On the (Nude) Beach

by Tony Tiger

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, Polygamy/Polyamory, Exhibitionism, Nudism, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Why it's Emily's favorite place in the whole world.

Emily was a 20-year-old redhead who kept her mind, body, and pussy in top shape by frequently exercising each of them. She was raised in a nudist family so this was her preferred mode of dress when at home or in the company of select friends.

Like the human body itself, sex was no mystery since it had been explained and demonstrated to be a natural function to be used and enjoyed with reasonable care, just like any other. She had seen her parents enjoying each other when she was in bed with them as a youngster and later as she became an adolescent. When she had shown her own interest in such activities, her mother made sure that she was properly educated and on a contraceptive.

The family associated with other nudist families not just at the camps they enjoyed in the warmer weather, but with family get-togethers on weekends at various times during the rest of the year. Since there were other boys and girls her age who had a similar upbringing, sex with either became an enjoyable learning experience. With the Internet, each of the participants brought ideas to the skin on skin get-togethers.

Emily generally dated boys/young men, and a few older ones, from the nudist social circle. Many of non-nudists, she discovered, got all bent out of shape when she would copulate with others. Their cultural heritage was just too possessive and closed minded.

Her best girlfriend Regina, who preferred Reggie, was naked in Emily’s bed one day. They were stimulating each other’s body with hand, mouth, and toys, as they had done many times. These get-togethers were always a good time for girl talk.

Reggie had a new lover, a fairly frequent occurrence, and she wanted to share info with her girlfriend. “Hey, this guy’s a little different than the usual boys I boff. He’s an old guy, almost 50! Although it’s kind of like screwing my dad, it is different than the young stuff that I usually hump. He really takes his time and we talk a lot more while we’re going at it. He asked me lots of questions about my feelings, and about what I’ve done that I like and don’t like, and even likes me to tell stories about screwing I’ve done in the past. Have you ever had a guy like that?”

Emily said she hadn’t, but it sounded quite interesting. She didn’t know of any candidates in that age range that she would be at all interested in. “It’s supposed to be warm this weekend, for the first time this year. How about you and I go to the nude beach? I’ll bet we could find someone interesting there. Or maybe you just loan me your new fuck buddy?”

Reggie laughed, “I wear him out as it is so I don’t think there’s any left over for you. Maybe if I build up his capabilities, he’d be able to handle another young hottie!”

Thinking about the upcoming weekend, only a few days away, rekindled their lust and they went after each other again. Both had dates that evening which only added to their immediate pleasure; anticipation being a good accelerator of any appetite.

So on Saturday afternoon our two lovelies, one redhead and one brunette, were baring their goodies and slathering on the sunblock. The next application would probably be done by male hands, they hoped. It was fun to get some really young guys to do that and watch their little woodies waving around. They prided themselves that they had been the first crotch crawl for quite a few teenage boys. It was a good warm-up, and got their vaginas lubricated for later and more satisfying copulations. And the look on the young guys’ faces when shooting their wad, often probably for the very first time, into a beautiful woman was priceless.

They swam, joined in a game of each beach volleyball, and strutted their stuff in front of admiring males of all ages. When they got hungry, they got into their nice picnic lunch and they sipped a couple cold brews to wash it down. Just as they finished, two teenage boys that had been sunscreen helpers at a previous visit spotted them and hurried over.

“You need sunscreen again?” was the question. There was a third boy with them who was introduced as one of their brothers. When it was determined he was of legal age, he was invited to join in.

Our gals were soon as slick and slippery as could be, and not just on their outer skin, since they took the three boys to the part of the beach marked with a red “X”. Everything went on there and they soon found a place to have their fun. All around were assorted groups of two or more, doing anything you can imagine. Being young, the boys were quick on the trigger, but quick to refill, and both girls soon had plenty of slippery stuff from each of them in you–know–where. It was usually easy to find a spectator to clean out a cum-filled cunt and be rewarded with a blow job, often shared back with an open-mouthed kiss.

As they were coming back from the special part of the beach, a buff older man approached them. “I’m new here, and I’d love to have you show me around.” As good a pickup line as any, they figured, and dismissed the youngsters. After walking and talking for a while they came back to his beach chair where he produced some top-quality brews.

After a few of those, our vixens looked at each other and Emily said, “I’ve got to take a pee. Those porta-pottys are so stinky. I think I’ll go out in the water to let it go. I didn’t really want to get wet again though.”

Freddie asked, “Would you like to use the bathroom in my RV? It’s right over there in the parking lot.”

Reggie piped up? “I’ve got to go to. Would that be okay?”

Freddie led the way and all three of them used the RV potty without closing the door. Hey, it was just as natural as running around naked, wasn’t it?

Our femmes had noticed that Freddie was quite well-equipped in the hose department. Not being at all shy, and now that they were in private, Emily simply asked, “Can I see how big that thing gets?” Freddie grinned and nodded, standing up with his parts at her face level.

It didn’t take much action of her fingers and mouth to have it stand out proudly. She could barely get her hand around the shaft and it enclosed only half of the impressive length. A couple of substantial testicles hung in the hairy sack between his legs.

Reggie piped up, “it’s my turn to play with it! I’ve something else that wants to feel that man meat!” She hopped up on the bed in the front of the RV and pointed her knees at the ceiling. Her glistening, lightly furred-trimmed “welcome wagon” was ready for its visitor. Freddie crawled into the bed between her legs and fully buried his gift to womanhood within a few strokes.

Reggie squealed and moaned as he slipped and slid in the teenagers’ juice while Emily worked on her tits with hand and mouth.

Freddie commented, “Feels like you’ve already made some friends here at the beach. Was it those young boys I saw you coming back to the beach with?”

Coming down from her first orgasm, Reggie replied, “You got it right. They were just quickies, though. I’m getting the good stuff now.”

Freddie asked, “May I give Emily some attention for a while?”

“Yeah that’s only fair. I’d had a good cum so it’s her turn.”

Emily wanted to be on top so Freddie could play with her tits as they screwed. Reggie stroked them with her fingers and fondled and cupped his balls. They were some of the biggest she’d ever seen.

After Emily screeched out her climax, Freddie said he wanted his. It’d been three days since he’d been laid and there was plenty stored up. There sure was. Emily commented she could feel the shots deep inside her just like a young kid would do, and Reggie saw plenty oozing down over his balls. She bent down and licked it up so that bed linens wouldn’t get stained. It was quite tasty.

They had another beer and snacks before Reggie rode Freddie to get her own load of come inside. It was getting late and they had dates tonight so they showered in the RV and gave Freddie a goodbye kiss. Maybe they would see him there again.

Driving back, Emily commented that he was pretty damn good, his age notwithstanding. Too bad we didn’t get any contact information to hook up with him again. Reggie grinned and said she’d found some in the RV so all was not lost.

They were dating a couple of their regulars that night and went out to a concert followed by the usual horizontal encore. The guys left so the two girlfriends snuggled in the king-size bed that they had both been pounded in by studs oblivious to what those pussies had been “up” to earlier in the day. It had been quite a day, inside and out.

On Thursday, Reggie texted Freddie and said that the weather looked good and wondered if he would be at the beach again. He responded in the affirmative.

He had his RV once more so they went over to check in with him. Emily said “We liked the way it went last time. Why don’t you watch us fool around some on the X beach and then you can finish us up like last time.”

Freddie grinned and said, “I just love warmed up pussy, and you two are the greatest. I’ll just kind of hang out while you have your fun and you let me know when you want to come back here.”

Our intrepid sluts encountered four guys that they had banged on previous visits so each of their pussies got four inseminations during the course of a couple of hours. Unexpectedly, but to their delight, Freddie moved in for a taste of the action. Each of the women had at least one occasion where the guy didn’t get them off, but Freddie’s tongue took care of that nicely.

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