Bill's Best Friend

by Dr Cumings

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Bill's beat friend has sex with Bill's wife with out his knowledge.

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Chapter 1

I can’t believe that it’s gone this far. I mean it was just a joke. I mean, sure we were all drunk and stoned. Larry, Bill’s best friend was acting the fool as usual. Yes he was a little more aggressive than he normally is. I attributed that to the exceptional weed. I’ve never had a high from marijuana quite like that. It seemed to sharpen the senses rather than dull them.

Somehow we got started where Larry was a dog. Oh yeah I remember. My husband, Bill, was going to get us a round of beers, but Larry was already up and he said.

“I’ll fetch em.”

“Now Larry is big old a country boy from southern Georgia and he uses words like fetch, yonder and ya’ll all the time. And even though he sounds like a real dumb hick he is exceptionally smart. He has three tire stores and is planning on opening two more in the spring.

Well this night I thought the word ‘fetch’ was just hilarious. You know how weed affects people. So when he said ‘fetch’ I broke out laughing.

At first he didn’t know what the hell I was laughing at. Then I said the word ‘fetch’ again and my husband and I both broke out into uncontrollable giggles. Then it was Fetch this and fetch that. Soon I was treating Larry like a dog telling him to fetch us some beers. All the while all three of us had stiches in our sides.

That’s when Larry started barking and hopping around on all fours and sniffing the ground. He did eventually get three beers and bring them back to us, but the fetch and the sniffing dog continued well into the night.

By midnight Bill was snoring and passed out on his lounger. I was so fucking plastered I could hardly speak without slurring my words. Larry didn’t seem to be in much better shape. At some point during that time I asked how he and Sally doing were.

“What? Bill din’t tell ya? Sally showed me tha door oer a month go.”

“Nope, he nevvv er said a wooord.” I responded feeling sad for my friend.

“That don’t sur-prise me none. Bill never was one ta say stuff bout utter peoples, that’s one thang I all ways likes bout him.”

“Your right, tho son-tines he pisses me off, I have some tid bit of juicy gossssip and he holds his hand up like thisss and tells me he doesn’t want tooo hear about it. I on the other hand, can’t seeeem to keep my mouth shut, Like I know all kinds a shit bout Bill thet I can’t tell.”

“Oh, yeah?” Larry perked up and said. “Likee what?”

“Oh, I can’t talk bout that.”

“Wait er min-it, you brought it up.”

I was just drunk enough that his reasoning that ‘I brought it up’ sounded like sufficient justification that I should tell Bill’s best friend one of his most embarrassing secretes.

I leaned over and whispered. “Bill hass a hard tine getten it uuurrpp, escuse me, up an when e does e cums real quick.”

“What bout Viag-er or Sall-is doan they hep?” Larry whispered back.

“No, they jus give hima headache. I hadden’t had a good orgasm n over year.” I moaned.

“Doan e eat yer pussy?”

“O course, and he eats me great, bess pussy eater I ever had, but it’s not su-same as when a girl hass a real dick in her cunt, ya know what I mean?”

We were silent for several minutes. Then Larry sat up and began sniffing like he had earlier when he was pretending to be a dog. Sniff, sniff he went.

I joined the game and laughed out. “You smell something Rover?”

Larry barked.

“Go fetch it boy. Go fetch.” I giggled.

Larry jumped off of his lounger and began sniffing the back yard. I was sitting on my lounger with my feet up on the webbing laughing. Larry circled my chair and stopped at my feet then he sniffed looking my way and dove head first into my crotch.

I screamed because he startled me and I tried to push his head out of my pussy, but Larry is built like a bull and nothing short of a dump truck was going to pull him off of me.

I looked over at my husband to see if he had awoken when I screamed. He was still snoring lightly and curled up on his side. If he was awake I couldn’t tell. Since I didn’t want Bill to get pissed at Larry, I tried to quietly extract my husband’s best friend from blowing his hot breath on my pink bikini bottoms.

Next thing I knew Larry has untied the strings at my hips and pulled the bottom of my suit completely off of me and was eating my pussy for real. I was just drunk enough and horny enough that I quit resisting and allowed him to continue.

When he felt my legs go limp he scooted up on the aluminum chair and plunged his cock into me. I have no idea when he removed his trunks, but they were in the grass next to the lounger. I groaned and welcomed him into my depths.

I felt the legs of the chair bend and it slowly dumped us into the grass next to my husband. I was now on top and I began riding that fat cock while my husband slept inches from us. He was so close I could have leaned over and kissed him while never losing a stroke.

Then I felt it, clawing its way up inside me, an orgasm building slowly until my body could no longer contain it and I shivered uncontrollably as it rushed out of me. Larry rolled me over onto my back and continued to fuck me. God it felt great!

Larry screwed me for at least thirty minutes. I came three more times by the time Larry grunted and sent his sperm up inside me. We were gasping for breath and we were sweating in the cool evening air like we had just run a marathon.

My husband’s friend picked me up, carried me into the pool and walked into its depths as I lay spent in his arms. Larry carried me over to a return water vent and lined my pussy hole with the rushing water and rinsed his cum from my vagina.

After cleaning me, he stood me in front of him and he kissed me. The kiss combined with the cool water had a sobering effect on me, sobering enough that I came to my senses.

I pushed Larry away and said. “Leave.”


“I said LEAVE!!”

Larry dropped his head and nodded. The burly man slunk over to his shorts and slipped them on. He then picked up his cell phone and left by the side fence gate.

I retied my bikini bottoms and wrapped a towel around me.

I shook my husband, but he didn’t wake, so I left him there and went to shower.

I was upset, not just with Larry, but with myself as well and I cried as I washed as much shame and disappointment from my body as my still inebriated condition allowed.

I crawled into bed still weeping and the next thing I remember was the smell of bacon and coffee. I blinked away the sleep in my eyes. I was surprised that I didn’t have a head ache. My mouth was cottony and the sunlight streaming through the drapes was hurting my eyes and the only reason I decided to get up was that I had to pee really bad.

After peeing and brushing my teeth I slipped on my house coat and staggered into to the kitchen.

“Morning sunshine.” Bill offered with a smile.

I uttered something like, “Uuhhhh.” and plopped into my chair at the breakfast nook.

I sat there debating with myself, should I tell him what happened or just wait and hope it blows over. Only Larry and I know what happened and he had just as many reasons as I do not to say anything. Well, I knew one thing for sure. I’ll never allow myself to be alone with Larry again.

Bill interrupted my thoughts. “Coffee?”

I looked up at him and answered. “Yes, please.”

“How did you sleep?” He asked as he poured some coffee in a cup.

“Apparently like a rock. I remember lying down, then I smelled bacon.”

Then a thought locked into a niche in my mind like a slot machine. What if he was pretending to sleep and he saw the whole thing? What if he’s waiting for me to admit my infidelity?

Oh God. If he saw what we did and is calmly in the kitchen making breakfast what kind of crazy shit is that? That would be serial killer behavior, right? Maybe he’s putting Drano in my eggs right now!

Bill set the cup next to me and kissed me on the forehead.

Hold on, you’re letting your imagination go nuts. My Bill is not like that, he wouldn’t hurt a fly, hell he cried when they found ET dying in the river when we watched it the other night. So no, he couldn’t have seen us. That means he’s acting like a man who didn’t see his wife have sex with his best friend.

Next time I see Larry I’ll tell him to keep his mouth shut and never come around here when I’m alone. Bill will never know of our betrayal.

Bill and I had a wonderful day together and we even made love that evening, ... well Bill got half hard, screwed me for thirty seconds, came and rolled off of me. He did eat me to orgasm twice as foreplay ... but, well, you know.

Chapter 2

Two days later and I’m cleaning the house in my underwear which is normal for me. Sometimes I do it nude, but today my breasts were particularly sensitive so I had my bra and panties on.

The doorbell rang I put on my house coat and opened the door. I should have looked to see who it was before opening the door.

Larry was standing there. When I saw him I froze and he took that as an invitation to come in. He brushed by me and went to the living room and just stood there.

“What are you doing here?” I demanded as I closed the door and hugged my house coat to me.

“I came ta say I’m sorry. I was drunk and there no excuse fer what I did.”

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