Timea's Treasures

by Tony Tiger

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, Prostitution, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A young woman uses her treasure to pay her college tuition

That ringing doorbell changed my life. Whodathunkit? If I hadn’t been home, I’d have missed out on the most erotic experiences of my life. So far anyway.

I opened the door and there she was. The young woman with long brown hair, and heart shaped face with big doe–like brown eyes. As my gaze traveled lower I noticed the magnificent swelling under her pullover top.

She awkwardly started her little sales pitch, “Hello, I’m Timea. I’m selling calendars to help pay my school tuition. Do you have a calendar for next year?”

She was shifting from foot to foot as she worked through her speech and I noticed the movement under her thin top. This was terribly intriguing so I invited her in and offered her something to drink. She said wine would be fine.

“Show me the calendars that you have,” I started with. She opened one with pretty nature pictures which cost $10. By this time, I had figured out that the young lady had easily the nicest mammaries I have ever encountered. I wanted to enjoy this situation as long as possible, so I asked about her education plans.

She told me that she was going to the community college and studying to be a nursing assistant for older people. I asked why she had chosen this profession and she explained that she was living with an older couple with the wife needing a great deal of home care, more than the husband could provide alone. This covered her basic living expenses but there was not much left for college costs. The husband had suggested that she try door to door sales in their area during the time she had available.

“Do you have any other calendars?” I inquired. She dropped her gaze as she replied quietly, “Yes I do but it is quite expensive.” When I asked why, she countered with a question about my marital status. I told her I was single and wondered why that was relevant. Reaching into her backpack she pulled out the envelope and asked me to look inside. The pictures on the calendar were modeling shots of her, beginning with skimpy garments but proceeding through the year with fewer and fewer coverings.

Her body was magnificent. Large and beautifully rounded breasts, small waist, narrow hips, long trim legs topped with a modest untamed patch of dark hair where they met, and her armpits with their natural fur too. My crotch began to bulge and I made no attempt to hide it. I looked at her and said, “I certainly want this but I have a question. Are those real? By that I mean natural.”

She was now looking directly at me as she answered, “You can have five minutes to check them out yourself for $10.” I pulled out my wallet and dropped $60 on the table, $50 for the calendar and $10 for the latest offer.

She looked at her watch and pulled up her top. No bra, just as I had figured. First my hands and then my mouth got busy exploring those tremendous tits. When my time was almost up she shuddered in orgasm and moaned through clenched teeth. She was quite flushed as she pulled her top back down over her treasures.

Feeling more comfortable with me now, she glanced at the outline of my erection in my sweatpants as she added, “There is one more thing that I have to offer. If you look at the December calendar you will see how I could be for 30 minutes as you examine me inside and out almost any way you want to.”

The last photo showed her in the classic missionary position with a smile on her face and a blush on her nicely displayed vulva. “How much?” I inquired.

“$150,” she answered. I went in the other room and came back with two $100 bills. “What are we waiting for?”

She wasn’t wearing anything under her jeans either and I noticed she didn’t even glance at her watch as she lay on the soft rug in my living room. I stripped quickly and made sure my crotch was an easy reach for her. As I began exploring her body with hands and mouth she reached for my erection and took a firm grip on it and murmured “Nice”. Her pussy had the sweetest taste I think I ever had. It had been months since my last sampling of female nectar and she shook with an orgasm as I licked her to it. When I began positioning myself for an “internal examination”, she asked, “Please wear a condom. I have some if you don’t.” I didn’t so she retrieved one from her calendar bag.

Even with a condom on, this was the finest piece of ass I had had in a very long time, possibly ever. That is quite a statement for a sixty-year-old guy. She didn’t just lay there either. She got into it and orgasmed again before I filled the rubber. Timea said in a low voice, “I love to feel a guy come in me, even with the wrapper.”

I couldn’t resist the next question, “Do you feel it very often?”

She smiled and replied, “I did this morning and it was bareback.” That started to make me swell up again but our time was over. It had been more than thirty minutes but she wasn’t really counting. As she was putting her clothes back on I asked, “And if I would like to become a repeat customer, how would I do that?”

She wrote down her cell number and said to text her and we would see what could be worked out. As soon as she left I hung up the calendar but not next to my computer desk because I wouldn’t get any work done if it were in view. The recent memories had me jacking off before I could get sleep that night.

Two days later I texted a dinner invitation and she accepted. After we finished eating I had some questions. “How have your sales been going?”

She looked unhappy as she said, “Not very well. Nobody wants the cheap calendars and almost all of the other places I’ve tried don’t have single men so I can’t mention the other one. And those that do have been young guys that I didn’t have good feelings about like I did you. My mentor says I should only share my treasure with older men because they will appreciate it more and probably have more money and be willing to spend it.

I agreed with her and asked what her price would be for regular visits, say twice a week. “How about $125 per visit?” was her quote.

My response was, “How about if I trust you and prepay for ten visits at $100 each?” She thought for just seconds and said with a big smile, “Deal! Let’s start now! Since you are a regular now, no condom either.”

We spent an hour screwing each other’s brains out. She was as horny as could be. When we were fucked out I asked, “Who else are you sharing your treasure with?”

“Only the man I live with for room and board. That is how I got to this country with a work visa. He is older than you and can’t get it up very often. I needed more and you just gave it to me, in case you didn’t notice.” GRIN

“Is he the one who did the calendar?”

“No. Those were from when I lived in Europe.” I looked puzzled so she added, “I don’t usually tell this but I was in porn for a short time before I came over here.”

I suddenly realized why she looked familiar. I’d seen her pics and videos on the web. Damn if it wasn’t one of the young beauties I’d jacked off to. I told her so and she blushed as she said, “Now you know why I do what I do.” I hugged her and said that I was delighted to know her. My non-judgmental attitude made her feel a lot better, I could tell.

You can bet I found the pics and videos of her I had saved, and searched for more. Great fantasy material between her visits. I hoped I could see her getting laid live someday.

She stopped by on Saturday afternoon on her way to do grocery shopping. She told me, as she was on all fours in front of me and enjoying deep penetration, that she’d made another big sale to an older man on the next block. He took the “package” deal too. She wondered if I’d be OK having her visit me the same day as him to make her scheduling easier. I agreed so she asked if I wanted to be first or second. I suggested alternating. I’d had “seconds” before with her and enjoyed them too.

As it turned out, sometimes I got “thirds” since her employer might start out that day, then her other client, and finally it was my turn with her delightful body. When that happened, she confided that regular dating or young boyfriends had never been as satisfying. We did talk a bit about her porn career. She had quickly discovered that she didn’t like the impersonal copulating in front of the film crew, but she had a six-month contract so she fulfilled it. It gave her the money to get here too.

All too soon my 10 sessions were up and I renewed. So did her other customer. She never talked about, or even mentioned, the other two men and always seemed very connected with me when we were together. I talked with her about school and other aspects of her life so we became friends as well.

Life has a way of changing on you rather suddenly. The wife that she was caring for had a severe stroke and had to be put in an intensive care environment. Of course, her husband went with her and that left Timea stranded. He did agree to keep her work visa open as if she was still with them. When I found this out I offered to have her live with me where she could perform household duties in return. Her two concerns were loss of income and that she still had the other client. I told her that I would help her financially with school and I was already used to her having sex with her client so that was no big deal. She had few personal belongings so her moving was accomplished quickly.

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