Life in the Redneck Town of Panhandle in 1969
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Teenagers, Consensual, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Sports, Cheating, Revenge, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, First, Oral Sex, Squirting, Big Breasts, Size, Small Breasts,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Millie Ploggy gets even with her cheatin' husband of 30 years and Buddy discovers his bi side...

Readers please be advised, the story ‘Life in the Redneck Town of Panhandle in 1969’ is written using Redneck slang, quotes, incorrect Hillbilly grammar, and terms relevant to the year 1969.

DISCLAIMER: All characters appearing in the series ‘Life in the Redneck Town of Panhandle in 1969’ are fictitious, as they do not exist. Any resemblance to a real person, living or dead, is purely coincidental, and should not be construed to associate a real person, living or dead.

The Alaska Airlines jet had just taken off from Seattle en route to Juneau, Alaska where I’d meet up with my cousin Pauly for a week long fishing trip in a remote Alaskan fishing village celebrating my big 5-0 birthday.

The jet was at cruising altitude of 37,000 feet when my mind drifted back to 1969 and the great times Pauly and I shared together our senior year at Panhandle High before we went our separate ways in the fall of 1970. And, now after thirty-two years we’d be reuniting, reliving those olden days from yesteryear while our wives of twenty-seven years, took the kids and grandkids to Disney World for a week of fun in the sun.

The year 1969 may have been a year of crisis and turmoil within the USA with the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War continuing to escalate, the Gay-Lesbian movement kicking into high gear, not to mention the anti-war protests on virtually every college campus across American. But, not even Neil Armstrong walking on the moon fazed the folks in the town of Panhandle. Nothing really mattered to the hometown folks except harvesting the wheat and corn, cutting and baling hay, getting cattle to market, harvesting a whitetail buck for a supply of winter’s meat, and last but not least, packing Panhandle High School’s Red Panther Stadium like sardines on Friday nights during the football season.

Well, I guess I should rephrase that just a bit, the beginning of the gay rights movement with the Stonewall riots on June 28th did raise an eyebrow or two in the small Southern redneck town of Panhandle located smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt.

It was the morning after my 18th birthday, July 4, 1969 to be exact, and the riots over gay rights in New York’s Greenwich Village had continued for past six nights, launching sexual liberation out of the Dark Ages and into the 20th Century.

My cousin Pauly had stayed over for the night since we’d be taking Carla and Helen to the lake today for Panhandle’s all-day Fourth of July celebration.

We were eating breakfast with Mom and Dad when Dad spoke out, “I see those queers are still at it up in New York. Serves those Yankees right, letting those queers get out of hand. I hear tell yesterday down at the feed store both the Adams and Jones boys are a couple of them damn queers.”

Mom quickly interrupted Dad, “Ted enough of this talk at the table! Buddy and Pauly don’t need to be hearin’ about the unchristian like behavior of the Adams and Jones boys!”

Dad replied, “Like hell they don’t! Buddy’s 18 now and Pauly’s 19, both are old enough to understand you keep queers away from your tally whackers. Now Betsy, don’t interrupt me again!

“Ol’ Chief Martin told us down at the store, ‘I caught the Adams boy out at the lake sucking the tally whacker of the new junior high Coach ... Mills, I think is his name.’

“Everyone was laughing and pretty much said at the same time, ‘What’d you do Chief?’

“Chief Martin just smiled, ‘Well fellas, once I shined my light inside the Ford pickup, I immediately recognized the Adams boy with the Coach’s dick in his mouth. I knew the Adams boy graduated from PHS last year, so I figured what the hell, he had to be of legal age. I just smiled and told’em, ‘You fellas just carry on about your business, don’t mind me, no harm done.’

“Old man Pippins was laughing, then spoke up, ‘Yeah, I’d hea’rd that about the Adams boy too. Seems like he not only likes to suck on tally whackers, but likes to take’em up his poop chute too.’

“Fred told me not long ago, ‘I was cleaning out the shower stalls in the locker room when I never hear’d the like in all my days of the gruntin’, moanin’, and carryin’on coming from inside the training room. I slipped around the corner and peeked inside. I had a front row side seat to sees what was causing all the gall dang commotion. Pip, I weren’t three maybe five foot at the furest from all the action and it was really a shocker to sees PHS’s head trainer of some twenty- eight-years, Rocco Ploggy, cornholing the hell out of that Adams boy.

‘Rocco had him bent over one of the training tables, the kid’s pants, and undies were down around his ankles, his hands were clenching the edge of the table so tight it looked as if the poor boy was hanging on for dear life every time Rocco rammed his cornholer in and out of his poop chute.

‘Nows like I says Pip, I was just a stone throws away from them as Rocco was cornholing that kid and from the sides I could tell ol’ Rocco was packing one bad ass cornholer. Nows, I never got a good looks at his length but damn if Rocco’s cornholer weren’t lookin’ to be big around as a baby’s arm.

‘Rocco’s britches were down to his mid-thighs, his strong hands were gripping the Adams kid hips like a C-clamp, and he was really givin’ it to him.

‘Rocco’s egg sized hairy jewels were swingin’ and slappin’ around. His ol’ gray hairs and hips were smackin’ into that kids butt cheeks, and I knows that Adams kid had to be hurtin’ the way Rocco was pounding his poop chute like a teenager instead of a 50-year-old fella.

‘That kid was moaning to all git out ‘OH GAWD ... YOU’RE KILLIN’ ME TODAY ... PLEASE SLOW DOWN MR. PLOGGY’ and every time he moaned and begged for mercy, Rocco pounded that big ass cornholer in and out of that kid’s young poop chute just a bit harder. I mean ol’ Rocco was pounding his cornholer balls deep in and out of the Adams kid’s ass like a jackhammer busting up concrete.

‘It ain’t very long at all before I’m noticing Rocco gruntin’ like an ol’ Brahma Bull. Rocco was gruntin’ louder and louder, and breathin’ like his ol’ hound dog in heat. His legs and ass tightened up, like a screw in a hinge. Them jewels weren’t slappin’ around, and he was thrustin’ his cornholer faster than a jackrabbit on moonshine. Ol’ Rocco was lettin’ out them moans ‘OHH ... OHH ... AHHH’ and I knows then Rocco’s cornholer was spittin’ its wad inside that kid’s poop chute.

‘Rocco’s pounding started to slow down and after one last deep ‘AHHH’ Rocco just stood still for a bit before he started pulling his cornholer out of the Adams kid’s ass. And, Pip, when Rocco’s cornholer came into plain view, just the sight of it made my butthole pucker up—Lookin’ every bit the length of a regular sized Co-Cola bottle and thicker than a sausage roll! But to my surprises, there weren’t a drop of do-do on ol’Rocco’s pecker. Once Rocco had pulled his cornholer out of the Adams kid’s asshole, them there flood gates opened. Cum oozed out of the opening of the kid’s asshole like a leak in Elmer’s pond dam, onto his balls, and down his thighs before finally dripping to the training room floor.

‘Rocco stood still, his pecker still a boner, dripping the last few drops of cum out the tip of that wide mushroom head when Rocco finally spoke, ‘Boy, you know the routine, now lick me clean.’

‘The Adams kid finally stood up, turned around, dropped to his knees, and started licking Rocco clean. And, before long, Rocco’s cornholer was clean as a whistle!

‘Rocco pulled up his pants, grinned a bit, and as he was walking back to his office, said, ‘Adams same time next week, be sure you’re good and clean, and don’t be late.’

‘Pip, in all my born days—well, it was the God damnest thing I ever sawed!

‘Afterwards, I just sort of slipped away, goin’ back to mindin’ my own business, and cleanin’ out them shower stalls.’

Dad was laughing, “Once Pippins finished telling us the story Fred told him, Pip smiled and said, ‘Well, fellas, I guess so much for Rocco Ploggy being thought of around these here parts as that fine upstanding conservative perfect Southern Christian gentlemen—huh fellas?’

“Charles Ray was quick to respond, ‘Don’t think we should place all the blame on Rocco just yet. Maybe Miss Millie ain’t doing her duty and keepn’ Rocco satisfied on the home front. So instead of cheatin’ and committin’ adultery, Rocco found this Adams kid to cure his itch. I realize the good book don’t approve of them queer activities that Rocco and this Adams kid are doing, but the fact of the matter is, breaking one of them Ten Commandments is a badder sin than giving it to the Adams kid up the poop chute. Just mys way of thinkin.’

Dad took a sip of his coffee before continuing to tell his story, “Buck answered Charles Ray, ‘I hear tell it’s the other way around Charles Ray. My younger brother Cletus told me a thing or two about Rocco Ploggy. Seems like Rocco hadn’t really screwed Millie good and proper in something like a month of Sundays and was cheatin’ on Miss Millie with Panhandle’s town whore, Emma Jo. Rocco had been ballin’ Emma for coon’s age, damn near four months, before Millie finally caught wind of it through the grapevine. Millie confronted Rocco about it, and of course, Rocco denied the whole ball of wax. But Miss Millie weren’t buying his story, so one night when Rocco supposedly had to work late after a Red Panther basketball game, Millie made a drive over by Emma’s place and caught her cheatin’ husband red-handed.

‘Parked in the back alley behind Emma’s place was the hottest Chevy pickup around these parts. A brand spankin’ new 1969 C10 red with white custom trim Stepside Chevy pickup truck. There weren’t no doubt, it were Rocco’s Ploggy’s Chevy pickup! But I guess maybe the straw that broke the camel’s back happened about two days later, a day before Valentine’s Day.

‘Millie was at the Five & Dime picking up a few odds and ends for her grandbabies when she overheard the two town gossip queens, Martha and Lucy, snickering away.

‘Martha was whispering to Lucy, ‘Look, there’s Millie Ploggy. I feel so sorry for poor Millie. She’s such a good Southern Christian woman, but she hasn’t the clue her husband of thirty years is busy screwing the town whore, Emma Jo, while she sits at home alone.’

‘Lucy snickered, ‘I’ve hear’d the same thing about Rocco and Emma Jo. But, did you know Martha, at our weekly canasta luncheon, I overheard talk, now it’s just talk mind you, that Rocco Ploggy is also fooling around with that queer Adams boy too.’

‘So after thirty years of being happily married, being a devoted, faithful Christian wife, never wanting to stray from her wedding vows, raising two youngins in a good Christian atmosphere, and never missing a Sunday’s meetin’, Miss Millie decided it was time to even the score with her cheatin’, lyin’, queerin’, husband. So Valentine’s night, Miss Millie decided to give it up to Cletus and the next day is when she cut ol’ Rocco off.’

“We were all dumbfounded and Charles Ray replied, ‘What the shit? Rocco must have a few loose screws in his head to have cheated on Millie with Emma Jo. Ol’Emma has spread her legs like butter for just anyone who has a hankerin’ for a piece of ass around these parts ever since Buck there busted her cherry when they were seniors at PHS. And, Buck, weren’t that damn near twenty year ago?’

“Buck was laughing and answered Pip, ‘Sho’nuff it was. Me and Emma Jo were seniors together and Homecoming night I busted her cherry—fucked her three times if I remember right. I coulda fucked her more, but I ran out of Big Chief rubbers. Emma Jo liked fucking so much she started fucking Joe Bob, John Boy, and Bobby Joe along with me for the rest of the school year. Shit, I remember prom night the four of us hauled Emma Jo out to the lake in John Boy’s parents’ Studebaker. None of us had any rubbers but we fucked Emma Jo anyway. The four of us fucked her long and hard, non-stop, one after the other, pumping her full of cum until she finally threw in the towel. I can’t remember how many times we fucked Emma Jo that night, but I’m guessin’ had to be more than a Baker’s dozen.

‘Fucking a broad like Emma Jo when there’s a jewel at home like Miss Millie ... all I can say is Rocco must be plumb eat up with a bad case of the dubm-ass! Not even them middle-age crazies would make me pass on Miss Millie to fuck Emma Jo and cornhole that Adams kid.’

“Charles Ray laughed, ‘Well Buck, here’s my two-penn’oth worth on this hear matter we’re talkin’about.

‘If’n Miss Millie’s is in the givin’ mood, you damn straight, I’d do some serious thinkin’ about how I could be a cheatin’ on Jozelle without her knowing anythings about it—good book or no good book. I’d be willin’ to give up my left nut to stuff Miss Millie’s box full with my one–eye boner and fill her sweet cunt full of jizzum!’

“Buck was laughing, ‘Darn tootin’ Charles Ray, if Miss Millie was offerin’, I’d dang sure be a takin’, and willin’ to slip in a one night stand behind Sammie Jo’s back whilst her and the kids were visiting her folks. But we’ll have to get in line behind my younger brother to a have a chance of gittin’ into Millie’s panties. Cletus has been bangin’ Miss Millie’s hot snatch just like clockwork, gonin’ on dang near five months now, and sure don’t look like there’s no end in sight.

‘Clet told me hook line and sinker how all this come to be. It all started last Valentine’s Day when the Red Panthers were out of town playing basketball. Millie had just recently caught Rocco red-handed cheatin’ on her with Emma Jo and got wind Rocco was also queerin’ around with that Adams boy. So Millie decided it was high time to git even with him by grudge fucking someone, anyone on this Valentine’s night—that is if they met Miss Millie’s qualifications—being hung bigger than Rocco’s trouser snake and little brother Cletus came callin’ packing a full nine inches of swingin’ meat!’

“Pip spoke up, ‘Damn Buck I’d hear’d Cletus was hung like a horse, but you’re sure—a nine inch tally whacker? Shit Buck, that’s be prettn’ near two inches bigger than what ol’ Fred told me Rocco had a hangin’!

“Buck laughed, ‘Damn straight Pip. I was home on leave from the service for Clet’s senior graduation from PHS and we were puttin’ down some cold Jax brews down on Jasper Creek. We were just bull shitin’ when out of the clear blue Clet told me he was givin’ my ol’ PHS punchboard, Emma Jo, every inch of his nine incher, two sometimes three times a week making Emma squeal like a fresh cut pig.

‘I laughed at him and called him a liar, ‘Little Brother, you damn sure ain’t packin’ no nine incher! Shit, I’m only a six-and-a-half, and that’s with a good boner on! If you’re a nine, that’d mean you’ve growed four-and-a-half inches since I left for the service four years ago!

‘Clet said, ‘I ain’t lying! Betcha a case of Jax?’

‘I laughed, ‘Ok, little brother you’re on!’ Afterwards, weren’t no one around so we went and slipped behind the house on the back porch. Clet got settled into the porch swing and started strokin’ while I slipped inside and found Mama’s sewin’ machine measuring tape. Once I found Mama’s tape I hustled back on the double and little brother already had a pretty good stiffy working. I watched him just a bit more as he kept strokin’ it up. Once little brother had a good stiffy up, I handed him the measuring tape and sure ‘nough he was packing a nine incher! And, to top it off, that damn thang was six-and-a-half around!’

Dad stopped for a second and smiled,”In the Army there was a dude in our barracks named Otis Lee. Otis was from Mississippi and was blessed with a sure fire Alabama Black Snake ... ten-and-a-half long, but it weren’t six-and-a-half around. We’d all sneak a peep from time to time as this ol’ homeboy would be givin’ it right up the poop chute to our asshole Drill Sergeant, just like Rocco did the Adams kid.”

I remembered how Pauly and me snickered at Dad’s remark, but Mom wasn’t one bit happy with Dad and he knew it, so he quickly continued telling Buck’s story about Miss Millie and Cletus!

“Anyway, Buck carried on tellin’ his tale, ‘Miss Millie was at the Tipsy Lady Bar & Grill over in Centerville and was definitely a spiteful married woman on the prowl! Millie was sitting at the bar sipping on a gin and tonic with her sexy tanned legs crossed, flashing more than just a bit of leg under her snow white shorter than short mini skirt. Millie was wearin’ a matching low cut knit top over her bare boobs, showing off a bit of her peachy cleavage, the shape of her mouth-watering titties, along with those plump twin nipples!

‘Cletus walked in around 7:30-ish and took a seat next to Millie and said, ‘Miss Millie are you ever a sight for sore eyes tonight. I mean you look hot ... extremely hot for a 40-year-old mother of two. Your shoulder length red hair is absolutely stunning, and the way you’re dressed ... hell, even Pastor Micha drool at the mouth—all this ol’ country boy can say is —damn are you ever one red hot foxy mama tonight!’

‘Millie smiled, ‘Thanks for the compliment Cletus, but the truth of the matter is I’m not only a 48-year-old mother of two, but I’m also a granny to three!’

‘Cletus responded, ‘Well all I’ll say is you’ve really taken care of yourself—you dang sure don’t look a day over forty! And, if you don’t mind me saying, Miss Millie, you’ve still got the whole package!

‘Sexy legs, a finer than fine ass, not to mention those beautiful breasts you’re packing, to go along with your super great looks! I’m ashamed to admit it with you being married to Rocco and all, but ever since I was a sixteen-year-old teen, it has always been a fantasy of mine to ... huh ... GAWD, I hate to say it, but well, to fuck you! I’m sorry Miss Millie, but you’ve always turned me on so much when I’d see you walking around Panhandle with your two kiddos, Barbie and Jimmy Ray. It never really mattered to me what you were wearin’, church clothes, dresses, pants, shorts, or heaven forbid, your swimsuit, when the whole town would go to the lake for the annual Fourth of July celebration. It was always the same when nightfall came, I’d lay in bed and jackoff just thinkin’ about you. And tonight, I damn near creamed my jeans when I saw you sittin’ at the bar.’

‘Miss Millie interrupted Cletus, ‘No need to apologize Cletus, like I said earlier, ‘Thanks for the compliment.’ And, just to let you know, I find you extremely handsome, with a physique to match. And even though you have a reputation around Panhandle of being a first class womanizer, I’ve never heard a bad word about you. Seems like the only women you actively pursue are single or divorced women around thirty to thirty-five years of age. Just curious Cletus, I’m guessing you’re around 32 or 33 years old?’

‘Clet just smiled, ‘I’m 32 Miss Millie. Thanks for not takin’ things the wrong way. I know for the past sixteen years I’ve been living in a fool’s paradise continuing to fantasize about one day being lucky ‘nough to be gittin’ it on with you. And, just so you’ll understand, I was meanin’ no harm, Rocco is the luckiest man in the world to be married to a hot mama like you all these years! I guess Rocco will be joining you shortly?’

‘Millie replied to Cletus, ‘Not tonight Cletus. Rocco’s with the Red Panther basketball team in Cottersville and won’t be home till midnight or after. Tonight Cletus, this forty-eight-year-old married mother and granny is on the prowl to get even the score with Rocco for cheatin’ on me with Emma Jo! And, I suspect after the game in Cottersville, my husband of thirty years will be cheatin’ on me again before he comes home in the wee hours of the morning. So Cletus on this Valentine’s night in 1969, you may not be living in a fool’s paradise after all—fantasies can happen.’

‘Cletus replied, ‘OH SHIT! Well if that’s the case, how about we get a table and I’ll buy you another drink or two?’

‘Millie smiled and said, ‘Sounds like a plan Cletus’. Miss Millie stood up, her sexy attire topped off with a black belt around her waist, wearn’ a pair Italia strappy four inch high heel pumps, and guided Cletus toward a dim lit table in the back of the Tipsy Lady Bar & Grill.

‘After they had a few more drinks, danced a few dances, Millie was sippin’ on another gin and tonic while Clet was drinking a cold Lone Star brew, and the two were gittin’ somewhat lovey-dovey, when the juke box started playin’ ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’ and ol’ Hank was belting out the sad, heart-broken lyrics like only he could.

‘Tears were welling in Miss Millie’s brown eyes as she listened as Hank sang the first two verses of ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’. Cletus was gittin’ a bit nervous that his favorite country and western singer was muffin’ his chances at living out his childhood fantasy and knocking boots with Millie Ploggy this Valentine’s night!

‘Miss Millie was close to tears when Hank started singing the third verse ... tears were rolling down Millie’s cheeks like water off a duck’s back when Hank sang the fourth and final verse of ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart.’

‘Once the juke box quit playin’, Cletus was thinkin’ it was all over but the cryin’ for him gittin’ a chance to get it on with Miss Millie. And on most nights it wouldn’t made a hill of beans, but tonight he’d love to shove shit down the person’s throat who played that ol’ jukebox and punched A-11.

‘Miss Millie sighed a deep sigh and wiped the tears from her eyes and off her cheeks, looked Cletus dead in the eyes, and mumbled, ‘Well Cletus, I guess ol’ Hank just told me and Rocco’s life’s story these past four months...

‘Miss Millie paused for a moment or two, regained her self-control, and smiled, ‘Now where were we before Hank so rudely interrupted us?’

‘Miss Millie moved closer to Cletus, getting even cozier with him, and was all but on top of him when she started teasing him by rubbing the inside of his thigh down to his knee and then back up to inner thigh. Miss Millie smiled while flashing her sexy legs and leaned forward just a bit flashing every inch of her bare boobs in his face. Clet was drooling at the mouth, lickin’ his lips while looking at Miss Millie’s perky nipples. Millie grinned, raised her left leg and rested her four-inch high heel on Cletus’ thigh. Miss Millie’s short mini skirt was lookin’ more like a belt than a skirt when she spread her legs wide, and since Miss Millie weren’t wearin’ any panties, Cletus got more than just a glimpse at her glowing red pubic hairs and the sweetness nestled between her thighs.

‘Millie only smiled a sexy devilish grin, ‘Cletus, I think you like what you see—don’t you?’

‘Cletus’ eyes were about to pop out of his head and he could barely utter the words out of his mouth, ‘Damn ... I never dreamed ... shit, I mean, Miss Millie why don’t we git the hell out here and... ‘

‘Millie interrupted Cletus and smiled her sexy devilish grin, ‘Hold your horses Cletus! I’ll take that as a ‘yes, ‘ you like seeing what could be yours for the takin’ this Valentine’s night. But before I give up what you’re drooling over and cheat on Rocco, well, I have a condition or two that have to be met.

‘First of all Cletus, you need to understand Rocco and I were virgins when we got married. I was eighteen and just graduated from PHS. Rocco was twenty and just completed his sophomore year at University, majoring in Athletic Training. I never went to college. Instead I worked full-time at the First State Bank as a teller in order to make ends while Rocco concentrated on his studies. Rocco graduated two years later with his B.S. degree and passed his National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board Certification exam and became a certified athletic trainer.

‘The Panhandle schoolboard immediately hired Rocco and we moved back to Panhandle. I went to work for the National Bank here in Centerville as a teller until Barbie was born. After Barbie, Jimmy Ray came along three years later. I stayed home and together Rocco and I lived a happy Christian life together, raising our two kids in a good wholesome Christian atmosphere, and until the last four months or so our sex life was always extraordinary.

‘After Barbie and Jimmy Ray flew the coop, I went back to work for the National Bank. After a couple years, I was promoted to supervisor over the bank tellers. At home during the evening hours, Rocco and I were like a couple of newlyweds again—making love sometimes six times a week. But here recently things have changed.

‘I’ve never had anyone but Rocco and I’ve never desired anyone else either, but if I’m going to cheat on him, like he’s doing to me, and venture outside my wedding vows, I want to make it worth my while. It’s been a month since Rocco last fucked me and it was a one and done quickie—over and done in five, maybe seven minutes tops. And, I can’t remember the last time Rocco fucked me good and proper—it has to have been a month of Sundays ago! Tonight, I’m aching to be fucked long and hard, but only with something bigger than what Rocco’s been physically blessed with—Like I said, ‘I want to make it worth my while.’

‘Cletus, around Panhandle you not only have a reputation of being a first-class womanizer, but rumors are that you’re hung like a horse in the man meat department. So, if we’re going to take this any further, just how well equipped are you?’

‘Ol’ Cletus sensing Millie was his for the night, smiled, ‘Miss Millie you won’t be disappointed. Take a look see at this here Lone Star beer bottle I’m drinking. My fuck muscle is just as long. My helmet-shaped head and shaft are just as wide as the bottom of the bottle’s base—more than enough to stretch your fuck hole to the limits! Most of the women I’d had can’t take it all until the fourth go around—some even the fifth! Even Emma Jo struggled until the third round or so and she’d been fucking hot and heavy for four years or more. Of course that was fourteen year ago. Nowadays, I cull out women like Emma Jo and target only the hot babes like Peggy Sue, Tammie Lynn, and Trista Anne—just to name a few. And Miss Millie, even though you’re 48, a granny and such, I’m targeting you as the hottest of the hot. Now let’s git out of here.’

‘Millie only smiled, ‘Cletus, you sure know how to flatter a potential victim! Thanks again for the compliment, but you’ll just keep your shirt on for a bit longer. Now if you’re not bullshitting, I think it’s time we left the Tipsy Lady and went back to my place in Panhandle for the rest of the evening. Your man meat, or fuck muscle as you call it, sounds like it definitely meets my lustful desires tonight for being the second to ever enter my fuck hole, as you call it—being longer and thicker than the love muscle Rocco has shared with me for the past thirty years. I guess you might say, I’m on the prowl tonight to find out for myself, if bigger is better for a one night stand. And, if you’ve got what you’re claiming to have ... I won’t whimper a bit. I’ll take everything you’ve got to give, and ... as long as you can give it!

‘One last thing before I decide if we should carry this a bit further and leave the Tipsy Lady for Panhandle. If I’m going to all the way and cheat on Rocco, I not only want big but I want to be fucked good and proper. So Cletus, can you work your man muscle in rhythm with the motion of the ocean? Rocco may not have quite the man muscle you’re claiming to have but he is blessed with a wide mushroom head and really knows how to put what he was blessed with to good use ... or at least he use to.’

‘Cletus smiled and butted in, ‘Don’t fret none Miss Millie. I ain’t bullshitting to you about the size of my fuck muscle. And, trust me, I know how to work my fuck muscle in tune with the motion of the ocean! Miss Millie, 48 or 40 doesn’t make a hill of beans to me. You’re definitely one red-hot married sexy mama that ol’ Cletus wants to fuck in the worst way! Never crossed my mind about fuckin’ a granny before, but you being a granny to three, dang straight, I’ll fuck a grandma’s brains out tonight!

‘I promise you Miss Millie, before this night is over, you’ll be fucked good and proper. I’m just tickled pink to be the one obliging you tonight in order to help you get even with Rocco for cheatn’ on you. Now, let’s git out of here and get the show on the road.’

‘Miss Millie smiled that sexy devilish smile one last time, ‘Well Cletus, all thangs considered, I think you know what I’m referring to, it’s time we left the Tipsy Lady and went to my place so you can live out your childhood fantasy and I can even the score with Rocco for cheatin’ on me after thirty years of me being a loyal, faithful, Christian wife.’

‘Once outside the bar, Millie told Cletus, ‘Follow me to my place and park your truck away from the house at the end of the cul-de-sac near that stand of oak trees at the edge of the woods. I don’t want my nosy neighbors meddling into my business.’

‘Cletus smiled, ‘Miss Millie, I’ll need to make a stop at the Texaco on the outskirts of town. Seems I’ve only got two Big Chief’s left in my wallet and somehow, I think I’ll be needing a lot more before this night is over.’

‘Miss Millie smiled, ‘Cletus you won’t need any rubbers tonight. Like I mentioned, if I’m going to venture outside my wedding vows, I want to make it worth my while. Now let’s get moving before my wedding vows and Christian conscience start to haunt me.’

‘Cletus smiled, ‘Miss Millie I’m warning you in advance, my fuck muscle packs a heap of cum when it starts a spittin’!’

‘Millie grinned a devilish smile, ‘If you’ve got it to give, I can take it.’

‘Millie then put her arms around Cletus neck, gave him one of those red-hot ‘fuck-me-now’ French kisses and got into her Pontiac Bonneville smiling, ‘Cletus I’ll meet you at my house in about fifteen or so! Don’t be late!’

‘From what Cletus said, they arrived at the Ploggy home around 9-ish. Once inside, Miss Millie was quick to let her intentions be known and faster than a New York minute, she whisked Cletus onto the couch.

‘Miss Millie was out for revenge and was crawling all over Cletus in nothing flat. The two were making out hot and heavy, kissin’ one ‘fuck-me-now’ French kiss after the other. Cletus quickly made short work of Millie’s black waist belt, slipped off Miss Millie’s snow white knit top, and pitched it on the floor. Cletus had his Roman hands and Russian fingers all over Miss Millie—under her sexy white mini skirt, rubbin’ that sweet bare ass of hers, all over her red pubic hairs, up and down her pussy’s outer lips, while teasing her titties with licks and kisses. The musky smell of Miss Millie’s pussy was gitting’ stronger and stronger as Cletus was suckin’, lickin’, and nibblin’ on those luscious tits while his fingers played with Millie’s pussy’s outer lips like he was playin’a piano.

‘All the while, Miss Millie was kissin’ Cletus on the neck, earlobes, and collarbone while again rubbin’ the inside of Cletus thighs, massagin’ his fuck muscle until she felt a sizable stiffy in his Wranglers.

‘Afterwards, she literally tore into Cletus’ Wranglers, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly, pulled his boxers down, and out popped his fuck muscle in all its glory—harder than a rock! Miss Millie eyes popped out of her head and she smiled at Cletus, ‘OH YES! Cletus I can tell we’re going to get along just fine tonight! It’s time we went to my bedroom, crawled into me and Rocco’s queen sized bed, and knocked boots!’

‘Once in Rocco and Millie’s bedroom, Miss Millie smiled while unzipping her mini skirt, and wiggling like a snake, her sexy mini skirt dropped to the floor. Miss Millie stood before Cletus wearing only her four inch high heeled pumps while Cletus was anxiously tearin’ off his Justin’s, Wrangler long-sleeve plaid shirt, Wrangler jeans, and boxers.

‘Once Cletus was stripped off, Miss Millie literally attacked Cletus, pushing him flat on his back and onto her and Rocco’s queen size bed. Miss Millie promptly shoved one of her 38D’s in Cletus mouth, and started rubbing her pussy and red pubic hairs all over Cletus’ fuck muscle. The smell of Miss Millie’s horny pussy was now stronger than a bear’s breath—Millie Ploggy was hotter than hell and half of Georgia, ready to give it up, and git even with her cheatin’husband.

‘Miss Millie was humping Cletus’ fuck muscle with a pussy slide up and down his shaft faster than a jackrabbit on a hot summer date! Cletus was squeezing her fine ass, sucking on her nipples when Miss Millie started grinding her hips and Cletus’ fuck muscle slipped into the slit of her wet, fleshy inner lips.

‘Miss Millie and Cletus were in sync with each other, moving together, while her inner lips wrapped around the underside of Cletus thick shaft and his wide helmet-shaped head was a rubbin’ against Miss Millie’s clit. Millie was teasing her opening with the soft hardness of Cletus’ helmet shaped head and moments later, Cletus’ cock head popped through Millie’s opening.

‘Millie gasped a series of pleasurable moans, ‘Oh ... Oh ... Oh’ as her pussy’s opening was being stretched for the first time in a month! Millie’s pussy tightened around Cletus’ helmet shaped head and as she started swirling her hips like a belly dancer, Cletus’ fuck muscle slowly slid in another three inches or so.

‘Cletus’ wide helmet shaped head was a rubbin’up against the top wall of Millie’s pussy, while his swollen ridge was a catchin’ on Millie’s bumpy patch each time she was a swirlin’ her hips.

‘Cletus couldn’t take it any longer, rolled Miss Mille over on her back, and in one swift motion buried his fuck muscle inside Millie’s fuck hole.

‘Miss Millie raised her legs, wrapped them around Cletus, locked her ankles, dug her four-inch heels in Cletus ass, and it wasn’t long afterwards that Cletus was slowly pumping his fuck muscle it’s full length in, out, and back in again deep inside Millie Ploggy’s fuck hole.

‘Cletus was in hog heaven, and after a bit picked up the pace, givin’ Miss Millie all nine inches one deep thrust after the other. Miss Millie didn’t bat an eye and just like she said, she took all Cletus had to give and gave it right back at him ... meeting each of his deep thrust with an upward thrust of her own.

‘Even though Miss Millie was 48, had given birth to two youngins, her pussy was tight, and her inner lips wrapped around Cletus’ thick shaft tighter than bark on a tree!

‘Cletus was pumping all nine inches of his purple-headed fuck muscle in and out of Miss Millie’s pussy, and Millie was givin’ it right back, throwin’ her hips up against him, like she was sayin’, ‘Give me more!’

‘Cletus’ fuck muscle was hittin’ on all Miss Millie’s hot spots, and with each deep thrust, Millie was moaning, ‘OH YESSS ... OH GAWD DON’T STOP ... JUST KEEP FUCKIN’ ME LIKE YOUR DOIN’ ... IT’S BEEN SO LONG ... THIS FEELS SOOO GOOD.’

‘After ten, maybe fifteen minutes, Cletus’ cock’s head was hittin’ reef when his helmet-shaped head slipped underneath and entered a tight little pocket, a spot he’d never hit before ... and Millie Ploggy went berserk!

‘Millie screamed out, ‘SWEET MOTHER OF JESUS ... RIGHT THERE CLETUS ... RIGHT THERE ... OH GAWD ... YESSS!’ Cletus kept his fuck muscle buried deep inside that tight little pocket while swaying his hips, side to side and up and down. Millie was digging her four-inch heels into Cletus ass like she was driving in railroad spikes. Her thighs were squeezing Cletus tighter than a drum. Millie’s nails were clawing, scratching, leaving red marks all over Cletus’ back like a Georgia road map. Her pussy was clenching, unclenching, and clenching again around Cletus’ fuck muscle like vice grip pliers!

‘Millie’s eyes rolled back in her head, she was wildly tossing her head side to side, biting her lip, makin’ uncontrollable shrieks and sounds like Cletus had never heard before. Her entire body was shakin’ and tremblin’ like an earthquake followed by afterschocks for at least half a minute, maybe even a tad longer before she finally calmed down.

‘Once Millie calmed down, Cletus went back to work pumpin’ his fuck muscle all the way in, out and back in again.Little brother was givin’ Miss Millie every inch like a jackrabbit on a hot greasy griddle on the Fourth of July and she was givin’it right back at him! It weren’t ten extra minutes until Cletus couldn’t hold back any longer.

‘Cletus fuck muscle was throbbing, gittin’ to be crazy harder, his jewels weren’t slappin’ Miss Millie any longer, but were tight in his nut sack. Cletus’ cock head swoll up and started spittin’ eight or ten thick loads followed by three maybe four littler spits, until Miss Millie’s fuck hole was overflowing with his cum and twas a runnin’ down her thigh.’

‘Cletus was laughing, ‘Buck, I ain’t never cum so hard in all my life ... I mean I never thought my fuck muscle was gonna quit a spitin’ and that was just the beginnin’ to one wild night of fuckin’ Rocco’s wife. I’m guessin’ Millie had ten more of those rip-roarin’cums before it was all said and done.I’m here to tell ya’ there weren’t any sweeter feeling than pumping my fuck muscle in Millie Ploggy’s cum filled fuck hole, hearin’ that squishin’ sound, and a knowin’ all the while twas my cum I was a feelin’.

‘Cletus told me, ‘Millie and him had lost track of time and were fucking away when Rocco finally came draggin’in sometime around 2:30 in the morning. Rocco opened the bedroom door, holdin’ Millie’s white knit top in his hands and yelled, ‘Millie what the hell are you doing?’

‘Cletus was laughing, and said, ‘Millie and me were in sync with each other. We were really gittin’ it on. I mean I was givin’ it to her balls deep and she was givin’ it right back at me. Millie whispered in my ear, ‘Fuck him! Just keep fucking me!’

‘So, that’s what I did! Millie had those sexy legs wrapped tight around me, her ankles were locked, and she was digging those four inch heels into my ass.I was nibbling on her perky nipples, and she was thrusting her hips upward to meet each of my deep thrusts and we never missed a beat. Hell, Rocco coulda been in Timbuktu for all we cared instead of standin’ in the doorway watchin’ his wife of thirty years givin’it up to git even with his cheatin’ways.

‘Millie was more or less gasping for air when after a few minutes she finally replied to her cheatin’ husband, ‘What the hell does it look like I’m doing? I’m getting fucked! Pay backs are hell Rocco Ploggy! Mind your own damn business and git your cheatin’ass downstairs or git back to Emma Jo’s place!’ And within seconds my fuck muscle’s head hit that sensitive spot again deep inside Miss Millie’s fuck hole.

‘Millie screamed loud enough to wake the dead as I continued pumping my nine incher in and out of her cunt hole— hittin’ inside that tight little pocket just like clockwork, ‘OH GAWD ... YOU’RE HITTING THAT SPOT AGAIN ... RIGHT THERE CLETUS ... DON’T STOP ... I’M GONNA CUM ... OH GAWD ... SWEET JESUS ... I’M CUMMING!’

‘Cletus continued laughing, ‘And Buck within fractions of a second, Millie started shaking all over, making bloodcurdling screams, the spasms in her pussy were so strong she was squirting all that nice warm pussy juices all my fuck muscle for the umpteenth time. Her pussy was clamping down on my fuck muscle like a set of ‘gator jaws. Millie was quiverin’, shakin’, bitin’, and clawin’ me anywhere she could for dang near a minute this time before her pussy quit squirting all that nice warm juice.

‘The whole time Millie was squirting her juices, I never let up. I was givin’ it to Millie fast and hard, balls deep, right on target, one poke after the other, hittin’ inside that tight little pocket. Millie finally calmed down, wrapped her arms around my neck, and started pussy-gripping my fuck muscle—squeezing, releasing, and squeezing again in rapid succession. Millie made no bones about what she expected and was now encouraging me to shoot yet another load inside her hot snatch, ‘Go ahead Cletus, cum in me again ... let Rocco eat his heart out for what he gave up to cheat with Emma Jo ... fill me full Cletus!’

‘My fuck muscle was pounding like a migraine headache, getting even harder. My nuts were swollen, tight in their sack, and ready to burst. My helmet-shaped head swelled and twitched, and I yelled out, ‘ROCCO PLOGGY ... I’M CUMMING IN YOUR WIFE ‘—rubbing salt in the wound, literally milliseconds after my fuck muscle exploded like a volcano spewing six healthy loads of cum deep inside Millie Ploggy while her cheatin’ husband, Rocco Ploggy, stood motionless, watching from the doorway.’

‘Afterwards, I collapsed face down and was barely breathing on top of Millie’s knockers while Millie unlocked her ankles and dropped them to my sides. After a bit I gathered enough strength and rose up pullin’ my fuck muscle out of Millie’s fuck hole. My fuck muscle was covered with Millie’s pussy cream and dripping cum all over her red pubic hairs. I looked down at Millie— her flaming red hair once perfectly styled in Page boy was a total mess and even though her lovely face was covered with sweat, she was still a sight to behold.

‘Millie had that ‘afterglow’, the look of contentment on her face which made me feel like a million bucks knowing I’d fucked Miss Millie good and proper—something she hadn’t had in a month of Sundays!

‘I looked down at Millie’s sexy body, her breasts were lifting up and down with each heavy gasping breath she took. Her plump nipples were still swollen, throbbing, and lookin’like two rock-like twin peaks.

‘I gazed further down Millie’s sexy body, her legs were still spread wide with her red pubic hairs covered in cum, wet and matted down. Her inner thighs were wet and slippery. Her outer lips were red, swollen, and still slightly parted. Her fleshy pink inner lips were still swollen larger than her outer lips, giving a glimpse of her fuck hole’s opening with a fresh pool of my cum oozing out, down her crack, and adding to the already wet spots on her and Rocco’s bed sheets.’

‘Millie finally was able to speak, ‘GAWD Cletus, I can’t find the words—it’s been years, maybe even decades since I’ve been fucked the way you’ve fucked me tonight! Now, my little stud muffin’, rest up, get recharged, the night is still young, and this 48-year-old granny is still hot to trot and rarin’ to go!’

‘Millie and Clet were cuddlin’ and kissin’ whilst little brother was restin’ up a bit. It weren’t long afterwards Clet was kissin’, lickin’, and nibblin’ Millie’s perky nipples. Once Little Brother’s fuck muscle was a raging boner, he and Millie were gittin’ it on for the umpteenth time—and they never slowed down, knockin’ boots until well after nightfall the following night!

‘And, from what Cletus mentioned, when he finally left the Ploggy home around 10-ish the following night, Millie escorted him to front door wearin’ only a short thigh length rode. Cletus was plumb tuckered out. His neck was covered with hickeys, his shoulders had been bitten, scratched and clawed. His back had red marks of passion from the top to the bottom of his spine. His ass was bruised from Millie digging those four inch heels into his butt cheeks. And as Cletus reached to open the door, Millie opened her robe exposing her luscious 38D’s and asked, ‘Sure you don’t wanna fuck one last time?’

‘Cletus smiled while gently squeezing Millie’s right tit, ‘The heart says go, but my fuck muscle says no, you’ve milked my balls bone dry ... at least for the time being. Just give me a day or so and I’ll be back knockin’on your door!’

‘Millie grinned that sexy devilish smile, ‘So what’s the matter? Did this red-headed forty-eight-year-old grandma wear you out?’

‘Miss Millie smiled her sexy smile and then locked lips with Cletus a final time while Rocco Ploggy sat watching on the livin’ room couch.

‘Cletus opened the door when he hear’d Millie say, ‘Rocco get your things out of MY bedroom. It doesn’t make a flip to me whether you take’em to Emma Jo’s, in one of the kids’ bedrooms, or in the downstairs guest bedroom— Cletus will be takin’ your place in MY bed for quite a spell.’

‘So, Charles Ray, I guess you’re right, since Miss Millie cut ol’ Rocco off he found the Adams boy to cure his itch after Emma Jo moved on and started screwin’ Panhandle’s mayor, Tommy Lee.’”

Mom just shook her head in disbelief before saying, “Never in my lifetime would I have ever thought Millie Ploggy would be committing adultery with the likes of Cletus. Millie was always so thoughtful, a family person, a good mother, devoted wife, and Southern Christian woman. And, for Rocco Ploggy to have committed adultery with Emma Jo and to be engaged in sinful and unchristian acts with that Adams boy is beyond my comprehension—absolutely disgraceful!

“If I had been in Millie’s shoes, instead of stooping to Rocco’s sinful ways and committing adultery, I’d turned the other check and gone to Pastor Micah and our elders, Jed and Floyd—asking them to counsel Rocco about what the good book teaches regarding his sinful and unchristian ways. And, if that didn’t work, I’d cut his nuts off one night and fed’em to his old hound dog.”

Dad butted in, “Don’t get all riled up Betsy! You know what Doc said about your blood pressure!

“Anyways, I ain’t done telln’ about what the fellas said down at the feed store and since I’ve got the floor, y’all need to let me continue.

“Not long afterwards hearing everyone’s tales, me and Sylvester were in the back loading my fifty sacks of feed. After a bit ol’ Sylvester pretty much told me the same stories about the Jones boy as Chief and Pip had told about the Adams kid. Sylvester made no bones about it and told me point blank, ‘Ted, keep it under your hat, but ‘member that Jones kid that graduated last year from PHS? Well, I caught him a takin’ it up the ass other day while sucking off some of them senior bench warmers off last year’s Red Panther football team behind my old hay barn—and in broad daylight too mind you! That Grover kid was afraid I’d squeal to his folks so the next day he made a deal with me to rent my barn for $20 a month so they could fuck Jonesy up the ass while he sucked on their willies. Easiest twenty bucks I’ve ever made.’

Dad just shook his head and asked Pauly, “Weren’t both Adams and Jones in the band with you last year?”

Pauly smiled, “Yeah Uncle Ted, they were both in the band and are in the band this year at Centerville J.C.”

Mom quickly replied, “Pauly, you stay from those boys! What those boys are doing is a sin! They’re both queers and very much unchristian.”

Pauly answered, “Trust me Aunt Betsy, I’ll never associate with those two. You seem to forget, I’ve got a girlfriend now.”

Dad looked Pauly straight in the eyes, “Pauly, I for one am glad you finally got a girlfriend! I was gittin’ a bit worried about you ‘specially since Buddy’s had more girlfriends than you can shake a stick since junior high! And, afterwards Buddy stars on the field this year again for the Red Panthers, he’ll be gittin’ one of those fancy new automobiles from them college alumnus folks. Once he gets that brand spankin’ new fancy set of wheels, he ain’t gonna havin’ to be a drivin’ Grandpappy’s ol’ Dodge pick’em up truck anysmore nor a havin’ to be a worrin’ about taking out the likes of Helen DeSham. Now don’t get me wrong fellas, both them DeSham twins, Helen and Carla, are cute as a button, have great senses of humor, very personable, but it’s just they’re both on the chubby side. But for you Pauly, since you’re sorta of a jelly-belly and Carla’s a somewhat rounded roly-poly, she’ll make you a good wife.

“Pauly, just heed this word of advice from your Uncle Ted, don’t associate with them there queers, if you do you’ll be labeled as one of them. I seen it in the Army how associating with queers can ruin a fella. Same goes for you Buddy. The both of you feel free to screw those DeSham sisters all you want! After all, even though they’re both on the chubby side, ‘the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’ is what we always said in the Army. The both of you just keep those damn queers away from your tally whackers—Right Betsy?”

Mom angrily replied, “Ted, you quit being so crude this instant! Boys, don’t pay any attention to Ted and his twisted mind about the DeSham sisters. The truth of the matter is they definitely don’t have thunder thighs! Those thick muscular thighs, curvy bottoms and tummies are the results of the many hours they’ve spent practicing gymnastics. And, I might add, both advanced to the quarterfinals of last year’s state tournament.

“And while Helen and Carla may not be popular with the uppity ups at PHS, both those girls have their ducks in a row. Not only are they smart as tacks, in gymnastics, but they’re also members of PHS’s band! And, Buddy, just like your Dad said, ‘they’re both cute as a button, have great senses of humor, and very personable’—unlike some of these snobby socialites around Panhandle High!

“And, I’d rather see you, Buddy, with Helen DeSham any day of the week instead of with that snooty Carol Ann. Even though she was your Dad’s favorite out of all your girlfriends, just take a look what she did—dumping you for Joe Bob after the prom just because Joe Bob’s parents bought him a new Ford Falcon for graduation and you’re still havin’ to drive Grandpappy’s 1950 Dodge truck!”

Mom was on a real roll and kept voicing her opinion in a direct way, “Now Ted, I don’t think you have anything to worry about with either Buddy or Pauly associating with the likes of the Adams or Jones boys. Or, for that matter, anyone else that is involved in those sinful acts. I intend to notify the School Board of the sinful and unchristian acts of both Coach Mills and Rocco Ploggy.”

I chuckled to myself remembering how narrowed minded my parents and the folks of Panhandle were back in 1969. I wondered what Mom and Dad would have said that July Fourth morning if they’d known what Pauly and I did behind closed doors the night before. Or, heaven forbid, what happened at Jasper Creek after we took the girls home that Fourth of July summer night!

Of course, Mom and Dad would have both shit a brick had they known several years later I found out from Pauly how Dad cheated on Mom one night with her older, divorced sister, my Aunt Cyndi Beth.

Once Mom got wind of it, instead of turning the other cheek, my true blue, Southern, Bible Belt, God fearin’ Christian Mom got even with Dad, and grudge fucked her brother-in-law, Pauly’s Pop, my Uncle Jerry Lee, one night under the moon and stars along Jasper Creek until his balls finally dried up!

As the Boeing 737-400 aircraft was touching down in Juneau I remembered just how special 1969 was to me. After Carol Ann broke my heart to go out with Joe Bob in his fancy new Ford Falcon, I had my first date with Helen DeSham. And from our first date on May 1st in 1969, Helen and me were like two peas in a pod. Once school started in the fall, I was the talk of the town as a senior, starring on the football field under the Friday Night Lights while leading the Panhandle Red Panthers to the state championship.

I giggled remembering that October Homecoming night when I got my first taste of pussy and popped Helen’s cherry, and just like Dad said, ‘the bigger the cushion, the better the pushin.’ I was laughing out loud while getting my carry-on out of the overhead bin—remembering those early days and thinking it was only five years later that Helen became my wife.

As I exited the jetway, I saw my cousin Pauly waiting for me grinning ear to ear. Pauly smiled at me,”Happy Birthday Cuz! You’re officially a member of the ‘over the hill gang’ now!”

I smiled at Pauly, “Cuz, I’m sure you remember the night of my 18th birthday—don’t you?”

Pauly laughed, “How could I ever forget it. Even though you were destined for greatness on the football field, when it came to the finer things in life you were still somewhat naïve.Shit, I had to coach you along on how to give a proper hand job and not just grab and jerk your cock.”

I laughed, “And Cuz, you made damn sure I learned the proper techniques while practicing on your cock—didn’t you? And the next night out by Jasper Creek you were coaching me again while I sucked your cock for the first time. Actually, I sucked it twice that night getting your cock wet and rock hard so you could practice fucking with your hips by busting my butt cherry before you got Carla’s pussy. And, did you ever—hammering me in the butt until you busted your nuts, flooding my ass full to the brim with your semen—remember?”

Pauly smiled as the baggage carousel started, “Shit yes I remember! And afterwards how you were feeling ashamed and awkward because you’d sucked my cock and let me cornhole you.”

I replied, “Yeah I remember that too. I was getting into your ‘55 Chevy for the ride home, when you asked me, ‘Cuz, you’re ok with what happened tonight—aren’t you?’

“I remember telling you, ‘I guess, well sort of ... it’s awkward and embarrassing to try and talk about it. But even though you’re considered a band nerd and a jelly-belly in the eyes of everyone at PHS, I wanted to suck your cock and let you cornhole me and I really want to do it again— just as long you never forget your pinky promise to me.’ Remember?”

“Pauly smiled,”Yeah Cuz, I remember you saying that and I’ve never broken our pinky promise.

“But it was the next night I remember the most about those early days. After we took Carla and Helen home around midnight we camped out on Jasper Creek. Once in the tent, we stripped off and you dropped to your knees and smiled up at me saying, ‘Cuz, tonight I wish you’d cum in my mouth and not just in my ass.’

“I remember thinking how tonight we weren’t short on time like the night before so I decided to make your wish come true. It really turned me on to watch my popular, athletic stud cousin suckin’ my cock, knowin’ all the while I was gonna cum in his mouth.

“You were lickin’, suckin’ and hummin’ away while I was coaching you, encouraging you to keep workin’ your tongue and suckin’ until I cum in your mouth. Once I was gettin’ close, I put my hand on the back of your head, started working my hips in and out, until I was shooting cum in your mouth. You swallowed as fast as you could and just kept sucking and swallowing until you’d sucked every drop of cum out of my cock, down your throat, and in your tummy.

“If I remember right, after you sucked me dry, it took about ten minutes before I was fully recharged. Once I was recharged, you were back sucking my cock, getting me harder than a rock, so I could cornhole you and, cornhole you—I did!

“I lost count of the times I cornholed you until sometime well after midday when we finally broke camp. You were on all fours, taking every inch of my cock, everything I had to offer, right up your ass until my balls finally petered out and went dry! And, thanks to you Cuz, by the time I fucked Carla, I was a pro at fucking with my hips.”

I grinned at my cousin as I took my duffel bags off the carousel, “Cuz, I remember that night and all the nights that followed. And even though I consider myself straight, never wanting to have any sexual experiences with any other guy but you, this week is something I’ve been yearning for ever since we put the wheels in motion on the country club’s golf course last year. Cuz, I love Helen and we still have a great, well actually a mind blowing sex life together, but there are times my mind drifts back to those days and nights we spent together on Jasper Creek.”

Pauly smiled, “Yeah same here Cuz. Carla’s my one and only and we’re just like a couple horny teenagers when it comes to our sex life. I still remember the night I busted Carla’s cherry in the front seat of my ‘55 Chevy. And then Homecoming night, back in ‘69, when you popped Helen’s cherry and we fucked the two twin sisters side by side in our tent on Jasper Creek. But I’m just like you, I’ve been looking forward to this week for quite a spell. It’s time we got moving and hustled over to the air charter terminal to catch our flight to the Yakutat fishing village. Once there Cuz, I doubt we do too much fishing—it’s been thirty-two years since you sucked me dry and I’ve got to cornholed you—we’ve got a lot of catching up to do!”

Pauly and I grabbed our duffels and carry-on’s and made it just in the nick of time to catch our chartered flight to Yakutat. The crew loaded our duffels while Pauly and I took our seats and fastened our seat belts in anticipation of our flight to Yakutat.

We were all strapped in and ready to take off when the pilot announced, ‘Sorry gents but we’ve been grounded. There’s a storm brewing in the Gulf of Alaska, so we won’t be making the trip tonight. The best motels are already full but the Juneau Alaskan still has a few rooms available for tonight, but only with single beds. Check with the front desk in the morning and if all is good, we’ll be taking off around 10-ish. Your checked baggage can be left on the plane but I recommend you take your carry-ons with you.’

Pauly and I deplaned with our carry-ons and took the shuttle to the Juneau Alaskan. We were fortunate and got the last room available and I guess at $125 it wasn’t much of a bargain, but at least we had a twin bed, toilet, and a shower.

Once inside Pauly showered first and then I followed. After showering, I wrapped in a towel and entered our room. Paul grinned at me lying in his birthday suit on the single twin bed with the sheets pulled back, “Cuz it ain’t the fishing village, but it’s a tad better than our tent on Jasper Creek. You make the call Cuz, do you want to suck my cock or have me cornhole you to get the ball balling? It makes no difference to me.”

I dropped the towel from around my waist, turned out the single light, and slowly approached my cousin waiting anxiously for me on the twin bed.

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