On the Road With Diane

by Mystic47

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Cream Pie, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A one day road trip with my younger sister turned into a two night stay at a motel where she learned about sex.

Man it was fucking cold! I hate sleeping in my clothes but there were only two options, go to bed cold or go to bed freezing. I struggled under the covers of the cheap motel bed fully dressed thinking I could take my pants and shirt off after the bed warmed. I never did that night. I shivered and chattered for hours, forcing myself to get up and desperately twist the useless fucking thermostat knob 720 degrees in both directions. The clerk told us when we got the room the heat might be out because the fuel oil hadn’t been delivered because of the blizzard. I swore my allegiance to any god that would find a way for me to get the fuck out of WayTooFuckingCold Vermont the next day. As an afterthought I included my sister in the deal, she was in the second bed and I’m sure she was as frigid as I was just then.

The next morning my little sister Diane and I sat in dining room where the motel served hot chocolate and pancakes courtesy of an electric stove. I watched the morning news to catch the weather forecast and the news was as glum as the fucking clouds over the mountains. More snow, more wind, more icy freezing cold. I wouldn’t be able to even start my car much less move down the road. Diane groaned “Piss! I’m not going to make it to Beth’s for the party!”

“What party?”

“Her birthday, she’ll be fourteen and I wanted to be there but now we’re stuck in this stupid motel in this stupid town because you’re too stupid to drive in the stupid snow in your stupid car.”

She irritated me “Kiss off twit! You think being stuck out here with a vestal fourteen year old is fun? Shit little girl, you ain’t even old enough to take advantage of.”

Diane paused with a fork full of pancake, “Huh? What does that mean?”

“Nothing,” I growled, “I gotta call home.”

I pulled out my cell and called our parents to update them on the drive. My sister and I had flown out to Buffalo to pick up a car I bought on eBay. It was my high school graduation present and I would be taking it to college in the fall. The trip was supposed to be a long one day drive back home but the fucking snow drifts from an unexpected storm got in the way. “Hey dad, me and Diane are in still Bristol Vermont and won’t be coming home today. Yeah, we’re snowed in; we are at a cheap motel with no damn heat but we should be able to get out tomorrow according to the road reports. Okay, here she is.”

Diane took the phone “Daddy? I’m okay but dufus here doesn’t have snow tires on his pretty new piece of junk so I won’t make it to Beth’s party. No, it’s not really a piece of junk. I heard that, tell her don’t worry and we love her too.”

As my sister punched in Beth’s number she mumbled, “Mom says she loves us.”

My sister and I had a good relationship because being five years younger Diane never got in my way or fought with me like some of my friends sisters did, the ones that were separated by only a year or two. Diane looked up to me like a hero and I enjoyed playing with her, teasing her, generally being a loving big brother. She was with me on the trip because we had grandparents near Buffalo and after Grandad inspected the car I wanted they insisted Diane fly out with me when I came for it. I was just nineteen and would be graduating High School in a couple of months and this was my first road trip without my parents. It kind of irked me that I had to take her but since the car was a gift I couldn’t refuse. When we started this trip she had never been away from our parents longer than a school day so she was as frothy, bubbly and happy as any young girl on a big adventure. After three days in upstate New York we started back, right into the teeth of a freak of nature late spring blizzard that froze out her sweet personality and turned her into a whiny brat.

We spent the rest of the day trying to keep warm. It took only a few minutes to walk the length of Main Street and decide there was nothing in the little shops we wanted. Back at the motel the manager called me to the office and gave me an electric space heater. He still didn’t have any fuel oil but the hardware store had a stock of heaters so he got one for each of his guest rooms. The little heater helped a lot, my sister and I finally shed our coats and got more comfortable as we surfed dispiritedly through 14 channels of cable on a TV screen that looked like flowing water colors.

Diane and I ate a bag of Frito’s for dinner then decided to rest. The bathroom was still cold so she undressed in the main room to undershirt and panties then slipped on a long flannel night gown. I watched her with mild curiosity because she had begun puberty and starting to show signs of change, my little sister was maturing, her new curves and contours hinted that she would be a well developed young woman in a couple of years. Just as she pulled back the blankets on her bed, the power went off, everything was black, inside and out, not a light was on anywhere in town. The moon behind the clouds was the only hint of light in the room. It took about two minutes for the heat from the heater to plunge to near freezing. Diane put her sweater and coat back on then cowered under her blankets and cursed a vivid picture of what she thought about the storm, the cold and me.

I was cold too so I peered through the dark in the direction of the other bed “Come over here, get in, maybe we can stay warm.” It took less than two seconds for her think it over, mutter ‘okay’, then scramble from her bed to mine. She dragged the top blanket with her so after she snuggled in I spread it over us. I rolled to my side, put an arm over her and pulled her close against me; her petite round butt was fitted against my stomach. It took only seconds to start warming up.

“This is a lot better” she announced as she nestled closer, pressing her legs and ass on me. Even through all the layers of clothing the cyclops eye in my cock recognized a female of my species. That it was my adolescent sibling didn’t matter.

My sister and I weren’t tired, just cold so as the temperature under the blankets increased she got less antagonistic and started chatting. Diane talked about the party she was missing, gossiped about her friends and babbled about the trip. I grunted occasionally to let her know I was still awake as she burbled incessantly. The longer we lay together with her talking and jostling against me the longer my cock got. I finally got to the point where my thoughts were as shameful as any I’d ever had, I pushed her away from me saying “Move, now it’s too hot.”

Diane rolled over to face me “Yeah, I’m going to take my coat off.” She sat up and pulled off her jacket and sweater then dove back under the covers. I struggled out of my coat then peeled my shirt off too. I was in jeans and a t-shirt when my sister and I lay back down, face to face on our pillows. The strain of my erection against the barrier of my zipper hurt but I wasn’t about to take off any more. We stayed still for a few seconds, looking at each other then she whispered shyly, “I’m still hot so I’m going to take off my nightgown but you can’t look. Okay?” Her eyes sparked briefly in the dark, I saw a pale flash of teeth behind a timid smile then she ducked completely under the covers and pulled off the flannel night dress and undershirt. When she lifted the blanket to drop it to the floor I saw the pale outline of a training bralette covering her tits. She squealed sharply, then laughed as she drew the cover back up then crushed against me as if magnetized and declared “Omygaud, its cold out there!”

She had one arm around my back, her budding breasts were pressed against my shirt, I could feel her legs rubbing on mine. I put an arm over her waist and pulled her closer to me on the pretext of warming her up again, my chest was tingling where the tips of her small breasts were denting my skin. I wanted to hold her tighter against me but my cock was stretched and thudding so I was careful to keep it from touching her, Diane wasn’t aware my my condition or what her nearness was doing to me and I was determined to keep her clueless. She repositioned slightly then pushed back and said “your pants are scratchy take them off, you’ll be warm enough.”

Her request drove a hot spike of tremors though my nuts, she couldn’t know what being near nude with her would do to me and I almost refused but I’d been wearing my jeans for over 36 hours and it would be a relief to get out of them so I thrashed around under the blankets taking them off, in moments I was mostly naked in bed with a fourteen year old girl who was happy to be warm again even if she was wearing only bra and panties. Me? My heart was pounding, I was overheating. She quieted down as if to sleep so I rolled over; we were back to back. My sister cozied up to me, her butt covered only by thin soft cotton was rubbing on the back of my thighs. In a few minutes I sensed she had dozed off. I began to drift to sleep while I tried to tame the animal in my shorts.

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