Men Strike Back: the Bad Girl Zoo

by Sterling

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Rape, Fiction, Humor, Science Fiction, MaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Snuff, Torture, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Food, Oral Sex, Spitting, Voyeurism, Water Sports, Caution, .

Desc: Sex Story: Men had been oppressed for too long, so they struck back. They seized the right to rape. But sometimes women didn't fulfill their new subservient roles happily. They were bad girls. And some of the very bad girls wound up at the Bad Girl Zoo. There is much humiliation and sadism. The story takes place in the same universe as "Men Strike Back: the Right to Rape".

Men were getting angry. They had been stripped of political power. They were the humiliated servants of women. There was also a fertility crisis that could be solved by lots of sex, but women showed little interest. Men’s efforts to redress their grievances were outlawed by President Chelsea Clinton as creating a climate hostile to women. Men still dominated the military, and when they couldn’t take it any more they took power in a coup. The tables turned -- and how. Among the rights men seized was the right to rape.

Women wear collars that track their hormonal state, and a green light means she’s fertile. An aid to the men in trying to make her pregnant and reverse the fertility crisis.

In the resulting society there is still crime. Men who commit crimes pay fines and go to prisons. So do women who commit property crimes or crimes against other women.

But women who commit crimes against men? Women who strike at the heart of the men’s revolution? They go to the Bad Girl Zoo.

This might sound like cruel and unusual punishment. There are several justifications. One is that all too many women who think in the old ways would say, “I don’t care, I’ll go to prison instead of putting up with all this sex!” For them, prison has to be a place where they can’t get away from sex. Where in fact their lot is more humiliating than if they just put up with the two hours a day of sex that is their duty in the first place. Second, men deserve to live out some fantasies that are a bit much to impose on ordinary women who are doing their best. And finally, well, they’re just women.

Some bad girls who aren’t too bad might end up in unusual situations, such as the sport known as “Chasing Tail”.

Howard: Here we are in another ESPN radio special, looking at new developments in the sporting world. We’re here today in Nashville to look at “Chasing Tail”. My colleague Bob has been investigating this. So, what’s this sport about?

Bob: It was inspired by the rodeo -- steer roping. For those who may not know about that classic, the idea is that a steer is released from the gate into a ring, and the cowboy is on a horse, equipped with a lariat. His job is to lasso the steer, then get it down, with three legs tied up, as soon as he can. A timed event.

Howard: I understand it was quite the event for cowboys. But of course there aren’t that many cowboys today.

Bob: That’s right, Howard. Chasing Tail is an event that appeals to your average man. The idea is to chase a girl instead of a steer. And instead of tying up the girl, his goal is to get her down, rape her, and ejaculate in her vagina as quick as he can. There’s no horse and no lariat -- girls aren’t that fast or strong. And instead of a dirt enclosure, this is done in a ring about the size of a basketball court, and like a basketball court it has a wooden floor.

Howard: We’re in the press box above the court right now. I see a pen over there for girls. They all look pretty nice.

Bob: Well, yes, that’s true. Sports are always better with beautiful women -- whether it’s as cheerleaders, gymnasts, or skaters -- and of course the sexier they are the more motivated the contestants.

Howard: They’re all in short dresses -- coming about halfway down the thigh. No shoes or socks or anything. Do they have panties on?

Bob: Yes, they have panties, but inside they’ve been prepared beforehand. A gynecologist has fitted them with a special cervical cap that detects semen and sends a radio signal. That’s what ends the round -- the signal confirming semen delivered to the cervix.

Howard: And now they’re leading one into the center, and her wrist is tied to a post.

Bob: Right. When the round begins, the cuff on her hand opens and she’s free.

Howard: Over here are the contestants, each with a numbered jersey on, and nothing else. And there’s a clock counting down -- it’s at 30 now.

Bob: That’s right, Howard. The clock shows the time to the start of the round, and you can see the man in the bullpen, stroking his cock. To be really quick, he’s got to have an erection and be not so far from blowing his load. The first phase is to catch the girl, the second is to get her into a fuckable position, but the third phase is the actual penetration, thrusting and ejaculation. Being fast on that part relies on his body being just about ready.

Howard: So the clock is counting down ... four ... three ... two ... one.

Bob: He’s off! She dodges left, then right, but he’s got her. She’s down, now he flips her ... left knee pin, right knee pin, down he goes ... thrusting, and ... Done! Twenty-six point one five seconds.

Howard: I noticed he didn’t pull out right away.

Bob: No, it’s traditional for him to take another few seconds of celebratory fucking.

Howard: So, how did he do?

Bob: That’s a good solid run for an event like this.

Howard: And now we’re seeing a replay.

Bob: Right, and that inset, that’s from the penis-cam. It waves around wildly at first, of course, then you see his quick left hand motion there to pull the panties to the side and open her labia at the same time and guide his cock in. From the main cam we can count -- it looks like ten thrusts until he ejaculates.

Howard: And his right arm?

Bob: He’s using the standard technique, with his forearm against her chest to both hold her down and give him stability.

Howard: What about that other inset?

Bob: That inset is from the cervix-cam. We see the cock tip come in about 5 times and then see the semen gush out. It’s usually dark in a vagina, of course. The thing’s got a semen detector, a camera and a light.

Howard: I noticed he helped her to her feet and gave her a little spank.

Bob: Yes, that’s become something of a tradition.

Howard: And now she’s being looked over by the ref.

Bob: Right. He can’t damage her physically -- if he does he’s disqualified. Blood is an automatic disqualification. It looks like she’s OK.

Howard: It looks like he stuck his finger up her pussy!

Bob: Yeah, wants to be sure everything’s fine in there too.

Howard: So the next girl is in place at the post, the next contestant is stroking himself. Three ... Two ... one.

Bob: This girl goes right, then left, then right again. She got away and is heading to the side. Wow, he’s having trouble with her ... There, he got her ... Already 33 seconds. He’s got her in position now, but he knows it’s a bad round. There -- he got his cock in finally.

Howard: He’s been fucking away for at least 15 seconds now.

Bob: Right, that’s pretty common. He knows he’s not going to have a fast time, so he’s just enjoying fucking the girl. But he has to finish pretty soon -- if he’s not done in 3 minutes then it’s all over.

Howard: I know I’m stiff in my pants watching him go.

Bob: Yes, me too. That’s pretty common for the spectators -- it’s a good spectator sport.

Howard: A few really deep, long thrusts, now a bunch of really quick ones and ... there’s the splat on the cervix-cam. The round is over! Two minutes and twelve seconds.

Bob: Not really competitive.

Howard: He helped her up, gave her a spank, then took a big squeeze on her breast there.

Bob: Yes, a breast worth squeezing, I’d say.

Howard: Here’s our next contestant ... Five ... four ... three ... two ... one ... He’s off! And -- no wait, the girl isn’t running away. She just lies down and spreads open for him! What does that mean?

Bob: Right, there, he’s fucking her hard, but that won’t count. We’ll see if he finishes or pulls out -- obviously if he comes then he would be slower to come in his replacement bout later today -- serious contestants wait at least a couple days between competitions. No, there -- he blew his load! Thirty-five seconds. I guess he decided he’d rather just finish fucking the girl and not worry so much about his time on the next one.

Howard: What’s this? The one ref has bent her over his knee and is spanking her ... He’s spanking her hard!

Bob: Well, of course they have to discourage the girls from doing anything unsportsmanlike. She looks positively defiant there, and they can’t have that.

Howard: So what happens now?

Bob: I don’t know as you caught the ref’s sign -- he flings his hands apart, then shoves one finger into the curled fingers of the other, in a fucking motion. They’ll put her in four-point restraints, with legs spread wide, and any of the spectators who want can just fuck her at their leisure. Most of these cute girls are protected against general fucking, but they’re not going to protect a girl who doesn’t play.

Howard: She’s awfully cute, maybe I’ll take a turn.

Bob: You certainly can.

Howard: That raises another question. Where do the girls come from? Are they volunteers?

Bob: There have been a few, and there’s talk of making a tournament of just volunteer girls.

Howard: But the others?

Bob: Convicts. In fact, we have one of the girls here today to join us. Come on over, Melissa, now’s the time. You’ve been out there in the ring. What’s it like for you?

Melissa: It’s not the most pleasant thing, but as a convict I have to pay back my debt to society.

Howard: How does it work? Are you sentenced to get fucked a certain number of times?

Melissa: No, they want to give us an incentive to struggle, so it’s based on time.

Howard: To play hard to get? That’s funny, ha!

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