Coke Makes Everyone Cum

by Ray Dario

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Orgy, Black Male, Black Female, Hispanic Male, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A free spirited woman with a strange name makes a friend. They party and everyone has a good time.

“Your name is Cocaine? You’re kidding right?” Lilly gaped with wide eyes. She’d never met a woman like this before, standing there in a skirt that barely covered her crotch, a blouse that strained to cover her pert breasts; breasts that appeared to have pierced nipples gauging by the ring shaped outline. She wore heels that pushed her up onto her tip-toes. Even in the heels the girl was several inches shorter than Lilly.

“I usually go by Coke. Guess my parents had a sense of humor.” Coke smiled and pointedly looked Lilly up and down, bringing a blush to Lilly’s face as the oddly named woman made a point of staring at Lilly’s large breasts filling out her white cotton blouse.

“And your last name is Snow?” Lilly asked.

“That’s what my name tag says.” Coke laughed as she cupped her left breast to force the name tag clipped there to tilt up toward Lilly. As she did, she made a show of rubbing her nipple with her thumb. “Mmm, that feels good. I should show off my name tag more often.” Coke’s breasts were not nearly as large as Lilly’s but they were still firm and high and her nipples were obviously erect.

Lilly blushed more; feeling the familiar heat build between her legs. Everything about this woman excited her. Even her perfume was intoxicating, filling her nostrils and making her heart race. Lilly hadn’t felt this reaction to a woman in long time. Coke’s fair skin, so different than Lilly’s deep brown complexion, was sprinkled with a few freckles. Her deep green eyes were bright and clear. And the woman seemed to always be smiling. For Lilly, that was the whipped cream on top of the pie.

“I, uh, I just came to drop off this form.” She stared down at Coke’s cradled breast, inhaling her scent.

Coke brought her other hand up to cup her right breast, wiggling them at Lilly. “Do you like my tits, Lilly?”

“What!” Lilly’s eyes shot up to see Coke beaming at her.

“It’s okay. I like women who stare at my tits.”

“I wasn’t staring ... well, I mean ... I’m not...”

“It’s okay, really.” Coke gave her a wink. “Hey, Jill and I are going out for drinks tonight. I’ll tell her you are coming when I give her this.” The petite woman snatched the form from Lilly’s stunned hand, turned and flounced off before the shocked Lilly could respond. With each bouncing step the enticing roundness of Coke’s butt flashed under her incredibly short skirt. It only took three flounces before Lilly realized the girl was wearing a thong. At least she thought she must be wearing a thong. Surely she was at least wearing a thong. Lilly stared until the woman disappeared around a corner.

Lilly’s brows pursed as she considered what had just happened. Coke’s perfume lingered in the air, its sensual feminine fragrance reminded Lilly of a day when she was in college. She and a friend named Sharlene had been eating old Valentine’s Day chocolates when they had both spontaneously leaned together and kissed. It hadn’t ended in just a kiss. It was one of Lilly’s favorite memories of college. Smiling to herself, she turned and made her way back to her desk.

She’d only started working at Daltech a week ago and still didn’t know many people but she liked her new job. Staring at her computer screen, she thought about the tiny technical writer she’d just met. Who would name their daughter Cocaine? But somehow the name fit the woman. Lilly pulled out her cell phone to text her husband.

“Hey baby! Just met a woman named Cocaine. She invited me to have drinks tonight. Is it okay?” Lilly had made some stupid mistakes in her life. Two of them had been to cheat on her wonderful husband. She’d tried to hide the affairs, but eventually he’d found out. It took time, but he’d forgiven her. Still, the specter of the two affairs and her initial attempts to conceal them overshadowed their marriage so she didn’t want to be late without letting him know where she was. It had surprised Lilly that Don was actually more upset with her dishonesty than her unfaithfulness.

“I think ur stupid iphone ac got you. What her name?” Her husband, Don, replied to her text.

“No, her name really is Cocaine. Cocaine Snow.”

“LOL! No way”

“Serious. U okay if I go for drinks with her and Jill?”


“I told u about Jill. Head of Technical Writing.”

“The wild bitch u told me about last night?”


“Any normal people work there?”

“Don’t know yet. Probably. Can I go?”

“I guess. Don’t be too late. I’ll order pizza.”

“Love you!” Lilly tucked her phone back into her purse. Her hands rested on her keyboard but didn’t move. She couldn’t get Coke out her mind: her pixie face, dark brown hair with the cute boy-cut style, her eyes, God, Lilly loved those beautiful eyes, and those lovely breasts she’d brazenly offered to Lilly; even her tight round ass bouncing in that short skirt as she walked away.

Lilly crossed her legs, forcing herself to not reach between them to rub her pussy. She smiled and moved the mouse to click on an icon on the desktop wondering what tonight would bring.

Coke finished the page she was working on, clicking “Save” on the program’s toolbar. She sat back with a grin. Lilly had been staring at her tits for sure and not in a platonic manner, either. She imagined the sweet Hispanic girl’s lips sucking her pink nipples, flicking her nipple ring. She moaned softly as her hand moved between her legs, slipping her short skirt up enough that she could reach her pussy; rubbing herself through her silk thong. She sat there frigging herself for a moment before shaking herself and focusing back on her computer screen. She still had another chapter in the user manual to update. Jill was a good boss but she expected work to get done. That was often hard for Coke, but she wanted to be a good employee. She really loved her job. And the perks. That brought a smile.

At five minutes before five, Coke logged out. She made her way to the admin offices and found Lilly still at her desk, typing away at some boring looking spreadsheet.

“Hey sexy, you ready to go give a bunch of guys hard-ons?” Coke smiled as Lilly jumped.

“You startled me.” Lilly said as she closed out of her work and shut her computer down.

Coke licked her lips seductively. “I hope I can do more than just startle you tonight.”

Lilly blushed at the unconcealed innuendo. She grabbed her purse as she stood up. “I don’t think I can stay out too late. I will need to get home to my husband at a reasonable hour.”

“It’s Friday night, surely he can understand the need to let off a little steam, or better yet, why don’t you invite him to join us?” Coke took her hand, leading Lilly toward the door. “Jill’s driving. That way if I get you too drunk, you don’t have to drive.”

Lilly laughed. “Are you going to try to get me drunk?”

Coke laughed. “If I don’t, Jill will. You’ll want to watch her or she’ll have you on your back in the middle of the bar by eight.” She laughed at Lilly’s wide eyed look. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” She squeezed Lilly’s hand.

Jill, a voluptuous woman slightly taller than Lilly, joined them as they walked through the open atrium on their way out of Daltech’s main office. The atrium was beautiful with a variety of trees, flowers, and shrubs growing around a man-made pond and an artificial stream that meandered through the large open area. The fresh floral scent of fresh Lilacs mixed with the heavier fragrance of roses, filling the air and giving the courtyard the feeling of spring.

“I hope you two don’t mind, I invited Trisha to join us.” Jill said as she approached. “She’ll meet us there.”

Coke grinned at her much taller friend. “Cool. Trisha is always fun.” She turned to Lilly, whispering loud enough for Jill to hear. “You’re in luck. Jill loves playing with Trisha so it’ll be easier to protect you.”

Jill laughed. “What has she been telling you, Lilly? That I’m going to get you drunk and take advantage of you? If you need to worry about someone, it’s this seductive minx who’s holding your hand. She may be small, but she is a wild cat.”

“And you love that. Hey did you call Ray, is he coming tonight?” Coke’s eyes twinkled.

“You slut, you want to fuck my husband again don’t you?”

“Of course I do.” Coke turned to Lilly. “Just wait until you see Ray, he is a hunk. He stands this tall.” Coke lifted her hand as far up as she could to show her new friend, “and his cock is divine.”

Lilly’s eyes went wide and she stopped short. “You’ve had sex with your boss’s husband?”

“Baby, Coke has had sex with just about everyone.” Jill laughed.

Coke mock punched her friend. “That isn’t true! I’ve been slandered! I haven’t fucked Lilly ... yet.”

Jill and Coke laughed together. Lilly stood there, her mouth hanging open.

“Come on, Lilly, we want to beat the traffic.” Coke gave her hand a squeeze. “Are you okay? We’re just letting off steam.”

Lilly started walking again. “I’m okay.” She smiled. “You guys are crazy!”

“So, is Ray coming?” Coke asked Jill again.

“Probably, that sexy bitch he works with loves to suck his cock, but I think he’ll join us at the bar too.”

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