Headlights: a Fat Girl

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The tag 'fat girl' had haunted Coleen all her growing years. It was the care of her bestie Jennie and her lovely Momma that kept her on an even keel. Then along came John Magnus and his enchantment with Coleen and her 'headlights' was total. A romance was born.


Fat girl! That’s what she had always been. Coleen Stewart was always the ‘fat girl’. Of course, it’s necessary to be fair and look a little deeper at that kind of name calling.

We live, you see, in a ‘post Twiggy’ era. Think of the figure, the person: pretty face and then straight lines: no boobs, no hips, no butt to speak of. And that has become kind of the standard for ‘beauty’ or at least the standard for what is considered ‘chic’.

Recently, to be sure, it was announced that a size 12 was ‘super size’ in dresses. Fair? Hardly.

So here is our Coleen Stewart, who even thought that the name ‘Coleen’ didn’t really fit a ‘fat girl’ like her, stuck with such notions about being ‘fat’.

True enough, Coleen had a bit of a belly —- don’t we all? —-; she also had very nice sized ‘boobs’ and definitely a rather well rounded butt, and ‘yes’ she fit her number 10 panties very well.

Coleen’s view of herself was certainly influenced by what others might have thought. There was the one incident during high school. His name was Noto; that was his last name. He considered himself quite a joker and expressed a very savage kind of ‘humor’ frequently.

He took to making ‘oinking’ noises, when he saw Coleen. He continued because it so obviously bothered her. He knew where at least one of her ‘buttons’ was and pressed it, when he saw her.

It was too much for Coleen’s friend Jennie, who bided her time and decided on a plan to be prepared.

It all happened one day in the cafeteria. Noto was sitting with two friends having lunch and Coleen walked by.

“Hey, Stewart,” Noto said.

When Coleen looked at him, he began, while sniggering, to make his ‘oinking’ noises. Just then Jennie came along; she stopped and then spilled her bowl of soup over Noto’s head. He jumped up with a cry, trying to clear the soup from his face. Jennie moved in then and, grabbing his belt, poured her iced tea down the front of his pants. The whole cafeteria went up for grabs with shouts of approval and a round of applause, as Noto tried to clean himself off.

Jennie then said to him, in a quiet voice, but one that he knew was deadly serious: “Try that again and I’ll have your nuts. Don’t ever doubt my word.”

Nor did he, and the harassment of Coleen stopped immediately.

But the thought was certainly lodged in Coleen’s mind that she was a fat girl. It never really mattered that were she maybe two or three inches taller, Coleen would have been easily considered ‘stacked’. But, like her wonderful Mom, she lacked those few inches.

It was a battle that Coleen fought all through high school. There weren’t so many dates for her. She tried as much as possible not to mind. She had her group of friends, Jennie being one of her dearest and she got along with most other people. (Noto was the exception but he was that way generally.) One of the final ‘downers’ for Coleen was the senior prom in their final year. Coleen didn’t have a date and her Mom persuaded her cousin Jeffery to take her. Coleen had a terrible time deciding if it was a treat to go or the final kind of humiliation. Though in this instance, she was fully aware of her Momma’s love and concern for her that swung the trick for her and she was determined to enjoy herself as much as possible.

After the prom ‘fiasco’ and after Coleen had had time to think about it, she went to her Momma to say: “Momma, I think I need to apologize about my snit over Jeffery and the prom. We did have a good time and I just want to thank you for the whole idea. I’m sorry that I was so ... I don’t know...”

“Oh, sweetie,” he Momma replied, “There’s no apology needed at all. I know how you were feeling. I missed that occasion for the very reason that you might have missed it. When I was your age, I looked exactly like you...”

“Fat girl!” Coleen said with some chagrin.

“No, honey, not at all; don’t even use that word. It’s not our word and it’s not true of you at all. You’re lovely and I want to tell you...” (Here Blanche Stewart put her arms around Coleen, and kissed her fore head.) “Not every wonderful man is looking for the stick like, hipless blonde type. I remember your Father and how exciting he was and how attentive to me he was. It was wonderful and your time is coming. I know that.”

“Oh, Momma,” Coleen said, “I love you so, and I miss my Poppa so much.”

“Yes, sweetheart, so do I!” Blanche said. (He’d died of a heart attack 18 months earlier.)

“And I need to tell you, Momma,” Coleen went on, “It’s you and me forever; I’ll never leave you, even if such a man comes along for me.”

“What a lovely thing to say,” Blanche said, giving Coleen a cheek kiss, as they hugged.

Next it was college at the local state university for Coleen. To be sure, she was a first class student. Her studies seemed to come very, very easily for her. She made sure that in many instances she helped her ‘bestie’ Jennie, when Jennie was having some trouble with math kinds of issues. Math was one of Coleen’s strongest suits. She genuinely enjoyed it.

This led her to a major in economics and accounting in college at the university.

He dating habits didn’t change radically for her, since her physical appearance didn’t change all that much either. She was ‘shortish’, some were cruel enough to use the word ‘dumpy’, though that was hardly appropriate. She did have, despite her shorter size, a rather ‘robust’ figure, and Jennie never tired of telling Coleen what a ‘babe’ she really was.

“If I were into girls,” Jennie said, often enough, “I’d be on you like a rash.”

That invariably led the two of them to giggling.

After the university, they took different paths from each other, though their friendship never really waned. Jennie got married, with Coleen as her maid of honor and Coleen went into the business world.

She got a good job in the office of a kind of conglomerate titled M.H. Rose Inc. Their accounting office was understaffed, since one of their older accountants had retired and moved away. Coleen was tickled to be selected as the replacement.

She fit in well, and, as was usual with her and her lovely temperament, got along with the other three ladies in the accounting department of M.H. Rose very, very well. I a very short amount of time, Coleen became a very important member of the accounting group. She learned quickly and had a number of good ideas that helped them all with the work that they had to do.

Once she had the job, Coleen took some time, with her Momma’s help and encouragement, to buy some new clothes for herself. She eschewed wearing slacks to work, though it was certainly within the dress policy of the company. Instead she tended toward brightly colored dressed, which she favored.

The thought was still lodged in her mind about having an ass that was ‘too big’, and she didn’t want to ‘show it off’ by wearing slacks.

She and Blanche had some conversations about this, with Blanche trying to bring Coleen around to realizing that her ‘butt’ was indeed not too big at all but very nicely formed.

“Oh, Momma,” Coleen would say, “I just don’t know.”

“Well, love,” Blanche answered, “You just think about it.”

“I will, Momma, I love you,” Coleen replied.

But for a time period, dresses it was. They were bright and she had purchased dresses of various colors. She liked that, the bright colors, and if the truth were told, the brightly colored dresses made her eyes shine and added considerably to a very cheerful atmosphere at M.H. Rose.

EXCITEMENT AT THE OFFICE: There was a time, in the early fall, when the word got around the office that their big boss, Mr. Magnus was going to be coming back from a trip that he’d had to work on new business opportunities in Europe.

He hadn’t been seen around the office for any number of months, and certainly, for the most part, had been away since Coleen had been added to the accounting staff.

John Magnus was a rather tall, 6’’4”, individual, and, though he was at that point, only 35 years old, already sported, amid his curly hair, a fair amount of gray. He came back from his European trip and was eager to check on the progress of things at M.H.Rose. This included getting to know the new people who’d been hired.

He showed up on a Wednesday at the accounting office.

“Ladies,” he said cordially, as he entered the office.

Three of the ladies, all together, said: “Mr. Magnus.”

It was then that Coleen chimed in with her own greeting of ‘Mr Magnus’, once she realized who this handsome stranger was.

“And you must be our new accounting whiz, Ms. Stewart,” he said, going to Coleen’s desk.

“Coleen, sir,” she said quietly.

“Then it must be John and not ‘sir’ at all,” he said. “You look like a bright red flower today,” he went on, and that set all of the women in the accounting department giggling.

“I not only wanted to say hello and meet Ms Stewart, that is Coleen,” he began, “But I wanted to take the time to tell all of you that you’re doing a wonderful job. We’re very pleased here at M.H. Rose.”

This caused smiles and ‘thank yous’ all around the room from the ladies in accounting.

After that, John Magnus was there regularly and became a very familiar figure to the ladies in the accounting department.

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