The Morning After My Son's Birthday

by lucyB

Caution: This Mother Son Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Son, First, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Hairy, son fucks his mother,son impregnates his mother,man watches son fuck his wife.

Desc: Mother Son Sex Story: Drunken son gets in bed with his parents and ends up impregnating his own mother

My wife, Annie and I have been married for just twenty years. I am forty-three years old and Annie forty-one. We have two children Shelly who has just turned twenty and Graham who is about to turn eighteen.

Annie is not a MILF nor a model or even a stick insect of a woman. After forty odd years and two kids she has become a wholesome woman some would say chubby but I say buxom. Her figure obviously isn’t the same as when I met her all those years ago, but I still love her and she me. We have brought our kids up as our parents did to us and though not perfect they are well mannered and caring kids. They have worked hard to get an education something more than their parents and we are rather proud of their achievements.

My story starts in the year of my sons eighteen birthday. In fact on the very day.

“Dad,” Shelly called, “Can you bring some more burgers for the BBQ, Uncle Jim has nearly run out?”

I wave to my daughter in acknowledgement and head for the fridge in the kitchen. In the kitchen was Graham’s best friend Gary, he has eyes for my daughter but Shelly thinks he’s a wanker and shows her disgust of him every time he asks her out. But that’s another story for another time.

Gary is a year older than Graham yet seems to get stupider every time he comes over to visit. “Come on Gary help me with the beers, I’ve to get more burgers for the BBQ.”

“Okay Mr Duke.”

“Take the twenty-four pack from the freezer while I get the burgers from the fridge.”

“You put the beers in the freezer Mr Duke, don’t they freeze in there?” Gary asked as he opened the freezer door and lifted out the beers.

“Sure they do Gary, but they won’t last long enough to freeze,” I replied closing the fridge door.

“What y’ mean they won’t last long?” asked Gary standing with a crate of beer in his arms.

“Why do you think Gary?”

He stood looking blank, there certainly wasn’t no one at home in that brain of his. He didn’t answer because he couldn’t, the question was too complex for him.

“Because ... we’re ... going ... to drink ... them ... all Gary,” I spoke slowly, then ten seconds later his face lights up as if someone had flicked a switch.

He smiles, “Oh, you got me there Mr Duke,” and starts laughing.

“Come on you dim bat let’s get out there and enjoy the party,” I said shacking my head in disbelief.

Gary follows me through the house asking, “Is it true you’re going to let Graham go to the pub tonight Mr Duke?”

“Well he’ll be old enough to go so yeah if he wants too.”


The party was a real success. We started it around mid-day and was expecting the relatives to be gone by six. I was hoping this would be the case, Shelly was out with her friends tonight and Graham, as expected, will want to meet up with his mates and continue with the partying leaving the wife and me to party on our own. For once, I was looking forward to having some quality time with her and maybe if she’s in the mood a little nookie as well.

Mid-afternoon saw the arrival of Annie’s sister Aunt Lucy. As she walked out onto the patio every male’s eyes fixed on that woman’s body. Even Granddad had to look twice to take in the sight.

Lucy isn’t her first name. It’s her second name and she has always used it all the time I’ve known her. Although Aunt Lucy has had two kids, both boys, and is three years older than her sister, my wife, she has managed to keep her figure through sheer strength of will. Unlike Annie, and as much as it hurts to say it, Lucy is a doll.

Everything about her oozes sex. With her long black curly hair that cascades over her shoulders, her 38c breasts, thin waist and legs that seemed to go on for ever. The way she stands and holds herself upright, straight of back. Her hips are wide but not too wide, seem to complement her breasts in such a delicate way that you are always looking at various different parts of her anatomy.

“Cor!” Davy gasped quietly as he looked at Graham’s Aunt Lucy, “Will you look at that man.”

Graham turned to look and saw his favourite Aunty talking to his mum. Graham smiled, “That’s my Aunt Lucy.”

“Well Aunt Lucy is one hell of woman,” spoke Davy while drooling, “Man what with y’ mum now I have to put up with y’ Aunt as well.”

“What about my mum?”

Davy looked slightly shocked at what he’d let slip, but he never stopped looking at Aunt Lucy, “Nothing dude, but will you look at her melons, they are fabulous.”

“Spit it out Davy, what about my mum?”

“Well if you insist,” he said shrugging his shoulders, “When I wank off she’s top of the list of fantasy woman.” Davy tried to be as straight as possible but he found himself mildly blushing.

“You wank fantasying about my mum?” Graham was shocked to say the least. He looked at his friend and thought about what he meant.

“You know bending her over and giving her one.”

“Jeez Davy, you must be sick!”

“Don’t be ridicules she’s a buxom woman, and I wouldn’t mind mounting her one day.”

“Well at least it’s a fantasy because there’s no way she’d open her legs for a nerd like you,” Graham smiled.

“You know that, I know that but there’s no law to say I can’t have an imagination.”

“Well just keep your hands to yourself, she’s my mum and if you ever try anything with her I’ll have to hurt you.”

Davy looked into his eyes and saw the look, “Hey dude, it’s a fantasy let’s keep it that way.”

Graham nodded and they both looked back at Aunt Lucy.

I caught up with Graham about an hour later and found him talking with Gary. As I approached I could see Gary was drunk. He was swaying gently while holding his class and trying to listen to Graham who had bent forward to say something in his ear.

“Cool,” he replied to what Graham had said, “Your family are great,” he slurred, “You know Graham you’re one lucky git, you know that don’t you?”

“Why?” Graham asked as he took a gulp of cola from his glass. He was smiling to himself as he looked at the state his friend was.

“Well let’s face it mate you have one hell of a sexy mum. I mean look at her she’s all woman she’s one fine milf that’s for sure.”

“And you’re and expert on milfs are you?”

I stood just off to one side of them and listened in. I was surprised my son didn’t notice I was there. I assumed he was concentrating on watching when Gary was going to fall on his face.

“No,” he slurred, “But I do know a sexy woman when I see one.” Graham gulped some beer and tried to balance himself before continuing, “You, you a while ago I thought I was seeing double when I saw your mum and another sexy lady. I could, you couldn’t ... I mean I didn’t realise there were two sexy woman at this party until you’re lovely sister told me the other lady was your Aunt Lucy.” He again gulped small more beer. He closed his eyes for a second and Graham positioned himself to catch him. But Gary had other ideas and regained his composure, “You have two beautiful woman in your family and I envy you. All I’ve got is brothers and a mum who doesn’t listen to me. But you, my mate has two and one of them has the biggest melons I’ve seen in a long time.”

I smiled to myself at the state Gary had got himself in knowing that tomorrow his head will thump so hard he’d wished he’d never been born. I also had my doubts that he’ll be joining Graham at the pub tonight.

Walking over to them I grabbed my son around the shoulders, “Hey birthday boy, you got a moment for your old dad?”

Graham looked up at me, “Sure Dad, what’s up?”

I saw the look of relief on his face as I took him away from his friend. We’d only gone four paces and we both heard the thump as Gary hit the ground, “Oh sod it!” Graham cursed.

“Looks like we’d better get this young man inside, he’ll sleep it off by tomorrow.”

“You’ve got to be kidding Dad, give him an hour and he’ll be up and about as if he’d never had a drink.”

“What do you mean?” I asked surprised with his outburst.

“It’s always the same with Gary. He drinks himself silly, passes out for an hour or so and when he wakes up he appears to be okay, not even a hangover and if the party is still going he starts all over again.”

“You’re kidding me, yeah?”

“Nope, you just wait and see,” Graham said truthfully, “I’ll be expecting him to be awake ready to go down the pub later.”

We carried Gary into the lounge and lay him on the couch to sleep it off. I was waiting to see if my son was right and Gary will be sober enough to go to the pub in the next hour or so.

Around five, the guests started to leave for home and the party began to wind down. By five thirty most of our guest had gone and I’d started to clean away the debris around the BBQ. Shelly and her mum were collecting the classes and taking them to the kitchen whilst party boy was readying himself for the trip down to the pub. Aunt Lucy was in the kitchen helping with the washing up. After wheeling the BBQ away from the patio I removed the grill and picked up the utensils and walked back towards the house. It was then I spotted Gary getting up of the couch. He stretched and saw me enter.

“Hi Mr Duke, I’m really sorry about me crashing out like that.”

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