Deputy Sheriff

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Following in my father's foot steps was something I dreamed of and worked hard to do. He was the duke's sheriff and I became a deputy. My first real lesson came when a constable captain does not read or understand a mission to raid a drug lab. After that I find a link to a serial killer that has been hunting unchecked. Now every constable and deputy sheriff on the planet is looking for him while he hunts his next victim.

I was the oldest son of the Sheriff of duke Marish. Very few systems followed the old or I should say ancient laws and systems. While the empire had dukes owning systems, there were still elected governors. That was the side that normally ran the legal system but not here. The system government still hired and supported constables but they were not the only law.

The duke had a sworn man that was his Sheriff. The Sheriff had an under sheriff in each district or continent or earldom. Each district had territories that had chief deputy sheriffs. The duke held the system as his own and had an earl for each district and a baron for each territory. The earls and barons also had a sheriff and they had under sheriffs and deputies.

I guess it was like state or federal agents in some of the federations. At the age of fourteen I began extra classes on imperial and ducal law. At sixteen I was a reserve deputy after spending three months in training over the summer. When I finished my schooling at eighteen I was sworn in by my father the Sheriff and the duke.

I had been with training officers for two years and after I was sworn in I was sent to Kensy which was another continent. Under sheriff Mably assigned me to the Harris territory which was in the northwest. The district capital city had a population of five hundred thousand. The capital of the territory only had twenty thousand.

To put things in perspective the system capital had a population of over twenty million. Anyway I flew my new patrol vehicle out and landed and went to check in with chief deputy sheriff Clark. She grinned and pulled me straight to the case boards, “you are just in time. We have a suspected silk factory and I want you to find it.”

First I had to check with the earl’s sheriff’s office and then the baron’s sheriff’s office. I did a lot of research on the dozen deaths from silk or related cases the constables had. I got several names and started checking and finally narrowed it down to one. His house was way out in the middle of the territory and a hundred kilometers from another house.

I got a warrant for a sat surveillance and a ghost recon. Using a chem sniffer I confirmed the drug silk was being made inside the house. I watched the suspect for over a week before I was ready to move. I notified chief deputy sheriff Clark and gave her everything. She went over every detail before contacting both of the other sheriff offices and the closest constables.

I wore a body screen and flex armor with scan glasses and a special filter mask. Around the target house was a huge cage with demon snakes that looked like they were engineered. The lane through the cage had demo charges and there was a lethal zap field on the porch. I had briefed everyone on all the dangers but noticed the constables did not pay attention.

We slipped through the woods around the house and I led the earl’s deputies to the cage lane. I broke the lock and we started through and the charges blew and the cage walls protecting us from the demon snakes fell. I pulled the stun bag pistol from my chest and shot one that was moving towards us from the left while others took care of the right.

Once it was clear I put the pistol away and pulled the breacher and fired at the zap field emitters. The explosion ripped them apart in a huge shower of sparks and smoke. I started for the armored front door and fired three times. The door held for the first two and then it was blown into the house.

I put the breacher away and lifted the short assault rifle on its single point sling. I started moving and stepped in the doorway as a man spun around a hall corner. He was lifting a military grade rifle and I put a burst of rounds through the static protection suit he was wearing. I moved in and shifted to put a second burst through another man.

He was to the left as he rose from behind a couch with a military grenade launcher. I moved to the hall and spun around the corner and knelt. The other deputies were trained and two split off and went into the kitchen while two others went left and across to a door into the garage. Four others moved around me while I covered and started down the hall.

They hit the first two rooms as I fell in at the rear and took over after the second room. I did not have to kick a third door to the left open as I went through it. The deputies following hissed and I let my rifle hang as I strode to the burners and started shutting them down. The last two deputies cleared the last room and we quickly backed out and evacuated the building.

Once clear of the cage we relaxed and spread out to wait. That was when I got a taste of constable, deputy conflict. I had been trained and heard all about it and had even been warned. I cleared my rifle and the constable captain moved towards me, “you killed those men!”

I glanced at him as I let the rifle hang again, “yes.”

I moved to the vehicle and he followed me, “you murdered them!”

I looked at him as I called chief deputy sheriff Clark, “they were armed with deadly weapons and I used appropriate force.”

He spun and stomped to his vehicles as I told Clark how the raid went and requested an emergency chem team to decon the house. One of the earl’s deputies hissed, “this asshole captain is calling the local magister and requesting a warrant to arrest you for murder.”

I glanced at her and then at the captain before I told Clark what was happening. She told me what to do and I started making calls. Ten minutes later the smug bastard strode towards me with two constables, “you are under arrest for...”

I held up my comp, “this is a suspension order from the system imperial judge. You and the magister are suspended as of right now. You are required to report to the imperial court building in the capital tomorrow at noon. The duke, his Sheriff, the constable general and system imperial judge will be doing a competency review.”

I held out my hand, “you will surrender your badge and weapon ... now.”

He froze with his mouth open and I took a step, “now constable!”

He fumbled for his badge and then his weapon and I took both and gestured, “leave my crime scene.”

He stumbled back to his vehicle and I looked at his lieutenant and held out the badge and weapon. He glared and I sighed, “did you even read my prelim brief or the raid brief?”

He looked at the other constables and then back at me, “yeah.”

I nodded, “so you know Mr Albert always wears a static protection suit. His vehicle is wired to explode. Either he or his partner always remain in the house. That we have positive proof of twelve deaths from the silk they have made and four they have killed personally. You also know he has sworn to set off a bomb and kill any law officer that tried to enter his house.”

He cleared his throat, “um...”

I snorted and turned to look at the house, “and you should know one of your spasm rounds would set off the burner fumes which would blow up the house.”

One of the earl’s deputies chuckled, “we were lucky your breacher did not set it off.”

I snorted, “I was using chem flash pellets.”

He blinked, “where did you get...”

I smiled and started for the cage, “the new ammo allocation is in at the capital.”

I fixed and checked my mask before I entered the house. I checked the chem levels before I started to search with the other deputies. When I entered the basement I was almost sick and had to back out quickly. I sealed the door and gestured the other deputies back. I looked at the few constables that had followed us and pulled them out.

I noticed someone had put down the demon snakes outside and was glad. I had everyone gather round and took off my scan glasses and mask. I plugged in the scan glasses to my comp and gestured and everyone pulled theirs. I set mine to broadcast and shifted through to when I entered the basement.

A moment and half of the constables were puking and the deputies were white faced. I looked at the lieutenant constable, “seal the house and get cleaners here.”

He nodded quickly and I shut my comp down, “make sure they get bio scan and DNA from what is left.”

I sat in my vehicle and made my report while the decon team came to remove the chemicals and safely destroy them. I made a deputy and a constable go in with each man to protect them incase the smaller demon snakes infesting the basement escaped. What was left of the bodies and human remains were removed after the snakes were killed.

The last count had been twenty people they had eaten and they had started when the people were alive. I never expected my report to go all the way to my father or to the duke. The constable captain and the magister were permanently removed from their posts. I walked into our office and glanced at Clark.

She grinned as she sat on the corner of a desk while talking to a teenager. I glanced at the girl as I sat and began the after raid review. Clark listened and waited before she started asking questions. She seemed to like my answers and stood, “one week and you manage to end a major silk operation. Take a couple of days off and then I have a string of stock animal thefts.”

She looked at the girl and grinned, “this is my sixteen year old sister Misty. She is looking for a guy to contract with.”

I frowned, “contract?”

The girl stood, “for a year at first and for sex.”

I grinned as I started putting things away, “we can spend the two days together and decide if you want.”

Misty grinned at her sister, “a trial period ... cool.”

Clark laughed and gestured, “have fun.”

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