunting for an escape from the devastating call. Her eyes locked on our mother “I fucked him momma! I gave up my virginity to that bastard” she wailed. Tears began to streak her mascara as she fled the room for the sanctuary of her bedroom. For the first time in many years I felt a close bond with my sister. I felt sympathy for her, and surprisingly, anger at the guy that had caused her pain. At that moment I would have gladly smacked him down for her.

My mother glared at me “That’s something your father would do! You ever do that to a girl I’ll cut your balls off and give them to her as a gift.” What the fuck? I was just standing there and all of a sudden I was as bad as Holly’s boyfriend? Mom spun on her heels and went to fuss over her injured child.

I didn’t see my sister for two days, she hid in her room ashamed to face the world. Mom catered to her broken daughter while I played with Holly’s Xbox and help decorate the tree and house hoping to bring a little holiday mood back into the family. Late the second day my sister came out and sat with me in the front room “I’m sorry for my outburst, I shouldn’t have yelled like that. Please don’t tell anybody what I said.”

“What’s that?”

“You know, about him and me and him being my first boyfriend that way.”

“Who am I going to tell Holly? I don’t know any of your friends, mom already knows and it’s none of dad’s business. I’m not about to tell my friends that my sister got fucked over by some sleaze, your secret is safe with me.”

She looked slightly relieved, “Do you think I’m awful? I mean, is it okay with you that I went to bed with a boy?”

I wasn’t sure why she was asking me “You’re my sister, not my girlfriend, what you do in the dark with some guy isn’t for me to worry about. If you want to screw someone until his nuts fall off, have fun, I won’t diss you for something like that.”

My sister flashed a smile of complete relief, dimples dented her cheeks. “Have you had sex yet?”

“With a girl?”

She looked slightly puzzled. “Are you gay?”

“Jesus, do I look gay? That’s repulsive, you may like boys, but I sure don’t. It’s only big tits and fine asses for me.”

“You didn’t answer me.”

I didn’t want to admit to my sister that I’d managed to seduce three girls. Even though she had spilled her secrets when she got dumped I wasn’t one of those guys who brags endlessly about his conquests. I felt myself blushing as the truth got trapped in my throat. I didn’t have to say the words, Holly saw the answer in my reaction, “It’s okay, you can talk about it, most boys do, how many?”

“Three” I flustered.

“Are they pretty, do they have big tits and fine asses?” my sister teased mischievously.

I changed the subject “Are you still going to your friend’s Christmas Eve party?” That was the big event she was supposed to go to before her beau dumped her.

“I don’t know, it’s for couples only. There are some guys I can ask, I can’t go alone.”

The next day my sister flounced into the house in a pissy mood. “Mom! Where are you?”

Our mother called back, “Doing laundry, why are you shouting?”

Holly was raging “Because Chad and Rich won’t go with me to Sharon’s party! That motherfucker put out the word that nobody should go to the party with me! I don’t have a goddamn date and I can’t go alone! Assholes! All of them!

The house was quiet for a few moments, my sister was taking off her coat when mom came into the room “Please control your language girl; you can take Lee, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind getting out and mixing with your friends.”

Holly shot mom a withering look then moved her eyes to me “Him? What would everybody think if I showed up with my brother on my arm?”

“Do your friends know your him? Have any of them ever seen him?”

“Maybe a really long time ago, why?”

“Who’s to know he’s your twin if you don’t tell them. He’ll be the mystery boy, the new kid and your friends will be bubbling over with curiosity about him. Look at him, he’s handsome, tall, athletic, you could do a lot worse for an emergency date.”

I sat in my chair and listened to my mother and sister bargain over me as if I were a nick-knack at a yard sale, “But he’s my brother” protested Holly.

“So don’t make a pass at him, you don’t have to take him to bed” mother joked.

My sister finally looked my direction, resignation clouding her hazel eyes “You want to go to Sharon’s Christmas party with me?”

I got caught up in my mother’s teasing mood “As your date? Only if you promise not to fondle private parts of me.”

She bristled “Then what the hell should I fondle, only non-private parts?” Having fired that angry broadside Holly tromped quickly out of the room. Mom chuckled softly and winked at me, a conspiratorial wink. I had just seen a playful side of my mother, apparently she wasn’t afraid to get personal or talk about taboo subjects with her children.

Holly briefed me on the upcoming holiday fest and her friends and the more she talked the better we both felt about me going with her. Nobody knew we were related so she wouldn’t suffer that indignity and I was looking forward to meeting some of her friends. My sister was hot looking so I knew I’d meet some more hot looking babes.

She was wearing an elf costume. Green jacket with white faux fur collar over a very short green skirt that had white fur around the hem. Candy cane leotards covered her legs from the top of black patent ankle boots. Her ash blonde hair that normally fell half way down her back was pulled into a pony tail that hung from under a floppy pointed elf cap, multi-hued glitter twinkled over hazel eyes. The jacket was open in a deep vee, showing a lot of fresh firm cleavage; cleavage that sparkled with a light sprinkle of silver glitter. She wore Christmas tree bangles from her ears and a necklace that looked like a small present hanging from a red ribbon. For the first time in my life my twin sister attracted my male attention. She was sexy!

It was when I walked into Sharon’s house that my testosterone really began to boil. Many of Holly’s friends were already there so the big room was full of Santa’s little helpers, most of them dressed in some variance of an elf costume. There was a forest of shapely female legs topped by short skirts and several degrees of breast exposure. My sister dragged me around the room by a hand introducing me to her friends. One girl, Jill, sent shivers up my spine, she was small, maybe 5’1’ but the dark eyed elf was cuter than any girl I’d ever dreamed of meeting. Since this was a couple’s only party there were as many guys as girls.

As we stepped away from her friends Holly muttered under her breath “Son-of-a-bitch!”


“There he is with that fucking slut!” I looked at the front door as her ex-boyfriend came into the room with a moderately attractive girl holding his hand, the boy looked surprised to see Holly. My sister shot him a death ray stare then grabbed my arm and led me to another room. I was bigger than him so I knew he wouldn’t make any trouble.

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